Horny? I'm always horny...
   You know that queasy tingle you get in your stomach whenever you're around someone you like? No? Well, it makes you go crazily nervous and not to mention horny as fuck. Well, that's how I feel anyway. It's a feeling that I can't control. At least I have an excuse for it, though, since I'm a teenager and I always seem to be craving something or having random mood swings all the time. 
   "Anyway, I've been having this queasy feeling in my stomach every time I'm around someone I like," I whisper to Mr. Brooke. I was only telling him this because I've known him since I was in fifth grade. I trust him enough to tell him anything I might be having problems with. Besides, he knows my parents perfectly well and I have a class with him. "And I can't control it," I choke. My nipples harden every time I think of sex and my whole body gets goosebumps. Just like it was getting them right now. 
  "You're a teenager. It's perfectly normal," he writes the objectives of the class on the white board, not looking at me. I knew this made him feel uncomfortable. To be honest, it made ME feel uncomfortable to talk about it. But he offered to help me with whatever I needed and this was something I needed help with.
  "I get goosebumps," I mumble. He looks at me then. His eyes take in my arms, legs, chest. I saw this as something normal. Well, at the moment anyway. He was just checking, right? I closed my legs, shifting uncomfortably under his heavy, calculating gaze. I looked at his brown-hazel eyes, noticing how round his eyes were and how perfect the squared contour of his face was. The round chin made him look so much better and those peachy, puffy lips of his were to die for. I sighed before I gulped. "Again, it's perfectly normal. Unless you've had sex with anyone, which you shouldn't be having in the first place." 
  I stay silent. I almost HAD sex with someone once. But it was more because he kept insisting and me, having no power of will, almost submitted to that guy's (ex boyfriend) constant groping.
   I quickly notice how Mr. Brooke was looking at me through his eyeslashes. "Tell me you haven't had sex with anyone," he turns so we're both facing each other. He was worried—a good thing, I guess. I swallow the huge lump that had formed in my throat, smiling unevenly and nervously. 
  "'Course not." I take in a deep breath. All the nerves in my body were going off. I was tingling all over and throbbing with arousal—specially my breast and my pelvis. "But I almost did. I'm too submissive," I admit. This seems to make him pause and think about it. Was it me or was he nervous? 
  My eyes took in his tall, straight posture. The well-toned arms that seemed to be too big for that long-sleeved work shirt he wore. His khakis were a perfect fit, though. That I loved. "You're amazing," I whisper too low for him to hear. 
  He looks at me weirdly. And I smile, genuinely. My breathing was becoming too erratic; too uneven. I was freaking out. I could feel my face expression breaking into a terrible, worried frown. 
  Oh, god, I was having a panic attack. Immediately, he notices this. I look at the door to see if it was open but I remembered that I had locked it and pulled down the blinds when I came into his classroom earlier. "I don't want to feel this way anymore," I whisper, feeling my eyes getting wet and going wide as I stared at him. "It's too horrible," I say. 
  "Shhh," he grabs my hand and brings me in for a hug. My arms lay flat on his hard, yet comfortable chest as I lay my head there. "You'll be okay. It'll pass," but it wouldn't pass. At least not until I got what I needed. He holds the back of my head and takes in a deep breath, kissing the top of my head. I cried for a bit as he kept comforting me. I was scared of these feelings. I felt dirty but I liked it too much to make them stop. I was afraid that if I didn't get SOME sort of comfort soon, I wouldn't be able to control myself afterwards and probably do something stupid like fuck the next guy who appeared in front of me. I guess that's what I did, in a way, later on.
  I was about to pull away, feeling better, when I noticed something quite odd. With his free hand, he was making small circles on the uncovered part of my back—the lower part—and he was caressing my hair with the other one. It felt nice. I couldn't deny that. Heck, it felt amazing but that wasn't the only thing I felt, though. I felt something poking my stomach. Something hard but soft at the same time. I quickly pulled away from him after that, blushing uncontrollably. 
  "I shoul-... Umm..I should go. You're not making this any better," I mumble, not meeting his gaze. "Thanks," I grabbed my purse quickly, forgetting my jacket in the process, and left out the door. I stormed past all the freshman on the floor without looking back. Had I done that? Me? Why didn't I confront him about it? I liked him, so why didn't I? 
  Oh, right. Part of me remembered that he was married with a daughter. That was the sane part of me. But the other part didn't give a fuck, the other part just wanted to fuck every hot guy that got in front of me.That was the part that wasn't so sane. I guess those were my hormones. 
  I quickly make my way down to the first floor and into the parking area. I spot my Prius and get in, immediately turning on the ignition before pulling out of the school parking lot. My phone begins to go off as soon as I was as far away as I could get from the school. I take my phone out and set it to silent mode, already knowing who it is. 

  I go into my house. I had decided to just skip the whole school day. It wouldn't affect my record, so it was okay. I lay down on the leather sofa, looking up at the ceiling in the process. I felt weird and dirty, still. I wondered how HE had felt.
   Ugh. Just remembering what happened made me tingle with arousal all over. My whole body felt weird, like jelly. Was this how every girl felt? I doubted it. Without knowing it, my hand had slipped down into my shorts as well as my panties. I was wet—really, REALLY wet. I let my middle finger stimulate my clitoris. Almost immediately I felt like smiling and closing my eyes in pleasure. It felt good. It felt real good. I sighed as it began to tickle but the sense of pleasure was still there. The small nub grew a bit bigger, making me gasp as I stimulated it. It was sending small shocks of ecstasy all over me. 
  "Oh," I mumbled, feeling myself throb once again. I imagined Mr. Brooke on top of me, or at least his hands, were touching me. I imagined his long, nimble finger was doing what I was doing to my clitoris. I imagined him bringing me closer and closer to my orgasm. I imagined his hand squeezing my left breast the way I was doing it right then. I moaned again. The ardor grew stronger as I kept flicking my clit faster and faster. 
  "Shit," I shrieked, knowing how close I was to having my orgasm. I wet my finger several more times so I had better access to my small, hard nub. That's when I started to tingle all over with pleasure. My back started to arch and my legs began to twitch. Out of pure instinct, I closed my eyes and arched my back, spreading my legs out further as I felt my orgasm hit me like a big tidal wave of ecstasy. 
 "Oh, fuck yes," I mumbled in a hazy, high state. I bit my lower lip. After my orgasm subsided, I stopped feeling up my clit. It was hard to stimulate it, anyway, since it was so hard. The pleasure was too much for me to bear and it felt as though I was going to pee. That was definitely something I didn't want to do. I felt sticky and tired. I was still horny, though. That wouldn't change any time soon.
  A few hours later, by the time school was over, I'm up in my room's bathroom taking a shower when all of a sudden, I hear a doorbell. It couldn't be my parents because they had their own key and, besides, they were celebrating their anniversary by going away for a week to Paris (Horny, corny bastards.)  I slid the glass door open and grabbed the towel to pat my hair so it wasn't too wet. I quickly wrapped the towel around my body and headed downstairs to open the door. 
  I took a deep, nervous breath as I saw who it was.  "Are your parents home?" is the very first thing he asks.
   "You shouldn't be here, Mr. Brooke. You could get in trouble," I frown. He walks in without asking if he can. Totally insulting but it was fine by me. 
  "I want to give you something," he whispers. 
  I look around, not getting why he was whispering. "It's okay, we're alone."
   He sighed in relief. "You forgot your jacket," he says, trying to switch the subject. 
  "I know," I chew on my lower lip. Awkward silence followed. In that short moment, he kept staring at me as though I was guilty of something. But there also was a mischief in his eyes that he wouldn't show in his facial expression.
  "Here," he handed it to me. I reach for the leather jacket. Our fingers brushed. And I was turned on. "Gee," I mumble, not meeting his gaze. "Thanks," I say, being sarcastic. Of course, he wouldn't want to talk about earlier. Heck, he didn't want to talk of any of the similar things that have happened earlier between the both of us. Not the constant eye staring, not the chest staring, not the staring of lips, not the flirting that we both took for granted as well as a joke.
  "I guess I should go," he starts. 
  "Yeah, you really should." I purse my lips. He brushes past me. I look down at the floor. Ugh. What if we could only do something just once? I felt the urge to ask him, but it wouldn't be wise to—he had a wife and I had a boyfriend of almost a year.
   I gulped. 
  "Hey, Lauren?" asks Mr. Brooke. 
  I turn, "You should really deal with that problem of yours. You might become addicted to sex later on," he said, a smirk on his face. I knew then that he wanted to... Oh, for god's sake, who cared if he was married or not? 
  I walked closer towards him and said, "Maybe you should help me with that," flirting right back. He walked closer to me until we were a few inches away from each other.
  "Maybe I should," he whispers, holding my waist and leaning down as though to kiss me. Now, I know that we were crossing a line that shouldn't be crossed and that we shouldn't be doing any of these things in the first place, but god help me, I have been too horny lately and this couldn't be stopped. Not even if the both of us wanted to. His lips came closer and closer to mine. Just when I thought that he'd kiss me, he turned me around quite abruptly. My towel loosened and I had to hold it in place. 
  "What the—" he interrupted me.
  "Do you know how long I've been waiting for this?" His hands trace the curves on my waist and hips, making their way down to my legs as he holds me around the waist with one hand. "It's quite annoying—having to watch you with every guy, listening to you bragging about them, but not me, never me," he whispers in my ear. 
  "Mr. Brooke, I—"
  "Don't talk," he says, biting my earlobe and raising my towel up higher than what it already was. I felt a cool breeze hit my ass cheeks and then my slender legs. I gulped and closed my legs tight. 
  As I keep wondering about what he was doing and try to put my towel down, he keeps touching any naked part of me. Yes, that includes my ass. "Oh," I gasp, putting my hands on his legs so I could somehow push him away. I was getting so damn horny and wet. "Stop it," I breathe out, not really meaning it. 
  "You're still a virgin, right?" his voice had mischief written all over it. And I liked it.  It made me throb with arousal. It made my nipples sensible and vulnerable to anything that might touch or brush against them. And right then I felt cold air hit my breast and soon his big hands. I felt my nipples being pinched by his fingers. He pinched them, squeezed them, rolled them. His kisses went down along my neck, his mouth sucking wherever he could. I threw my head back against him and exposed my neck to more of his lips. 
  Too soon I felt my knees weaken and a sweet, tickling pleasure that meant I was having an orgasm. I placed my hand on the back of his head. I could feel his cock in between my ass. I grind my ass against it out of pure curiosity. It felt hard. The contour was quite soft, though. It also felt big. It twitched as I kept grinding myself against it. 
  All of a sudden, I felt my towel being yanked away and his fingers probing my private area. "You're going too fast," I say, breathless. I could feel his fingers touching me. I was very aware of what he was doing to me. All of this seemed to be going so fast. "Oh, right there," I moaned as he touched my engorged clit. I was feeling so sensible. 
  "Come here," he whispered, bringing me over to the couch by turning me around and making me wrap my arms and legs around his neck and waist. 
 He lay me down and made his way down my stomach. "What are you do—" I yelped as soon as I felt his tongue part my labia. I trembled. "Oh, sweet Jesus." His tongue poked at my clit, just below where I usually stimulate it, under the hood. I let out a shaky breath. One of his hands comes up to touch my perky breast. And I feel my whole body go ablaze in a way it never had before. I knew right then and there that I was experiencing the best pleasure I can ever get from oral. My toes curled as the sole of my feet tingled with excitement. 
  "Fuck!" I shrieked, wiggling from the strong sensation that kept hitting my throbbing pussy. "That feels so good, Mr. Brooke," my back arched and I threw my head back. He mumbled something but I couldn't hear him. "Shit, shit, shit!" I felt like I was going to pee any second now.
   I never did.
   Instead, a deliciously fresh feeling that spread throughout my body until I was moaning loud with pleasure came off of this. "Yeah!" I gasped, holding the back of his head as my orgasm subsided.
  I quickly let go of his head, blushing, as I realized what had just happened. "I'm Sorry," I say.
  "Don't be," He whispers before getting on top of me, straddling me, and kissing me on the lips. His lips tasted of me and it only tuned me on more. He sat up quickly. I did too. We both began to remove his clothe as fast as we could. I kept messing up, though, because I was so nervous that I might do something wrong. 
  Finally, we got his coat and shirt off. I started to carefully pull down his zipper because I noticed the big bulge in his pants. "Is it going to hurt?" I ask, looking up at him with wide, wondering eyes. We stopped. My hand lay on his cock (this made me blush) and my other one traced his stomach. We were frozen.
  "You were serious?" he asks. 
  "About what?" I ask, confused. My eyes drift off to the bulging rod in his pants. I felt the impulse to do something I've always wanted to do then. I reached into his pants and boxers. I grabbed his cock. At first I didn't know what to do but then I took it out. God, it was beautiful. Perfectly straight, hard, long, and soft with bulging veins standing out just under it. His testicles were quite round and clung perfectly close to his cock. It wasn't circumcised (yes, I know what that is!) which, not knowing why, I liked. Slowly, I wrapped my hand at the base of his shaft and squeezed. He moaned a little, which meant that I was doing something right.
  "Not being a virgin," he says, distractedly, brushing my hair back behind my ears. I grab his cock just under the corona and pulled the skin back to reveal the spongy head. It was shaped like the top of a mushroom except for the little hole at top, which parted a little. 
  "I wouldn't lie to you about such a thing," it was the honest truth. "Can I lick it?" I ask all innocently, biting my lower lip as I stared with lust at his cock before looking up at him. 
  "Yes," he says through a very tight voice. So I do so. But first I kissed it because it seemed to be so precious. It twitched in my hands and I giggled. 
  "It's so warm and hard," I whisper, wonderstruck. "I just love it," I lick it. I really don't know how this is supposed to be done at all but I did like it. I just licked that little hole that was atop his penis and then under the corona and all around the head, hoping I was doing it right.. What I really enjoyed, though, was the genuine, natural smell of of his cock and the salty taste of his skin. I rubbed it against my cheeks. "Can I take it into my mouth? It's so big, though. Do you think it'll fit?" 
  He grunted as soon as I finished that sentence. It's not like I was that innocent—was I? I blushed, unable to do anything else but squeeze it slightly and stroke it slowly with my hand. I kept peeling back the skin on the head of his cock while looking up at him. "You can try," he whispered. But before I did anything, he grabbed the back of my head, leaned down, and placed his soft, puffy lips against mine. I kissed him right back. His hands roamed down to my breast and squeezed slightly. This made me moan and tremble all over. "I want to make love to you," he whispers. "So bad." 
  I squeeze his cock, smiling, throbbing with excitement. "I really like you," I whisper back. I proceed to give him a peck on the lips before crouching slightly to take his cock into my mouth. Of course I was careful not to let my teeth scrape against it as I knew how sensible this big guy was. At first I started out sucking slowly, bobbing my head from side to side slightly. But then I did it a bit fast since his constant grunting and hair grabbing told me he liked it just the way I was doing it. As one of my hands traced his legs and butt—his well tones ass, might I add—my other one stroked his cock whenever my mouth wasn't all over it. I did try to lick as much of it as I could and to take as much of it as I could.
  "Keep sucking it," he groans. His grip on my hair tightens as his hips thrust forward and then back. I could take this for a few seconds but then my air supply went down, making me choke and push him away. He wouldn't stop, though. "Mmm!" I choked and my eyes started to tear up. It was like I couldn't get him off and he wouldn't listen nor pay attention to me. His cock kept hitting the back of my throat. I gripped his ass with either of my hands to get my point through but he wasn't paying attention. He started grunting louder and louder until he buried his his cock in my mouth and a warm, gooey, sweet liquid spilled into me. He gave a few more thrusts before pulling out to let me breathe. I immediately held my throat and swallowed his sperm. 
  I coughed loudly a few times before hitting him hard across the chest. "You asshole!" I choke out, standing up to breathe a bit better. 
  He grabs me around the waist and turns me so I can face him. He wipes the corner of my lips and my chin. "Sorry," he looked guilty. "No one had ever done that. I'm sorry," he hugged me tight then. I felt the warmth of his chest against my cheek and how fast his heart was beating. "It was amazing," he whispers. I felt his cock poking my stomach yet again. "I really liked it."
  "It was my first time, though," I frown. He smiled then and kissed me. His hands held my neck. I sat back on the couch dragging him along with me. He paused slightly to remove his pants and boxer before getting on top of me as I lay down with my head on the arm rest. "Are you—"
  "Just fuck me for god's sake!" I mumbled, too horny to say no. He gulped. 
  "I've never really taken a girl's—"
  "Just do it. I can be strong for the both of us," I teased him. A total lie. I wasn't even strong enough for myself. How was I going to be strong enough for the both of us? Of course I was being sarcastic when I said that. He reached down to grab his cock as I spread my legs out for him.
  "Is your hymen in tact?" 
  "Yeah," I say, nervous but still going strong. "Will it hurt?" 
  He didn't reply to my question at all. He just placed his head on top of mine so I could have a place to rest my head on and somewhere to bite (I would do that.) That's when I felt it. As soon as I finished that thought, I felt a hard, painful sting down in between my legs as he broke through my hymen. "Shit, Lauren," I bury my face in his chest, closing my legs tight around his waist. My pussy kept clamping down on his cock as he penetrated me, which I guess made it better for him. He kept slowly penetrating me until all of him was inside of me. All of him. Well—most of him because I could barely feel his testicles. 
  "I'm fine, I'm fine," I kept breathing out even though I wasn't. It felt like he was going to tear me up in half. It was odd though because I kept feeling his cock throbbing inside of me, twitching—or was it me? He began to pull back slowly—not all of him—before pushing right back in. "You're too big," I shriek. 
  "I'm sorry... But you're so tight," he sounded helpless. "You're so small," he still sounded helpless. He also sounded like he was in a deep state of nirvana. He placed his hands under my knees and raised my legs a little so that he could get on his knees. My pussy walls clamped down on his cock again as he kept thrusting in and out of me. His breathing was becoming heavy and his thrusting a bit faster. 
   He leaned down again ad let go of my legs. I positioned them at either side of him. I felt him go faster and faster as soon as he saw my discomfort and pain was subsiding. 
  "Oh!" I kept gasping. I knew that to him it sounded quite innocent and sweet (he told me this) but to me it just showed how into this I was getting. It felt good. It felt... It felt... "Amazing," I whisper. Pain got mixed with something that I now like to call pleasure. And soon I felt my whole body getting hot and my pelvis getting in sync with his thrusting. "Oh, yeah," I cooed. "That feels good," I bit down on my lower lip hard so I wouldn't moan. But my breathing did get heavy. 
  I felt his cock thrusting deep into me every single second. "I want harder," I moaned while holding on to his arms. "Mr. Brooke, I—oh!" I moaned, my body tingling with excitement and pleasure. I was so wet already and getting aroused some more just made me feel a whole lot better. 
  "Shh," he had trouble getting that simple little thing out. "You'll make me cum too soon," he said as his arms went down under me and over my shoulders to get a better grip on me. I arched my back slightly. Without saying anything at all he started to go as hard and as fast as he could. I felt the back wall of my cervix being poked at constantly, making me moan and hiss things that I wasn't used to saying. "Oh god," the feeling was becoming unbearable. It was hurting me and I liked it. I liked the way he pushed forward as fast and as hard as he could. "S-stop it, p-p-please," my whole body was burning with pleasure and my pussy was throbbing with that feeling of almost there (orgasm nearing) while my breast kept brushing against his warm skin—all of this put together made me shudder with wave after wave of pleasure and ecstasy. 
  "Just take it like a big girl," he grunted, not showing any sort of compassion at all. He just kept fucking me and fucking me until he was sure I was really enjoying what he was doing to me. And I did. I enjoyed every second that he was with me and every single thing that he was doing to me. I enjoyed his big cock, his passionate kisses, and the way he was fucking me without stopping. "Harder," I moaned, wanting more. Always wanting more. 
  "Faster," I breathed every time he slowed down. I loved the feeling it was producing deep inside of me—like something was passionately, and pleasurably burning "I'm going to come," I moaned out loud. "Oh, it hurts too good!" I couldn't seem to stop talking. My whole body was on fire. I dug my nails into his skin before I felt my pussy tightening around his cock. It suddenly felt like I could let go of that feeling that was locked up earlier—that feeling that became too strong and felt as though I was about to pee. "I love your cock! Aah!" I buried my head on his chest once again as I orgasmed yet again. 
  "So close, just a few more thrusts," he hisses into my ear. I could tell he was getting tired because of his erratic breathing and the way he was sweating. But he kept going strong nonetheless. As soon as I stopped having my orgasm, he started to have his. He didn't stop his thrusting, though. He just kept on going hard and fast, grunting all the way, until he was done spurting his seed into me. We both hung on to each other, letting our breathing slow down before he so carefully pulled out of me. I moaned. 
  "Must we stop?" 
  "Your parents will be home any minute, I'm sure." 
  "Anniversary," I remind him. He hadn't been around in a long time. He looked at me and took a deep breath. 
  "Right," he grabs my legs and places them over his, coming closer to me this way. He leaned down to kiss my stomach. 
  "I feel amazing," I say, smiling. "Though I feel your sperm traveling down my butt," I giggle, making him laugh. I remember something then that I really didn't want to. The mood in the room suddenly changed. I couldn't quite meet his eyes so I turned to my side, closing my eyes in the process. 
  "What's wrong," he caresses my legs, making me get goosebumps.
   I take in a deep, shaky breath. "I'm not on the pill," I whisper. His grip on my leg tightened—everything froze and I knew that we were in big fucking trouble.

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