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7yrs to 77 part 1
This all started when I was 7yrs old 70yrs ago I lived in the North East of England near Newcastle .I was evacuated out into the country away from the bombing raids to a place near Bishop Auckland onto a small farm a few cows 2 horses about a dozen pigs geese poultry ducks .The farmer we will call Mr Smith worked at a pit all day and did the farm work be for and after work his wife worked part of the day there as well .I soon started to do a few jobs round the farm as I only did half a day at school every day as it was so small, later as the evacuees went home we started 9 till 3 as I was there for two years as my mother took a job as a maid in a big house and I could not join her and my younger sister . As from the first day at the farm the wife got me ready for bed undressed me stood me in a large tin tub and washed me as she washed me she started to pull my penis and stretch it I was embarrassed and tried to stop her but she said she was making it bigger for when I was older ,her daughter came over at weekends and she also played with it . This lasted for two years and I nearly always got a hard on and she or her daughter kept going till I had as I would say I had a tickly feeling .The farmer never said a word but he knew it was happening and I never told my mother when I saw her ,A couple of times I saw the daughter washing her father in the tin tub after he came home from the pit covered in coaldust and kissing his penis well that’s what I thought at the time ,I learnt a lot more be for I left .Soon they started to sit me on their laps after my bath naked and put their breasts in my mouth so I would suckle them as they gave me a hand job stretching and pulling it very hard every day sometimes it would be all swollen up after they had finished and would take a couple of days to go down but it didn’t stop them. The teacher at the school found out I could sing and I finished up singing on a couple of concerts in the area .My mother got a house near my grandmother and we all moved back together My father was in the Army and started to come home for weekends as he had been abroad for two years 18months later he was killed in Italy ,the school I went to was told I could sing so onto the next part of my life Miss Black the music teacher . Nine years old I knew a bit about sex but kept it to myself as I did not want to get in trouble I had been taught well at the farm as I had seen the animals having sex watched the wife hold the mare and the daughter put the stallions cock into the mare the horses where both big shires and the horse had one large cock so I knew what was going on by then . I started at the new school near Newcastle a junior school for under 11s I was only there for 18months but I learnt allot and not just the three Rs Miss Black was in the girls school but was a teacher at the Sunday school I had to go to, she soon had me singing in the choir on different occasions and I spent a lot of time alone with her at the church and sometimes at her small flat where she lived she had been married but he had been killed at Normandy. I would sit on the stool next to her our legs would rub together and I would start to get a hard on and wearing short pants it would show she could see it this happened a couple of times then one day a couple of weeks after I had started to go to her flat she put her hand up my trouser leg and held my cock my its big for a boy your age she said .She then asked if I minded I told her it had happened before when I was evacuated she then asked if we would take our cloths of we did, we both sat naked on the piano stool facing each other she had lovely small tits sticking out and no sag I started to suck them and she went all stiff and a gasp came from her she then started to play with me till I had an orgasm .you don’t make cum yet she said that’s good and as I was still hard she moved forward on the stool and I slid my cock into her. I didn’t know what to do she then told me to lay on the floor she sat over me and she wrapped her hand round my cock and guided it into herself I slid up inside her she felt so hot round my cock and this was the first time I had ever been inside a woman, She started to rock backwards and forwards I came again but still stopped hard then she had an orgasm she made me all wet round my cock but I was still hard she got on her hands and knees I knew what to do id seen the horses and the bull do it and it only took me a short time and I was in as far as I could get it in her I kept going for awhile and she came twice I came again and I pulled out I was still hard but a bit sore .She got a tape from a sewing box as she said she could hardly believe its size she measured me just over 7 in long and as she said rolling pin round she gave me a bath and I got dressed and said I would be at Sunday school at the weekend .We never played around at Sunday school only at her flat and I always went in the back door if all was clear .I was taught much by her she gave me blowjobs once a week just to see if I was making sperm I loved to lick her out as she was doing it to me and I hardly ever went soft till I eventually started to shoot sperm. I was a late starter at that just on 14yrs I continued to fuck her till I left junior school at 11yrs and went to senior school about a mile from the junior school the flat of Miss Black was just around the corner from her school ,my mother caught me going there and said she knew something was going on if we both stopped she would keep quiet and that was it with Miss Black I did go a few times later but stopped altogether as I entered the new school after the school summer holidays.

Enter Miss English I was in 1C the teacher was old but I liked her as she had taught my mother, Miss English taught 2A about 30 yrs old beautiful body she was also the gym teacher for the girls, I did gym work at a small gym which my father had taken me to as he was a PTI in the Army and I was quite good with the easy stuff she called on me now and then to show the girls different rolls and the easy box vaults this was August thru to nearly Christmas .Then we had to learn how to dance for the Christmas party Military two step Veleta and lots of others we had to learn after school so it was dark before we went home one night I was acting up causing a bit of trouble Miss English told me to go to her classroom as she was going to cane me and it was up stairs across the large hall and it was dark no lights on just the moon light lighting things I went to her room and waited for her she followed a minute later in the dark took the cane out the cupboard and walked over to me. Drop your pants and bend over she said, NO was my reply she made a grab at me and smacked me in the eye by accident but it hurt she saw what she had done and put her arms around me and said she was sorry my head pressed up against her breasts felt great, I got a hard on straight away I ran my hand down her stomach and between her legs she tried to grab my hand but got 7inches of cock thru my trousers I heard her say my god but she didn’t let go straight away then, she said go back down stairs I did she followed a bit later but never spoke to me that night. Next day I had a slight bruised eye she asked my teacher if I could do a couple of vaults on the box for her gym class I went into the hall where her class was I did what she wanted then she called me over and said she wanted to see me in her class after school say it was detention for last night .School finished at 4pm I went to her classroom it was all glass windows as it was three classes in one these panels rolled across and divided the rooms up she told me to sit down as she wanted to talk to me I did a front seat and opened my legs remember I wore short pants in those days and I hadn’t put any underpants on that day and I was starting to get a hard on looking at her and thinking about what I would like to do to her as an 11yr old I had a vivid imagination .She started off by saying she was sorry about last night and asked that I tell know one about what she had accidentally done to me I was really excited by this time and my cock was staring to show in my short pants the head was nearly showing out of the of the leg and as she was standing in front of me she could see it she stopped talking and just stared at it .I was a bit cheeky and not scared of what she would say I said its okay miss a couple of older ladies like yourself have liked to play with it and I’ve told no one she told me to leave and I said yes I better hurry down to the allotment to feed my birds(I kept pigeons) it was right next to the school and it was nearly dark. After I had fed them I locked up and started to leave Miss English was waiting for me she called me over and asked by what I had meant about a couple of other ladies I told her but not their names she was shocked then she asked if I would do it with her I said I was hoping she would want me to as I liked doing it with older ladies she got down on her knees undid my flies of my pants took out my cock and started to stroke it my god its big for a boy your age a full grown man would love to have one this size she took it in her mouth and started to suck hard on it I put my hands inside her clothes and played with her tits they were all I thought they would be not to large but round firm and big nipples she kept sucking me taking me right down her throat her hands played with my balls then I had an orgasm and she pulled of me and said I didn’t shoot cum yet (just like Miss Black) .We straitened ourselves up it was dark she took my hand and walked me so far home and said she would see me tomorrow at school and just to act as normal .I didn’t see her during the day I fed my birds after school and she was outside the allotment when I finished she told me to meet her at the corner of her street where she lived after id had my tea at home at 5-30 as it would be dark. I arrived early she walked passed me and told me to go round the back lane so I did she opened the back door to her house and I went in she took me straight into her bedroom and sat beside me on the large bed she put her arms round me and started to kiss me as id done this before I put my tongue into her mouth sucked her tongue I put my hands round her waist and slowly lifted her blouse and bra over her bust her tits popped out they were beautiful not large but well rounded large nipples and big dark aureoles’ I started to suck on them she stopped me stood up and took her blouse and bra off then her shoes stockings skirt and panties came off and she was standing there naked lovely body slim waist, well rounded hips her legs long but not to slim, blond hair on her pussy it was darker than the hair on her head I could see where it was just parted in the middle and looked a bit moist. She stood me up and undressed me I was not as tall as her and I was looking straight at her bust, she laid me down on the bed and lay beside me she took hold of my cock and started to move her hand up and down playing with me she giggled and said you have a big one for an 11year old I said proudly I’m nearly 12 she then put it in her mouth and started to suck on me after a little while I had an orgasm she then laid me on my back sat over me and put my cock into her I could feel it part the lips of her pussy the head slipped in she was really wet as she lowered herself onto it I could hear her gasping god your big then it was in as far as it would go, I could feel the muscles’ tighten round my cock as she moved up and down pulling on the flanges of my cock head inside her I grabbed her hips and tried to pull myself further into her she leaned forward and I was able to suck on her breasts it was marvellous I could hear her purring like a cat then she came and she squealed then grunted and I felt her shudder and her stomach muscles felt like a six pack as she groaned and pushed her pussy down on me I was wet all round my cock and balls and her hot juices ran down between my legs and wet the bed she kept going as I was still hard as I hadn’t come yet. I started to come and pushed hard into her biting her nipples hard she squealed again and came this time not as wet we lay there a little while then had to move as the wet patch had gone cold and sticky. We moved into the middle of the bed she kneeled over me and took my cock into her mouth I pulled her round so her legs were either side of my head I pulled her down so I could reach her pussy parted the lips and pushed my tongue into her and started to lick her as fast as I could she was sucking up and down on my cock I was loving it my tongue was inside her and I could taste the musty tangy taste off her we both came again I would of liked to keep going she said no you have to go home early to be safe and nobody to find out about us, I had a bath to get rid of the smell of sex dressed and went home . This went on for a few months nobody found out about us but as spring was approaching the nights were getting lighter it was getting harder not to be seen going in and out of her back door . My mother was allowing me to come home later as the nights got longer so it wasn’t too bad. Then it happened I came out the back door there was a girl with her boyfriend standing cuddling up I knew the girl she was16 or 17 yrs old ginger Betty I knew her as. Long red hair really good looking as far as I was concerned she normally was with another girl Jenny another big beautiful girl who lived next door to her just down the street from where I lived no other boys lived in our street just a couple of younger girls ,she gave me a funny hello as I went past her .A week later on a Sunday as I came out of Miss Englishes back door Betty and Jenny were both there they had been watching me and seen me go in they were both big girls not fat but well built to big for me a just a 12yr old to argue with , Betty then said okay Derek let’s see what Doris English likes you for (I never knew her first name Doris) I said I don’t know what you mean, Jenny said get your cock out and let’s see it, you’re not the first she’s had it was Sammy before you Miss English married Sammy 5yrs later he was 19 she was at least 36 ,common get it out Betty said let’s see if I had no underpants on as I never did when I went to Miss Englishes house I undid the buttons and took out my cock one said fucking hell ! the other said fuck me !! they whispered to each other then Betty said we are going to have to talk to you tomorrow see you in my back yard after school I said I had to feed my birds first ,Okay but get your ass down to my place straight after, they had me scared what they might say or do Next day I fed the birds and rushed to Betty’s house in the backyard as in every house in the area was a bombproof shelter built during the war usually a small bed or settee was in it when I arrived I was told get in the shelter I went in and sat on the bottom of twin bunks that was in it Jenny sat beside me and Betty sat on a chair in front of me. Straight out Betty said Jenny and her both worked from 6-30 till 11pm at her mother’s fish and chip shop Monday till Sat and had no time for boys as they finished to late as they had seen my cock and how big it was no boy they knew had one as big they would not need a boy if I would fuck one of them each night after school in the shelter while the other watched and kept a look out and they would not say anything to anyone and would look after me as I used to get into fights often as I looked so angelic and blond id been an angel twice in plays at school sung in choirs and concerts .I was to keep going to Miss Englishes house as long as I wanted to Betty laughed and said keeping three women happy and only 12yrs old no one would believe it next day was Saturday and they told me to come about 3pm as her mother left to get the shop ready to open and did I have any condoms I told them I don’t shoot any cum yet ,they said that made it a lot easier as they did not have to go to a chemist to buy them as people might see them and wonder why girls were buying them not their boyfriends . I went to miss Englishes house that night as had been arranged she let me in the back door as usual and we went straight to the bedroom and we both started to undress each other and I was smoothing my hands all over her body and kissing her on her most sensitive parts of her body I said why did you not tell me your name was Doris she sat up and said who told you I knew she was scared so I told her the truth that I had been caught coming out of her backdoor by two girls who knew me also what they said and what they want me to do to them after they had seen my cock. I didn’t tell her their names but she said she had seen them hanging around and knew them she told me to get dressed and go home she would see me next week no sex no nothing I could see she wasn’t happy so I got dressed and left . Next day Saturday I went round to Betty’s house at 3oclock both girls were waiting for me we went into the shelter they shut the door a paraffin hurricane lamp was burning and it gave off plenty of light but you could smell it . We all sat down I didn’t know what to expect then Jenny said you told Doris last night didn’t you I said no only that I had been seen by two girls that knew me and that they knew it was your house I came out of but not your names . Betty said well she knew it was us .She came to the shop last night and asked both of us to come round to her house tomorrow Sunday to have a talk with her .I think we were all a bit scared about what might be happening and nothing else happened between us they told me to come round tomorrow at 3pm again Sunday and we would talk about what was going to happen or not I left. I arrived about 3pm and waited for awhile Jenny arrived and said come on we are going to Doris’s house we walked there it wasn’t far we even went to the front door we were let straight in as they were waiting for us Doris said lets all sit down and talk about this she had a pot of tea on the table and a glass of lemonade for me . She started of speaking and said the girls and myself could be in trouble as you are a minor and under age I said I’m not going to tell anyone and I like doing it to you and I would love to do it to Betty and Jenny they talked between the three of them then said we expected that from you. Do you think you can manage all three of us I replied well I hardly ever go soft when I’m with you it will be the same with the two girls I suppose . Betty then said well let’s find out! we are not going anywhere are we I didn’t know what I had let myself in for as I said I’m going nowhere, Betty said Jenny do you want to go first as Doris has had it be for Doris said go on Jenny you will love it its big and fills you up he might be young but he certainly knows how to make a girl happy I don’t know if you have had many orgasms but he will make you really have a good one he’s never failed me, Betty said I can hardly wait! I’ve never had one with a man only when I do it to myself with my hands. Doris said to Jenny go into the bedroom and get undressed and lye on the bed you will have to ride him as we don’t want him tired out to soon we will get him ready and bring him in to you just like a horse being taken to a mare and he’s got all three of us to mate at least twice if he can . Jenny went into the bedroom I could hear her taking her clothes off I was hard the two of them undressed me covered my cock in a lubricant and took me into the room lay me on the bed Jenny looked wonderful standing there big beautiful well rounded hips small waist jet black pussy hairs big tits large nipples and long well filled out legs she straddled me her legs either side of mine Betty took my cock and guided me into Jenny as she sank onto me Doris parted the lips of Jennies clit and she sank on to me I slid right into her wet hot pussy she groaned god its big and I knew it was in as far as it would go as the head was pushing against what seemed like a wall inside her she started to move up and down on me then she leaned forward and her tits pushed into my face I took a large mouthful and started to suck on them she was lifting her hips up and down on my cock fast then she squealed and her body went hard as her muscles’ tightened up as she came I could feel the muscles’ inside her vagina tighten as well then she relaxed and said it was the best she had ever had and I was so big she loved it and hoped I could manage to do them all twice . She got of me and stood beside Betty and helped her undress I was still hard as I had not came as Jenny had come so quickly Doris smeared more lubricant onto my cock and I watched as Betty was undressed my god she looked beautiful, long red hair green eyes pale skin a few freckles a beautiful body long legs slimmer than Jennies a tuff of ginger hair round her vagina her legs were open slightly and I see the pink lips and the hair had a slight amount of moisture on them she was wet and ready for me she said to Doris and Jenny lead the second mare to her stallion she sat over me, again Doris parted the lips on her pussy Jenny guided my cock into her I pushed up hard I really wanted her she was hot and tight and seemed to tighten up on my cock she said you’re so big and hard I love it she moved up and down sitting up on me her tits were bouncing up and down I started to cum and strained up into her she gasped and let out a moan I could see the muscles tighten up in her stomach and she came I could feel her hot juices run in-between my legs she relaxed and lay on me and said my god for 12yrs old I’m going to love you for the rest of my days . She climbed of me and stood besides the other two Doris was already undressed she said to the other two there I told you he never goes soft if there’s more pussy waiting, she climbed over me Betty held my cock and Jenny parted her lips she leaned over me her tits were in my mouth I run my tongue round them and took a nipple into my mouth and sucked hard on it she sank her hips onto me Betty guided my cock into her and I was in, in as far as I could get she came very quickly I did as well when I felt her strain and tighten up she said she felt so worked up after watching us all she came nearly straight away they changed the sheets on the bed as there was wet patches on them we all lay nude on the bed me in the middle after awhile I fucked them all again we cleaned up and arranged to all come next Sunday if all was well as I was to meet Betty and Jenny after school during the week and Doris on odd nights and I would carry the messages between us I used to fuck either Betty or Jenny every night but only one of them .If one of them had their periods I would fuck the other till the other was finished I never went round to Doris’s when she had hers About a year later we were still together all three of us .I was nearly 14yrs Betty and Jenny 18yrs old both close to 19 they never had other boyfriends the story going around was that they were lesbians and they were quite happy to leave it that way then Betty took ill I didn’t know what it was but in less than week she was dead I cried at night but I managed not to during the day I did not see Jenny or Doris for over a week I spoke to Jenny and she asked me to arrange a meeting at Doris’s as we could not meet in the shelter any more I had a quick word with her and it was arranged for Sunday afternoon I told Jenny and we went round to Doris’s house on the Sunday afternoon 2 weeks after Betty passed away .Jenny said she was finished I told Doris I was now starting to shoot sperm she said we might as well all finish I guess that was it we parted I spoke to Doris at school now and again , I met Jenny a few times nothing happened then one day she asked if I would meet her it was at the end of April and was quite warm dark about 8-30 pm I was to meet her at the park after it closed at 8pm we went to the covered seats next to the bandstand we lay down on the benches and started kissing she suddenly stopped and said was I shooting plenty of sperm now as it was six months since I had started and Doris had finished with me .I though she doesn’t want to do it I told the truth and said it was a lot that came out of my cock now. Good she said! I said what do you mean? She said Betty was my best friend and she said she was going to have your baby as she loved you even if you were so young she can’t but I can she said for her sake then she asked if I was willing to get her pregnant she was 19 yrs old me I was14 yrs but she said she would be able to look after herself she told me she and Betty were planning to live together just be for Betty died .I said yes I would as I loved Betty as well, she told me know one would know I was the father .We got undressed used our clothes as a cushion on the wooden seat I lay on top of her and she put it in her she said oh how iv missed this so big and it fills me right up she wrapped her legs round my waist and held me tight I was stroking hard into her I felt her starting to come I went a little faster and came at the same time I must of really filled her up as it was leaking out round my cock she said that’s enough for tonight we got dressed she said same time tomorrow and she left this went on for six weeks then she said she must be pregnant as she had missed her period and it was over a week since she should of had it that was it I didn’t see her for weeks in fact five months and her belly was well swollen .I never saw her again but a friend of hers gave me a message she had a girl and called it Red even tho it was blond I guess it was a funny name as well, the girl who gave me the message said looking at you I think you must be the father but you must be still at school all I said was. I leave in August yes she said I’ve heard stories about you your supposed to have a big cock I smiled and said thanks for the message and walked away another part of my life was over. But not quite the girl who brought the message started to really annoy me she was 17 or 18 yrs old on the fat side or should I say plump rolls of fat round her hips a double chin not my type at all nor I suppose many other boys as well. When she saw me she would walk up to me and say things to me like hello donkey cock when are you going to fuck me or I’m waiting for you stud to part my legs plus other things she even said these with my friends around me they used to look at me strangely. After couple of weeks of this I said okay where and when do you want it I knew I was going to be rough on her maybe it would stop her talking to me like that ,I think she was very surprised and seemed a bit lost for words , in the washhouse Jennies backyard she whispered, I said okay lets go. We went in to the yard and into the wash house I said take your panties off and sit on the table what’s that line about a standing prick has no conscious she was looking at it and said oh my god I can’t take that by this time I had lifted her legs up and put them on my shoulders a big fat pussy was there waiting a bit hairy but I was not caring no lube to make it easy to go in and she wasn’t wet I parted the lips of her clit and pushed my cock into her real hard there was no stopping me I pushed harder again then I knew what I had done she cried out in pain and it got wet round my penis she had been a virgin I could feel the hot blood round my cock I still pushed harder it was in as far as it would go .I came and gave her a belly full of cum she managed to come as well but not hard .I pulled out and blood and spunk dripped onto the floor she stood up and used her panties to wipe herself she pushed them up herself to keep it from running down her legs I said tomorrow again she was crying and said no way you hurt me then she was gone well at least no more smutty remarks from her when I was out with friends but it was not over three weeks later she grabbed me as I left my house she said I’m pregnant what are you going to do about it I was scared but I said nothing what can I do I was thinking what Doris had said a year ago or more that I was a minor under 16 .I said to her say anything that it was me and I will say you raped me you your nearly 19yrs old I’m only 14 (15 really) who their going to believe and your bigger than me. She never said another word just slapped my face and walked away .Later she went into a home had the baby a boy and it was adopted to someone I met her sometimes but she never spoke to me

While my life with the older women had gone on I had also another life with the people who lived around me and as I said earlier I was the only boy in the street round my age the girls were the same age or a couple of years younger like my sister nine of them .Betty had twin girl cousins both redheads but real skinny .It was their birthday 11 yrs old I would be 11 a couple of weeks later . Me and my sister was invited to their party when we got there I was the only boy among 9 girls I wanted to leave but I knew my mother would belt me if I did, I stopped we played games and we were very noisy their mother said go and play in the large shelter in the back yard it had been made for two families .In we went it started okay then it went on to truth or dare all right at first then one girl said to another one as a dare show Derek your fanny it was one of the twins she said I will if my sister dos it as well they both did both took their panties of and showed me their little hairless pussys a little slit between their legs another girl said it’s not fair we should all show him and they all took their panties of nine hairless pussys facing me then one of the twins said Derek you have to show us yours so I did a few gasps and they all had a feel of it ,it went hard and stood out one of the girls tried to put it in herself but I was too big for her that was it the party broke up and we went home my sister two yrs younger than me said don’t tell anyone about her I never did the rest of this part of the story will be will be finished later 19 yrs later after my other sex adventures as they kept coming without me trying to find them Nothing really happened to me my cock didn’t grow much more it was just over eight inches got to nine by the time I was 21yrs it was always big round and had a large helmet on the end and no foreskin anyway back to fifteen I left school and started work ,my mother got married again and my stepfather had a very large allotment big cabin in it I moved my pigeons there we also had hens ducks geese and turkeys he was in the fire brigade and did shift work. I would spend hours there sometimes I even slept there Fridays and Saturday nights one Saturday afternoon a friend of Doris came to the garden I’m sure Doris’s told her about me as she knew too much her excuse was she wanted to buy a dozen fresh eggs then, and a chicken the next week I said I would have to ask my dad about the chicken I gave her a dozen eggs and charged her 6 shillings she ask if she could have a look round I showed her round and she said it’s a big cabin a settee and an arm chair as well also a small pot bellied stove , I told her I usually slept there Friday and Saturday nights she then said I will see you next sat and hope your dad says I can buy a chicken she left, enter Mrs Logan( Jean) I called her Jeanie same as my mother . The old man said let her have one of the young roosters 12shillings and 6pence id killed it plucked it ready for her left the guts in as it kept the chicken moist Saturday morning. She arrived my stepfather was at the garden with me he spoke a few words to her but he was getting ready to leave as he started his 24 hr shift at 5pm which happened every two weeks and changed them from night shift to day shift he wanted a couple of hours sleep before he started he whispered that she was the daughter of the local newsagent as he left, off he went in his old ford popular car . I said your chicken is in the cabin I went in and she followed me and pulled the door shut behind her straight out she said Doris is a friend of mine my husband was hurt during the war and can’t have sex he can’t get an erection but I’m not leaving him but I need a good fucking to put it bluntly and Doris says you have the right equipment .She sat down on the settee and said will you give it to me and no one is to know about it she was certainly a good looker and I was not getting any at the time I sat on the settee next to her and started kissing her putting my tongue in her mouth kissed her ears and her neck my hands inside her blouse and into her bra her tits felt large and round and full the nipples seemed to be sunk in but popped out as I played with them .I put a hand between her legs and pushed the crutch of her panties aside and pushed a couple of fingers inside the lips of her vagina she became all moist she already had my cock out and it was really hard I heard her say beautiful she pulled me over on her she slid herself down so her pussy was on the edge of the settee my knees were on the floor she guided me into her I pushed it in pulled her towards me and pushed it in as far as I could get it I was ramming it into her backwards and forwards she was hot wet she came grunting and moaning as she exploded round me and I came as well it had been awhile for me I pulled out of her my cock was red raw down one side where it had been rubbing the crutch of her panties she stood up and said how about tomorrow at 2pm I said no way look what your panties have done to me .I showed her my cock where it was rubbed raw and red and it was looking worse by now I was upset and I said if you want it again we are going to have no clothes on either here or at your place of choosing ill have to think about it she said she took the chicken paid me and left. It was two weeks before she appeared again I had thought she wasn’t coming back this time she was with Doris and I knew it was her who had told Jean about me I said to Doris you said you would tell no one about us. She said Jean was so desperate for it she had been thinking about picking up men in bars so I told her about you as you would be safe and would not catch anything unless she wanted a baby and that you had a big cock and you would satisfied and fill her ,Jean then said she wasn’t happy about taking her clothes off in the cabin as we might be caught so it had been arranged if I would still go with her we could use Doris’s house for awhile till she could arrange to be able to use the flat above the shop as it was only used as a store room . So it was settled that I would go round to Doris’s the next day about 1oclock just after lunch I was already excited about it as I hadn’t had a woman for two weeks. I was there early the next day Sunday Jeanie turned up a little late and I was thinking she had changed her mind she arrived all flushed and excited we went straight into the bedroom as she was wanting it as she had been thinking about it since yesterday .I stripped of my clothes and stood nude and I had a hard on and it was sticking straight out Doris had come in with Jeanie and she said there I told you it was big it’s over seven and look how big and round it is then she said can I watch Jean didn’t answer just took her clothes off she had long dark hair and only a small patch round the lips of her pussy it looked as if she had shaved it .She was very tall and plump well rounded but not fat very big tits large aureoles small sunk in nipples but soon popped out as I played with them ,she lay on the bed beside me and we started kissing I ran my tongue over and in her ear down her neck then up her arms put a hand under her tit and lifted it I took her nipple and sucked hard on it the nipple then stood out I then licked the other one and took it into my mouth and again I really sucked hard on it she then said I can’t wait she rolled over on to me lifted herself up .Doris had waited for this she took hold of my cock with one hand parted Jeans lips and guided me into her both of them were murmuring or saying something as I slid into Jean she was tight wet hot and it went in without stopping as Jean was pushing hard down on me I bottomed out it would go no farther she was squeezing it inside her as she moved up and down on me it didn’t take her long she came really hard all her body went stiff she cried out a long ooohh and then went slack as she relaxed said to me leave it in me I rolled her over so I was on top as she was heavy and as she was bigger than me her bust was making it hard for me to breath I still left it soaking in her as she recovered .I rolled of her and both of them played with me I soon became hard Doris said it all yours again Jean enjoy yourself as I might get him to do me later if he will, Jean lay in the middle of the bed legs apart I started to lick her out she said don’t do that as that’s all my husband can do for me so I kissed her all the way up her body I sucked her tits then pushed my cock into her she was all wet and hot she again tightened her muscles round me as I rammed it in and out of her we lasted longer this time then we came nearly both together she moaned as I let out a gasp of air .I rolled of her and lay back she lay there for a little while and said she was happy and filled but she had to go home as they would be waiting for her as she had said she was going to the Sunday school near her house as she sometimes did She cleaned herself up Doris helped her dress as they made plans for the next Saturday early and to last all day as Doris said she needed it as well and would I mind .I said I’ll be there as my step father was dayshift and I could feed all the birds early no one would miss me as they would think I was at the garden all day Doris said she would get some condoms to last a few weeks Jean said she had a rubber ring a diaphragm she was okay Doris laughed and it was said more for her it was arranged for 10 Saturday morning and we would have our meals there they joked that they were going to bath and feed me Jean left Doris asked me to stop as she was real horny and wanted it so I .lay there nude and waited for her to see Jeanie off she came back took her clothes of god she had a beautiful body all curvy and rounded where it should be I really got a hard ,hard on as I watched her undress she had a condom and rolled it over my penis she rubbed lubricant on it then said I can’t wait she climbed over me legs spread wide her breasts just reaching my mouth I sucked one in she wrapped her hand round my cock put it in between her pussy lips and sank down on it ,it was in ,in as far as it would go pushing against her womb that’s what she said it was doing after awhile we both came me I was tired she bathed me to get rid of the smell of sex on me, I dressed and went down to the garden I could hardly wait till next Saturday and start over with the two of them.

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