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7yrs to 77 part 2
Up came Saturday morning I was up early and got my step father to drop me of at the garden be for he started his shift at the fire station the reason I gave him was I was sending my pigeons on a training flight in one of the pigeon fanciers vans this happened allot so no questions about it .Fed all the birds and was off to Doris’s house with a dozen fresh eggs arrived just before ten am as I was walking up the street Jean walked up to me and whispered go round to the back door she then went up to Doris’s door and Doris let her in I continued went round the back lane no one was there the door was not shut I pushed it open went in and locked it behind me and into the house locked all doors front and back shut all the curtains to the bedroom kitchen and bathroom at the back of the house as we would not be going into the front rooms and they would look normal with the curtains open to anyone who knew Doris . We were ready for our day of love ins me 15yr old with two beautiful women Doris 35 yrs 5-6 high a lovely body Jeanie just over 6ft 34yrs big and beautiful and they were mine and I was theirs to fuck as much as we wanted to or could manage that day we sat around we had a cup of tea and chatted for awhile kissing each other and cuddling up we slowly took our clothes of helping each other soon all three of us were naked as the day we were born .We all went into the bedroom lay on the bed me in the middle we all cuddled up together I was playing with their breasts they were stroking my cock Doris said to Jean would you like to suck his dick Jeanie said she had never done it before Doris said I’ll show you it’s easy she leaned down over me took it into her mouth took Jeanie’s hand and put it round the base of my cock she moved her head up and down on it and sucked me hard she reached up and pulled Jeans head down to my cock took her mouth away from it and pushed Jeanie’s head onto it she tried not to take it but in the end opened her mouth and took it in Doris said don’t bite him or he might not be able to finish us this day after jean had sucked me for a couple of minutes Doris said my turn again we take turns to make him cum soon both were at it together both licking or sucking at the same time . I was really excited soon I shot my load of cum over both of their faces they were both giggling and licked each other faces clean as they didn’t want to spoil it and go to the bathroom to clean up we lay there kissing each other and smoothing and running our hands over each other Doris and Jean were by this time passed the shy stage with each other and were kissing and sucking each other’s breasts I was meantime sitting between them their legs spread wide either side of me I had two fingers into each of their vaginas and my thumb on their clitoris and was giving them a good frigging after awhile Jean stiffened up and moaned as she came I got all wet round my fingers this must of triggered Doris as she then came with a squeal and gushed all over my hand .I lay down between them we stopped there for a few minutes resting Doris said we will have to change the sheet as its wet we took it off and put a blanket in its place .We then went into the kitchen had a drink and a biscuit sitting naked round the table these two gorges’ women their beautiful breasts jutting out in front of me their marvellous bodies one slim and narrow waisted and Jean big but her body was well shaped and rounded I was hard again they could both see it both were laughing and Jean said the horse is ready again Doris had told her about Betty Jenny and her when they joked about me being the stallion and them being the mares waiting to be served as one of them always put my cock into one of the others as we did it all the times we did it together . I said okay clear the table and both of you are going to be fucked bending over the table it was cleared both leaned over the table with their lovely rounded bums facing me I could see both of their hair covered pussies the pink slit in the middle and the clitoris poking out .I said Doris turn around put me in Jean then stand with your back against the table with your legs open as close as you can get to Jean she took hold of me parted Jeans lips with her other hand and said push it in horsey. I needed no second telling I pushed it in as far as it would go Jean moaned and said my god it feels big I’m ruined for any other man I started to pump into her Doris stood beside us her legs apart I put my hand on her wet hot vagina two fingers inside her and the palm of my hand against her clitoris I gently started to masturbate her in time with my pushing in and out of Jean after a couple of minutes I said okay girls change places Doris turned round and bent over the table I pulled out of Jean she took hold of me and said this will go in easy your all wet and slippery Doris said so am I . Jean guided me into her and pushed me from behind and I was in all the way again I was pushing into her Jean had her back against the table, legs spread as she was taller than Doris my hand and arm was raised higher and started to ache at the shoulder but I did to her as I had done to Doris fingers in her and the palm of my hand rubbed her clitoris . I slipped up and down in Doris for awhile then Doris tightened up her body gasped and came with a rush I waited till she was finished pulled out Jean turned round and leaned onto the table Doris took hold of me spread Jean open guided me in I pushed hard into her , her muscles in her pussy tightened up round my cock she cried out and as I had my hands holding her stomach I felt the muscles go hard and she came so did I it was marvellous the feeling I got, the juices ran down her legs she said a big Oh! I need a towel Doris said don’t worry I’m starting to love this she got between Jeans legs and licked her clean and sucked her vagina as dry as she could she then said to Jean you should try it its wonderful salty and tangy with a musky taste . Jean said I might try you later .They wiped the little wet patches of the tile floor and we all went back into the bedroom we lay on the bed all cuddled up me in the middle they kept kissing me and calling horse we love, you, my nickname stuck with me as long as I was with them .We lay there for quite awhile all three played with each other the girls sucked each other’s breasts and kissed each other I would suck on the other ones tits as she sucked on the other I had a suck on Doris’s vagina and gave it a licking ,I also gave Jean a little tongue in her pussy it lasted only a little while and she pushed me off she said it’s nice but it makes me feel guilty about my husband we stopped as it was just after 12midday .We all went nude into the kitchen .Doris hardboiled the eggs I had brought with me mashed them up mixed them with a bit of mayonnaise and the girls made sandwiches and a pot of tea .Then it struck me I said Doris aren’t you worried you may get pregnant as you have not used a condom she laughed and said if I’m going to be fucked liked this all the time I went to the clinic and had a diaphragm fitted like Jean we sat there like an old married threesome talking giving each other a kiss now and again me play with their tits I would walk behind them as they sat on their chairs kiss the backs of their necks play with their tits squeezed their nipples and made them whimper it was nearly 1oclock .Jean said as I squeeze her nipple a bit hard that’s enough back into the bedroom I need a good fucking and to Doris I’m first you can be stallion woman and put it in for him .As I said earlier at 15yrs I was just over 8in long and just on 7in round and a big flange on the helmet over a ¼ inch all the way round making the helmet nearly 9 inches round they had measured me while we were playing around as we had our sandwiches we were all surprised at the size of the helmet maybe that’s why it sometimes made a sucking noise and a little pop as it came out of them. Into the bedroom we went we were in there till 4pm and never came out till we got ready to go home. I lay on the bed Jean climbed over me her legs either side of me wide apart she said as a joke I need them wide come on stallion woman put it in cant you see his mare is waiting for him all wet and runny .Doris parted her lips guided me in as Jean sank down on me and I was in her again and she started to ride me up and down then she leaned forward so I could suck and lick her breasts as she was fucking me she tightened up as she came again. It was funny but all of the girls starting with Miss Black preferred to have me on the bottom so she could ride me and control what happened Doris Betty Jenny and Jean all preferred it that way too. Jean climbed off me I hadn’t cum and was still hard Doris said can you manage again now I said I think so as iv cum a couple of times already it will take me longer then I said why do all of you only want to ride me you hardly ever want me on top ,as Doris climbed over me spread her legs wide either side of me Jean parted her and guided me in pushed down on Doris’s backside and I entered her Doris said as she rocked backwards and forward on me .Your long and big round and it looks a bit scary but we soon get used to it and love it and it makes us so horny putting it into each other like a real stallion woman that we would rather do it that way with you . Jean said that’s true but fuck him Doris and make him cum as I want to clean you up like you did at the table in the kitchen I want to taste you both together this must of triggered Doris off as she came in a rush pushing hard onto me I came hard as well and filled her belly with my cum I rolled off her exhausted even tho I had done no hard work Jean climbed on the bed between her legs and cleaned her up with her tongue she murmured oh its not to bad I could get a taste for that, Doris got of the bed and went into the kitchen brought a bottle of lemonade and glasses in we all sat around on the bed and rested and had a drink put fluids back into us so I could make more sperm They laid me back on the bed and started to fondle me I soon became hard again you seem to when you were young and these two beautiful women soon had me hard Jean said Doris you first this time as I have been first all day ,Doris climbed over me spread her legs Jean parted her and again guided me in she said I love doing this it makes me feel so sexy Doris soon came and so did I ,I pulled out and went soft Jean said we will soon fix that her and Doris started to suck me of in turns soon I was hard Jean then climbed over me and spread her legs Doris parted the hairs on her pussy and put my cock between her lips and Jean sank down on me again oh ! I love this and tried to neigh like a horse fuck me stud she cried after a little while she went all tence as she came she tightend up round my cock and I came too she rolled off and we all just lay there they gave me a bath to wash the smells from me Jean used the same water Doris would have one later after we had gone home we dressed made arrangements for next week and left one at a time .
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