I take up the continuing story of Jenna as she heads to school the day after part 1 concludes
Jenna's Story - Part 2 – School

I take up the continuing story of Jenna as she heads to school the day after part 1 concludes. In Part 1 we learn that Jenna has been very involved in a very long running, “happy” incestuous relationship with both her mother and father, which has reached a possible turning point.

If you don't like stories that involve incest I recommend you skip Part 1 and start with part 2. If you just want a bunch of explicit sex, skip this chapter, and start with 3. But be warned this is a continuing autobiographical story of a 26 year old woman's memories if her sex life, which began at a very young age. If you don't like fantasy about very young girls enjoying sex, then you should probably skip this story altogether, or at least wait for future chapters which will cover years 18 to 26 (if I ever get around to writing them)

Lastly, I assure you that this is a work of fiction, pure pornographic fantasy. None of it is true, all characters and events are purely the product of an overactive, and somewhat warped, imagination. Please don't brag to me about how you raped your niece, or felt up your daughter. I don't want to hear it, it neither turns me on, nor in anyway make me feel your are anyone special. Actually quite the opposite, as I feel that any adult that actually involves children in the type of things described in this story in the real world is messed up, and deserves whatever punishment the law proscribes.

The next morning I first heard mom, then dad on the phone explaining that they had an unexpected family matter to deal with, and couldn't come in today. I was then sent off to school, while they stayed home to talk me and the future of my sex life.
The morning went by agonizingly slowly as Ii replayed the events of the night before over and over. I think it was pretty clear that mom was fully on board. She had finally given in, not only to my desire to fully participate in their sex life, but to her own lustful desires to have me fully participate. I truly believed when I fell asleep that the struggles of the past I don't know how many years, had finally decided, and that we were about to embark on a new wonderful time. They only had me to themselves for a couple more years at most. Once the boys discovered that I wanted to fuck even more than they did, I figured I wouldn't need my parents. But right now, I was tired of dildo and cucumbers. I wanted to suck and fuck.
All morning I flipped between being mad as hell at my parents, couldn't they see what they were doing to me, and being and lost in my daydreams, thinking of how wonderful it was to have my lips wrapped around dad's cock, while my mom sucked my clit. I was lost in this latter daydream state when my teacher Ms. Simpson passed papers around the room.
“Jenna, now you need to pay attention”. I looked down at the paper that had somehow materialized right under my nose on my desk. It was a permission slips for our upcoming sex education lessons.
“I need this back, signed by your parents if you want to learn about the birds and the bees”, she said sternly.
“Yea, parents, birds and bees, got ya”, I replied with the beginnings of a smile on my face. I think my parents may have beat you to that little lesson. But the reality of where I was vs. where they world thought I should be reminded me that there was an awful alternate choice that could be made. What if mom changed her mind again. What if her guilt came back and she decided they had to lock me out of the bedroom again. I couldn't bear that. If that happened, I would run away to the circus, maybe wrap my lips around the cock of a circus pony.
I drifted off into daydream land again. Last summer on vacation to the farm dad grew up on, there had been a seen a stallion in a field near our cottage. He was beautiful strutting around that field, and I sat for hours on the fence, just watching him. Ok, watching him, and his enormous cock. The first time I noticed him there was another horse, a filly, in a pasture in the adjoining field. With her head held high she pranced around throwing her tail in the air. The stallions eyes went wide and his nostrils flared, and the most amazing thing happened, a cock the size of my arm appeared between his legs and began banging up into his stomach. That cock was huge, and I was mesmerized by its absolute beauty and perfection. I knew I wanted to hold that amazing piece of horse meat. I knew I couldn't fit it into my mouth, and it would rip me apart if he got anywhere near my pussy or ass, but just to touch it, to hold it, to make it come. I looked around and no one was watching. I slid my hand into my panties and rubbed my pussy until I came. It was just a quicky, but it was the first time I had masturbated anywhere other than my house. The danger of getting caught, of someone seeing me, excited me. The rest of the summer, I became more brazen, rubbing myself off in diners, in the park. I would always look around, I didn't want to get caught, but no one seemed to notice. I began going out without my panties on. It was exciting to walk around knowing that a gust of wind or a staircase could give strangers a glimpse of my small bald pussy. By the end of the summer I was purposely flashing men in public places. Mom and dad didn't know, they wouldn't have approved. Somehow in their minds I was still that little girl.
But before I move on, just one more comment on that Stallion. The next day the filly was gone, I asked where she was and was told that the night before the stallion had nearly broken his leg breaking down the fence to get to her.
Grandma, sighed and shook her head. “Stupid horse, if that board hadn't broke when it did, it woulda been his leg that busted, and we woulda had to put him down. All for just 2 minutes with that filly. Remember that Jenna, Boys are stupid that way. If a girl knows what she's doing, she can always be in control because shes the one with the tits and cunt.”
“Grandma, I can't believe you just said that”
“How do you think I kept Grandpa in check”, she said as she cupped her sagging tits and wiggled her ass. I was quite the looker when I was young. Then she leaned in closer and pulled her upper and lower plates from her mouth, “and there ain’t no one that can give better head then a toothless granny.”
I laughed out loud when I remembered that. Unfortunately the entire class heard me laugh. Ms Simpson was quickly getting annoyed at me and asked me what was so funny.
“Nothing Ms Simpson”.
“It had to be something, we all heard you was it something I said, something about our sex education class next week?”
“Then what was it?”, She just wouldn't let it go.
I waited to see if she would let it drop, but she persisted, “if you don't share what was so funny with the class then I will have to send you to the principle.”
“Just something my grandma once said, that's all. And it wasn't really all that funny”
“So will you share it with us, maybe we can decide if it was funny enough to interrupt my discussion of such a serious subject”
Honestly, she wouldn't let it go. She probably figures that because it was something my grandma said it would be OK sharing with the class, but she didn't know my grandma. “Maybe I could just tell you, then if you think it is appropriate then you can tell the class”.
But no, she is totally oblivious, and missed my meaning completely.
“Jenna, now”. She looked at me like she really meant it, so I gave it to her.
“She took her teeth out of her mouth and said, 'there ain’t no one that can give better head then a toothless granny.'”. Half the class broke out in hysterical laughter, while the other half just looked confused. Ms Simpson turned bright red, I am not sure whether it was from anger or embarrassment.
The lunch bell rescued her and she quickly got us lined up and we filed out of class and into the lunch room. Watching the teachers in the lunch room, I could tell I wasn't in trouble. I could see her telling the story over and over again to the other teachers. I knew it was my story because she kept covering her teeth with her lips and pretending she had a cane, then everyone would break out laughing.
Hot dogs were on the menu, I got my two hot dogs, tater tots and a carton of milk and sat down with my best friend Julie, and not-so-best friends Neil and Jack. As usual, Neil and Jack were making life difficult for Julie, As I walked up they were holding the tater tots up to their chests Jack was saying, “Julie, does it cold in here to you”. Looking at Julie, I could see why she was getting teased, her little puffies were sticking straight out about three inches, and it was cold in the lunchroom. She was so annoyed her parents wouldn't get her a training bra. I thumped Jack on the back of the head a I sat down and said, “leave her alone.”
“You're just jealous that she has tits and you don't have a proper cock yet”
“I am not, and I have so”
“Have not, if you did you would have showed it to me last week when I showed you my pussy”
The kids sitting near by got quiet and turned to look at me, I would like to say they couldn't believe what they heard me say, but after what I had just said in class they probably weren't all that surprised. It seems that I was on a bit of a roll.
“What,... so.... so what” , Jack stuttered, not knowing what to say.
“Great comeback, So does your cock look a bit like this hot dog?”, I pulled the hot dog from the bun let it hang limply from my fingers. Kids around us started to laugh, and now the bully was the bullied. Going for the jugular, I continued.
“If you had shown it to me, I might have done something like this.” I placed the hot dog on my tongue and pushed it down my throat, wrapping my lips around it as it went down I made the most delicious sounding MMMM sound. I then began sucking on it, my checks dimpling as I dropped my jaw again and again. I then slowly pulled it from my mouth fulling intact, proving that I had swallowed it whole, then pulled it back out. None of my friends had ever seen my special talent, they stared at me like I was from outer space.
“Actually, I might have like doing that quite a lot. So much that I may have done it over and over, had you been man enough to show me yours”. I then proceeded to fuck my throat with the hot dog, sliding it in and out, over and over. When it was almost all the way out I would pause, licking it and sucking on it and making sound like it was the best hot dog ever, before sliding it down my throat again.
“Eww, doesn't that choke you”, I heard from one of the girls the next table over. “That would so make me puke”, came a comment from another.
“Not really, I guess I am just talented this way”, I replied to no one in particular.
“More like a freak”, I looked towards the rude comment, but couldn't tell who said it.
Taking that as a challenge, I replied, “No to be a freak I would have to be able to do this with a man size cock, something more like this”. I pulled the second hotdog from the bun and placing it next to the first slid them both down my throat. I then repeated what I had done before, sliding them both down my throat, pausing a few seconds, then pulling them out and licking sucking on them, before sliding them down my throat again. That's when the Principle, Mr. Redmonds, arrived.
“What's going on here”, then looking right at me he started, “Jenna what...”, that's as far as he got because about that time I pulled those two hotdogs from my throat and took a big gulp of air.
“Jenna, what do you think you are doing” Looking across the room, he called out to my teacher,
“Ms. Simpson, please take Jenna to my office. The rest of you, please head out to the playground”.
Wow, was I ever in trouble. I had always been a bit of a trouble maker outside of school, but never in school. As a rule I tried to keep a low profile around adults. I was more of an instigator, never the one that got caught. Mr. Redmonds sat me down across his desk from him, with Ms Simpson by my side.
“Jenna, what has gotten in to you today, first the story about your grandma, and now this, what were you thinking, what were you doing?”
I would have to think fast, “Eating a hotdog”,
“It didn't really look like you were eating it, and there were actually two, and you seemed to have them all the way down your throat”. Ms Simpson began to blush.
“Yea, I was sort of swallowing it but not really”
“And why were you doing that?”
“To get the boys to stop teasing Julie about her tits”, this threw him for a loop. First because he probably wasn't used to sixth grade girls saying the word “tits” to him, and second because now there may have been bullying involved, which had to be a bigger issue than playing with my food.
“And why did you think swallowing two hotdogs would get them to stop teasing Julie.. about her tits”
“Because it was gross, and boys like gross things”, at this Ms Simpson giggled.
I think Ms. Simpson was about 25, younger than I am now, and while she was sort of pretty, I don't think she had had many boyfriends. Actually, most of us kids thought she kind of had a crush on Mr Redmonds. He was at least 40. Cindy said that couldn't be the case, because he was married, and said she had his daughter in her class at her other school before she had moved.
All I know is that I frequently saw Ms. Simpson turn North out of the parking lot after school. Which was odd because she lived about 3 miles South of campus. Mr Redmond however lived in a house about 2 miles North of town. I wonder if anyone else noticed that.
It was while I was thinking about which direction Ms. Simpson would be turning after school this afternoon when I realized he was asking me a question.
“I repeat, who were these boys that were teasing Julie?”,
“I'm no snitch”, I stared back at him, “Seriously, it is no big deal, I have no gag reflex”, I then stuffed three fingers down my throat, holding them there for a few seconds and even wiggling them around.
“SCHHEEEE”, I said with my fingers still down my throat.
Pulling them out I tried again, “See, I just wanted them to stop teasing Julie, and seriously, what did you think I was doing”, placing extra emphasis on the words, “you think”
So far I thought my acting had been superb, and more importantly, he hadn't seen me giving a first class blow job to those wieners, he had only walked up when I had them deep down my throat. He paused waiting for me to say more, but I just sat there, innocently and waited.
I looked up at Ms. Simpson, she was blushing again. and Mr Redmonds was squirmed in his chair. I was beginning to think I had given him a hard on, he kept adjusting himself, probably couldn't wait to alone with Ms. Simpson.
“Well”, Mr. Redmonds began, “no harm done, you really shouldn't do that with hotdogs anymore. You could choke. Better to leave your investigations of your talents to objects that are firmly attached to something.”
Did I just hear him right? Did he just imply what I think he implied. I looked at Ms Simpson, she was definitely not smiling.
“Ms. Simpson”, he continued, “Maybe you could give Julie's parents a call”. We all stood and headed for the door. I glanced at his crotch and sure enough, there was a bulge showing. Walking up behind us shifting to a whisper into my teachers ear, “Julie does have a beautiful pair of puffy's that have to be distracting to the boys”. She then heard him pat her on the ass as we left his office. She blushed again and smiled and happily escorted me out to the playground. I was pretty sure she would be turning North today. But next time she heads south, I may make a visit north myself. If I read him correctly, and judging by the size of the bulge in his trousers, it could prove to be... interesting.
The balance of the day went by uneventfully, well almost uneventfully. Brad Johnson kept grabbing his crotch and winking at me, it sort of turned me on and grossed me out, all at the same time. Anyway, the clock finally reached 3:15,and the bell rang. I got up and headed out of class. Turning back looked at Ms. Simpson, she was putting on fresh lipstick. At that moment, I made a promise to myself to never be that woman, she obviously loved him, and he obviously couldn't care less, but looking at those tits, man I would die for those tits, he probably did enjoy the sex. I wanted to walk over to her and tell her, “He doesn't love you, get over him, but if the sex is good, go for it, just don't give him your heart.”
That's what I wanted to say, but why would she listen to me. So I turned and walked out of the classroom.
I have never felt so much dread or excitement in my life. Mom just had to give in, but what if she didn't. Then thinking of Ms. Simpson freshening her makeup before heading to her rendezvous with Mr Redmonds. Sex, Sex, Sex, its all around me, why cant I get any. Then I saw Brad Johnson across the courtyard. When our eyes met, he again grabbed his crotch and winked at me.
It was as if a light bulb had just clicked on. What have I been worrying about all day. I have been so stupid for so long. The solution has been right in front of my eyes for so long.
I get the biggest grin on my face and look around to see if anyone else is in the courtyard. Nope, it's just the two of us. Brad Johnson continues to act so cool, just leaning against the wall, watching me.
He'll do I thought. I hitched up my skirt and hooking my panties with my thumbs, quickly slide them down my legs and step out of them. Luckily they were silky ones, and the cotton lining was a damp with a musky smell due to all of my daydreaming today. I marched straight across the courtyard and up to Brad. He just stood there with his mouth open.
I am tempted to stuff the panties into his gaping mouth, but instead slide them into his front jeans pocket saying in what I think is a sexy voice, “here is a little something for you, hope you like them.”
I then grabbed his crotch and bit his ear. With my had still on his crotch I stepping back with a look of astonishment. I looked around again just to make sure that we are still alone, we were. I leaned in again and gave his crotch a more appreciative rub, that snake in his pants felt huge. I was tingling all over. I leaned in and kissed him full on the lips, I took his hand and pulling my skirt up placed his hand on my cunt. Instinctively he closed his hand forcing a finger up into my cunt.
I broke the kiss and leaning back I said, “Will you be my boyfriend? I really want to be your girlfriend”. I gave his cock another squeeze and he slid a second finger inside of me. With that I went weak in the knees as I had a brief but intense orgasm. He seemed incredibly strong as he kept me from falling, one arm around my back, and one hand two fingers knuckle deep in my now soaked pussy. He held me tight against him and began wiggling his fingers. I had two more mini-orgasms. It was a few minutes before I regained my composure and the ability to support my own weight, I realized that I wasn't the only one turned on by our little encounter. His cock head has slid past the top of his jeans and the head is only separated from me by his shirt, which is bulging out past his belly button.
I rub my hand along the full length of his cock, then bent over just enough to sucked the head of his cock through the shirt. His pre-cum tasted salty and fresh, but sucking on his shirt had made the wet spot about the size of an orange and made his situation that much more obvious. I picked up his backpack and pushed it into his hands in front of him.
I kissed him on the lips one last time and said, “We are going to have so much fun. Tomorrow, after school, you need to be able to come to my house”.
Then I turned and walked away. I was floating on air, now I didn't care what decision my mom and dad made, I didn't need them, I could fuck anyone I wanted.
As I walked past the administration building I saw Ms Simpson's car turn and head north out of the parking lot. I stopped and watched it go and smiled to myself. Then realizing I was standing in front of the principles office I turned and saw Mr Redmonds watching me as I watched her go. I consider sending myself to the principles office. Let Ms Simpson wait a few more minutes, but instead I think I will send him a clear message of my availability.
Then drop my backpack. Turning my back to him, I spread my legs wide and bend over at the waist to pick up my bag, flipping my skirt up and flash him. The only person who can see me is the principle. I stand there bent over like that for a full count of 10, I know because I was counting in my head. I even peak at him through my legs to make sure he was watching. Not only was he watching me, but he is rubbing his crotch. After the count of 10, I stand up, my dress falling back into place. I smile and wave goodbye. He just smiles back, absentmindedly rubbing his crotch, and looking up the road to the north.

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If you don't like it, don't read it. Precocious girls like this get what they want one way or another.


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Jenna's Story - Part 2 - School - Twelve Year Old Nymphet Jenna.

This twelve year old impish sex-glutton and voyeur, even at her preteen age, is a sexual maniac--constantly sex, sex, sex on her mind, She's spent the whole day flashing her pantyless pussy, manhandling her male classmate's crotches, and doing her best to play games of enticement.

Part one (1) was interesting in that it petained almost exclusively to her family's incestual appetite and parental training of their twelve year old daughter. Now with Part two (2) the story has become completely pornographically a stroke story of a twelve year old girl on the verge of whoring herself to any and all, male or female.

The writer would be better served to keep the story on a straight line of either incestually-flavored, blood-kin sex and relationships, OR make the theme and context of the primary character a slut and sex-peddler from the gitgo.

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I loved it! Don't listen to these people!

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Make your stories more believable....This was a waste of my time!
Even worse than part one with the pedophile parents!

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