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Amy was trapped under the tree...what was going to happen next
The Field Part#2

Amy’s eyes looked like a deer caught in the headlights. She was scared and embarrassed at the same time. She was potentially going to be caught by a couple she had been watching and masturbating over. She quickly decided to run. Part of her though wanted to be caught. As she hurriedly pulled up her shorts the man came closer scanning the bush line. His cock looked even larger as he got closer.

Amy was able to get her shorts pulled up but not zipped and buttoned. She got up to run. As she stood the man reached the tree where she had been masturbating. He grabbed her as she tried to run away. Amy fell to the ground. The man grabbed her by the ankles and dragged her out to the edge of the field. Amy didn’t kick or resist.

Amy didn’t know what to say or do. She stammered to apologize for watching. She was a little frightened but also very horny and turned on with the situation. Amy was picked up around her waist and thrown over the man’s shoulders. He carried her out to where the other girl had just been ravaged and put her down on the blanket. The blanket smelled of sex, sweat and cologne. Amy knew she wanted to take the other girls place and be fucked just as bad or worse.

His girlfriend was still lying on the blanket. She looked even cuter and sexier close up. Her tanned little body was laying face down with her round little ass sticking up. Her hair covered her face and was sweaty and tangled. Amy could see cum had dripped down the inside of her legs. She occasionally let out little whimpering sounds.

Amy instinctively got up on her knees from the blanket. She pulled her hair behind her head and faced the man. She told him that she would take whatever he could give her so he wouldn’t tell anyone she had been caught watching them having sex.

The man stroked his cock. Amy now could see how large it really was. It was a good 10 inches up close. The veins around it throbbed ready to ravage her.

Amy grasped it with both hands and began rubbing it gently. The man held Amy by the side of her head with both his large hands. He pulled her head and face towards it. She was licking the tip and when this happened the first two thirds of the cock entered her mouth. It went to the back of her throat. She could not believe how big it was. The man pulled her head forwards. The entire cock to the end of the shaft entered her mouth and went down her throat. Amy gagged. She could taste the pre-cum oozing from his cock head. She could feel his excitement grow as he used her mouth to stroke his cock.

The man told Amy that this was just the beginning of her discipline for watching. He stripped off her shorts and little white panties with little effort. He touched her in her private place, making little circles with his thumb, entering her with his finger.

With his right hand he grabbed her behind the neck and pulled her face closer to his. He started kissing her and biting at the side of her neck. She felt his other hand move down the back of her and into the crevice of her ass. He rubbed her outer ass gently. She feared he wanted to fuck her ass too.

Amy loved the attention but was a little frightened at the outcome. Was this monster of a man going to fuck her so badly she would never walk right again. She didn’t know, but continued to partake. As she continued to kiss him she felt another set of hands slide around from behind her and up her shirt. These were soft and small hands. It was his girlfriend. Amy lifted her hands in the air to let the other woman take off her shirt. She was not wearing a bra. She whispered into Amy’s right ear that her boyfriend would make her cum so many times she would pass out from enjoyment and exhaustion when he was done with her.

The combination of that thought, the massaging of the girlfriend and the man kissing and stimulating her ass made Amy have an orgasm. As she was having an orgasm the man shoved his fingers up her ass. This intensified her orgasm. Amy screamed and wiggled as a warm sensation came over her body. She could feel herself gushing as she received all the attention.

The man and woman smiled at each other. Amy saw this and realized they had barely even started yet.

They put Amy down on the blanket. The man straddled her on her upper body and rubbed the tip of his cock around her mouth and lips. He would tease her by placing it in her mouth a little and then pulling it out. He moved down and pushed it deep inside her, she groaned with the pressure of his huge cock inside her tight little pussy. He pushed it in once and took it out of her. He moved up her body once more, pushing it into her mouth. Amy could taste her own juices mixing with his pre cum on her lips and tongue.

As he was toying with her, she felt the woman massaging her inner thighs. Amy then felt a tongue and fingers playing with her pussy. The woman knew how to lick and stimulate her little clit. Amy came again within 5 minutes of the stimulation, this orgasm more intense than the last. The girl knew when she was about to cum and how to make it better. Amy’s hips started to buck and wiggle. The girl applied a little more pressure to her clit with her tongue. With her fingers she massaged the area between her pussy and ass. She inserted a wet finger into Amy’s ass also moving it in and out slowly. Amy couldn’t move or talk. She had the man on top of her chest with his cock in her mouth and the girl on her legs. Just prior to cuming she moaned and groaned. Amy then squirted. She had never done this before in her life. It was like a small gushing waterfall. All over the girls face. The girl liked this. She told her boyfriend that it looked like they were getting this hot little peeping tom off.

The man then told his girlfriend it was his turn to stuff his cock into little Amy once more. They switched places. The girl went above Amy’s head and gently stretched her arms up while holding on to her wrists. The girl’s wet sweaty hair dripped and rubbed on Amy’s face. Amy by now was getting exhausted. She had never before been stimulated so many ways to cum. It tired her out.

The girl bent down over Amy and kissed her. Her long thin tongue darted in Amy’s mouth like a snake. Amy tried to bite at her tongue but it was too quick. Although exhausted, she liked it, it turned her on. She liked kissing girls.

As they kissed, the man knelt between Amy’s legs. He grabbed her thighs, pulling them up and entering her with his enormous cock. Amy felt it fill her hole. He fucked her in and out like the sawing motion she watched him do on his girlfriend from behind. He was like a machine. The sawing motion continued. She could see and feel him gathering momentum, moving in and out of her harder and faster, pushing as deep inside her as he possibly could. Amy was tingling from head to toe and ready to cum again.

The girlfriend continued kissing Amy and her hands went down to Amy’s breasts. She tweeked them, then pinched them harder and harder. The man put his hands around Amy’s throat and gently choked her, tightening his grip. His thrusts became harder still. Amy could feel a tidal wave of enjoyment coming over her. As the abuse continued she couldn’t hold off anymore. The sensation and pleasure was so great she arched her back up as she orgasmed. She screamed and almost blacked out. She had never felt a sensation like that before.

She could feel the man cuming inside her, releasing all his seed inside of her body. He pushed his cock so far up her it hurt badly, she tried to back him off a little, but he just pulled her pelvis to his, pushing deeper yet. Amy moaned and cried from the fucking session. She wondered if she would become pregnant.

The man and woman got themselves dressed. The girl told Amy that if she ever wanted this treatment again to look for them in the field, usually on Sunday afternoons.

Amy lay there in the warm sun for about an hour. Thinking about what had just happened, she got horny all over again. She stimulated her clit with her fingers. It had been worked over too much though. She could not bring herself to another orgasm. She eventually got up on all fours and crawled over to her clothes. Her shirt smelled on front of the masculine cologne and sweat of the man and on the back, the perfume smell of the woman. As she walked back home she was sore and wet. The cum drenched her panties and shorts, dripping down her inner thighs. If anyone saw her they might wonder why her clothes were so disheveled and her hair was so messy. As she walked she thought about next Sunday.

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2011-12-26 20:56:43
im so wet.i just came ahhhhh ur such a good writer

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im so wet.i just came ahhhhh ur such a good writer


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Bravo! Im so wet now.

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ooh yes, small, but definitely an orgasm, now my panties are soaked. good work!

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