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Just a fantasy of mine :)
My phone chimed and i reached for it excitedly in the hopes that it was her. And by her i mean this amazing girl that i had been talking to for a few months now. I know it sounds lame but i had been so tired of all the lesbian drama that surrounded my current social circle that i had begun looking elsewhere for love. And by elsewhere i do indeed mean online dating. Yes yes go ahead and laugh but i had met the most amazing girl through this outlet so i was glad that i had taken the chance.

Her name was Brittany. She was a beautiful southern belle. Educated and sexy with long gorgeous blonde hair, sexy glasses that made her look like a hot librarian, boobs that could only be described as orbs of delicious and eyes that were blue enough to drown in. She was witty to the point of being sarcastic and i loved it. It hadnt taken me long to fall. And now as my phone chirped its annoying little ringtone i couldn't help but smile as her name popped up on my screen.

As i said we had been talking for several months but we had never met. Thats not to say i didn't want to meet her but she just so happened to live a cool eight hundred miles away. Kind of difficult to see each other on a regular basis. However as circumstance would have it we were so right for each other that it was hard to be rational about it and let the relationship die. So we didn't. We continued our flirting and talking. But one thing i noticed about her was how collected and reserved she was when it came to sex. We almost never joked about it. Rarely talked seriously about it. And whenever i tried to get a little heavier than just flirtatious with her she would deftly steer the conversation in another direction. It drove me absolutely nuts! I have to admit i wanted nothing more than to make this beauty lose control with me.

I opened the text message expecting to see the usual "hey wyd?" or "how are you?" instead i see a jaw immediately dropped. There she was in this sexy pair of black panties and a lacy bra to match. And the look in those blue eyes of hers was enough to make a girl melt. The caption read "i need to see you...soon." I caught my breath for a moment before taking in the whole of the picture. As my eyes moved from those pouty lips of hers down to the tops of her amazing breasts i felt a warmth move from my abdomen to between my legs..oh shit was she hot. I let my eyes fall to her hips and it was clear...i needed to see her too.

I texted her back telling her how incredibly gorgeous i thought she was...all the while formulating a plan.

I had some vacation time coming up from my bar tending job and i fully intended on witnessing the sight i had just beheld on my person. So i got a round trip plane ticket, called my boss and let him know i was heading out of town in a few days and i began to pack. I made sure to put in my sexiest panties, my tightest jeans and a few well picked low cut tops. i was going to go all out. to top it off i threw in a pair of my high end black stilettos.

The day came and i was ready to head out. i was all dressed up and i took one last look at myself in the mirror taking in my shoulder length black layered hair, my eyes that were lost somewhere between hazel and chocolate brown, my breasts that were at least a C cup, tan and peaking from the layers of my vneck and cami, my long legs that accentuated the pair of slightly worn buckle jeans that i had chosen and my curvy hips that were the only sign that i was indeed part latina. I was ready for this and i was ready for her. I put on one last touch up of light pink lipstick, patted my black labs head and grabbed my suitcase, leaving a key under the mat for the dog sitter. I was on my way.

The plane ride was somewhat ridiculous as i was sitting next to an old man that smelled somewhat like mothballs and 409. But i was too nervous and excited to care. I hadnt told Brittany that i was on my way because i wanted it to be a surprise. I was hoping that she wouldn't be annoyed at my sudden appearance but for some reason i just knew she wouldn't be.

As the plane coasted onto the tarmac in the Mississippi airport i began to get butterflies. What was she going to think? How would she react? And most importantly where was this going to go? I had plenty of time to ponder these questions as i waited for my baggage and then again for my rental car which i promptly hopped into proceeding to dig around in my bag for my bottles of ed hardy and burburry brit which i proceeded to spritz on. She wasnt going to forget this...or me. i wanted this first impression to be memorable. I wanted her to look back and remember how i i looked...and how i tasted to her. I closed my eyes imagining her kiss for a moment before starting the car up and heading out.

Luckily the rental place had thought to throw in a GPS. I would have had absolutely no idea how to get to her place otherwise. But i followed the step by step directions and as i neared her place i texted her asking her if she was at home. She responded with a yes. So i told her to step outside in the next ten minutes. she responded with a series of question marks and i responded with a "just do it." As i pulled up i saw her eyeing my car from her porch. I smiled nervously and parked the car. The windows were tinted so i knew she couldn't see who i was yet. But she had to have an idea. I perked up my boobs, checked my makeup in the rearview and opened the door, stepping out cautiously.

I jumped suddenly as i heard a squeal of excitement and she came running towards me.
I smiled and held out my arms as she ran toward me.
She burried her face in my neck and hugged me tight.
This was going better than i had thought. She stepped back for a second looking at me. "God you are just as beautiful in person as i thought you would be." she said as a blush crossed her face. I looked at her and then at the ground a little shyly. "Well thank you. But im nothing compared to you." She smiled and pulled me close again. She fit in my arms perfectly. Coming up to just my chin. Her hair smelled like peaches and she smelled glorious. She pulled away for a second taking my hand. "Come inside! How rude of me! You must be exhausted!" she said as she pulled me inside.

The evening progressed at a grand rate. She made a simple but delicious dinner and opened a bottle of red wine for the two of us. After a few glasses i could notice she was loosening up. And i also noticed that she was touching me more and more often. A touch to my arm gave me goosebumps. Her brushing her thigh against mine made me shiver. Every touch from her was driving me nuts. I was thinking of this when all of a sudden what she said fully caught my attention.
"You want to kiss me don't you." she said matter of factly.
I looked at her with disbelief in my eyes but the look in her blue eyes showed me this was not an innocent question. She wanted me to kiss her. So in response to her question i took her chin lightly in my hand...leaned over and kissed her. Her lips immediately parted against mine and i felt her pull closer to me on the couch. Most first kisses only last a moment..but i had no intentions of pulling away and she didn't seem to either as her tongue played over mine gently. Her kiss was as perfect as it was genuine and i found my body responding to her in ways that it had never responded to anyone. I gasped a little as her hands found their way to my sides and her nails trailed up the bare skin under my shirt. Her kisses got a little deeper and she would bite my lip gently. I let my own hands mirror her movements and i trailed my fingertips up her sides. I felt her catch her breath and her kisses got a little distracted as she focused on my touch. I decided to take control. I took her hand in mine and stood up pulling her up with me.
"take me to the bedroom." i said without hesitation.
Her eyes glimmered and she pulled me excitedly down the hall and to her beautifully decorated bedroom.
I had her against the wall in seconds and pressed my lips against hers once more but more fervently this time. I was going to make her mine tonight. My hands slip up under her shirt as i kissed her and i trailed my fingers around her bra and up and down her sides...memorizing every curve with my touch. I then slid her shirt over her head and pulled her close again still keeping her pressed against the wall..i fumbled around her back for a mere second unclasping her bra and freeing those amazing tits of hers. I stepped back for a moment taking them in hungrily with my eyes before pinning her wrists above her head with one hand and resuming my kisses. i let my lips trail down her jawline and to her neck slowly but deliberately. I ran my tongue down to her neck, biting gently and sucking softly. I heard a small moan escape her lips and her hands barely struggled against mine. I then moved my kisses down her chest before taking one of her soft pink nipples between my lips, sliding my tongue over it gently until i felt it become hard. I nipped at it softly and she let out a small cry as i did so but pressed her breasts against me letting me know she liked it. I worked on both of her breasts with my tongue as i let my free hand wander down her bare side and down to her hips. I trailed my fingertips over the hem of her jeans and i felt her squirm a little...i knew right then she was getting wet for me.

I undid the snap on her jeans gently and unzipped them even more slowly so as to build the tension but i did not yet remove them. Instead i slid my hand up her thigh through her jeans and then barely ran a finger up between her legs. She moaned a little louder this time and tried to press into my touch but i wouldn't allow it. I barely grazed her crotch a couple more times before leading her over to the edge of the bed. I pushed her down on it roughly with a smile and she looked up at me with a mixture of lust and want in her eyes. I took her jeans off slowly as she leaned back on the bed. She was trying to remain calm but the movement of her hips as i slid her jeans down and the moisture i could see through her panties was enough to tell me otherwise. I slid my own shirt and jeans off giving her a little bit of a show before sliding my body slowly up hers...running my tongue up her thigh and stopping at waist level. I slid my tongue along the top of her panties and i heard her breathing become slightly heavier. I began to massage her thighs and i parted them gently. "ooh god" she moaned with her eyes closed. "I want to feel your tongue on my pussy...please." I responded by kissing my way down the front of her sexy little panties before sliding my tongue up the wet cloth between her legs. I could already taste her and i felt my own pussy growing wet at the thought of tasting her further.

I played my tongue up and down the wet cloth gently for a moment before I couldn't take it anymore..i slid those panties off of her and before i knew it i was teasingly slipping my tongue between those most cunt lips of hers. She was shaved and smooth and she tasted sweet and perfect. I watched her as i licked her and her hands gripped the sheets as she pushed her hips forward into my face. Her eyes were shut and she was beginning to pant. I slipped my tongue a little deep as i began to fuck her gently with it. Her hips rocked a little. "Oh shit i want to feel your fingers inside me." she said with a growl. I obliged by moving my tongue play up to her clit as i slowly slid one finger into her tight little pussy. She moaned and shoved her hips down on it. I sucked on her clit gently as i fucked her as slowly as i could manage wanting to tease her to the point of losing all control.

Finally she reached down and began rubbing herself as i fucked her...i couldn't take it anymore...i slid another finger into her as i slide my body all the way up hers so that i could kiss her lips deeply. I began to fuck her at a faster pace and her body moved in rythym with mine. i felt her pussy tighten around my fingers and i felt as i f I might nearly cum from the sensation of it all. Her breasts bounced as i began to fuck her harder and both of her hands found their way to my back. I slid a third finger into her and i kissed her passionately. I was filling her up and she was loving every second of it. She was soaked and her hips were moving franticly with my thrusts. I began to kiss her neck and her low moans that were growing louder and louder were turning me on spurning me to fuck her harder faster and deeper. Our bodies were moving together now and i felt her body tense up as i thrust into her..she was going to cum. I alternated the speed and depth of my thrusts until i felt her nails dig into my back. I whispered into her ear "cum all over my fingers baby." as i felt her tighten. She screamed softly.."oh god Danielle! i am going to cum don't stop don't stop! DONT STOP! FUCK!" Her whole body tensed and she began to cum all over my fingers. I had never felt such intimacy with someone. I kissed her gently as her body was still shaking slightly from orgasms. She looked up into my eyes and i knew she was glad that i had showed up. Her fingers played softly through my hair and a smile spread across those luscious lips of hers as she said "and now its time to return the favor!"

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2016-05-26 02:28:57
I'm bi and this was so hot and well written that it had me convinced I was a lesbian for a couple of minutes. My only constructive criticism would be to add a bit more plot

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2012-05-26 23:13:05
Well everyone agrees whoever it was that commented first: you are a Moron and I'd like to see you try and write something better.
The story was wonderful dear I enjoyed it greatly.

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2011-10-13 14:09:13
this is great love it

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2011-10-13 14:08:50
hey post a second one and add more of deeper plot to make it better but overall a great story dont know the first idiots comment

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2011-10-13 14:08:00
this is great love it

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