I take up the continuing story of Jenna as she takes a little detour on her way home to find out what her parents have decided.
Please be warned this is a continuing autobiographical story of a 26 year old woman's memories if her sex life, which began at a very young age. If you don't like fantasy about very young girls enjoying sex, then you should probably skip this story altogether, or at least wait for future chapters which will cover years 18 to 26 (if I ever get around to writing them)

Lastly, I assure you that this is a work of fiction, pure pornographic fantasy. None of it is true, all characters and events are purely the product of an overactive, and somewhat warped, imagination. Please don't brag to me about how you raped your niece, or felt up your daughter. I don't want to hear it, it neither turns me on, nor in anyway make me feel your are anyone special.


I walked to the bus stop invigorated by the breeze blowing up my skirt and across my naked pussy and flush from my experience with Brad and of flashing the principle. I wonder if he will call my parents. I bet not, if he doesn't maybe I will try to seduce him, that would be wild to fuck the principle. I bet not a lot of girls can say they did that... at least not in the 6th grade.

Normally I take the number 9 bus home from school. My parents both work, so there isn't anyone to pick me up after school. I simply take the number 9 bus to a stop about a hundred yards from my house. Once home I let myself in, make myself a snack, do my homework, then watch TV for a couple hours before Dad gets home around 6pm. Mom usually gets home about a half hour later. That gave me an idea, maybe I could get dad to fuck me during the half hour before mom got home.

As I think about that possibility the reality begins to hit me, what if they decide no more sex for me. Despite Brad and possibly my Principle, who knows, maybe even Ms. Simpson too. I still would miss the loving touch of my Mom and Dad. I am not really ready to think about things changing. I need to clear my head, and decide that I don't want to go straight home. Home can wait, my parents can wait. Who are they to decide whether I am old enough for sex. I bet there are lots of other people out there that want to have sex with me. Brad wants to have sex with me, I am pretty sure the principle wants to have sex with me. I consider heading back to see if I can seduce him, and just as I turn back towards school, I see him pull out of the parking lot and race off towards his house.

As I ponder what to do next, a bus pulls up and the doors open. Without thinking I climb the steps, show my student pass and head to the back. The bus is empty except for a nicely dressed older man. He is sitting in the second to last row, which is where I like to sit, so I stop to put my backpack away. I push it onto the shelf and realize my skirt is likely hiked up and that if the man were to look over he would be sure to see my bare ass cheeks.
Well I might as well give him a good show, so after pushing my backpack as far back as I can. Then in stead of sitting down, I step up onto the seat and swing my other foot onto the armrest of the seat behind me. This gives me the altitude necessary to unzip my backpack and get my reading book out, but because of the roof I have to bend way over. As I did in front of the principles office, I do so by bending at the waist, arching my back to make the effect much more prominent. This does exactly what want and pushes my bare ass and pussy practically in the old guys face. I am carefully balancing trying to get the position just right for his optimal view when the driver yells, “Hey back there, keep your feet on the floor”

“Sorry” I holler back. “I forgot my book”. I wave my book at him, and he just shakes his head, releases the air brake and and pulls away from the curb.

Climbing down from my perch, I slide into the window seat across from the nice looking man.
He looks at me, smiles and says, “Hello”.

I smile back and say, “Hi”. He nods, then puts his nose back into his book.

He had to have seen me, but no reaction. I am still trying to figure out if I had wasted my time when I realize we are getting on the highway. We're leaving town. I look around and realize that this isn't my bus. The seats are different, and the drivers different, none of the other kids are on the bus, in fact it is just the two of us on the bus, well three counting the driver, but he doesn't really count.

I turn to the old guy and ask, “Excuse me.... Which bus is this?”.

He looks up from his book and replies, “It's the express bus to Kansas City”.

“Oh, where is the next stop?”

He smiles, “Kansas City”

“Oh”, I think about this for a while.

“Is that a problem, are you on the right bus”, he looks concerned. “I am sure we could get the driver to stop”, he begins to get up, but I stop him.

“No, this is the right bus, I was just making sure”. I am going to visit my sister, she lives in the city. I just wanted to make sure this is the right bus.

I sit quietly thinking about this for a few minutes, then ask, “How long does it take to Kansas City?”

“Generally it takes about an hour”

“And there are no stops?”

“Nope”, he returned to reading, then looked back at me, smiled and said, “My names Jim”.

I smile back and say, “Hi, I'm Jenna”. He nods like he is tipping his hat to me, then puts his nose back into his book.

I opened my book and just stare at it. “At least 2 hours before I get home, probably longer. My parents are going to freak out”.

“What was that?”, Jim asks

I looked over at him, “Oh nothing, just talking to myself”.

Wow, I must have said that out loud, I quickly look down at my book. He returns his attention to his book, but occasionally I notice him glance over my way. Well why wouldn't he, I just flashed myself at a total stranger, thinking I would only be on the bus with him for 5 minutes, and now I find out I am stuck with him for an hour. But glancing over at him, he seems nice enough. Maybe 65 years old, could even be older. Grey hair, but still with a slim and trim. He was nice looking, for an old guy. Kind of like Sean Connery, well not that good looking, but a nice respectable old guy.

Dang, I shouldn't have flashed him. On the other hand, he didn't get up and move away. Maybe I should do it again. Maybe that is why he keeps looking over here. He's hoping I'll do it again.

Why not, there's nothing else to do for an hour, might as well make in interesting. So how to do it. I can't very well get another book, that would be too obvious. Then I get an idea, I'll be a little more a tease this time. I shifted in my seat so that my back's against the window, and swung my feet up onto the seat next to me. Initially I kept my knees and ankles tight together, with my skirt up over my knees. I hold my book so that I can see the top of Jim's head, but not his eyes. If I can't see his eyes then he can't see mine. Also if he decides to jump on me and rape me or something I will see it coming and could kick out and scream. Nope, no way he's raping me.

I sat like that for a while before I see him glance over. First it was a quick glance, and back to his book. After a few minutes he does it again, but this time he kept looking. When I turn the page of my book his head snaps back.

I wonder why did he was staring for so long. My legs were together, he couldn't see anything, then I realize that here was a gap between my shins above my ankles. He was looking at my cunt. He couldn't see it very well, but he was definitely looking. I smiled and scooted a bit in my seat adjusting my position. I spread my feet apart as far as they can go on the seat, but keep my knees together.

I turn another page and watch the top of his head intently. Again he turns just briefly, looking over at me then away. I turned another page, and I see his head turn towards me again. He is clearly staring intently, and after a few minutes I hear him shift in his seat. I pulled the book up a bit, so he wouldn't see me peeking over the top. Instead I look under the book, and see that he has swung one leg up onto the aisle set, and more interestingly, he had stuffed his hand into his pocket. Peeking over the top of my book I see that he is still staring directly at my crotch, and looking under the book, I see his fingers moving up and down through his pocket.

He was obviously enjoying my little show, which really begins to excite me. I have never had a stranger get excited looking at me. There was this electric feeling running though my body, I liked what I was feeling and wanted more. Turning a page, but keeping my nose in my book I slowly spread my knees apart. At this point my skirt fell from my knees to my lap, so he could see me naked to the waist. I held them apart for about a minute, then closed them again, open then closed, over and over my legs opening and closing. I am guessing this movement is making my pussy gap open and closed along with them. I turned a page.
I found my self staring at his hand as he rubbed it up and down.

He has been rubbing it for nearly 15 minutes. Watching him rub his cock was hypnotizing. How I wanted that cock pushing in to me over and over. It was so sexy. My legs spread apart as far as the seats would allow, and I slid my hand between my legs and began to rub my pussy, it was soaked, soaked and dripping gooey drops over my bum hole. I began running my fingertips from my clit, down through my slit and then pushing them into my bum. First one finger, then two, then three. I rubbed my clit, then spread my pussy lips wide with two fingers while the third slid deep inside me, then down to my bum, where I pushed three fingers in as far as they would go. Somewhere along the way I had closed my eyes, rested my head against the window, and dropped my book to the floor. My left hand rubbed my nipples through my blouse and my right continuing to trace the path from my clit to my bum. Three fingers, then four.

I open my eyes briefly to see that Jim had unzipped his pants and pulled them off. His cock standing proudly through the slit of his boxers. He continues to slide his hand slowly up and down its length, using his own spit and pre-cum as lubricant. Our eyes meet, and he smiles at me. I smile back as my fingers continue to trace their magical path. With each tracing I press more of my hand into my cunt, and ass. I tuck my thumb into the palm of my hand and by leaning forward manage to get my entire hand into my cunt. It slides in easier than it has ever before, which was likely because I was more turned on than I have ever been before. Getting my entire hand into my cunt is an amazing feeling. The pressures are excruciating, in a very good way. I began to shake all over, and my whole body tenses up. The climaxes begin, coming one after another,until they blend together and I lose count. The smallest movement sends me into another wave of ecstasy. Finally, I pull my hand from my cunt and fall back exhausted onto the seat. My legs splayed out and my pussy lips red and raw.

I look over at Jim. He has a very contented smile on his face, and he is still stroking away. Up and down, Up and down. He still hasn't come.

“How long until we reach Kansas City”, I ask

Jim looked at his watch, then out the window, “Another 20 minutes”.

Incredible, he had been stroking that boner for nearly 25 minutes.

I looked over the seat towards the bus driver, he still seemed completely unaware of what was happening in the back of his bus. Jim figures the show is over and is trying to stuff his rigid cock into his shorts.

I sit there still in a bit of a haze, but mildly aware that Jim has given up on trying to stuff his hard cock back into his shorts, and is now just waiting for it to soften.

Staring across the aisle at that hard cock I mumble, “ah, what the hell”, and slide off my seat and am across the aisle and onto the floor in front of him.

“Did the driver see me?”, I asked.

Jim looked over the seat, “No, I don't think so”,

“Tell me if he notices”.

Then before he can react, I take his cock into my hand and pull it to my mouth. I begin licking and sucking his cock head. Then taking I more of it into my mouth, I begin bobbing my head up and down as I suck his cock deeper into my mouth. I try to get in down my throat, but the angle is all wrong. If I can't take him into my throat, I can still focus on licking and sucking the head and shaft and giving him the best head he's ever had. I lick and suck that dick for what seems forever, and if possible, I feel it growing harder and thicker. His cock head is very large in proportion to the shaft, and it nearly fills my mouth. Finally, he begins to tense up and slouches down into his seat.

Realizing the angles have changed, I climb up in the seat next to him, my bare ass hanging out into the aisle and by pulling his cock just a bit more towards me I get the angle correct and feel that large cock head slide past my tonsils and deep down my throat. My nose is now pressed firmly into his pubic hairs. As I begin licking the top of his balls with the tip of my tongue I feel him shoot stream after stream of cum down into my stomach. I can feel each pulse of liquid as it shoots past my lips, along the length of my tongue, and down my throat. I pull back just long enough to catch a breath then impale myself onto him again.

I hold that position as I feel pulse after pulse of spunk squirt down my throat. Again I pull back, this time sucking as I pull away, getting every drop of the essence of life from his still firm rod, but the cum keeps coming. Over and over he shoots load after load, then I feel his whole body tense and he fires one last incredible load. I slide my mouth along its length again and again, sucking every last drop and stroking the shaft with my hand. Only when he begins to soften do I pull back and I immediately begin licking it clean, first the shaft, then the balls, then finally clean the last drops from that glorious head, as that magnificent cock finally softens. As I minister to his manhood, he sits back and watches me. His look was almost tender.
I look up and him and say, “That was amazing, thank you”. I tuck his cock back into his shorts. Then pulled his pants over his feet. He raises his but up and I slide them into place.

“Is the coast clear to go back to my seat?”


“Is the driver looking?”

“No, err... I mean yes... oh sorry, the coast is clear”

“Thanks, you should zip up your pants” and with that I scoot back across to my seat.

“Do I have anything on my face?”

“What?”, he asks

Wow he really is out of it, well this probably doesn't happen to him every day. I laugh a small laugh, it probably hasn't ever happened to him, at least not before today.

“Do I look OK”, I say a little louder.

“You are the most beautiful girl in the world”

“Thanks”, Not the answer I was looking for, and not especially helpful. I reach up and rub my hand through my hair, straighten my skirt and blouse, then run my hand over my face. There is a large drop of spunk, by the side of my mouth. I slide it into my mouth like leftover mustard from a coney island dog, only it tastes better to me than any mustard ever did. I really do love the taste of spunk.

He looked intently at me and speaks but I can't hear him, there is too much road noise now.

He leans closer and says, “Who are you?”

I smile, I told you, “I'm Jenna”.

“How old are you?”

I had already decided to lie,“I'm 18”

“You don't look 18, didn't you get on in front of an elementary school. How old are you really?”

“18, getting on at the elementary school is part of the show. Everyone says I look like I'm 12, that's my gimmick. But really, I'm 18”.

He looks at me for a minute, then continues, “Oh, so are you a professional?”

“Yes”, I try to look him in the eyes, but end up looking down, “I know I am not very good yet, I am just getting started”.

“Oh”, he paused for a moment, his face hardening, “figures... how much do I owe you?”

“Oh no, I couldn't, it wouldn't be right. I kind of trapped you a bit, you never asked for any of it. Besides that was amazing, you really turned me on”

“You don't sound like the professionals I have met before, or is this more of your show, trying to make me feel all wonderful so I pay you even more”

OK, I probably deserve that, at least I would if I was a hooker running this con, but I really did like this old guy. And I hadn't been after his money it was just fun. And he did have the most amazing dick.

So I turned to him and said, “Sorry, that's not what I was trying to do, I was just looking for a little fun,a and I really did enjoy it. You don't have to pay me. I actually kind of like you, you're sweet”. Then I just slid around in my seat, and curled up in a ball with my back to him. I decided I would wait until he got off the bus, then wait for the driver to come back and kick me off the bus.

The sun was still up as we pulled into the bus station. I needed to find a bus back home, and it likely wouldn't be an express. It was going to be a long night.

Jim pulled my backpack off the rack and placed it beside me.

“Where are you going, can I get you a taxi, its the least I can do”.

“I have to get back Springtown, I was on the wrong bus”

“Thought so. Look here's fifty bucks, that should pay for a cab, you really shouldn't get on another bus tonight.”

I looked up at him thinking, I am not going to cry, “Thanks, that helps”

“You look like a sweet girl. You should go home, go back to high school, or college, or whatever, find a better way to earn a living”.

Then he thought again, “On the other hand, you are very good at what you do, and I have always said people should do what they are good at, and baby, you are good at this”.

I just looked up at him as he continued, “If you decide not to change professions, here is my business card, please call me. I would love to see you again, in a more private setting.”.

With that he turned and walked up the aisle. As he got off the bus he turned and said, “Oh, there's a little something extra in your right side pocket, consider it a down payment on that private setting”. Then he was gone.

I looked at the card,

Cross Country Transportation
“We get you everywhere”

Jim Felton
CEO – Retired
then his cell phone number....

CEO, crap, I may only be in sixth grade, but I know what CEO's are... they're rich. Tonight just got very interesting.

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Sorry about my spelling rant, but I do really like your story.

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Do you know the difference between principle and principal ?? Better find out ! Do you peak at someone, or do you peek at them ?


2015-01-16 09:35:02
"Jenna's Story - Part 3 - Kansas City" - Twelve Year Old Jenna and Sixty-five Year Old Transit Bus Co-Rider, Jim.

This episode of Jenna's story, Part 3, has taken on an interesting, and quite amazing, tone and direction for Jenna. She's mistakeningly taken a wrong bus, an hour's ride to Kansas City, and spends thirty minutes flashing and masturbating for her co-rider, Jim. She fists fucks herself, causing Jim to expose his dick and masturbate when enjoying the free show Jenna is giving. She then slides over to his seat, gives him a fantastic deep-throat blowjob, and swallows every drop of his massive load. He wants to pay her but she refuses because she offered the full display and blowjob for fun. He leaves her his business card for her future use if she's so inclined.

This part is very nicely done, though Jenna performs publically and "for fun" with decorum, pleasuring her one-man audience and he shows his appreciation by giveing her sound advice and a large tip.

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Are you kidding me that was a very good story granted not alot of sex but still a wonderful story you are great at writing dont ever listen to these people they are nuts i tell you!

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