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Come over here and lay down next to me
There is something I want you to see
Hold out your hand and close your eyes
I want to give you an erotic surprise
Shh… don’t say a word just lay there still
I have a secret fantasy to fulfill
Won’t you surrender your love to me?
You won’t be disappointed just wait and see
I will not hurt you I just want to take charge
I can already see something in your pants growing large
I will move my mouth from your head down to your toes
Then work my way back to your thing that grows
After I am done I will ride the horse until we are both equally satisfied of course
I will take my time to make it last forever
I love when our bodies are close together

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2013-04-25 00:48:12
ريماOh, okI used to use Qaym, then I realized that I like positng pics of what I eat, especially when I travel outside Saudi & try out weird new restaurants. And Qaym does not have much support & popularity outside Saudi.This is why I switched to forkly.I was looking forward to following you on Forkly and checking out what you like to eat when you go out. but anyways thanks!


2004-11-25 00:59:16
u've left me hanging.


2004-11-17 22:43:50
dude, that sucked

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