Jenna finds herself in Kansas City and has to make a choice about how to get home.
I assure you that this is a work of fiction, pure pornographic fantasy. None of it is true, all characters and events are purely the product of an overactive, and somewhat warped, imagination. Please don't brag to me about how you raped your niece, or felt up your daughter. I don't want to hear it, it neither turns me on, nor in anyway make me feel your are anyone special.
I look in my backpacks side pocket... nothing, then the other pocket.

“Are you coming miss”, the drive calls out, “I haven't got all day, you need to get off here”

“Just a minute, I am getting my stuff together”

I hear the door close and he pulls away from the station, I get nervous, then I realize he is only moving the bus to another parking spot.

I unzip the pocket and there is a roll with a hundred dollar bill on the outside. “Shit”

I hear the air brakes his, and the engine stop. “Miss, I really mean now”

OK, I stuff the roll back into my backpack. “Where is a payphone?”

As I walk up he points across the lot at a payphone on the wall, “Over there but it doesn't work”

I see cab's lined up out front and start to leave the bus.

He grabs my arm hard, “Where are you going. I saw you playing your little game back there. You tried to cheat me. You neglected to pay your cover charge”.

He reaches behind him and closes the door, then turns off the inside light. The bus is dark and quiet. I look around and realize there isn't another bus or person within 50 feet. I am on my own.

“What are you talking about?”

That shiny stuff on your shirt there ain't snot. And your breath smells of spunk. Besides I saw your cute little ass bobbing in the aisle as you gave the old boss man his blow job. He must have really liked it because he doesn't usually leave with such a big smile on his face.

On your knees you little whore or I haul you across the lot to the police station, your gonna suck my dick, then I am going to fuck you up the ass. Then you will pay me 20 bucks and thank me for it. If you are good to me. I will get on the radio and help you figure out which of those buses over there are the most likely to have John's waiting for you in the back. You see we don't have to be enemies, we can work this out together.”

“But first my lovely, suck this”, with that he pushed me to my knees, unzipped his pants and pushed his little hard cock into my mouth. He wasn't at all surprised when I was able to take down my throat. Just like my dad the night before he held my head with both hands and skull fucked me, but this time there was no love, no caring, I was simply a cum dump whore willing to pay him to fuck my mouth. Yet, even as I fought to breath as he rammed his cock down my throat, my pussy began to respond and my nipples hardened. I began rubbing my clit with one hand, while I stroked his shaft with my other.

“Oooh, you like it rough do you. Well, lets see how that pert little asshole likes it.”

He pulled me from my knees and laid me over the armrest, flipped my skirt up, spread my ass checks wide and pushed his cock home, In one motion he was balls deep into my little bum.

“Sweet little asshole you've got here”, he mumbled as he began pumping my ass. Reaching around my head he placed his hands in my mouth, grabbing my checks, and pulling my head back. “There that's better, much better leverage”

Incredibly, I was quickly becoming aroused again. I pulled at my nipples, but couldn't get to orgasm, then he began to come, “Yeah baby, that's what I am talking about”. Then he pulled out and swung me around. Clean me up, get your shit off my cock.” With that he pushed me down to my knees and forced his now limp cock into my mouth. The taste was vile, and I nearly puked, but again, against all expectation, my body was getting excited.

After the first swallow, the bad taste when away and I began sucking him, and stroking it back to life it with my hands. As soon as he was hard again he once again grabbed my head with both hands and began skull fucking me. Over and over he pounded my face, as I clawed at my pussy to give me that last orgasm I so desired. The desperation of the situation, the lowly humiliation of not only getting raped by this lowlife bus driver/pimp, simply made me hornier.

I couldn't believe that I had wanted that orgasm bad enough that I had sucked hard again so he do fck my face again. He was pumping away, and I was getting faint for lack of breath. Then for the second time on this bus my brain exploded with a mind altering orgasm. And I do mean mind altering, because I changed that day, right there on that bus. Before that day I enjoyed my sex life with my parents, but after that day, I craved sex. Like a drowning man craves air, I needed it to live. And I didn't care who I gave it to me.

I must have passed out because the next thing I knew I was lying on the floor looking up at the bus driver. He had the $50 bucks Jim had given me for cab fare in his hand.

“I shouldn't take this, because that was the best blow job I have ever experienced, and baby you have one sweet ass. But rules are rules, and we drivers get our $20”. He threw the other $30 down at me and said, “Now get your skanky ass off my bus”

As I stood and adjusted my skirt and blouse, he softened and said, “You better take a minute and get yourself cleaned up before you get on your next bus or ain't no one going to want you”

I just looked at him and smiled, “Thanks”

“Do you care which direction you are headed tonight”.

I thought about it and said, “not really”.

“Well that one is headed to St. Louis, there are usually 5 or 6 johns on it, but I think Jewel has dibs on that one. hold on let me see what I can do.”

I sat down while he got on the radio and talked to the other drivers. I couldn't really make out what they were saying but he came back and said that the Jewel was already on the St Louis bus, but that the southbound bus looked pretty good. There were four college kids asking if they could get some action tonight.”

He smiled, and said, “It even makes a stop in Springtown, so if you can find a place to crash you can come back to KC with me tomorrow night”.

Looking at his watch he continued, “They leave in 20 minutes, so you better start making yourself presentable.”

I looked up at him, “Thanks”

“Its nothing, now really you need to get going”,

“No wait, I don't know what to charge, what are the going rates?”

He just stares at me, “Your serious, you don't know”. Then shakes his head and continues.

“Well, there are not many that look as young as you, but you got the wrong crowd to take advantage of that. This here is a bus. The going rate is $20 for a hand job, $30 for a blow. If you can figure out a way to give him your ass without the ones in front noticing, go for $50. Looks like you did alright with your john tonight. He knows the rates, I see him every once in a while. I hear he used to be some big shot back at headquarters, but look at him now. He's just another john riding around looking for a whore.”

I leave the bus, leave the bus driver, walk into the ladies room to try to clean myself up a bit. There's a pretty black girl, in a tank top and mini skirt. I am guessing she must be Jewel. She immediately comes over to help me.

“You are one fucked up mess, what happened to you?” She says as she just looks at me and shakes her head. “How old are you?”

“I'm 18”

“The fuck you are, if your 18...” she trailed off, then continued, “But if you want to be 18 you're 18. Hell most of us were “18” at one point in our careers. Now it's all I can do to try to look 21”.

I look closely at the lines around her eyes, and mouth, at her hands, she looks old, really old. But she is looking at me and looking worried,

“Are you trying to get on that Southbound out there”?

“Uh huh”,

“Then we don't have time for chitchat, get your clothes off”.

She reaches into her back and pulls out a towel that she runs under hot water then begins wiping me off. Then she hands me this big bulb with a pointy end on it.

“Go fill this up and clean your self out”, she says pointing into the stall.

I head to the stall and start to put the pointy end into the bowl.

“Don't you go putting that into no nasty bowl”, she walks over and takes the lid of the back of the toilet and fills it up and again hands it to me. I just stare blankly at her.

“You are a baby aren't you. It's like this”, she turns me around to face the wall and slides the pointy end up my butt and squeezes the cold toilet water up my ass.

“Now squat down and poop it out”, I do as she demands, and a stream of water shoots out of my butt.

“Now do it again, 3, no... 4 more times” she says as she turns and picks up my clothes. I am filling the bulb for the forth time when I realize she has taken a stain stick and other cleaning rags to my blouse and skirt.

“Here put these back on, you're making me feel old looking at your young ass body. Damn either you have the best waxer in the state, or you don't even have pubes yet. I am so going to ream Johnny for raping your ass tonight”.

“Oh please don't, rules are rules, and I really didn't mind”,

She just looked at me and shook her head, “Rules aren't always rules baby child, and you don't bareback us girls, at least not without our permission”. She changed her tone all sexy as she finished that sentence. I giggled.

“Speaking of rules, that's rule number 1, Where are your condoms”, She starts to head for my backpack to look through the pockets to make sure I have some.

I nearly jump out of my skin, I don't want her to see the roll of cash that Jim gave me. Too much temptation. “I am out, I used the last one on the john on the bus”, I lied. “That's why Johnny didn't use one, I told him I was out”

“Well buy you some more honey, they're a buck each over there in that dispenser, but your John;s should have them, be sure to ask”. I dig a couple bucks of lunch money from my backpack and buy a 2 from the vending machine. I am not sure what to do with them, but it seems important to Jewel.

I see the bulb on the counter, and try to give it back to her but she tells me its mine now. She then she pulls out a new toothbrush still in the case and toothpaste, “Talking about rules, Rule number 2, brush after every john”, she laughs at her own joke.

She hands me a brush which I pull through my hair. There were a few sticky spots where I must have gotten cum in my hair. But 15 minutes after walking into the restroom I walked out a new woman. OK, I wasn't even close to being old enough to be a woman, but I definitely wasn't a girl anymore. I thank her and give her the $10 for her help, she takes it and stuffs it into her little purse.

I headed towards the Southbound bus, I didn't want to break the $100 to take a cab, the bus ride was only a couple hours longer, and I would likely make twice that along the way. As I got onto the bus, I passed the driver a $20. He didn't say anything, as I walked to the back of the bus. The original $50 was now completely gone, $40 to bus drivers and $10 for Jewel and $2 for condoms I didn't have a clue what to do with.

I walked past three elderly women who seemed oblivious to why I was on this bus. In the back sat 4 young men, probably college boys that heard you could find hookers on this bus.

They were all staring out the window at the hooker I had met in the bathroom, likely wondering why she wasn't getting onto the St Louis bus.

I walked to the back of the bus. As I approached one of them looked up at me and said, “Go sit in the front, we don't want a little girl back here.”

I ignored him and turned to put my backpack safely in the overhead rack. As I did so, I lifted my foot onto an arm rest, and pulled my skirt up. All four of them were now staring at my bald little twat. I think I had there attention. But just to be sure, I licked my fingers and began rubbing my pussy. I thought their eyes would pop out of their sockets. For the next ten minutes I described in intimate detail what I would do to them, and what it would cost, cash up front. They all dug into their wallets and pulled out their money. Lots of it. I stuffed the cash into my backpack, reserving 3 twenties. And headed up to talk to the driver.

The negotiations were simple, I told him what I needed him to do, and he gave me a price. I had guess right, gave him the $60. And suggested he take his mandated break near a park in Springtown, one that happened to be a short walk form my house.

As we pulled away from the station he announced that due to new government regulations all passengers must remain in their seats with their eyes forward whenever the bus was in motion. He then turned down the interior lighting and turned up the stereo. I sat down next to my first official “John” and said, “Hi, my names Jenna, whats yours?”

The trip home took two hours, and surprisingly there hadn't been anyone at any of the stops. Which was likely because we never stopped at any of the stops. In my backpack was a roll of money with at least one $100 bill on it. I still hadn't found the time to see how much Jim had given me, and next to it was another roll with 38 twenty dollar bills, that I had just earned on the bus ride home. They had paid $80 for the first hour, then halfway home I told them they had to pony up an additional $120 more to keep the party going. I have never seen so much cash come out so quickly.

As we neared Springtown the party raged on. All five of us were nude. Frank was lying on the floor with me astride him, he was was lying on the floor with his cock in my ass, and we were letting the buses horrible suspension do most of the work.

Jeremy and George were sitting in the seats on each side of me, I was trying to give them one last hand job, but their cocks were pretty well spent, and I could barely keep them hard. Meanwhile, Dustin Stood in front of me and was skull fucking me yet again. This would be the 5th time. This time I think he was trying to make me pass out. He would hold my face up so he could look into my eyes, then stick his cock down my throat until my lips were nestled in his pubs, then hold me there until my eyes began to bug out. Only then would he let me catch my breath. After the 3rd time, he had had enough fun and let go of my head. I immediately began giving him a proper blow job, and he blew his load into my mouth just as we pulled into town. I swear my stomach was beginning to poke out from all the cum I had swallowed that day.

As Dustin collapsed into a seat, I let loose of the limp dicks in each hand and stood up. White gooey cum flood from my gaping asshole all over Frank's deflating cock. I stepped into my skirt, pulled on my blouse, collected my backpack and tottered up the aisle just as we pulled into the park. I could hear the boys getting into their seats behind me.

I looked at the driver and knew smiled. He smiled back and announced that we would be stopping here for his mandatory 15 minute break. The old ladies put their hearing aids back in and rubbed their necks. The driver had been true to his word and kept an eye on them too, reprimanding them every time they attempted to look anywhere but straight ahead.

He followed me into a nice secluded spot, then dropped his pants. His break was a bit longer than the mandatory 15 minutes, but when I get going it's hard for me to stop, and he seemed to really be enjoying it.

I watch the bus pull away. Wow, what a day. I begin slowly walking down the street to my house to have a conversation with my parents, that somehow, no longer seems that important.

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Jenna's Story - Part 4 - The Bus Ride Home" - Twelve Year Old Teen Semi-Pro Wanna-Be Prostitute, Jenna and Four College-aged Male Riders.

Jenna has decided on her bus trip to Kansas City, where she's now taking a bus back to her home town, that she is determined she loves sex, wants it, needs it like the air she breathes, that any future sex with her "teaching" parents is futile and needless. Her ride back home, with her four sex- starved co-riders nets her almost four hundred dollars ($400.00); she's suddenly found her niche in her idolic world of prostitution and sex.

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