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Alright guys you've been married for years to your high school sweetheart and things are good! Remember the first time you got to fuck her how tight her lil pussy felt as it gripped so tight around your cock! Oh damn that was pure heaven am I right? Now some years later and after 2 kids its not the same at all,still feels good sure it does but not very tight. Well guys you want to know how to get her sweet pussy really tight like it was at first? Ok heres what you need to do! Go out buy some red candles to put around the tub for her,get some red rose bubble bath beads and get lots of red roses too! Alright now start the bubble bath going with hot water lite up the candles and throw rose peddles all around the bathroom! Now call her and surprise her with what you've done for her. Tell her to get in and relax for awhile leave her alone for about 10 minutes or so then start giving her a nice massage working her neck n shoulders real good. Now go work on her feet a lil slowly start working up her legs then climb into the tub with her and while holding her legs up on your shoulders slide your cock into her pussy go slow at first let the pace pick up as you fuck her real good faster n harder till your pounding her pussy like a wild right when your ready to cum shove her head under the water and hold it there for a few seconds......that pussy will grip your cock tighter than it ever has done before thats for damn sure!!!


2013-08-19 01:57:08
You type pretty well for a little girl...
Whoa...five and six?wow.(i liked the comment joke)
A virgin is someone who never had a penis in her yet,or someone who never put his penis in a vagina.
A pussy is a vagina,a girl pee-pee.
A ass is a butt.

And daddy shouldnt leave his computer lying open with stuff like that with a kid around the house!That would bring up lots of embarrassment...

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2013-06-20 00:49:40
k why the fuck is a girl of 5 yrs. old on this site

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2013-04-30 01:46:26
I am six why is this about pussy cats and roosters??? I no understand. :(

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2013-03-01 21:43:44
This is really just weird

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2012-12-27 02:16:08
ur 5??? that's awsome!! im 13! ~(°³°)~

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