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No one knows why the plane when down, was it terrorists, Human error, engine failure? no one remembers but the one thing everyone can agree on is that the deserted island the plane crashed on was a paradise with massive amounts of fruits and vegetables and several fresh water pools. At first the survivors kept hoping and praying for rescue but after a year had passed the survivors realised that rescue would never come so they formed a type of government.

There was plenty of trees on the island wich they used to build a large village for themselves and lots of fertile soil for gardening, the island provided everything the survivors needed except clothing so 1 of the many, may laws created by their government was that all survivors and their descendants would live as nudists. Their government didn't want its new society to make the same mistakes Humans have made again and again throughout history so it was decided that they would be an Agrarian/ Atheist society meaning that they wouldn't use currency of any kind and that there would be no religion of any kind.

For 30 years it truely was paradise, a perfect form of Communism with everyone having everything they needed so fighting and violence almost never happened. The villagers didn't get married but they did live as monogamous family units consisting of a father, mother and children so except for a whole lot of cheating everything was fine, that was until 10 years ago when a group of men decided they didn't like how things were being run.

The group called themselves " Evolution " and they believed that Humans are a non monogamous species of mammal and after years of seeing other villagers in monogamous relationships and massive amounts of cheating they decided enough was enough. At first it was peaceful, with several members of Evolution trying to tell the other villagers that their monogamous relationships were un-natural wich explains all the cheating and would eventually lead to spousal and child abuse like it did throughout Human history. Eventually the governmet intervened and said " Your Evolution is the snake in the garden of Eden and your group woud ruin the perfect society we worked so hard to create so starting today your group no longer exists ".

5 years ago an extremist version of Evolution calling itself " Neo Evolution " decides that since peaceful negotiations were impossible the only other option is violence, that's when the first murder and gangrape on the island started. Today the island is no longer a paradise but a prison camp, the government has fallen and been replaced by Neo Evolution and the village { under Neo Evolutions control } is divided into 2 parts with the men living in the houses and the women being kept in a gigantic cage. Every night the men of the village would let several women out of the cage who would then be gangraped by scores of men, this is repeated until all the women in the cage were gangraped.

When females get pregnant they are kept in a large house until they give birth, then they are thrown back into the cage with the other females and the children are raised by males. The male children are taught how to read and wright and at the age of 13 their taught Neo Evolutions theory that Man is superior and that females only have two functions {1.} To please all men. {2.} To have babies. The female children are raised in a seperate house until the age of 18 and then their thrown into the cage with the other women, the males who raise them show no emotion or affection towards them and at the age of 13 their told everyday that their only function in life is to please all men and have babies but there is no sexual activity between the female children and the males who raise them.

The original members and leaders of Neo Evolution, corrupted by the power they have over the village and their position as government are sadistic and perverse having created many new laws. One of these new laws states that as long as offspring aren't produced brothers can fuck their sisters, fathers can fuck their daughters and sons can fuck their mothers. Another of these new laws states that when females get to old to have babies or become sick they are killed, roasted and eaten by the males.

There are several families that managed to escape Neo Evolutions initial attack, hiding in the jungle and living in tents they are the last remnants of the once perfect society. Jim, his mate Karen and their 2 children Steve and Helen are 1 of these families, they try to live happy lives but know that at any minute they could be caught by Neo Evolution soldiers who guard the village walls making sure no females escape. On the night of Helens 18th birthday their worst fear comes true as Jim see several soldiers heading towards their tent and he says " Steve take your little sister and hide just like we practiced " Steve grabs Helen and together they run through the jungle while Jim and Karen try to buy them some time.

Steve takes Helen to a large cave he discovered while exploring as a child, the inside of the cave is huge but the cave entrance is very narrow infact only 1 person can fit through at a time, this gives Steve a huge advantage when fighting off intruders. Picking up a large thick stick and a hand sized rock he placed there months earlier he stands guard ready to fight off anyone who tries to get into the cave. After several minutes Steve and Helen hear a voice outside the cave that says " We know your both in there, we can smell your sisters sweet little pussy from here, give us your sister and well let you join us, you can have all the food and women you want " Steve says " No, you can all go fuck yourselves ".

One soldier tries to enter the cave but Steve starts swinging the stick and rock wich easily sends the soldier running back out, the attacks continue but Steve manages to repell all intruders until the attacks stop. Exhausted and his hands covered in blood Helen says " Are you ok? " Steve says " The attacks have stopped for now so get some sleep, I'll keep guard here just incase they come back ". The next day Steve is in total survival mode, he leaves the cave to get some fruits and vegetables for them to eat, starts a small fire inside the cave to keep them both warm, sleeps for a few hours and then spends the entire night fighting off Neo Evolution soldiers trying to get into the cave.

The next day Steve takes Helen to a small pond he found while looking for food and he stands guard while she washes herself, when she's done he quickly washes himself and then takes her back to the cave entering the cave later with food he builds a small fire, gets some sleep and then spends the whole night fighting off intruders, He does these same 5 things everday for a month. One night a voice outside the cave says " We know why your protecting her, we understand, that's why if you give us your sister now all will be forgiven and you can join us, you must be so tired of fighting? if you give her to us you'll never have to fight again " the voice then says " How long has it been since you've been with a woman? since you've been sucked by or fucked a woman? give us your sister and you can have all the women you could ever want ".

Steve says " no " and after fighting off all those attacks Helen says " Please don't let them get me, I'm so scared, please protect me " Steve says " I'll never leave you, I'll always protect you " but Helen can see how tired Steve is of all the fighting. As the days pass Helen notices Steve has started starring at her, he stares at her long legs and feet, he stares at her large breasts and nipples, he stares at her nice round ass, he stares at her hairy pussy, she even caught him trying to look at her labia. Although he tries to hide it she has noticed the rock hard erections he gets everytime he looks at her and she remembers what the soldier said about Steve not being with women in such a long time.

Helen decides that since her older brother has done so much for her she will give him what he obviously wants, she knows Steve would never act on his urges so she would initiate the sex. The attacks always happen at night so during the day Helen says " Steve, my wonderful brother, my strong protector, you've done so much for me now it's my turn to help you " and she gives him a big hug. He tries to move away so she wouldn't feel his erection but she grabs it in her hand and she says " It's been so long since a woman has touched you like this hasn't it? " he just stares at her while she jerks his cock.

Helen gets on her knees infront of her brother and kissing the head of his cock she says " let me help you, I know you want this, that you need this " and she takes his cock in her mouth and starts to suck it. At this point all notions of brother and sister go out the window as Steve lays her on the ground and spreading her legs he licks and fingers her pussy with one hand while grabbing and squeezing her tits. Helen moans louder and louder as she orgasms, Steve places one of her long legs over his should and her other legs around his waist he slides his cock inside her pussy grabbing her waist he fucks her hard, fast and deep. He fucks her like this for a while with Helen moaning loudly as she orgasms and cums on Steves cock and Steve moaning and grunting, Steves body stiffens and he starts moaning louder until he finally pulls his cock out and he cums all over her tits, stomach and some falling on her pubic hair.

They lay next to eachother just looking at eachother and Steve whispers " Thank you " he then takes her to the pond where they both wash up. While in the pond Helen gives her brother a big hug and she feels his rock hard cock poke against her vagina and she says " Wow it looks like I get to help you again " turning around and rubbing her ass against his rock hard cock she bends over a little and she can feel Steves cock head part her vagina lips. Steve grabs her large tits and slides every inch of his cock inside her pussy and he fucks her again, she moans and says " I love you so much Steve, my strong protector " and she orgasms all over his cock. He fucks her hard, fast and deep, the water splashing against her back everytime he thrusts into her until he pulls his cock out and cums on her back and the water washes away his sperm.

Steve fucks her 3 times a day everyday and Helen has noticed a huge change in him, he's always happy, smiling and laughing, giving her hugs and kisses and when he fights off intruders he fights with a strength she's never seen before. Helen loves " helping " her brother and on many occasions has preformed felatio on Steve to the point where he cums in her mouth and she swallows every drop wich Steve absolutely loves and Steve always gives her multiple orgasms. She also loves it when Steve fucks her in the ass wich he has done multiple times and she always tells him to cum deep in her anus wich Steve loves to do and he has told her several times that he loves to watch his cum leak out of her ass.

The End

Please leave comments, I would love to know what you all think of my new series " The Island ", thank you in advance..

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2015-08-06 08:12:43
I kind of agree with Pharaoh here... We really aren't ment to be monogamous. I am a woman and can say proudly openn relationships work incredibly well if all partners can keep from becoming jealous and possessive. Raising children should be done in a commonplace family setting but in this time period with all of the contraception options available there is no reason not to atleast TRY an open relationship it can be incredibly fulfilling. Not just sexualy but it can solidify your bond with your permanent partner because you have to fully trust each other for it to work

anonymous readerReport

2012-01-07 13:14:33
You hear stories in the news where a Muslim women is killed by their own father's or brother's because they were seen riding around on a bicycle with a man that was not the intended man that her father wanted her to be with. Now ''THAT'S'' an insane way to believe. So you just go ahead and be personally offended. I'm offended that such a nation exist on this planet.

anonymous readerReport

2012-01-07 13:07:35
I know I've arrived late to the Island. But I have to say this is the craziest LORD OF THE FLIES story ever written.
to mr. or ms.
Anonymous reader
2011-10-18 01:48:53
and his or her ''Personally I take offense '' line of dialogue. Oh my gosh have not heard of the Islam? Women are beaten, raped, stoned, an over all brutalized at the whim of the male. They are not allowed to go to school, they MUST wear these garments that cover them from head to toe.

A women is in prison right now in Afghanistan, because she was raped by her uncle. Where the law says that no women shall have sexual relations outside of marriage. The uncle walks around a free man, while she rots in jail. Talk about an insane way of thinking. The original sentence for her was to be stoned to death. But was commuted to life, because the UN got involved. You hear stories in the news where ... to be continued....


2011-10-18 05:09:21
Seriously how many more people have to cheat and how much higher does the divorce rate have to go before we realize that Humans are a non monagamous species? We share 98.5% dna with chimps and their not monoganous so why are we? The fist sex between mae and femal wasn't wine and roses it was rape. We have a social monogamy for raising children but we are not a monagamous species..

anonymous readerReport

2011-10-18 01:48:53
Personally I take offense to the notion that such enlightened individuals would adopt such sexist ideals, and that believing monogamy is unnatural means you believe women should be raped.

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