This is the opening chapter of a story I created awhile ago. It is setup on the premise that the medical theory that humans and animals cannot inter-breed. Or, put more simply that a human female cannot become pregnant from sexual contact with a dog. But, then where did Pan and other mythological part man part animal creatures come from? What if ……………. if science found out that ….. it had been possible once? Ok, now you know the premise!! And, clearly the story will involve - 1. Beastiality and 2. Human Pregnancy - so you are properly warned. If that offends you stop now and don't keep reading so you can tell me what a sick f ………. I am! Compliments will get me to post more of the chapters. Negatives and this can be a one shot!
Camp Humano Cão
by Horseman919 - Copyright May 23, 2008, All rights reserved.

Chapter 1,

Part 1

Jackie bounced down the front steps of the townhouse, where she lived in New York City, with a great big smile on her pretty face. Could life get any better, she wasn’t sure! Certainly, the people walking along the sidewalk knew that every young girl responded to the feel of spring in the air. And, it was true that the feeling of real spring had hit the city on this first weekend in April, so it felt like the whole city was out and about.

As far as Jackie was concerned city life only had about six weeks that were pure bliss. Winters were terrible and made colder by the wind speeding along at great rates funneled between the tall buildings and down the streets. In the summer the lack of a breeze and the heat made the city stink. But, every year there were about three weeks in the spring and three in the fall where everything was perfect. And, today was one of those perfect spring days. The rains last night had scrubbed the city clean, from sky to street, and there was a sweet smell to the warm air.

Jackie could see that the whole city seemed to have responded in the same way as she. Top coats, rain coats, leg warmers and scarves were no where to be seen. It was as if the rain had washed them away as well. Legs, arms, short skirts and tight tops were everywhere and the grayness of last week seemed only a distant memory.

Smiles greeted Jackie as she nearly danced down the sidewalk. For the better part of a year now, even as an 12 year old, Jackie was very aware that she was becoming a stunning young women and she had found that she could turn heads. She had discovered that last year when winter clothes gave way to spring even before there was a first hint of budding young breasts to add more curvature to her figure. Now as a much more mature woman of 13, she noticed that the time she had spent choosing her wardrobe was not wasted, as both men and women gave into staring her direction.

Jackie had always been told by her grand-dame that, despite almost never seeing her parents, their gifts to her would become very apparent as she reached adulthood. Jackie’s hansom and distinguished Latin father Edwardo, had come to the United States as a college student from Brazil. While he was a law student at Harvard he had been required to intern in a law office during the summers. It was during one of those summer internships in the city that he had met and dated the Norwegian covergirl model and actress Elsa.

Edwardo and Elsa had given Jacquelyn a gift of a most disarming beauty but, because of their high profile lives spent almost no time with their daughter. The handsome Brazilian and the gorgeous Norwegian had crafted a daughter who was truly a beauty of the world. As a blend of two very different cultures Jacquelyn inherited a smooth very light tan complexion, her mothers face, eyes that were a liquid gold like some exotic liqueur, legs long enough to make any model jealous and long straight auburn hair that reached down to the bottom of her tight little fanny.

Simply put, even at 12 Jackie could stop traffic. But, for everything and every advantage her parents had given her, they offered almost no influence in her life.

Her father had risen through the ranks of the Diplomatic Corp with stops in most of the countries of the world until, because of his Portuguese language background and Latin appearance, that looked so good in the press, he had been appointed Ambassador to Portugal by the current President.

Her mother had hit the fashion and film world at just the right time. So, even as “thirty something” model and actress she had remained in high demand as people grew tired of the endless focus on the very young. Because Elsa had aged well, but within this new public perspective, she was in constant demand for a fashion shoot in Egypt or a movie shoot in Italy. Jackie had long ago gotten used to seeing her mother stare back at her from the cover of some magazine on a newsstand rack.

Her parents had, from the beginning, decided that bouncing around the world was not a good life style for their daughter. So, she had been raised by a series of European, but mostly Nordic amperes’. While these care givers were nice to Jackie, they left her pretty much alone. Most were in their early to late twenties, so in the endless weeks between her parents and grand parents visits their focus was almost totally directed to their own social and personal needs. And, if she did start to get close to one of the girls, their work visas would expire and a new care giver would take her place.

Her Grand-dame’ might have been an option to function as a surrogate parent, as she lived only two blocks away. But, it was clear that her mother had inherited her mother’s beauty, if not her career. So, at 49 her Grand-dame’ was on her 5th wealthy husband. To Jackie it always seemed like her Grand-dame was on an endless honeymoon. Her Grand-Dame was gone so much and the men in her life changed so frequently that Jackie had not really bothered to learn the men’s names.

The only real mature and constant influence in her life had come from Dr. Cão.

At age 5, Jackie had been diagnosed with the curse of many intelligent children of overly intelligent parents - ADDH. And like so many parents with ADDH children they had sought a medical and psychological solution for their daughter. Dr. Ernesto Cão was recommended to her father, and because he like her father was born in Brazil, her father selected Dr. Cão over others on the list.

So, Dr. Cão for the last seven years had become a fixture in Jackie’s life and had followed her development with interest. Younger but handsome like her father, Jackie thought of Dr. Cão more like an uncle and family friend than as her doctor.

Unlike so many ADDH doctors, Dr. Cão had not treated Jackie with chemicals and drugs. Rather he had used physiotherapy and hypnosis to slow her bio-rhythms and increase her ability to focus. Using these techniques he insisted on frequent “refresher” sessions as he called them. Her mother said she thought it was so he could continue to bill them, but her father kept saying, “Look how well she is doing, how focused and mature. And, she is getting straight A’s in school!”

So, Jackie was free to se Dr. Cão anytime she felt upset, annoyed, or just like the world was going to fast. She would drop in on his office. He told her she was free to call him at anytime. And, he even sometimes just dropped by the 5th Avenue apartment to see if she was doing ok. Heck, Dr. Cão had even convinced her parents to let her have Baron as a pet. Baron was a Doberman Pincer who had been a stud dog that had been retired. Baron was scheduled to be put to sleep so, Dr. Cão had convinced Jackie’s father that the dog would be a quieting influence on Jackie and in the city he would make a good guard dog and protector as well.

Jackie and Baron had become instant companions and were rarely separated. Baron slept with Jackie. Baron walked the city with Jackie. And, with the exception of school he was almost always by her side. Her father watched as she would walk Baron and noticed that even alone together no one would approach his daughter when Baron was by her side. Her Grand-Dame had even remarked that Jackie and Baron were like a couple that always wanted to be together.

Part 2

On this morning Jackie was on her own walking down the sidewalk as Baron had been left at home. While the real reason for her good mood was partially tied to the great spring day, it was also because she was on her way to see Dr. Cão. Something that he had predicted months ago had happened last night and she could not wait to tell Uncle Cão. To Jackie it seemed like everything perfect was coming together as the same moment.

The day was perfect! It was only a month until the last day of school, as she was out on the 1st of May, unlike girls she knew who went to public schools. And, she now knew she was going to spend all summer at a very special camp where Baron could go with her. Four whole months out of the city in the mountains and Baron didn’t need to be left behind, how could things get any better? And, yet she had heard that her best friend Carla, another patient of Dr. Cão’s, was going back to camp with her dog as well.

Although she and Carla had become friends through Dr. Cão, they did not attend the same school. So, from Jackie’s point of view this was finally a chance to spend unlimited time together.

As Jackie thought of Carla she realized that they would make quite a pair as Carla was as stunning as Jackie in a more native way. Like Jackie Carla’s parents were from different cultures. Her mother was Indian and her father was German. Carla was a dark skinned blonde with blue eyes and a figure with developing attributes well ahead of Jackie’s. Jackie might have become a bit jealous if it had not been for Dr. Cão’s assurance that time and four months at camp would do for Jackie what last summer at the camp had done for Carla.

Wow, a month and she could start seeing if Dr. Cão’s promise would hold true!

Being a city girl Jackie had been a bit skeptical when Dr. Cão had first said this might be the year for her to experience the mountain retreat. She had worried about being bored. She had asked Carla about the camp, but all Carla would say was that it had been one of the wildest experiences of her life. Jackie had been told it was not certain that she would get to go to the camp. Certain things Dr. Cão mentioned had to occur before she would be accepted.

Last night she got her wish. So as she almost ran to Dr. Cão’s office, she knew she was going to get to find out what had made camp one of the wildest experiences in Carla’s life.

Part 3

Standing outside of Dr. Cão’s office door Jackie fought to slow her heart rate and to compose herself. She knew she needed to corral the giddy little girl and to adopt the mature women persona Dr. Cão preferred. Six years of work with Dr. Cão made Jackie well aware of what behavior impressed the Doctor and which led to uncomfortable reprimands.

Jackie defiantly wanted to go to camp, so every move she had made since climbing out of bed this morning had been planned to impress the good Doctor. The clothes she was wearing, from the lacey red under bodice to the fairly shear white blouse and red – black – white and green plaid mini-skirt had been gifts from Dr. Cão. He had given her these along with red lace panties, white stay up nylons and black single strap pumps almost 6 months ago. He had told her these were only to be worn when a certain event occurred then and only then was she to dress in the clothes provided and come straight to see him.

When she had gotten the clothes in October she had gone out and bought a wool Great Coat in red to ware over the outfit fearing she would freeze walking the 6 blocks to Dr. Cão’s office. The fact that she could walk over dressed just the way Dr. Cão wanted her to appear this morning was just one more reason to make her feel giddy.

Jackie was pleased that Helga, her current care giver, had gone out on a date last night and had therefore slept late. It had made slipping out of the house dressed in this new way much easier. A little chill ran down her spine as she thought about getting back into the apartment and what Helga might say about her current outfit. She would worry about that later!

Jackie composed herself, shook her hair straight and looked at her reflection in the shinny black marble surrounding the office entry. She saw that she looked sexy, and that a woman stared back at her. She started to bite her lip but at the last second changed her mind. She thought to herself, “Don’t mess up the pale pink lipstick it took so long to apply correctly.” Dr. Cão had told her never to wear lipstick until today! Jackie wondered why Dr. Cão was so interested in this change of persona?

She opened the door to the office and walking to the center of the waiting area. She said to Heather the receptionist, “I need to see Dr. Cão!” Why had she said “need” and not “want”, like she usually did?

Heather looked up and down and said, “I’m sure Dr. Cão will be pleased to see you! I will let me let him know you’re here.”

Heather disappeared into the inter-office as Jackie looked around the waiting room. She was alone. It felt strange, usually there were people waiting! Mostly the people waiting were mothers and their children and Jackie had to wait until Dr. Cão met his appointments. But, not today, it was as if she had been moved to the head of the line.

Jackie sat down in one of the chairs and started to cross her legs. But at that moment she stopped as a little voice in her head said, “Sit up straight on the front half of the seat and never cross your legs once you put on these clothes! Plant your feet firmly on the floor about 4 inches apart and let your knees part about 6 inches.” She didn’t know why she knew to do this but she knew if she didn’t present herself in the way Dr. Cão desired that she was at risk of not going to camp. She was cutting a fine time line as it was!

Just at that moment Dr. Cão came into the waiting area and stopped to stare at Jackie. She was only vaguely aware that as he looked her over her knees parted another few inches. Dr. Cão smiled and said, “Jackie we were waiting for you! We were worried you wouldn’t make it on time!”

Jackie thought “we”, but before she could say a word Dr. Cão helped her up and led her by the hand into his office/conference room.

As she entered she was aware of two other grown-ups seated in the office.
“Jackie, let me introduce you to Professor Susan Fitzroy and Dr. Henry Milner! Jackie, together Professor Fitzroy, Dr. Milner and I run the summer camp we have spoken about”!

Jackie looked at the others! Professor Fitzroy sat holding the leash of a large German Sheppard that Jackie recognized as Carla’s dog Hines. The Professor was an attractive woman about her mother’s age but with much larger breasts. Professor Fitzroy was dressed in a conservative gray/lavender two piece suit with a relatively short skirt and a gray blouse that allowed a bit of her lace bra to show through. “Sexy but only a tease”, thought Jackie!

Something about Professor Fitzroy’s shoes caught her attention. As she looked at them she saw they were gray high heeled string sandals of a type she had heard her father refer to, when her mother wore a pair that were similar, as “slut shoes”.

She noticed that Professor Fitzroy wore fairly opaque gray hose with a slight shininess to them. Jackie’s eyes traveled up the Professors legs and she became aware that the Professor was sitting just as she had been compelled to do out in the waiting room.

At that moment she noticed both that Professor Fitzroy’s hose were thigh high stay ups and that the professor was not wearing underwear. She blushed and caught her breath slightly as the Professors bald pussy lips seemed to wink at her and she thought she noticed a small drop of liquid appear.

Flustered, Jackie blushed again and quickly looked over to Dr. Milner. Dr. Milner was about her father’s age and very fit looking in a black silk sweater and gray Italian light wool suit. Although not as handsome as Dr. Cão, his warm smiles instantly made Jackie relax.

She heard Professor Fitzroy say, “So Jackie we understand you’re a woman now!”

Jackie’s eyes darted to Dr. Cão, whose eyebrow only went up in an arch as if to say, “Well are you?”

Jackie blushed again and said, “Ah, yes! I started to bleed yesterday evening” and she turned to Dr Cão saying , “and just as you said he would, Baron spent most of the night licking my ………………uh………..uh”

“Cunt dear, or pussy! Those are the words men like to hear, right Henry?”

“Cunt!” Jackie mouthed the word for the first time.

Dr. Milner blushed a little but said, “You’re sure? You’re not just telling us this so you can go to camp?”

Jackie was embarrassed but she managed to chock out, “NO! I came into heat!”

She blushed again!

Professor Fitzroy smiled at her and she said, “Well my dear then we both did last night! We are on the same cycle!”

Dr. Milner said, “Ernesto, judging by your reaction, you believe Jackie here to be in heat as well, but lets let Hines tell us for sure as this is the go – no go - limit!”

“You’re right Henry as usual!” And, he snapped his fingers in front of Jackie’s eyes.

Jackie instantly relaxed and stared straight ahead! All sense of panic and embarrassment slipped away. She could hear what Dr. Cão was saying to her and she felt compelled to please this man no matter what he requested.

Dr. Cão was saying, “I know you don’t know much about our research at the moment and I will assure you that everything will be explained to you later or at camp. But, for now we must be sure you’re in heat. Everything depends on it!”

Dr. Cão said to Jackie, “Now remove your underwear Jackie and face the door!”

Jackie reached up under her mini-skirt and pushed her panties down. She deftly stepped out of her panties and turned toward the door.

“Now Jackie get down on your hands and knees and spread your knees about 8 inches apart!”

Again, Jackie did as she was commanded. Her smooth hairless pussy and ass were aimed right at Professor Fitzroy and Hines.

Hines whimpered and strained at his collar. Dr. Cão nodded to Professor Fitzroy and she let go of the dog’s lead.

Hines raced up behind Jackie sniffing her pussy and anus. After two sniffs Hines started licking Jackie from, clit to anus. Jackie responded instantly lowering her shoulders and pressing her sex back into Hines tongue. A low moan came from Jackie as Hines whimpered and licked faster letting his tongue reach deeper in between the young woman’s pussy lips.

Dr. Milner laughed and said, “Well Ernesto, I think we have found the last bitch of the season!”

“And, a very young one, just as we have discussed experimenting with!”, added Susan Fitzroy.

“Good find Ernesto! You were right she did bud early, you were right to have us wait!”

Hines started to mount Jackie , and Dr. Cão reached down and grabbed Hines’ collar, saying in Hines’ ear, “No Hines this is Baron’s bitch!”

Hines dismounted and whined in frustration. Then circling back over toward Professor Fitzroy, he sat down and began to lick his penis.

Dr. Cão had taken a chair next to Jackie and was casually running his fingers over her wet smooth pussy lips and making small circles around her anus. Jackie just wiggled and moaned in response as she found she could not force the fingers into greater contact.

Dr Milner watched Cão’s fingers and said, “Ernesto, if we are going to stay on schedule she needs to become pregnant in the next couple of days, we can’t wait for a month at the camp!”

Dr. Cão looked down at Jackie’s very responsive and suggestive body motions and said, “I know but tradition gives the first honor to Baron!” Why don’t you take Helga out to camp now? Jackie can come back to the apartment in a couple of hours and I would rather it be empty. I’ll bring Jackie and Carla out on Monday after school lets out! Susan, you can bring the other three girls out next month.

Professor Fitzroy shook her head and said, “I’ll drive Jackie and Carla to camp after school lets out for the year. You take the other girls. She won’t look at you the same way by Monday morning, and someone needs to explain to her what is going to happen at camp.”

Dr. Cão said, “Oh Ok! And, glancing at Hines who continued to whine and lick himself so he added, “And Susan, put Hines out of his misery!”

“And Henry, get moving! I want the apartment cleared out by the time I get there!”

Susan was standing now and starting to remove her skirt. Dr. Milner wanted to stay and watch her service the German Sheppard but he moved to the door.

Just as Dr Milner got to the door Dr. Cão said, “And Henry, try to get Helga knocked up so she can be more useful to us than just a cook and maid”

At that moment Jackie realized that the boyfriend Helga was always out with was Dr. Milner. Wow, maybe there was more to Helga than just being a pretty but dumb blonde Finnish girl!

Part 4

Lost in thoughts about Helga, Jackie slowly became aware that Professor Fitzroy was on her hands and knees beside her.

As she looked bask she notice that Professor Fitzroy was only wearing her hose and a bra that turned out to be a bra type devise that reached to the top of her hips. Hines was already licking away behind the Professor making small whinnying sounds. Dr. Cão had moved his chair around to where he could reach crotches of both women.

Professor Fitzroy caught her eye and smiled. “Jackie dear, what I’m wearing is a ribbed full length bra! It keeps Hines dew claws from tearing my sides. We will go shopping for one to fit you in a little while. In fact, you may want to have more than one!”

Hines took that moment to mount the Professor from behind. The professor added, “And Jackie, from now on just call me Susan because as you can see I’m a “bitch” as well!”

Hines clearly wanted Susan to pay more attention to his needs as he nipped Susan right where her neck and shoulder came together. Susan yelped, but immediately dropped to her elbows which forced her hips up into Hines. Susan said no more as she began to play the part of the bitch in heat.

Jackie was aware that Dr. Cão’s fingers were running up and down her wet slit and that as one finger played with her clit, the sight of Susan’s actions were getting her more turned on.

Dr. Cão said, “Jackie have you ever had a climax?”

She said, “I don’t know!”

“Well you are about to have the first of several! Copy Susan’s position and let your mind become Susan’s and feel what she is feeling!”

Jackie again dropped down to her elbows as she copied Susan every move.

After a few moments she felt a strange sensation take over her body. She felt like she was floating as wave after wave of little electric shocks radiated out from her crotch and through her body. Then one wave ran up her belly and spine at the same time meeting in her brain. She shuddered and started moving her body faster and faster against the fingers until the electric shocks burst in her brain and she froze trembling. She almost fainted.

She was aware that Dr. Cão’s fingers were just barely moving as she gasped for breath.

She heard Dr. Cão say, “So you like sex!”

She nodded but heard herself say, “If it is like that, wow!”

“Well watch Susan then to see what it is really all about!”

Jackie turned to watch Susan and was instantly aware that she could see little ripples pulsing along Susan’s shoulders neck and arms. She realized Susan was experiencing the same electric pulses that she had just felt.

But as the pulses built, Susan became much more vocal. “Yes, Hines you fucking stud! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”

Hines seemed to understand the request and he sped up his thrusts as Susan met every one with a backward thrust of her own.

Jackie heard a little pop sound like a cork being taken from a bottle. At that Susan arched her back and her head came up as she shuddered and screamed, “Oh Hines Yes! Yes, Yes, Yes! Fill me with your puppy seed!”

Hines and Susan seemed frozen like that for several moments as Jackie realized the electric shocks were again racing through Susan’s body. Jackie was aware that she was turned on watching Susan and Hines. She was also aware that she wanted to be Susan!

Dr. Cão’s fingers worked faster as Jackie’s movements copied those she had watched Susan make. All of a sudden Jackie screamed, “Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Yesssssssssssssss!”

Jackie’s back arched and her head came up as she screamed, “Yeaaaaaaaaaa, Yesssssssssssssssssss!” one last time before clasping onto the floor.

As she began to regain her senses, Jackie looked up into Susan’s face. Susan’s eyes were sparking as she smiled down at Jackie.

“Go into the bathroom and clean-up dear and have a soda. Then we will go shopping together but, it will be 15 to 20 minuets before Hines’ knot shrinks to a size small enough to let me go!”

Susan could see confusion on Jackie’s face. “Go dear, I’ll explain later!”


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My name is Talea, and I love this story as a science fiction sort of novel. I'm a writer myself, and could never bring myself to write an erotic story. But I love every bit I've read from you, sir, flaws and all. You're an excellent writer. Thank you for sharing, for really putting yourself out there.


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