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Sorry it took so long to post. I don't seem to have nearly as much time as I used to. I'm working on chapter 4, but don't expect it very soon. I'll do my best to finish it quickly and get it on here, though. Hope you enjoy!
Hell Hath No Fury…

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, or a man for that matter. Humans are animals after all; you never know how vicious that cute furry little creature can truly be till its back into a corner.

The events over the past couple of weeks played again and again in Gabby’s head as she slept. She’d been on a rollercoaster of emotions since she first spied her husband, Derrick, with another woman. Since then she’d met her soul mate, Jacob, whom she fallen for unexpectedly and immediately. Recently she learned Derrick had not only been lying to her, but also to his fiancé and her family, posing as his dead brother Peter. Why he was doing all this still remained a mystery. Her urge for answers was diminishing, she just wanted out of the whole situation swiftly. The more she discovered about this stranger she married, the more she wanted nothing to do with the man. He was a creep and there was no telling what he might be capable of… but Gabby would soon come to find out.

She awoke late the next morning nestled in the arms of the man she loved. Jacob was lightly snoring and she actually enjoyed the rumble against her ear. If things were simple she’d stay right where she was forever. Her distaste for the man she once trusted no longer had anything to do with him cheating or even the fact he’d gotten engaged to this naive young woman. Gabby had known Pete, her husband’s brother, prior to his death in a horrific car accident over a year ago. She’d come to not only like the man, but also respected and admired him a great deal. The fact Derrick had tricked people into believing he was Pete disgusted Gabby to no end. What other deep dark secrets was Derrick hiding? All this only fueled impulse to run as far and as fast away from him she could. But Gabby had to stop him before he did any permanent damage. She convinced herself it was her responsibility to expose his lies. Her heart was noble, but no good deed goes unpunished.

As Jacob began to stir Gabby pushed her thoughts aside to focus her attention on this man she barely knew yet loved with her whole heart. “Morning love.” She greeted him when his eyes opened.

“Good morning my sweet.” He greeted back brushing the hair from her face. “I can get used to waking up to your beautiful smile.”

“I love you Jacob.” She kissed his palm as it passed over her cheek.

“And I love you Gabby.” He held her close enjoying the moment.

Gabby looked down to notice the tent forming in the sheet. She slithered under the bed sheet getting in position between his legs. Taking his morning wood in hand she licked up the shaft and around the head engulfing it in her mouth. She worked her way down taking more and more in till it reached the back of her throat. Then she began bobbing up and down sucking greedily.

“Oh yea that’s it!” Jacob groaned.

Gabby bobbed faster coaxing the sperm out. His balls tightened and his member swelled. She knew he was close. “Oh shit!” He hollered as he released down her throat. She continued to suck till she’d swallowed every last drop.

“My turn!” Jacob said sitting up ready to flip her on her back to return the favor.

“Uh uh.” She shook her head no. “Breakfast first!”

She hopped up and left the room in nothing but her birthday suit. Jacob murmured his disappointment but followed his lady, although less enthusiastically. Gabby was rummaging through the fridge pulling out several items with the intent to make omelets. Jacob took a seat at the island and watched her work.

“This would make a fantastic cooking show.” He chuckled. “They could call it ‘The Naked Chef’. It bet it’d be huge!”

“Yea as long as they don’t deep fry anything… that could be painful!”

“Ah see that’s where the comical aspect comes in!”

“You say that now, but imagine if it was a male chef…”


“Exactly! Hot grease popping on your willy wouldn’t be so funny now would it?”

“Kill joy!”

“Sorry to burst your bubble…” Gabby’s brown eyes gleamed with contentment. Even something as simple as conversing while cooking breakfast brought her extreme happiness, thanks to Jacob. She finished up their meal, plating the food, and setting it in front of him. She claimed her usual stool, right beside his.

“Looks delicious!” He complimented.

“Wait till you taste it.”

Jacob took a bite. “Yum!” He mumbled shoveling in more food.

“See you aren’t the only chef in this house!”

They ate quickly. Between bites she’d shoot him suggestive glances, to which he’d wink and gobble faster. He wanted to get her off, he wanted to hear her moan and see her writher under his touch. It wasn’t long before Jacob had finished and was knelt on the ground teasing Gabby with his tongue. She was attempting to eat the rest of her food, so she tried pushing his head away. He was having none of that. He grabbed tightly to her bum scooting her closer to the edge of the stool, bringing her crotch so that he had easier access. She dropped her fork on the plate, giving up all resistance.

“I can’t eat while you’re doing that.” She purred. He simply shrugged in response.

Gabby now had her hand on the back of his head urging him on. He stiffened his tongue already coated with her sweet nectar and plunged as far as he could wiggling it about tasting every inch of her womanhood. She squirmed like crazy. He’d slide his tongue in and out, making sure to flick her clit every time. The stool rocked back and forth as she thrust her hips forward. They nearly toppled over when she arched her back completely lost in the moment. He held the legs of the stool steady, refusing to relent till he heard her moan loudly. She let go of his head to pinch her own nipples, the combined sensations sent her over the edge.

She thrust once more sending his tongue deep inside as she climaxed hard. “Oh my gosh! I’m cumming!”

He sucked up all her juices. Gabby was still shaking in ecstasy when he stood. Covering her lips with his own, he positioned his now hard cock at her entrance while she moaned into his mouth. When he bucked forward he slid easily into the warm wet cavern. Gabby threw her head back and gasped at the pleasurable intrusion. Holding onto the back of the stool to keep it upright, he thrust powerfully in and out. Gabby clung to his back as he took her willing body. She lifted her legs up and spread them wide to give him full access. He pounded her mercilessly for 30mins. Finally her body had had enough, her inner walls clamped down on his rock hard rod as she experienced yet another mind blowing orgasm. Her pussy contracting on his cock caused Jacob cum to shoot out drowning her insides with his sperm. Both of them wailed and moaned at the top of their lungs. When he pulled out the mixture of his and her cum oozed out and onto the chair. Jacob got a hand towel to clean them and the seat.

He wiped the sweat from his brow. “I think it’s time for another shower, don’t you?” He suggested while tiding the mess left from breakfast.

“Good idea.” Gabby stood and made her way toward the stairs. “You coming?”

“I’ll be right up. Warm the water for me.”

Later when they were freshly cleaned and dressed, they sat on the back porch sipping coffee.

“So, what now?” Gabby chimed in.

“Well, I’ve already called Janie, she’s on her way. She’ll take you home. I won’t see you again till Monday. You’ll act like you’re getting ready for work and once he’s gone start packing. I have my meeting with Allison’s father early in the morning. After the meeting I’ll come pick up a load of your things, bring it her, then go back to help with the rest. When we’re done we’ll contact my lawyer friend to start the process for divorce.” He mapped it out for her.

“Wow…ok… Until then what am I supposed to do?”

“Go home and try to act as though everything’s normal. I’m worried if he catches wind of this too soon he’ll drain your account and skip town.”

“Can’t he do that anyhow come Monday? Me not coming home and all my stuff missing will be a red flag something’s up.”

“Yea but you are going to put a hold on the account come Monday. We’re handling this the legal route.”

“If you say so. I trust you.”

They heard Janie burst in the front door and skip through the house.

“Hey you two!” Janie’s bubbly voice sang when she slid open the glass door.

“Hey sis.” Jacob stood giving her a quick hug.

“You ready to go?” Janie asked looking at Gabby.

“As ready as I’ll ever be…” Gabby still felt weary about the situation, but put on a brave face.

Jacob helped her out of the chair and held her tight. “I love you.” He whispered in her ear.

“I love you too.” She whispered back.

He placed one last kiss on her lips before letting her go. She held back the tears as she turned to leave. He watched her shinny golden brown hair sway as she walked away.

Janie dropped her off; wishing her good luck, then drove away. Gabby wasn’t much surprised to find the house deserted. Checking her phone, there were no missed calls or messages. Jacob’s sent lingered on her and although she loved it, she didn’t want Derrick to catch a whiff. She opted to take yet another shower. Once the manly smell was washed away, replaced with feminine flowery body wash, she threw on some sweats and curled up on the sofa with a novel. An hour and a half later Derrick walked in carrying groceries.

“Good you’re home!” Derrick smiled at her as he made his way to the kitchen. “There’s a few more sacks out there, if you can go grab them that’d be great.”

“Sure thing.” Gabby got up and slipped her feet into a pair of house shoes waiting by the front door. There were a few more groceries and several department store bags. “He’s been to the mall again.” She was thinking. “I’ve been keeping an on the accounts, where the heck is he getting the money from?” The answer to that and other questions would come later, for now she had to play her part as loving wife. It took two trips to get it all inside. Derrick was busily putting away groceries. She took the few other grocery bags to the kitchen to help.

“What’s with all the stuff?” Gabby asked setting the bags on the counter.

“I’ve been meaning to tell you, I got a bonus a work. So I went a shopping spree.” He stopped what he was doing and faced her. “Look I’m sorry I’ve been distracted lately. It’s been so busy at work. And with this bonus also come more responsibility. I’m hoping you’ll be understanding. They’re going to be sending me on a lot of business trips for the next year. It’ll be hard on both of us for a while, but if things go as planned I’ll get another much larger bonus in the end.”

Gabby saw through his lies, but went along with his story. “How long ago did you find out about all this?”

“Uh… the other day. But I stayed at work and then yesterday you rushed out so quickly. By the way, how way your night with … what’s her name?”

“Janie… it was fun. How was yours?”

“Oh same ol same ol.” He turned back around and finished putting away groceries.

“You should have the guys come over sometime soon. I haven’t seen them in forever.” Gabby didn’t know why she was pushing him by suggesting something she knew he wouldn’t be able to agree to, but she couldn’t help herself.

“Umm… Yea we’ll see… I mean, I’m going to be pretty busy so don’t get your hopes up.” He looked uneasy after being put on the spot. “Hey I want to show you what I got…” He walked quickly into the living room expecting her to follow. Gabby did as he wanted and heading into the living room behind him. There he was already pulling garments out of the bags to show her. She really wasn’t interested in anything he’d bought her, but pretended anyhow. Most of what he’d gotten was for her. Purses, sunglasses, heels, boots, clothes, a coat, lingerie, and a charm bracelet Gabby had had her eye on for some time. She hated that he was being so thoughtful to remember that.

“Thank you.” She said giving him a peck on the cheek that made her stomach churn.

“It’s my way of showing my gratitude for your patience and understanding lately. Most wives wouldn’t be so keen on their husband’s staying all night at work, but you aren’t most women and that’s what I love about you.” His words made Gabby mentally roll her eyes.

“And if you can bear with me while I’m traveling, then we can go back to our perfect little life.” He smiled patting her knee. “Tonight is about us though. If I’m not mistaken it’s the anniversary of the day we met.”
“Oh… uh… I completely forgot.” Gabby hadn’t forgotten, she’d just chosen to not think about it.

“That’s ok. So, tonight we celebrate!”

She didn’t like the sound of that. “What exactly do you have planned?”

“I made reservations at your favorite place, then dancing.” Derrick seemed genuinely excited.

“I’m not up for all that. Can we just stay in? I don’t feel too well after last night.” She was attempting to get out of a romantic evening with him.

His face contorted in anger. “Maybe you shouldn’t of stayed out all night drinking with that chick!” He barked.

“Derrick I never say anything about you going out with the guys…”

He immediately went calm. “You’re right. That was rude of me. I’m sorry. We’ll stay in if you wish. We can do a nice dinner here.”

Gabby was hesitant, she honestly didn’t want to be near him, let alone share an intimate dinner at home or anywhere. But she swallowed the lump in her throat caused by fear, and got back in the mindset of the part she was playing. “That sounds great. I’d like that. Thank you Derrick.”

“Anything for you Gabs.” With that he left the room. Hollering from the kitchen, he asked. “So do you want me to order food? Or I can grill steak?”

“Let’s just order.”

He brought several take out menus into the room for Gabby to decide. She made her decision and Derrick called in the order. Gabby thought it was a bit early for dinner, being just 3pm. Even by the time the food arrived, it would still be quite early. “You do realize it’s barely 3 right?” Gabby questioned.

“Yes dear, I realize. I’m going out to rent a movie for tonight.” He said walking out the door. Gabby was glad to see him go, even if only for a short while.

She picked up her phone and texted Jacob. – I don’t know if I can do this all weekend – She wrote.
He replied quickly. – I’ll think up something to get you out of the house tomorrow. K? –
- Ok. Let me know. I’m turning my phone off now, but I’ll check it before bed.-
- I will. I love you Gabby.-
- I love you too.-

She turned her phone off and put it on charge. She got her book and resumed reading it while she waited for Derrick to return. He was back in a matter of minutes. He left her alone to read until dinner arrived. As they ate Derrick made small talk. Gabby tried to pay attention, but really she didn’t hear much of the chatter coming from his mouth. She was silently counting the minutes till Monday rolled around. All she could think about was Jacob, being apart from him was torture. Just imagining his touch made her skin tingle.

“Hey… Hey Gab!” Gabby blinked back to reality at Derrick’s stern voice. “Are you paying attention?”

“Oh uh…” She didn’t have an answer; the truth was she wasn’t paying any attention to his droning.

“Where were you just now?”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorta out of it.”

“This is exactly why you shouldn’t be partying…”

Gabby was annoyed now. “Listen you can’t get upset ...”

“Don’t be so defensive.” Derrick cut her off. “I was joking.”

He was being too nice now, part of her was suspicious of his behavior and part of her was strangely ashamed at how she was acting. She made an effort to be more attentive the rest of the evening.

When they finished eating Derrick cleared the table and Gabby put in the movie he’d rented. They sat on the couch watching the movie. She made a point to sit as far away from him as possible. He either didn’t notice or didn’t care, because he never objected. After the movie they got ready for bed. Gabby tried to find an opportunity to check her phone, but it never came. Once in bed Derrick put the moves on her, sliding his hand under her shirt while they spooned.

Gabby pushed his hand away. “Not tonight. I really don’t feel well. I think I’m coming down with something.”

Derrick wasn’t easily detoured. He groped and squeezed her body forcibly. Again Gabby pushed him away. “Derrick stop!” She screamed. He wasn’t listening. He rolled her over, straddling her at the waist, and pinned her hands above her head. She thrashed about trying to get free. It was no use. His weight, though light, was still overpowering for Gabby. He smashed his mouth up against hers giving her a rough unwanted kiss. When he lifted his head Gabby was sobbing and yelling for help. “Come on, don’t be like that Gabs, it’s been over a week since we’ve had sex. I need you.” He spoke calmly. His soft tone now seemed eerie to her. He ripped her night shirt and began kneading her breasts harshly.

“Quit it! I don’t want this! Please get off me!” She begged him to end his assault.

Finally he got off and backed away. “I’ll buy you a new shirt.” That’s all he said to her before walking out of the room. Gabby dashed to the bathroom as soon as he was out of sight. She sat in there crying into a towel. She washed her face and discarded her torn shirt in the trash. She stood in front of the mirror noticing bruising where he’d manhandled her fragile skin. Derrick was in the living room watching TV when she left the bathroom. She slipped into bed quietly, praying he wouldn’t bother her anymore that night.

Come morning Derrick acted as if nothing happened. He was back to his too nice self. He offered to make breakfast. While he was busy in the kitchen, Gabby to her chance and checked her phone for any messages.

Sure enough there were a few texts from Jacob. The first told her of his plan for her to get out of the house. – Janie’s going to call you in the morning, just play along with her. Whatever she comes up with will be more than enough of an excuse for you to leave most the day. -

Then later he wrote. – I haven’t heard back from you yet. Everything alright? –

The final text said. – I have an awful feeling something is wrong. Please get back to me asap! –

Gabby texted back. – I’m ok. Had an issue last night, but nothing to worry about. I’m ready for Janie’s call whenever. –

She got an immediate response. – Thank God! I nearly went there and broke down the door. Janie talked me out of it. I’ll let her know you’re ready for her call. –

Gabby put away her phone after deleting all texts. As she entered the living room she heard Derrick say breakfast was ready. They ate in silence. The call from Janie came before Gabby had even finished her food. Gabby rushed to answer it.

“Hello?” Gabby said to a hysterically crying Janie.

“You have to come over! My boyfriend broke up with me! I’m devastated!” Janie said overdramatically.

“I’ll be right there.” Gabby said concerned, playing along with her performance.

“Oh thank you! I don’t what I’m gonna do!” Gabby hung up as Janie faked wailed into to the phone.

“You’ll be right where?” Derrick asked standing in the doorway.

“Janie’s boyfriend broke up with her. I’m going to go comfort her.” Gabby said as she threw on a pair of jeans and an old baggy sweater. Then she proceeded to slip on her uggs.

“How are you two best friends all of a sudden?” He questioned.

“It’s a woman thing, you wouldn’t understand…”

“You leaving out like this wouldn’t have anything to do with last night, would it?”

“Maybe a little…” Gabby admitted honestly.

“Listen, I apologize for what I did. I was out of line. I guess I’m not used to you turning me down. And I’ve been stressed because of work. That’s no excuse though. It won’t happen again.”

Gabby didn’t care what he had to say, she only wanted to get out of there as fast as she could. “You scared me. I don’t care why. It happens again and I’ll leave. Right now I need some space.”

“Ok, I get it. I’ll leave you alone.”

Gabby rushed out of the house and sped away before his personality switched again. When she arrived at Janie’s she saw Jacob’s SUV in the parking lot. He was down the stairs and had her in his arms the second she opened her car door. They walked hand in hand back up the stairs to Janie’s apartment.

Janie resumed her fake crying the second they walked through the door. “I’m sooooo glad you’re here! I’m sooooo sad he left me! How could he!”

“My sister, the actress…” Jacob chuckled.

“I’d say that was an outstanding performance Janie. Two thumbs up!” Gabby complimented her.

Janie took a dramatic bow. “Thank you… Thank you…”

They sat around at Janie’s going over the plan, making sure they had everything they need for the next day. When lunch time came Janie offered to go get pizza, mainly to give Jacob and Gabby a bit of alone time.

“So you never told me what the issue was that came up last night…” Jacob mentioned once Janie was gone.

“Oh nothing really…” Gabby tried to play it off.

“My sweet, please don’t lie to me.”

“Ok ok… Look don’t freak out…” Gabby took a breath then continued. “ He tried to force himself on me...”

“WHAT?!” Jacob stood, fists clenched.

“I said don’t freak out…”

“I’m going to kill him!!!!”

“He didn’t actually do anything. He got a little rough when I wouldn’t sleep with him, that’s all. He didn’t do more than grope and kiss me. Then he stopped. And he said he was sorry…”

“I don’t give a shit if he says he’s sorry! You are not going back there!”

“It’s just one more night, remember?”

“One more night? I can’t risk that! I can’t risk you!”

“Calm down… He’s not going to do that again.”

“How do you know? What if he does?”

“If I think for one second he’s going to go crazy on me, I’ll run as fast as I can and call you… Ok?”

“I don’t know Gabby…”

“Jacob, trust me.”

He relented, against his better judgment. “Fine. But don’t try to hide something from me again.”

“I won’t. I promise.”

Janie returned to her apartment and they hung out till late in the evening. Gabby knew it was time to go, so she kissed Jacob goodbye and headed home. Derrick didn’t say much when she got there. That night he slept on the couch, which Gabby was glad about. They both woke early the next morning. He dressed and left for work at his usual time. Gabby was pretending to get ready as he told her goodbye. She watched out the window as he drove away. She replaced the scrubs she had on with jeans, and oversized tee, and tennis shoes. Immediately she began packing. She had several boxes ready and waiting by the door when Jacob arrived.

“How did the meeting go?” She incurred off the bat.

“Good. Mr. Tate was skeptical at first, but after I showed him the evidence he was convinced. I’ve never seen a man so infuriated. That’s a father for you.” Jacob was confident with the outcome. “Now I think I deserve a victory kiss.”

“Oh you deserve so much more than that.” She said standing on her tiptoes to give him a sultry smack on the lips.

“I’ll settle for a kiss for now, we have a lot to get done.”

“Well let’s load this stuff into your vehicle then.”

Once everything was in the SUV Jacob asked her. “How much you got left to pack?”

“Not much… mostly clothes and books and toiletries.”

“Get to it. I’ll be back soon as I can.”

Gabby returned to boxing up her items. She completed two more boxes and had them set by the front door. While in her room, continuing to pack, she saw out the window Derrick’s jeep pulling in the drive. Panicked, she sent a text to Jacob. He texted back that he was unloading the SUV and he’d be on his way back shortly. He told her to remain calm.

“Hunny I’m home!” Derrick sounded angry. “And so are you apparently! Going somewhere are you?

Gabby nervously entered the living room. “I’ve been meaning to talk with you…”

“Obviously! Seeing as how you are secretly moving out while I’m at work!”

“Now Derrick don’t be like that…”

“Like what? Pissed? Why should I be pissed?” He was yelling at her. “Not like I got fired today, then came home to find my wife packing up preparing to leave me! You could have had the decency to communicate this with me!”

“You’re one to talk!” She blurted out. Gabby slapped her hand over her mouth regretting her words instantly.

Derrick’s face turned evil. “What the fuck did you just say?” The look on his face and his tone of voice made Gabby’s skin crawl. “What do you know?”

As he moved closer Gabby was paralyzed with fear. Derrick grabbed her by the hair yanking hard.

“I’m not gonna repeat myself again! What the fuck do you know?!” He demanded an answer.

Weakly Gabby responded. “I know about her… I know you’re engaged.”

Derrick backhanded her causing her to fall to the floor with a thud. “You don’t’ know shit!” He screamed. “I was never unfaithful! I wasn’t the one engaged, Pete was!”

Gabby lay on the hard wood, blood trickling from her nose. She was confused by his words. Sobbing she said. “Pete’s dead…”

Derrick squatted down. “Of course he’s dead silly.” Derrick was talking softly now. “I’m not an idiot. Don’t you see, I couldn’t do those things as me, I had to be Pete when I was with her. I love you too much to ever cheat on you.”

Gabby looked at him like he was crazy. “It doesn’t matter what name you told her, you were still cheating.”

Derrick laughed. “Only if you choose to view it that way. I don’t. I did this all for us Gabs. We would have been set for life.”

“You aren’t making any sense.”

“I never loved her. I was using her. You shouldn’t be jealous. It’s you I love Gabs.” He said wiping the tears from her face.

“Don’t touch me! You are never to touch me again!”

“Tisk tisk Gabs. That’s no way to speak to you husband.”

“I shouldn’t have married you! I’ll fix that mistake soon enough!”

“You will, will you?” He grabbed her hair dragging her to the sofa. “Sit!” He ordered. Gabby sat holding her shirt to her nose to catch the blood. “Now let me tell you how things will be from here out. You are not going to leave me ever! You will quit that stupid job and we are gonna start that family you’ve been delaying. If you ever attempt to go you will end up just like my late brother!”

Gabby’s eyes grew wide with fright. Was she hearing him correctly? Was he admitting to murder? That couldn’t be, Pete died in a car wreck.

“That insurance money was great, but I wanted more.” Derrick kept talking. “I hit the jackpot with Allison. First her parents were to parish in an accident soon after the wedding. Several months later Allison would have joined them. I would have been the beneficiary of their entire estate. Too bad that’s all gone to shit now…”

Derrick paced back and forth while removing his suit jacket and tie. He paused a moment looking at Gabby. “What? Cat got your tongue?”

“You… you’re… you’re insane…”

Derrick cackled like she’d told a joke. “You’ll come around to my way. But for now, I think you’ve denied me long enough.” He ripped off his dress shirt as he approached Gabby. “Take off your clothes.”

“No… you can’t be serious…” Gabby whispered.

“Oh but I am serious Gabs. I noticed you haven’t been taking you pills lately, so this is as good a time as any to start that family I’ve always wanted. I tried the other night, but you refused. You won’t refuse me this time Gabs.”

Gabby had forgotten about her pill the last several days with all that transpired. She’d have to worry about that later, for now she had to escape somehow. She jumped up and ran for the front door. She didn’t get far before Derrick tackled her to the ground. “You will not leave me!” He screamed pulling her to him. She kneed him in the groin and scrambled back to her feet to race for freedom. He lurched forward and grabbed her by the ankles sending her crashing back to the floor. He straddled her waist and punched in the face with his balled up fist. This stunned her momentarily. “Now behave!” He tore her shirt off and started working on removing her pants. “I’d rather die than have your baby!” She yelled while clawing at him causing multiple scratches on his arms and face. “Then so be it!” Derrick spat as he took her head and began banging it into the hardwood. There was a pool of blood forming as he kept banging her head harder and harder. As the blackness crept near she prayed over and over that help would arrive soon. The fear that Jacob would be too late, that she’d never see him again, it was too much. Tears fell as blacked out.

To Be Continued…


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