what happens when you allow someone to gain control
Tony was there the next day to pick me up after school. I could tell that Cici was unhappy that we weren't riding the bus together anymore or maybe it was because we weren't going back to my house to play with my mom's toys anymore. I was happy though because I knew that Tony could be with any girl he wanted but he wanted to be with me.
"Can we go get some ice cream?" I asked him after I got into the car.
"Sure," he said as he put his hand on my thigh and smiled at me.
We drove along the street and pulled into a shopping center that had a grocery store.
"You stay here," he said as he got out of the car.
"But I wanted to go to a Dairy Queen," I said disappointed.
"I'll get a gallon of ice cream and we can eat it at your place," he said and left.
I started thinking about whether he was embarrassed to be with me or if he was just anxious to get home and fool around. I started feeling sad that it might be the former.
After he got the ice cream he sped to my house. Again he came into the bedroom with me and laid on the bed.
"Get a big spoon," he said, holding up the container of melting ice cream.
I went into the kitchen and got a table spoon and brought it back. When I came into the bed room I was shocked to see that Tony was naked, lying on the bed.
"Come here and take off your clothes," he said, smiling.
I walked over to him, gave him the ice cream and slowly started to remove my blouse. I was a bit embarrassed that he would see my small titties. Even though he had made me feel so good by licking my pussy, he still had not seen my naked tittles and I was afraid he wouldn't like them because he was so small. I took the blouse off and unhooked my bra. I took it off without looking at him. My little nipples were hard and I didn't look at Tony to see what his reaction was, but unhooked my plaid skirt and let it drop to the floor. I slid my flowered, pink panties to the floor and stood naked except for my white socks and black shoes. I turned my back to Tony, kicked off my shoes and leaned over to slip off my socks. I felt his finger touch my pussy as I was leaning over removing my second sock and the feeling was delicious. He pulled my naked body back to the bed and laid me down beside him. I could see his penis was very hard and pointing up toward his belly button. He laid me on my back and took a spoonful of the melting ice cream and laid put it on my belly button. It was so cold but felt kind of good, too. He leaned over and started licking it off as it started melting and going down between my legs. He chased the melting fluid with his tongue and lapped it up. His tongue lapped between my legs and the feeling was unbelievable. He continue to lap at my pussy with his tongue darting between my lips. I spread my legs wider and he took another spoonful of vanilla ice cream and laid it on top of my pelvis. It melted down over my pussy lips and he, again, started lapping at it. My breathing was coming in quick gasps and I wrapped my legs around his head and gripped him tightly. His tongue darted in and out between my pussy lips slipping over my little nub and sending electric shocks through my body. Suddenly the waves of pleasure I had gotten to know so well in the past days again consumed by brain and the fireworks shot off. My hips bounced off the bed as I gripped his head tightly between my thighs and I pulled hard at his hair with my hands.
I floated back to earth and saw his ice cream smeared face looking up at me. My juices glistened on his face and it was hard to tell what was the ice cream and what were my juices.
"Like?" he asked, smiling.
I nodded my head.
"Are you ready to make me happy now?" he kneeled up on the bed, his penis looked even bigger than it had the last time.
I nodded my head.
Again he straddled my chest, then pulled himself up and inserted the head of his penis in my mouth. I gripped the base with both hands and started sucking on it as he pumped it in and out of my mouth. Suddenly he stopped.
"You know I won't fuck you until you want me to," he said looking down at me through lust filled eyes.
"I want you to," I said.
"Okay," he said, "it will hurt the first time and there will be blood. You better get a towel that we can throw away."
I got up and ran naked to the closet in the hall. I got a red towel and brought it back to the bed. I laid down on it and he spread my legs as he lowered his body down onto me. I felt the head of his penis at my pussy lips and bit my lip as I awaited the pain. He leaned down and kissed me, slipping his tongue in between my lips and mingling with my tongue.
Suddenly I felt a sharp pain inside me as he jabbed quickly into me. The pain was terrible and I clung to him and screamed as tears streamed down my face.
"It's over," he said softly in my ear.
He laid still for a minute. I could feel his pubic hairs pressing against my pussy lips and knew that the full length of his penis was embedded inside me. I started getting used to the feeling and the pain started subsiding. I felt wetness running down my thighs and knew it must be blood. He started moving slowly in and out of me and the pain disappeared completely. Suddenly the feeling of pleasure returned and my breathing started coming in short gasps. Tony pulled my legs apart and pulled my knees up to my chest. He started plunging into me harder and I could feel the beginning of an orgasm approaching. Just as the wave struck me I felt him pull his penis out and felt wetness on my stomach. He collapsed on top of me and laid there breathing heavily.
So now I was a woman.

* * * * *

Each day Tony would pick me up after school and each day we would come back to the house and have sex. After the first week, Tony gave me a container of birth control pills so that he would not have to pull out of me each time. I didn't ask him where he got them, but he told me to hide them so my parents didn't find them.
I felt badly that I wasn't seeing Cici at all and knew that she was probably angry at me for being with Tony all the time, but I hoped that she understood.
One day, while I was having lunch, Cici came up to me.
"How's your new boyfriend," she asked.
"Wonderful," I said.
"Did you do it yet?" she asked.
I nodded my head.
"Really?" she said excited, "tell me about it. Did it hurt?"
"Yes, alot." I said, "but then it was better than with the toys."
"Really?" she said "ohhh, I miss that toy."
I knew that she was hinting.
"I see Tony every day," I said.
"Well, maybe I could come over and slip into your mom's room while you are having sex with Tony?" she said.
At first I was shocked that she would even suggest something like that. But then I got a little excited at the thought of her being in my mother's room using that double headed toy while Tony and I were having sex in my room.
"You aren't trying to steal my boyfriend are you?" I said, frowning.
"No way," she said. "I just want to play with that toy again."
"Well, you be out here after school and I will tell Tony something," I said.
"Okay," she said excited and ran away. I guess she left before I had a chance to think about it and change my mind.
After school Cici was there and Tony showed up as usual. He seemed a little confused that Cici was waiting with me.
"What's up?" he asked as we got in the car. Cici climbed in the back seat.
"Cici needs to come over to my place for awhile," I said, hoping he wouldn't ask any further questions.
"Okay," he said. I could tell he was disappointed, thinking we wouldn't fool around today.
We drove to the house in silence and as we got out of the car, Tony kept the engine running. He didn't seem sure whether he should stay or leave.
"Come on," I finally said to him. He smiled and turned off the engine.
Once we were inside the house, I took Tony by the hand and led him to my room.
"Cici, you can go into my mother's room and study. Tony and I want to be along awhile," I said.
Both Tony and Cici had big grins on their faces as we went our separate ways.
"So why did Cici have to come over?" Tony asked as he started taking his clothes off and throwing them on the bed.
"You want to talk about Cici or do you have other things in mind?" I said as I pulled down my panties and unhooked my skirt. I still felt uncomfortable taking my top off in front of Tony.
Once on the bed, Tony started kissing between my thighs and I closed my eyes.
"What was that?" Tony said lifting his head from between my legs.
"What was what?" I asked, knowing it was the sound of Cici playing with my mother's toy.
"That?" he said again.
"I don't know," I lied. "Don't stop, please."
"I'll be right back," Tony said, getting up and putting on his pants. "Maybe someone else is here."
"I think it's Cici," I said. "It sounds like it's coming from my mom's room."
"I'll see," he said.
"No," I yelled after him but it was too late. I pulled my panties on and hooked my skirt and ran after him down the hall. Before I got there I heard Cici scream. Tony was standing in the doorway of my mother's room and beyond her I could see Cici laying on my mother's bed with the double headed toy between her legs. Both Tony and Cici were frozen in their spots. Tony continued to watch and I slowly walked up behind him. After a few seconds I suppose the feeling of that double headed toy embedded in Cici's anus and slightly in her pussy was too much for Cici to take and she started returning to what she had been doing, slowly pushing the toy into her pussy and ass.
"Holy shit," Tony said, his mouth open.
Part of me was jealous that Tony was watching and part of me was excited at the sight of Cici laying there doing herself. I took him by the hand and started pulling him back to my room. But he didn't move. He was glued to the spot.
"Whose toys?" Tony said with open mouth.
"My mom's, now come on, please," I said.
"Ever used them?" he asked, still not budging.
"Yes," I said, still pulling on his arm.
"Let's watch," Tony said, looking me in the eye.
"You want to be with HER?" I almost screamed.
Tony didn't answer quick enough and I ran back to my room crying. I slammed the door and fell on my bed. It wasn't until about two minutes had elapsed that I realized that Tony hadn't come after me and that the humming sound was still coming from my mom's bedroom.
I got up and ran down the hall. When I opened the door I saw Tony laying between Cici's spread legs. He was manipulating the toy in and out of both of her holes while at the same time using his tongue on her pussy. I was frozen on the spot, staring and not beleving what I was seeing. Cici had a pillow over her face to stifle her moans so she could not see me. I ran back to my room and slammed the door again. I cried for a half hour before I heard my bedroom door open.
"It's getting late and your parents will be home soon," I heard Tony say from the door.
I continued to cry.
"I'm sorry," Tony said, "I just couldn't contol myself."
The door closed and a few minutes later I heard his car start. When I looked out the window I saw Tony's car speeding away with Cici sitting in the passenger's seat.

* * * * *


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