In a world where slavery is legal...well just read
Authors Note* I wanna thank Miss Brutality who let me use her character and her slave in my story. She messaged me one day telling me how she loved my Gothic Amy and Me Series and wanted to be in the story. Unfortunately my series was ending so I told her she could be the star in my next series SOLD. Im doing three series at once so please bear with me.



It was a clear night sky. A little breezy. Only the stadium lights shining bright gave us what we needed to light up the game. The bleachers and stands where packet to capacity for the game of the year. Quincy Presidents versus Boston Vipers. Red white and blue verses Green yellow and black. It was the fourth quarter 2 minutes left in the game. Boston was winning 21-27 we had the ball. Our last time out was used up as my teammates and I huddled up.

“OK!” I shouted to get the team pumped up. “It’s fourth down on the 50. We need to do this play to perfection! Porter! You snap the ball to me I toss it to James! James, you better shake that pussy whos always on you and go long! I expect you to catch the ball at the 30 and run it the rest of the way! We win this we prove to the rest of the world THAT WE ARE THE BEST TEAM!!! ARE YOU READY!!!?” My fired up teammates shaking there fist replied “READY!!!” “Break” I yelled as we got on the line. I stared at my opponent square in the face. A big tall mother fucker. At least 6’5. I knew they were using there blitz. They needed to it would be a sure way to end the game. “BLUE 42…..BLUE 42….HUT…HUT….HUT….HIKE!!!” I yelled as porter hiked the ball to me and my big opponent ran through porter like he was not even there. I ran far back to the left looking for James. I saw him out at the 34 yard line open. I cocked my hand back and threw the ball for all it was worth. My opponent tackled my ass into the dirt. But I smiled. I knew from the applause and cheer that James got the ball and ran it back. “TOUCH DOWN!!! TOUCH DOWN!!!! TOUCH DOWN!!!” I heard over the loud speaker. “QUINCY WINS!!! QUINCY WINS!!!” I needed help getting up. I limped back to the locker room and stripped out of my football equipment. I hopped in the shower as the rest of the team joined. “WOOOOO WE KICKED THERE ASS!!!” I heard Tyson yell. “QUINCY ALL DAY EVERY DAY BABY!!!” Jackson screamed. I just chuckled and cleaned myself off. I got out of the shower and dried myself off throwing on my street clothes. Baggy black jean shorts and a white wife beater and my beat up white Nikes. My family wasn’t the wealthiest but we got by.

I walked out of the locker room with the coach congratulating me. “Man the scouter for BC will be delighted to see the footage I got of you.” The coach said showing me the camera in his hand. “Thanks man, this is gunna help my family out a lot.” I said smiling as I walked back to the stadium parking lot where my mom, dad, and girlfriend where waiting for me. “Honey you where amazing out there!!!” My mom said wrapping her arms around me and giving me a kiss on the cheek. “Ya sport, my son, the star quarterback.” My dad said staring off with a smile on his face. “Baby you were the best.” Kelly said smiling giving me a hug and a kiss. I was smiling but I looked out of the corner of my eye at two girls talking and pointing at me. One was a blonde haired girl wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. The other was a girl with short black hair that covered her face. She was wearing a Black deep V and skinny jeans. “ANYTHING I CAN HELP YOU GIRLS WITH?” I yelled across the parking lot at them getting their attention. The girl with the blonde hair stared at me. The girls with the black hair tapped the other girl on the shoulder and they walked away. “Weird.” I said confused. “Honey doesn’t pay attention to them.” Mom said quickly and with a hint of panic trying to change the subject. “Sport why don’t you take the car and you and Kelly go and enjoy yourself. Your mom and I will walk home. We have to help the Wilsons clean out there son Rogers’s room.” Dad said. “Why what happened to Roger?” I asked. “…He got sold to some couple in New Hampshire.” Dad told me honestly. That sucked. Roger was a child hood friend of mine. I know his family was going through rough times but I didn’t know they had been reduced to selling their son. Dad gave me they keys and Kelly and I got into my dad’s car and we sped off going for a drive around the city. Kelly knew I was having trouble dealing with Roger being sold. “Baby is you ok?” Kelly asked brushing her brown hair to the side of her face. I looked over at her as she bent forward pushing her boobs against the fabric of her blue sweatshirt. “Im fine.” I said focusing back on the road. “Baby you played like a regular Tom Brady out there.” Kelly said kissing me on the cheek. “…I was good wasn’t I? I hope the scouter for BC hopes so.” I said chuckling. “Well…I think you deserve a present. She said as she put her hand on my crotch. Her hand sent a chill up my spine. I lifted myself up a little so she could unbutton my shorts and pull them down. I sat on the seat with my shorts around my ankles and my boxers on the seat. “Focus on the road and let me have my fun.” Kelly whispered in my ear. She felt my cock growing stiff in my boxers as she pulled down my waist band freeing my member.

“OHHHHH Big boy wanted out.” Kelly giggled as she wrapped her tiny hand around my dick slowly pumping it up and down up and down getting me harder and harder. “Ahhh” A moan escaped my lips. “Mmm baby im gunna love this.” Kelly said as she blew hot breath on the head of my dick. She stuck her tongue out and gave the head of my cock a tentative lick. I jumped up a little putting the head of my cock into her mouth. I sat back down and her head followed swallowing the head and a few inches of my 7 inch rod. She only got 5 inches in her mouth before she started to gag. She tried to get more in her mouth but couldn’t do it so she happily bobbed up and down on my cock. Her hot mouth and slippery tongue was enough to me to pull over in an empty parking lot near the local CVS. I pulled into the parking lot and shut off the engine. I put one hand on Kelly’s head and pushed it up and down face fucking her. Her spit drooled from her mouth and onto my balls. I grabbed her soft fleshy boobs through her top and squeezed them which for a lustful moan from my baby. I pushed my seat back and I lied down as Kelly kept working on my hard cock getting it nice and lubed up. “Ready for some real fun?” Kelly asked. “Damn straight.” I said smiling. Kelly got up and lifted up her skirt to show the little vixen wasn’t wearing panties. She positioned herself over my cock and slowly dropped down impaling herself on my cock. It was tight and warm and so damn wet it drove me crazy. I grabbed her hips and started to bounce her up and down. Kelly lifted her sweat shirt up past her c cup boobs as they jiggled up and down with every bounce. Kelly was moaning and groaning. I felt like I was close so I grabbed her hips and jack hammered her tight cunt. “Baby slow down.” She whined. “Hold on im close.” I moaned as I kept hammering into her feeling my balls tighten up. I pounded her pussy harder and harder as I felt cum fly into my cock and exploded into her tight pussy. “AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH” I moaned as I painted her insides white. We stayed like that for a little while, while my dick deflated and went soft. She slowly sat up and sat down on the passenger seat. “I love feeling your cum inside me. I feel full.” She said giggling. I started up the car smiling. “I love you babe.” I said. “I love you more.” She said giggling.

I drove her to her house and took the car back to mine. I looked at my house. A two story house with two bedrooms. Brown paint chipping off the house and a window busted. “God I hate my house. I hope this scholarship brings in money.” I said to myself. I shut off the engine and walked into the house sitting in my living room. White wall paper with a yellow tint and our 20 inch old TV. I heard whimpering in the kitchen. I got concerned and walked in to see my dad comforting my mom. “Easy honey things will be ok.” He said. “Mom are you alright?” I asked. My voice startled my parents. “Hey Sport how was the drive.” My dad said turning around hugging me. “It was fine.” I said. “Mom are you alright?” I repeated. “Ya sport she’s fine just a little emotional.” Dad said patting mom on the shoulder. “DANIEL WE NEED TOO TELL HIM AND TELL HIM NOW!!!” Mom shouted. “Tell me what?” I said started to sound concerned. “….Son you might want to sit down.” Dad said as mom got out of her seat and I sat down. “Honey you know we love you very much…you know that right?” mom said. “Ya I know.” I said with a reassuring smile. “Well to tell you the truth we didn’t have to come home to help the Wilsons pack. Roger didn’t get sold….We had to come home to sell something’s…Like the car.” Mom said. “Ok, I got a student bus pass.” I said smiling. “And you’re Xbox.” Dad said. “…Fine…I can just find something else to preoccupy my time.” I said. “And Sweetie……We had to sell….you…” Mom said finally putting her head down. I stood up in shock and surprise. “WHAT!!! YOU GUYS ARE GUNNA SELL ME!!!” I said angrily.

“Well Sport…We needed money and someone offered a lot of money for you.” My dad said. “W-Well what did they offer?!?! I can match It…I-I-I’ll get more shifts at work…and when I go to the NFL I’ll make you all the money you need!!!” I said trying to buy my parents back. “Honey…She offered two hundred thousand dollars for you.” Mom said with a really worried look on her face. “Son we know you can make it to the NFL…You’re an amazing QB and when you make it to the NFL you’ll make millions and millions of dollars…but we can’t wait till than to get money we need it now.” Dad said putting his head down in shame. I couldn’t believe it….My mom…My dad…two people who raised me since birth had sold me to someone. “I-I needa sit down.” I said. The room suddenly got very dizzy. I fell back into the chair and started to hyperventilate. It took me a while to calm down. “W-Well when is the person coming to get me? What if I make enough money to hold us over for a while until I can reach two hundred thousand dollars?” I said hoping to God that I could find a loophole. “Son…She’s coming to get you tonight.” Dad said. I sat down and I couldn’t take it in. “I needa go to bed.” I said as I stood up and pushed back my parents and walked up my stairs and into my room. I shut the door and looked around my room. All my trophies and posters…I’ll never see my room again. I fell on my bed in front of me passed out.

“He’s peaceful when he’s sleeping.” A girl said. “Ya want me to wake him up?” Mom asked. “No I got it.” I heard a voice say. I felt something warm and wet attach to my neck and a slow sucking motion proceeded. “Ugh….Ahhh…Ughhh” I moaned as I woke up. I didn’t move my neck by I looked out of the corner of my eye to see that girl I saw in the parking lot. She was sucking and biting my neck. As weird as the situatuation was it felt so good and the blood rushed all the way to my dick. My solider stood at attention and the girl laughed. “Haha He’s UP now. Get out of bed.” She said as I stood up. “Ok im Brittni. Let’s go.” She said opening up my bedroom door. I sized her up. She was shorter than me. About 6 inches shorter, pale skin…Her hair was a mixture of black, red, blonde, and Brown all over. She had brown eyes and a really big rack. Her ass was actually sexy. Sorta got me harder. But I laughed. “Mom…Dad are you serious? Look at this chick…I got like 150 pounds over this girl…She won’t don nothing. Im not going with her.” I said laughing. “Fine.” Brittni said. “What?” I asked after I stopped laughing. “You don’t have to go with me. If you’re not willing to go.” She said shrugging me off. “Ok good. Glad we see eye to ey-“I didn’t even finish my sentence when she raised her knee to my stomach knocking the wind out of me making me double over. “If you’re not willing to go…IM FORCING YOU TO GO!!!” Brittni yelled. My hands went straight to my chest when I felt something wrap around my neck. Brittni walked ten feet in front of me when I felt something tug on my neck. I looked at the mirror to the far right on my room. She put a spiked collar on my neck. If I didn’t move she would choke me. So I begrudgingly walked with her out of my door. Goodbye old home…Goodbye old life…Goodbye old me.

A black limo was in front of us. She opened the door and walked in with me behind her. She sat down on the leather seat and patted the empty space next to her. I sat down confused not knowing what exactly to do or how to act. “Im sorry I had to be rough with you but it’s not my fault…you need to learn to listen.” Brittni said kissing me on the cheek. “Your gunna love where I live. I have another play thing at my house. Shay…You’ll like her if you’re lucky I might give you the privilege of eating her out.” She said smugly smiling. “Oh ya what a privilege.” I said sarcastically. “….What was that?” Brittni said looking at me. “Nothing.” I said looking forward. “First off its nothing MISTRESS!!! And I think you need what I call tough love. She said. She reached her hand behind me and I thought she was just going to put her arm around me when I felt something shock the back of my neck. My whole body went limp and I fell to the limo floor. I looked up and I saw the blue spark of a Taser. She stood up and looked down at me. “You’re in my world now. I am your mistress and you are my slave.” She said looking down at me. “Any questions?” She asked. “EAT ME!” I said spitting on her. She smiled and chuckled a little. “That’s five…and that sounds like a good Idea. Brittni said unzipping her skinny jeans and threw them on the other side of the limo. She stood there in a deep black V and a purple thong. “WH-what are you doing?” I asked catching my breath. “She stood over me and pulled her thong to the side showing me her shave cunt and pierced clit. “Eat me.” Was all she said before she dropped down shoving her cunt in my face I kept my mouth shut and her ample ass was the only thing my eyes could see. “Eat me or I’ll shock your ass again!” She said. My mind was yelling at me “DUDE IM GETTING FRIED OVER HERE JUST EAT HER OUT!!! YOU LIKE PUSSY ANYWAY!!!” But my heart was telling me “DUDE YOUR NO ONES BITCH!!! STAY STRONG.” I kept my mouth shut. “…Ok than.” Was all she said as she shoved the Taser into my thigh and turned in on sending volts of electricity into my body. She kept it there for three seconds. But the effects lasted two minutes. Her pussy smelled good I wouldn’t mind a lick but just because she demanded it I wouldn’t do it. “Eat me…Make this easy for you…or I’ll shock you again.” Brittni said still sitting on my face grinding her pussy into my closed mouth. “Fine…” Was all she said. She started to un button my shorts and pulled out my dick. I felt the cold metal of the tazzed come in contact with my dick. “One last chance.” She said in a little nursery rhyme type voice. My heart finally said. “YOUR DICK ISNT A LIGHTENING ROD!!! Just eat her.” I opened my mouth and gave a slow lick which got a bit of a moan from her. I felt the metal go away from my dick “Good boy…” she said. She didn’t taste bad. She tasted better than Kelly. I took another lick. And another. As much as I hated it I wanted more. She turned around. Her ass didn’t block my view but her big tittes did now. I kept licking and tasting her juices. I attached myself to her pierced clit. “Ohhh Good little pussy eater.” She said giggling. I ignored her comment as I closed my eyes and continued to lick and suck her clit fantasizing that I was eating out Kelly. “Open your eyes slave!” Brittni demanded as she peered over her big titties. I opened my eyes angrily but kept at it. “Ah Ahhh Ahhhhhhhhh Ohhh” Was all Brittni would say. “STOP!!!” She suddenly screamed. “What?” I asked “Beg me.” She said. “Excuse me?” I said. “Beg me I want you to beg me to let you get the privilege of making me cum.” She said Matter-Of-Factly. “You’re fucking crazy.” I said. “SO you’re not going to do it?” She asked. “Fuck no!” I said. “What a shame…that’s 10.” Brittni said sitting back on the chair and rubbing herself to an orgasm. In a matter of minutes the limo stopped. The door opened and Brittni walked out of the limo dragging the chain that was connected to my collar. I still didn’t want to choke so I walked out and stared at my new home. It was amazing. It was this old type mansion. Pain chipped windows broken. I remember as a kid my friends and I would dare each other to walk up and enter the house. We all thought it was haunted. None of us ever went it. “It’s like Marilyn Manson’s dream house.” I said chuckling a little. “Please Manson’s WISHES he could have this house.” Brittni said walking in front of me and opening the large double doors.

I walked in to the house and I was amazed. The outside of the house looked like pure shit but the inside was amazing. I mean black and purple paint there was a grim reaper in marble on the floor and a painting of Angels versus demons on the ceiling. “Like my house?” Brittni asked. “I-its….It’s alright.” I said brushing it off. Brittni turned around red in the face. She yanked my chain up and whipped it down throwing me to the floor. For a bitch she was strong. “Alright? ALRIGHT? SEE THAT CEILING? 12 GRAND TO PAINT SEE THIS FLOOR 15 GRAND FOR IMPORTED MARBLE 20 ROOMS 7 AND A HALF BATHROOMS AN INDOOR POOL A LIBRARY AND A 30 FOOT BY 30 FOOT DINNING ROOM!!! FUCK YOU’RE ALRIGHT!!!!!” Brittni said getting real close to my face. “Now get up while I show you to your room.” She said as I slowly got up and followed Brittni to where ever she wanted me to go. I saw Maids that looked like they were dead but only looked like they were in their 20’s and I saw a few butlers that looked to be in there 30’s. “They Dead?” I asked. “Dead Hahahaha God no there Goth. You haven’t seen a lot of us have you?” She asked. “No.” I replied trying to get comfortable in this collar. “Figures…and Only speak when spoken too. Before I show you to your room…you have to give me your 10.” She said smiling. Confused I replied. “I don’t have any money…” She laughed and laughed “No…This is your 10.” She walked me down this weird looking hallway and opened the small door. She led me into a brick room and smiled. I looked around it looked like something out of a mid-evil torture room. I saw a stretch bed…stokeholds….Whips….and a cage. “What am I doing here?” I asked. “To give me you’re ten. Here stand on this wall. Have your back facing towards me.” She demanded. Confused I walked up and did as I was told. “Raise your hands.” She demanded. I did, she walked up and cuffed them to the wall. “I hate your name…your name now is….Owned.” She said laughing. “Owned meet my other slave. She’s such a lovely pet shes been with me for a while. Let’s hope you two get along…SHAY GET IN HERE!!!” Brittni yelled. I turned my head to the side to see a blond girl naked in blue panties crawl in the door with something in her mouth. “Thank you pet.” I heard Brittni say as she patted Shay on the head. “What is that in your hand?” I asked. “Ready to pay your 10?” She asked. I was going to answer when I snapped back to reality and realized im chained up in a dungeon of some sort, this isn’t good. “FUCK YOU!!!” I yelled. “Ya he’s ready.” Brittni said. “Say than you after each one pet.” She said. “FUCK YOU!!!” I repeated.

Everything was quiet for a second than I felt something sting my back it felt like a thousand belts his my back. “OWWW!!!” I screamed. “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!?” I yelled in pain. Brittni’s moan and laugh got louder as she walked up to me. “It’s my nine tales whip….well it’s more like a hundred tale whip. I have a hundred little strips of leather that just slashed into your back. That was one.” She laughed kissing me on the neck. Even through the pain I couldn’t help but moan as she bite my neck. “You got 9 more but I’ll cut them in half to five…Just call me mistress.” She said letting go of my neck. “NO!” I yelled. She threw her hand back and cracked the whip again on my back. It was pure torture. I screamed again. “I CANT HEAR YOU!!!” Brittni screamed. She cracked the whip again and again and again. I thought I was going to pass out from the pain. “Half way there.” She laughed. “Shay come here and help me out.” I heard Brittni say. I felt three more stings on my back from the whip. “NINE!!!” She yelled and cracked my back “T-Ten” She said and cracked me one last time. “G-Get him down….Oh god good girl.” I hears Brittni say. I saw two maids uncuffed me. I fell down on my back in pain and agony. I looked up to see Say on her knees face buried in Brittni’s cunt. “A-Aint she a g-good pussy eater?” Brittni asked. Even though I was in pain watching Shay bury her tongue in Brittni’s cunt got me hard.

I felt my dick grow stiff and rise up. “Look what we have here.” Brittni said pushing Shay away from her pussy. She walked up to me putting one foot on my chest. She took off my belt shorts and boxers leaving me in my shirt and nothing else. Brittni looked down at my hard cock. She got down on her knees and grasped it stroking it lightly. “Shay get over here.” Brittni demanded as Shay crawled over. “I think I might have been a little….Hard on my new toy. Let’s give him a little welcome present.” Brittni said. I looked up at Brittni in protest but that only got a smack in the face. “Shay…ride his face like a good little pet won’t you?” Brittni asked. Shay got up and dropped her blue panties and hovered over my head. I looked at her shaven tight pussy it was a little wet. I was looking at Shay’s clean cunt and felt something warm and moist on my cock. I looked over at Brittni who took the head of my cock in her mouth and started to suck liked a pro. I wanted to moan but Shay lowered herself on me and grinded her twat on my face. I opened my mouth and started to lick up and down the slit shoving my tongue into her pussy tongue fucking her a bit. I felt more and more of my cock enter into Brittni’s mouth. In a matter of seconds I felt something I never felt before. Brittni’s nose met with my pelvis. She had deep throated my cock like it was no problem. It felt amazing. She licked the underside of my dick and the tip of her tongue was licking my balls. It felt absolutely amazing. I took my tongue out of Shays tight pussy and attached myself to her clit. “Mi-Mistress he’s a re-real good pus-pussy eater.” Shay said between moans and gasps. Brittni let my cock fall out of her mouth with a slutty plop. “I know pet….SO I have to ask is Kelly a good cock sucker like me? Can she deep throat? I don’t think so.” Brittni stated and laughed stroking my cock.

She leaned forward and shoved her tongue down Shays throat grabbing her tits and pinching her nipples. Brittni was still only in her panties from the limo. She got up and took her panties off and hovered over my cock I felt just the slightest touch of her pussy and I was so hard I wanted to be inside her. “Shay get up.” Brittni demanded. “You wanna fuck me?” Brittni asked. I was so damn horny I didn’t even want to fight. “Ya.” I said. “Than just ask for it…ask to fuck me.” She said in a serious tone. I didn’t want to I had to much pride….but I wanted to fuck her so I closed my eyes cursed myself and spoke. “P-Please let me fuck you…” Saying that hurt more than the whip. “Did you forget something?” She asked. “…..Mistress.” I said feeling bad. “Very good….Verrrryyyyyy” She said lowering herself down and popping the head of my cock into her tight warm pussy. “Goooooooooddddddd” She said closing her eyes and very slowly lowering herself all the way down my cock until our pelvises met. She was so fuckin tight and wet I felt like I was gunna blow my load right then and there. “Shay…” Brittni began as she bent all the way over laying on top of my slowly humping my rod up and down. “Eat me.” Was all she said and Shay came crawling over and buried her face in Brittni’s ass. “S-She aint doin what I thin-think she’s doin.” I said. “Ya she is baby shes eating my ass…Your next.” She said smiling as her thrusting up and down on my cock became a little more rapid. Her big juicy tits jiggle in my face and I stared at them hungrily. She bent over a little more and laughed. “Help yourself.” She smiled as I lifted my head up a bit taking one D cup tit in my mouth and swirling my tongue around the nipple biting it a little.

“ahhhhhhhhh this is pure heavennnnnnnn” Brittni sighed. I grabbed the other tit and twisted and pulled her other tit in my hand. Brittni reached behind her and grabbed Shay’s head burying it more into her ass. “Ahhh….Ahhhhh….AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Brittni screamed as her pussy clamped down on my cock really milking it. She started to shake and convulse. It lasted a minute before she got up and smiled as her pussy juice trailed down her legs and pooled on the floor which Shay licked from the floor up Brittni’s legs and attached herself to Brittni’s cunt lapping up all the juice as much as she could. Shay crawled over to my and kissed me sliding her tongue in my mouth and sharing Mistress’s….I mean Brittni’s Juices with me. I Swallowed what was in my mouth and so did Shay. Brittni was walking away when I asked. “What about me?” I asked. She turned around. “Excuse me?” She asked. I pointed to my hard on. “I was close.” I said. “Listen…I bought you….Your here to please ME your needs and wants are nothing to me they don’t even exist your lucky to even cum in my presence.” She said annoyed. “Shay help this pathetic creature out.” Brittni said leaving the room. Shay crawled on top on me and spit on my cock lubing it up. “Your pussy tight?” I asked. “You won’t find out.” She said shifting her position and had the head of my cock poking at her asshole. She counted to three silently and pushed her ass down until the head of my cock was in her ass. God It was so damn tight it nearly hurt. “Mistress is going to try to break you.” Shay said as she sank all the way down, Rose back up, and sank back down again her tight asshole was resizing to take my cock. “She can’t do shit.” I said grabbing Shays hips and shoving my full length cock into her tight ass. “Ahhhhhhhhh” She moaned as I jack hammered into her. Because of the fine Job Brittni did I was already close to cumming. I kept pumping as I felt my load fly from my balls and into Shays tight plump juicy ass. “AAHHHHHHHHHHHH” I screamed as stream after stream of cum pumped into her ass. After I was done cumming Shay slowly rose off of my cock and took my deflating dick into her mouth and sucked it clean. “Come to Mistress’s room.” Shay said getting up and walking to the door.

I slowly got up and took off my shirt. My back killed it felt like a sun burn from hell. I ended up hunched over to have as little pain as possible. I walked with Shay down a few halls and showed me to a large double door that said Mistress on it in blood cursive. I opened the door. And Mistress was there naked on the bed tweaking her nipples. Shay led me to a chair that was bolted to the ground. “Try not to get upset…she did it to me to. It’s what has to happen.” Shay said. I wanted to object but I felt that I could trust her. I sat down and Shay tied my hands and feet. “So my new little play thing Like my room?” Brittni asked. I looked around and saw the black and red and purple wall paper it looked dark and gothic. “It’s ok.” I said smiling. Brittni got an annoyed look on her face. “Anyway. Im sorry to say that I have to break you. It’s for the best. A broken pet is a happy pet.” Brittni said smiling and kissing me on the cheek. “Ya how you gunna do that?” I asked challenging her. “Simple Shay and I are gunna have a little fun. “Shay bring her in.” I heard Brittni say and she reached under her king sized bed and pulled out a bright blue strap on. It seemed about 10 inches long. She put it on and fastened it. “MHMMM MHMMM MHMMM” I heard a muffled voice squeal. I looked to my right to see a naked Kelly gagged and tied with her hands behind her back. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!” I Screamed. “Breaking you.” Brittni said as Shay threw Kelly on the bed and grabbed another strap on and the same as Brittni’s except pink and put it on her. Brittni took out the gag in Kelly’s mouth as Kelly screamed and screamed to be let go. “What a mouth on this girl…Let’s put something in it.” Brittni laughed as she got on top of Kelly and shoved the 10 inch strap on into her mouth causing Kelly to gag. “Ya Gag you little whore!!!” Brittni coaxed as she face fucked Kelly. Spit formed near Kelly’s mouth and she started to drool down her face. Her dark brown hair stuck to her face as more and more of the strap on went into her mouth until the whole ten inches was in her mouth. Brittni laughed and took out the strap on as Spit was stuck all over it and strings of spit connected Brittni and Kelly. “Did you like that?” Brittni asked. “NO!!!” Kelly said crying. “Well it’s just getting started. Brittni said as she got between kellies legs and split them open she rubbed the blue strap on up and down her slit a few times before popping the head in. “NO NO TAKE IT OUT!!!” Kelly said. “What was that? Slam it in?...Ok if you say so.” Brittni said before slamming all 10 inches into Kelly. “AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Kelly screamed as Brittni pumped in and out of her. “I resized your girlfriend’s pussy! What do you think?” Brittni asked in a sarcastic tone laughing looking back at Kelly. “Shay get your dick wet.” Brittni said before Shay got on top of Kelly and shoved her cock in her mouth face fucking her. Im not sure but I swore I heard Kelly moaning. “She loves it.” Brittni said looking at me. Anger and disgust was in my eyes and she sensed it laughing. Shay took her cock out of Kelly’s mouth with Kelly moaning. “Im….Im gunna….Im gunnaaaaaaaa!!!!” Kelly started. “LET IT OUT!!!” Brittni yelled. “CUM!!!!!” Kelly yelled as she started to shake like she was having a heart attack. After a few seconds of that it died down and Brittni asked. “How did you like that?” “It hurt at first but I liked it.” Kelly said smiling. “Funny that’s what your gunna say about this.” Brittni said as she grabbed Kelly by the shoulders. Brittni fell back on the bed with Kelly on top of her. “NOW SHAY!!!” Brittni yelled as Shay spread Kelly’s and shoved her wet sticky pink strap on all the way into Kelly’s asshole. “NO!!!! NO!!!! NOT THERE TAKE IT OUT TAKE IT OUT!!!” Kelly yelled. “Not yet princess.” Brittni laughed. Shay and Brittni double teamed my girlfriend driving those fake dildos in and out of her pussy and ass resizing and stretching Kelly out to the max. Shays ass jiggled and her tits bounced as she pounded into Kelly. “Oh NO….OH GOD….IT FEELS SO….SO….GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD” Kelly yelled. Brittni laughed as her tits jiggled and continued to pound Kelly in her stretched out cunt. After Kelly stopped Cumming. Brittni and Shay withdrew from Kelly and tossed her aside. Shay took off her strap on and Brittni looked at her. “Bend over.” To which Shay smiled and bent over as Brittni cocked her hips back and thrusted forward shoving all 10 inches into her little slave’s ass. “Agggghhhhhhh” Shay moaned in pleasure. Brittni pumped and pounded Shays anus. “God such a nice little anal whore!” Brittni said smiling. “Yes Mistress.” Shay said. “What are you?” Brittni asked. “IM YOUR NICE LITTLE ANAL WHORE NOW FUCK ME FUCK ME!!!” Shay yelled to which Brittni grabbed Shays hips and started to Jack hammer and slam into Shays tight ass. After five minutes of the anal punishment Shay was loving Brittni screamed and started to shake and stutter as her cum flew into the strap on and landed into Shays nice little ass. They stayed like that for five minutes. I was still watching in disbelief that my girlfriend or ex-girlfriend now loved what happened to her. Brittni withdrew from shay and laughed as Shay walked over to a passed out Kelly and let Brittni’s Cum drip onto Kelly’s face. Shay laid down on the bed and passed out. Brittni walked up to me and smiled. “How do you feel?” She asked. “….Don ‘t talk to me.” It was all I could say. “Aww did I strike a nerve. Sorry slave but it had to be done. Once your broken things will get better.” Brittni said kissing me on the cheek. “Y-You broke me.” I said defeated already. “No…you don’t even know the meaning of broken. Just get some sleep we’re gunna have a big day tomorrow.” Brittni said laughing as she turned off the lights and went into her bed passed out as I passed out still tied to the chair.


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