Exploiting my aunt for my voyeuristic pleasure
Sneaky Cams Part One.

Hey guys, parts of this story is fiction and some are not, it’s your own judgment on which parts are real, and which parts aren’t. I have a part 2 but I wanna know if you guys like my writing style. Enjoy!

My aunt Becca. She is an eye looker, I didn’t start looking at her at such a lustful way til a couple years ago. She is a class A cougar. She is about 5’3”, Filipino (so she has nice tan skin), Jet black hair. She’s in her late 30s but she looks like she’s in her mid 20s. Dark brown eyes, full lips, thick thighs, an ass that won’t quit and a smile to make anyone fall in love with her. She has a very hour glass shape. Thick but the hourglass shape is there. Her bust is huge and her ass is just the right size. Her style varies from Abercrombie & Fitch, to sporty type of clothing (tank tops, spaghetti straps, basketball shorts and tees) She is married and has 5 kids, but it does not look like it. When she bends over, her thong straps hang out and give everyone a little heavenly peak of what she’s hiding under those clothes. I’ve been obsessed with voyeur and with her it’s been a double rush for me. First of all, she’s my aunt, which I really should not be doing, and of course voyeur which I shouldn’t be doing. Unfortunately she has caught me taking an upskirt shot of her, and I’ve had to slow down with that. She lives about a block away from my house, and we live in a highly rural area. I do not see her often anymore, but when I’m there at her house meeting my cousins or passing a message on from my parents, I take her all in.

I was always trying to find a different way to get back to my voyeuristic ways with her but I could never find a way how until I went shopping with my mother.

I went shopping at a flea market a few weekends ago. I was walking with my mom and then we split up. I walked into one of the next isles and I saw an interesting item. It read “The smallest security camera up to date in the U.S.!” The camera was about half the size of my pinky, so about 2”, and it was as wide as a tootsie roll. I asked the vendor if it was able to record wirelessly. He replied yes, but only 30 yards is the furthest it can go, and it can record 120 GB of video! In the back of my mind I can only imagine what I could do with this camera.. So I bought three. I already had Aunt Becca in mind to spy on.. The cameras were about 230 bucks all together, we tried it out at the flea market and my family and I left home. I thought in the back of my mind, “Thank God Dad didn’t see me buy that.” I caught up with mom before leaving and she saw me with a white plastic bag.

“Ooo what’s in the bag?”
“Nothing mom, just a few electronics I was interested in buying.”
“Oh okay.”
(It was ridiculously difficult to hide my guilt)

I went home to set up all the wireless connections to an old laptop that I could leave outside. I made sure all the connections were strong and I checked on the clarity to be sure I wasn’t scammed. It didn’t take too long to set up. I would able to record 120 GB of Film in each camera, which equals to about 30,000 minutes in each camera. So much planning for my odd voyeur pleasure. I wasn’t sure how to plant these camera and the first idea would be to break in and wait

The next day, I asked dad if there was anything that she wanted to bring Aunt Becca. He handed over groceries such as eggs, butter, milk, etc. I grabbed the three cameras and laptop threw them into a backpack and threw it on my back. I got to her place and knocked on the door, Aunt Becca opened the door,

“Hi John! What’s up, what you got there?”
I replied, “Just groceries, any chance I could put them away for you? You sound pretty busy.”

I heard my cousins running around up the stairs.

“Yes John that would be amazing.”
“Where’s Uncle Rob?”
“Oh he’s at Germany for a week.”

She had four kids that were toddlers except for the oldest who was in 7th grade, were all running around making noise. I said hello to the oldest, Cris.

“Hey Cris, what’s going on?”
“Nothing much, just school and whatever.”
“Oh I see.. Hey, can you finish putting these away? I have to use the bathroom.”

Perfect timing to set the cameras.

I placed the bag by the entrance of the bathroom. I entered and placed one camera facing the shower, an area where you can clearly see where Aunt Becca would be undressing and bathing. I hid it in the basket of potpourri so they wouldn’t be able to see it, painting it black was a real good idea. I stepped out of the bathroom slowly to hear what was going on, Aunt Becca was still downstairs, three of the kids were running around, and Cris was finishing up putting the groceries away. I snuck into Aunt Becca’s room and placed a camera facing the whole bed, and another on the dresser, so you would be able to see her chest and her pussy and everything. I crept back out of the room just in time and grabbed my bag when I was about to thank Cris for putting it away, Aunt Becca was waiting for me at the bottom of the steps.

“Okay tita, I’m heading out!”
“Later bud.”

She smiled, and I left. I went outside and walked away til I was out of sight, but immediately I ran back toward the left side of her house. I opened up the laptop and synced the cameras with the computer, I got clear visual confirmation. I left the laptop running with a large USB external hard drive (300GBs) and an extension cord behing the bushes with camouflage covering the laptop and walked home.


I walked over to my aunt’s street and saw that no cars were in the driveway, meaning no one was home. I walked up to the side to see if the computer was still on and working, and it was a success. I looked at the screen and it was still recording at 49 H:8M:33SEC. I plugged in an external hard drive and grabbed the all the footage currently recorded. I placed the comp back, reset the recording, covered the laptop with camo and ran home to see what was on it. My dad asked, “Hey you look like you’re in a hurry. Everything okay? How was your walk?” “It was boring dad, I just remembered something and ran home. I have to do something online.” I hurried to my room and locked the door. I grabbed my laptop and plugged in the USB.

The video started recording at 1:35:22 P.M. A lot of it was the kids using the bathroom, and Aunt Becca coming into her room to get laundry.. it wasn’t until the kids were asleep that I started to get a hard on. It was 9:30:17 P.M. she stepped into the bathroom with her back towards the camera. She was wearing a blue tank top, which was showing a lot of cleavage, and black basketball shorts. Her hair was up in a bun due to all the chores and work she did that day. She said,

"Bleh. I haven't had a chance to sit down and relax once today."

She let her long hair down and stared at herself in the mirror. She was looking up and down at herself, then she took her top off and bra and her black shorts. There she stood judging herself in the mirror with an aqua colored g-string on. She turned around to judge her huge plump ass, she had a few stretch marks. She dropped her thong in an instant and I was able to see that she was timed. A thin rectangle right above her clit was where it was. I didn’t get a long look at it since she turned back around and leaned toward the mirror. She was evaluating her face while I was focused on her plump chest. It looked about to be a D cup, but I wasn't too sure. She had these dark soft nipples with large areola. I was mesmorized. She leaned back straight and ran her hands down her chest, her stomach, and in between her legs.

She got into the shower and my eyes were wide open watching her. Watching her hair get wet and water running down her curves made pre-cum drip out of my cock. It was aching and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold off not jerking off to this amazing video. Her eyes closed with warm water running down her pussy, her tits.. I was so deep in lust I lost track of reality. As if I thought it couldn't get any better, she grabbed the detachable shower head and just ran it over her pussy a few times. I saw her body tremble and shiver as she pleasured herself. She split her lips with her fingers and ran the shower head between her legs. Her legs were shaking, but she suddenly stopped.. It didn't seem as if she finished the job but she was drying off. She looked even sexier with wet hair and no clothes.. her tan skin looked like smooth brown caramel running down her curves. She wrapped the white towel around her body and tip toed out of the bathroom and into her room.

She quickly took off her towel and spread lotion all over her skin. She did her legs nice and slow, her arms, her ass, and her stomach. But when she got to her brests, she spread the lotion over her whole chest, but began to pinch her nipples. She got them to be standing straight forward. I was in denial that she was about to fully play with herself but I was just in shock of what I was seeing. She laid out in the middle of the bed, sprawled out. She saw herself in the mirror and spread her soft pink lips. They looked so good, I wanted to run my tongue inside her. I was trying to imagine her taste and I couldn't think of anything to match the amount of flavor that would be purely her. She rubbed herself nice and slow, but after a few minutes she was reaching for something in the bedside drawer. It was a pink vibrator. I couldn't take it anymore and started jerking off. I could here her moaning..

"Oh.. unf.... uh.. mmm.. oh my God.. "

The buzzing of the vibrator and the squishing sound of it penetrating her pink pussy just made my fantasies go wild. She was rubbing her tit and pinching her nipple and pleasuring herself at the same time. Her damp black hair still in curls, her hips thrusting in the air, and toes curling really painted a clear picture of how my aunt looked while having sex. Just hearing her moan felt so surreal.. so sexy.. It wasn't until I heard her loudest moan and a gasp of a large air of oxygen that I came at the exact same time she did. She then just passed out, naked, as if her body was ready for anyone to just come in and fuck her. She passed out at 11:30:28 PM and ended up waking at 7:15:56 AM to help her kids get ready for school. The hottest thing she did was get brand new silk shorts and a new red tank top with no bra or underwear. She went back to bed at 7:35:32 AM and woke up again at 8:45:52 AM. She got up and went to the bathroom. She obviously peed and brushed her hair and teeth. Her long black hair looked smooth. If anyone else saw this footage, you would forget that she was almost 40. It looked like a 20 year old getting ready for the day. Then she left the bathroom and I didn't see her until 9:50:21 AM. She came into her bedroom and was on all fours looking under the bed. She grabbed these magazine and layed down. I paused the video and zoomed into what she was reading.. Playboy forum!?

She was groping herself under her tank and pinching her dark brown nipples. Watching her squirm and twitch was mesmerizing. Her perfectly thick thighs stretching and watching her toes curl as she shoved two fingers down her cunt. I started jerking at the same motion as she probed herself and I began to moan at the same time. You could her the squishing of fluids when she went in herself.

"Yes. Yes. Deeper.. ugh I'm so fucking wet.."

I lost it when she said that and came. I watched a little longer and she came. She then got ready for work. She was a teacher at a local preschool and I loved watching her get ready. She sucked her fingers clean when she pulled them out and started to take her tank and shorts off. She hopped into the shower quickly and then got out to get dressed. She did the routine of putting lotion on but I loved seeing the process of her getting ready. She put on a seamless black thong on, a lacy black bra and put her air up. She then browsed through her closet and put on a a simple black skirt, a white blouse and a black blazer. She looked very professional. She stepped out and left around 10:25:12. Then the playback video is just of the bedroom and the bathroom with no one in sight and that was all that was in the playback.

I unplugged the USB and hid it in my room. I walked outta my room and started heading downstairs until my dad stopped me and said.

"Hey, your Aunt Becca just called. She wants you to come over for a favor and to pick up something for me as well."

My heart started racing and I started fantasizing. Like, imagine if she asked me to fuck her or if she started flirting with me. What if she flashed me on purpose or what if she asked me to come into the bathroom with her. All the fantasies were circling in my head and I realized that I was already in front of her house. I knocked on the door and there she was in a a loose knee high white skirt with a beige button up shirt, buttoned just to the point to show a decent amount of cleavage. Her heels were off and she had flip flops on.

"Hey tita. Just got off work?"
"Hey John, yeah just got off, come inside we can talk more upstairs. Did you eat yet?"
"No I didn't eat but I'm not trying to stay too long."

The stairs are right by the door so she went up first.. and she just made an easy sight for me to lookup her dress. There I saw right in above me, above me, her ass in clear view because she was wearing a light pink g-string. I almost tripped up the stairs at the sight of it.. it looked so soft and so round.. I lost my train of thought for a split second.

"Um.. uh.. auntie what's going on?"
"Are you alright John?"
"Yeah just a little. Um. Distracted."
"Oh okay. Anyways, here's the newspaper your dad is asking for. And I had a favor to ask."
"What do you need?"

She put on the sweetest smile. I began undressing her with my eyes.

"Can you watch the kids tomorrow night from 5-10:45?"
".. Oh! um. what'd you ask?"
"Watch my kids for me tomorrow night! haha you are ridiculously distracted huh haha"
"Haha just a little. Yeah that'd be no problem."
"Okay, be here tomorrow at 5. I'll have dinner here for you and i'll leave for classes down at the college."
"Alright, i'll see you then."

I left the house and started walking home. Ideas started piling into my head. I could see what other kind of underwear she has. I can finally figure out her measurements. I can finally see her actual size. I can smell how she smells from her used panties. I can take a pair home. So many things were flooding through my mind. I couldn't wait til tomorrow night.

To be continued.

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