what happens when you allow someone to gain control
The next five days were the lonliest I can ever remember. Cici didn't come to school the next day and Tony didn't show up after school to pick me up. I hid behind the school building to see if he would show and he didn't. I didn't want to be out in the parking lot waiting for him but I was so disappointed when he didn't show up. I knew that Tony had liked Cici better than me and that was why he didn't show up. I wondered if she had done something with Tony better than me during sex. Maybe she had sucked his penis better. Thinking about it was driving me crazy.
I looked for Cici in school on Thursday and Friday but couldn't find her. By the end of the weekend I wanted to die. My best friend and my boyfriend had chosen each other over me. There was no feeling in the world that was worse then this.
On Monday I saw Cici having lunch. Part of me wanted to go over and hit her but the other part of me was so glad to see her that I wanted to hug her.
"Some friend," was all I could muster when I got up to her.
She said nothing.
"Well, I hope you and Tony are happy together," I said and started to walk away, fighting the tears that were welling up.
"What?" Cici yelled after me, "I haven't seen Tony since last Tuesday at your house."
I was so relieved I started crying for real.
"Honest," I said, turning around with tears streaming down my face.
"I swear," she said.
I felt so foolish standing here crying like a 4 year old, but I couldn't help it. Cici came up and hugged me.
"I am so sorry," Cici said. "I didn't want that to happen, but I couldn't stop it once he started."
I knew she was probably right. Besides I didn't want to lose my best friend.
"Did he fuck you?" I couldn't believe I asked.
"NO!" Cici yelled. "He didn't even try."
"What happened," I asked.
"I don't know," Cici said. When he started using his tongue on me I pulled the pillow over my head. After I had an orgasm he got up and said we better go. Then he drove me home.
"He didn't put his penis in your mouth?" I asked.
"NO, yuck," she said.
I felt suddenly better. She hadn't done anything better than me. He evidently felt so bad about what had happened that he just left. I went back to class feeling better, but still not knowing if I would ever see Tony again.
After school as Cici and I were getting on the bus, I looked over to see Tony's car drive up. My heart almost jumped out of my chest. I ran over to his car and jumped in.
"I'm sorry," Tony said, "really I am."
"I know," I said, so happy to see him.
"I would understand if you never want to see me again," he said.
"No, no," I almost cried, "I do want to see you. I really do."
He smiled and looked past me at Cici standing in front of the bus looking our way. She looked so dejected standing there. Suddenly the feelings of jealousy disappeared and sympathy took it's place. I knew that she must be feeling what I had felt these past few days after I had thought I had lost her friendship as well as Tony.
"Do you mind giving Cici a ride home?" I asked Tony.
"What?" his jaw dropped. "How old are you again? Sometimes you are mature beyond your years. Sure, I'll give her a ride."
I wasn't sure exactly what he meant by that last little comment, but I let it slide and motioned to Cici.
"Come on girl," I yelled, "we're giving you a ride home.
I could see Cici's grin from where I was sitting. She came running over to the car. I got out and let her sit in the front seat.
"Hi," was all she said to Tony.
"Hi," Tony said quietly.
We drove along in silence and I felt totally in control of the situation. I remembered the feelings I had felt over the past few days and wanted to celebrate how I felt now.
"Want to go back to my place?" I said turning around and looking at Cici.
Her eyes got the size of silver dollars.
I could feel Tony's eyes on me.
"Really?" Cici asked.
"Really?" Tony chimed in.
I burst out laughing.
"You two are my best friends," I said. "I know you didn't mean to hurt me."
I wish I had a picture of the looks on their faces.
"You are incredible," Tony said.
When we were in my house I could tell that neither of them felt comfortable. They went into the living room and Tony sat on the couch while Cici sat on a chair on the other side of the room.
"Want something to drink?" I asked.
"Sure, got any beer?" Tony asked.
"I think my dad would miss a beer," I said, "how about some scotch or vodka or something."
"Sure, scotch if you will have some with me," he said.
"Yuck," Cici said, " I hate the taste of scotch."
"Okay," Tony said, "three screwdrivers."
"Huh?" I asked.
"Orange juice and vodka," he said.
"Okay," I said and went to the kitchen. I had no idea how much vodka to put in the orange juice so I just poured and sipped but I couldn't taste anything. I used about half the bottle so I filled it back up with water and put it back in the bar and took the drinks back into the living room.
"Wow this is just like orange juice," Cici said after her first gulp.
"Yeah," I dont taste anything except orange juice," I added.
"How much did you put in?" Tony asked.
"I dunno, about half the bottle," I said.
Tony laughed and almost spit out his drink.
"You will feel something, I promise," Tony continued.
Cici and I both giggled and lifted the large glasses to our lips. I knew that she wanted to get drunk just like me. Tony put his glass on the table. He had only drunk about 1/5th of the glass while Cici and I were finished almost 3/4 of ours.
I had never been drunk before but I could feel the room beginning to spin and I felt like I was on an amusement park ride.
"Wow," Cici said, "you're right. I can feel it already."
"Me, too," I giggled.
Cici came over and sat on the floor next to me, glass in hand.
"I love you," Cici said with tears in her eyes.
"I love you, too," I said, meaning it.
"Thanks for forgiving me," Cici continued.
"Me, too," Tony said from the couch.
I didn't say anything. There was alot I wanted to say. I wanted to tell them both how much I had missed them the past few days. I wanted to tell them that I would have forgiven them even if they had had sex together. But I said nothing.
Cici leaned over to whisper in my ear. Her glass was now empty and I could see her eyes glazed over.
"I wanna go play with the toy," Cici slurred in my ear.
"Okay," I said, "go ahead."
"Yippee," she said and tried to get up but fell. "Oops," she said and got up again and swayed down the hall.
"Is she going where I think she's going?" Tony asked.
I nodded my head.
"I'll stay here, I promise," Tony said.
"Come 'ere," I said, slurring.
Tony came over and sat on the floor next to me. He kissed me and it tasted sweet. I reached down and pulled my panties down and off.
"Fug me," I said, trying to concentrate on the room not swaying.
Tony unzipped his fly and pulled his erect penis out. I laid on my back and watched the ceiling spinning around as Tony climbed between my spread legs and slowly pushed his penis into me.
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I heard coming from the bedroom.
"Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" Cici screamed.
"Ugh," Tony said as he started pumping into me harder.
I had to close one eye as I looked up at Tony. When I opened both eyes I saw two Tony's.
"You wanna fug Cici?" I slurred.
Tony ignored me with closed eyes, concentrating on the job at hand.
"Aiiiiiiii," I heard Cici again.
"Tony," I asked.
"What?" Tony said almost impatiently.
"You wanna fug Cici?" I asked again.
"I am fucking you," Tony said as he thrust into me.
Although I was numb and felt little of what was happening, the talk about Tony fucking Cici was started to get me excited.
"Tell me if you wanna fug Cici," I persisted.
"Okay, okay," he said, " I want to fuck Cici," with that he tensed and I felt him squirt his cum into me. I felt the tingling in my pussy and the orgasm hit me like a hammer. It wasn't like the other times this was more violent, almost like getting hit in the stomach but in a good way if that makes any sense.
We laid there panting and listening to Cici in the other room.
"I want you to," I said through gasps of air.
"What?" Tony asked.
"I want you to fug Cici," I continued, not believing what I was saying.
"Why?" Tony asked.
"Because it hurts the first time and she is my best friend and you will be gentle," I said.
"Really," Tony said. I felt his penis hardening inside me at the thought.
"Aiiii" Cici screamed above the humming in the bedroom.
Tony's penis was now fully erect.
"Come on," I said getting up and feeling Tony's cum running down my leg.
We walked down the hall. I laughed as I saw Tony's penis sticking out from his pants.
When we got to the bedroom, we saw Cici in the same position as before with the same double headed toy invading both of her holes. I walked over to where she lay with her eyes closed and put my hand on top of her thrusting hands. Her eyes shot open but she said nothing. She looked behind me and saw Tony there with his penis sticking out from his fly. She moaned and closed her eyes, thrusting the little worm deeper into her anus and rubbing the bigger head against her nub.
Tony sat on the bed and I pushed his head down between her legs. I watched as he licked and sucked at her pussy lips and the larger head was pushed out of the way to make way for his tongue. Cici's head tossed back and forth and I leaned forward and whispered in her ear.
"Do you want Tony to take your virginity?" I asked.
She ignored me, trying hard to reach her orgasm.
"He'll be gentle. It hurts the first time," I continued.
She nodded her head and I looked down at Tony who had been watching her. He pulled himself up and pulled the double headed toy out of her anus and pussy. I watched as he took his erect penis, which seemed even longer now, and slowly pushed it between Cici's pussy lips. He rocked back and forth slowly, allowing a millimeter more to enter her each tiny thrust into her. Suddenly I saw Cici grimace and she screamed.
"It will only hurt a second," I whispered into her ear.
Tony rammed into her and Cici let out a piercing scream. Tony, as he had with me, laid still, buried deeply inside her. I watched as the tears streamed down Cici's face remembering how I had done the same.
Tony started moving slowly and I watched the expression on Cici's face change from one of pain to one of pleasure. My heart was pounding in my chest and the effect was sobering. I stood there and watched as Tony, with eyes closed, pumped away into Cici and Cici, also with eyes closed, thrusted her hips back into him. I reached between my soaked, pantiless legs and rubbed my sopping pussy as I watched them. On the bed lay the humming double headed toy. I picked it up and maneuvered it between my legs, allowing the squirming 3 inch head to move up my anus. The larger head I pushed slowly into my pussy. I watched as Tony thrust his penis into Cici and slowly pushed the toy further into my pussy. I looked down and saw that 3/4 of it was inside me. I had never had this much of it inside of me and the virbrating instrument brought me closer to orgasm. I pushed one last time and the entire 7 inches was buried deeply inside me and I screamed in orgasm. Tony looked at me and I saw him tense as he pulled his penis from Cici's pussy and shot on her stomach. Cici appeared to have had an orgasm while I was in my throes of my own pleasure as she lay there breathing heavily with her eyes closed.
* * * * *


2007-03-30 03:52:59
yeah that was deep as hell i mean damn just shows that smut isnt always what it seems. loved it hated it felt it.

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