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Father in Law made me his slut
Soon after my marriage my husband was selected by his company for a three months long assignment abroad. Since I was living alone in a studio apartment, my husband suggested that someone must stay with me. He convinced his dad to stay with me at night as he loved me like his own daughter. Although I needed a company but I was scared of losing my privacy. I had always been a horny woman and could not sleep without having intense intercourse or masturbation with violent orgasm. Whenever, my husband was out of town for a night or so, I had to masturbate at least twice a night to have a sound sleep. On the very first evening when I was feeling the heat of sex in my pussy and thinking of a fierce masturbation, I saw my father in law sitting in the chair and having scotch. He was already slouching with the hangover. He was 47 years old with stout and muscular body. I wanted him to sleep early and give me sufficient time to use my toys which I had hidden under the pillow. Anyhow, I thought of pending my sexual desire for the time being, till he sleeps. However, seeing my father in law in hangover and thinking he would not be able to notice, I went to the washroom, changed into my baby doll nighty and made an elegant appearance. My fleshy waist with flat tummy having a deep belly button and a slim outline of my slit under the panty were clearly visible from the see-through nighty. My huge breasts with deep cleavage were pouncing out of my top and round ass was wobbling out of my thong. I knew my ass cheeks would be absolutely visible to him, if I bent a little. Despite being under the influence of alcohol, I could see a pleasant surprise and a wicked shine in his eyes. “My baby girl is looking fabulous in this dress” he said while staring at my bouncing half naked melons. I had thought that he would never be able to notice my dress and I would start masturbation the moment, he sleeps. I was wrong. Being a habitual drinker, he was only drowsing and not out of senses. I could see his eyes staring at my long legs, fleshy thighs and flabby breasts. His lusty gaze made me nerves. But his constant remarks aroused my sexual desire and I felt a spasm in my cunt.
I reclined in the opposite chair with my legs little open. My huge breasts were standing like two mounds and my convulsing pussy with slim outline of my slit was jetting out of my panty. He was sitting in front of me and I could see him trying to cover his growing bulge with his palms. Seeing his shaft swelling, I felt a twitch in my cunt. I intentionally opened my legs wide, looking towards other side to give him a glimpse of my hot and throbbing treasure. "Would you like to sleep my baby girl"? He asked me. On my nod, he got up. I directed him to the mattress where he was supposed to sleep with me. I dropped myself at the edge of mattress on my belly, while he dropped on the other side. I pulled one leg up, bending it from the knee while lifting my round busty ass from one side. I was feeling horny and wanted someone to lick my pussy lips and anal holes. “What is this baby” he suddenly uttered with surprise. Perhaps while adjusting the pillow, he found out my toys. He was holding a dildo, anal plug and anal beads. I felt embarrassed but due to his wicked smile, my sense of guilt diminished and I just smiled.
“Oh my sweet baby girl, I forgot my son is away and you needed all these toys for pleasure”, he said softly while caressing my back mildly. I gave him a cheeky smile and he started slowly and gently moving his fingers from bottom of my spine to the top of my neck. Soon I started feeling the magic of his fingers. He rolled his fingers at my shoulders and spines and gradually moved his hand a little lower and pressed my thighs. Seeing my interest he moved his hand further down and gently started caressing my buttocks. It was an amazing feeling; he knew the art of going slow. He gently unhooked the strap, pulled the panty down and cupped my ass cheeks in his both hands. He started kneading my buttocks gently and I could feel the warmth of his breath at my ass. Soon his hand moved towards the inner side of my legs and I felt my pussy getting moist. He gently tried to pull my legs apart and I softened my muscles to help him reach my treasure. He started caressing my ass crack with his finger and then he touched my clit. My body shuddered with ecstasy as he lightly pinched my moist pussy lips. I felt few drops of my pre-cum juice dribbling out of my pussy canal and making my crotch wet. He could perhaps see my wetness. Soon I felt him inserting his hand under my top. He started massaging the sides of my breasts. I moaned with pleasure and he took my busty melons in his hands. He cupped and squashed them. I moaned again as he took my tits in his mouth and lightly bit then turn by turn. By then I was already in heavens.
Before moving down to my real treasure, my father in law gently removed my nighty. He unhooked my top and my firm breasts with pink hard tits swooped on to his face. He started sucking my gorgeous breasts with passion and I kept swirling my legs as my pussy was craving for a dick. Sensing my heat, he entered his hands in my legs and started fondling my naked cunt and ass crack. He rolled his fingers in my ass crack and pinched at my cervix. I felt his finger wet with his saliva gently entering my anus hole. I lifted my ass to give my father in law a little more reach. While inserting and spinning his finger in my cunt, he started eating my slit. I felt a stream of juices dribbling out of my cunt and making his fingers and mouth wet. I felt his tongue and fingers continuously doing the magic at my love holes. He gave long strokes at my pussy and anus simultaneously. I could not hold longer and reached my climax, leading me to the fiercest orgasm of my life. I pressed my ass against his face and squirted my love juice in his mouth. He squished all of my juice and kept eating my wet pussy petals and hard clit, until my cunt again started convulsing. He turned me on my back facing up, opened my legs and rode on my thighs with his legs on my either side. He opened my pussy lips and started entering his hard meaty shaft gently deep inside my heavens. His long penis made his way through my cunt and started pulsating. My goodness it was too long and fat. Longer and thicker than his son's cock. I wanted to see it, take it in my hands and swallow it. He started pumping my pussy fiercely and again I reached my climax. I felt my cunt convulsing and stiffened and I came ferociously this time moaning loudly. That was my second orgasm within minutes. My father in law also started pumping my love hole faster and faster and I felt his balls twitching between my legs. He grabbed my melons, placed his mouth at my nipples and squirted deep inside me. I felt his tons of love juice sliding deep down my pussy canal. He jerked again and again, until he squirted the last drop of his sperms in the pussy of his beloved daughter in law. He pulled his cock out of my slippery cunt, slipped out of mattress and I heard him going to the wash room. I saw a mess of his cheesy cream on my pussy. I touched it with my finger and licked it. It tasted so nice that I starting licking and eating his juice; gushing from my legs.
I stood up and started wearing my panties when I heard the wash room door being opened. I saw my father in law standing at the door with his limp penis dangling between his legs. He was holding anal beads and other anal toys in his hands. Being stark naked, my melons were bouncing and my pussy was still wet and pulsating. I tried to hide my pussy with one hand and my breasts with the other. "My naughty little baby girl” he said with a wicked smiled and came close to me. He took my swooping melons in his palms and planted a deep kiss at my pouted mouth. I opened my mouth and let him explore it with his warm tongue. Soon we changed to 6/9 position. I rode on his face with my pussy at his lips and took his penis in my mouth. He started exploring and eating my petals and clit passionately, while I was licking his shaft from bottom to top and teasing around the head of his penis with my warm tongue. He took dildo in his hand, made it wet with his saliva and inserted in my anus while licking my pussy. I too took anal beads from his hands and inserted them in my father in law's anus while licking his monster cock. He was gently pulling and inserting dildo in my anal hole while I was pulling and pushing the string of anal beads in his anus. We both were moaning with pleasure and passion. Soon I was at my back with my legs wrapped around his waist. He started pumping his throbbing cock in my deep and convulsing pussy. "oooohhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaahhhh, ooohhhhhhhhhhh, aahhhhhhhh" "Oh Daddy”, “Oh my little baby girl" And soon we reached our climax. I pressed my legs against his thighs and had a violent orgasm. This time I felt relatively less juices oozing out of my cunt. He too pushed his cock deep down my pussy, took my tits in his mouth and squirted his entire love load deep down my pussy canal. I felt his gushing thick sperms sliding down the inner walls of my pussy canal and entering deep down my uterus. I felt twitches after twitches in his balls until he squirted last drop of his love in my cunt. My father in law remained in same position with his limp and thick dick dug deep down in my pussy and looked a little tense. Actually he was worried that I might get pregnant. “Come on daddy, whether your son or you make me pregnant, it remains your generation and nobody would know about this”. I said with a smile. Hearing my comments, he seemed relaxed and I felt a jerk in his thick cock which was still in my pussy. He gave me a passionate kiss “My sweet baby girl, I love you more than my own daughter”. “And I love you more than my own dad” I wrapped my arms around my father in law’s waist while he placed his hand at my buttocks and we slept for that night.

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2014-08-24 09:07:16
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