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 I wanna let every one know I'm no professional writer I don't dot after every sentence that's why there's alot of spaces I'm sorry if you want an A class story sorry it's just not me yes I spend hours writing these and I appreciate the ratings and comments please post more I read them and try to reply I'm not trying to sound arrogant but this is how I am I do like criticism but about the story not the writing it's self I'm happy you guys enjoy it 

4 hours later...

I wake wake up julie is still sleeping I get up slowly not to wake her I know she'll be up in a little

I'm in a music mood so I grab my iPod and pick get low by lil Jon 

I'm hungry and no ones home so I start making a big pot of ramen (a teens favorite food) 
I put 2 eggs in I'm jamen to the song 

I finished making the ramen and move it to another burner on the stove

I turn around to get a bowl I get startled instead

"JULIE!! you scared the shit outta me shwooo"
"hahahahaha your so cute when you think your alone"

I'm blushing a little I never like singing in front of anyone I get real shy

"h how long were you there" 
"since you cracked egg"
"what you got some voice there and I've never herd it's nothing to be afraid of you're really good really really good"
"now I'm going to clam up thanks haha"
"no no no no don't do that haha sing for me please"

I put on believe me by fort minor I know all the lyrics by heart 
I relate to mike shinoda real well cause we both come from a similar back round my dads mom is from japan his family comes from japan you know so he's kinda my idol

So I sing the song while filling two Bowls with ramen

"your really good babe why have you not ever sung with me around"

"I get really nervous me even asking you out was a feat in it's self but I did and I will never regret it"

"why didn't  you use the confidence from then"

"I don't know no ones told me I'm good till now I guess I'll sing the song I'm listening to now"

Listening to up up and away by kid cudi

"I see your fond of pop"
"no just what genre I'm in I like most types of music rock pop rap I'm not too fond of country but I do listen to It a little what about you"

"pretty much every thing more so rock"

"yeah me too I pretty much grew up listening to it but when new songs don't come out I get bored of it"


"those noodles good?"

"yeah I've never had eggs in ramen it's a good combo who taught you it"

"my dad and he probably learned it from my gram maw were Asian so noodles is sorta our specialty hahaha"

"Humph humph humph Jim you made me laugh and noodles come out my nose"

"hahahahahahahahahaha oh my god I'm so sorry hahaha that's great"

"shut up that's not funny"(giggling herself)

"no your right it isn't it's hi-lari-ous hahahahaha"

"your an idiot haha"

"but I'm you idiot so all in all it's a good day"

"hahaha okay you got me"

We keep laughing for a little then it gets quiet we stare at each other I lean in and kiss her we kiss again 
we do this for 3 or 4 minutes 

I finally get up and take our Bowls to to the sink and go sit in the love seat I motion for her to come sit with me she does

"Julie have I told you I love you lately"


"well I love you"

"love you to baby"

"can I ask you a serious question"

"yeah sure"

"what is it you love about me the most"

"the dedication your always making sure I'm ok before yourself that's how I know you love me"


"no problem what about me Jim"

"your personality you make me feel loved you were there when i had my broken foot you understood how I felt and you helped me instead of just going to the class like everyone else you turned the worst day of my life into the day I would never forget"

"thank you Jim"(tears in her eyes)"I love you so much"
"I love you to Julie"

We sat there just holding each other honestly I would of held that position for eternity then the phone rang  I had to get up 

"scuse me babe I gotta answer that"

She kisses me as I get up she sits back down
I pick up the phone it's my school 

"hello is this the harringtons"


"can I speak to your parents please concerning Jim"

"sorry there not home can I help I'm Jim"

"oh hi Jim can I ask why you were not at school today"

"sorry i was in the hospital last night I had to have serjury on my face after I got into a scuffle yesterday after noon I've got a five inch long slice on my face I had to have 55 stiches to close it"

"oh I'm so sorry"

"its ok I'm not allowed to leave the house cause of the pain meds for the next week I have to take them every 4 hours"

"well you do know next Tuesday is the last day of school"

"yes mam"

"ok well I can see you won't be able to come to school the last day so ill mark you as an excused absence ok"

"ok can you do one thing for me also"


"could you mark Julie Marie joseph excused she's helping me recover and she's my fiancé she lives with me oh and my parents will be there Tomorrow with a doctors note and temporary guardianship of Julie"

"ok will do have a nice day"

"you to bye"

"thanks jim"

"for what spending personal time with me as you heal"

"ahh its no problem"

3 hours later...

Mom dad zoey and kc walk in

"hey guys"

"hi Jim feeling better"

"defiantly I still got a bit of pain but other than that I'm alright  the medicine is helping but making me a bit loopy"

"the doc said it would"

"hey you two"
Noticing my siblings staring

"h-h-hi Jim"

"heya k"

"wow it looks like it hurts bad"

"it hurts but I got it for the right reason so yeah I'm gonna wear it around like a gold metal"

Julie is smiling at me on the edge of crying

"you see her well she's gonna be your sister in-law and you guys are gonna be an aunt and uncle here 8 months or so she's pregnant"

Zoey runs over to Julie and gives her a  hug of approval

Julie suddenly runs down the hall 

"I'm sorry guys I gotta"

"it's okay son we know"

I run down the hall till I find Julie in the bathroom bent over the toilet

"Julie you okay"(entering the bathroom shutting the door)

"yeah"(wiping her mouth)

"that's the baby isn't it"

"yeah I guess I don't know if I can get used to that"

"be happy it only happens in the first couple months"

"yeah I'm happy"

"okay that sounded a little arrogant I'm really really sorry for the side effects of being pregnant I wish I could take them away"

"I know you would I just realized what a monumental moment in my life this is I'm happy but nervous at the same time"

"I feel the same way but I'm happy to be a dad iv always wanted to be and you made it come true this is the second best day of my life the first asking you out"

"Jim that's so sweet"

"thanks you wanna go back out there"

"yeah sure"

We walk out everyone dispersed moms in the kitchen 

"you guys ok yeah she got sick"

"don't worry Julie were in the same boat it's not fun but you'll feel the gratitude of having your child"

"good cause this part is crap I don't know if your ever doing this to me again"

Me and mom bust out laughing julie hits me I can't defend myself I'm laughing so hard she keeps hitting me not to hard but like shes thinking asshole but she's laughing to she trips me onto the couch and jumps on me and pretend smothers me I hear my mom

"Julie trust me I've had three going on four and I still want one more after the fourth it gives me a good feeling being a mom"

"pwewws op snmmmorhe ee"
"what"(she lifts the pillow from my face)

"please stop smothering me"

"stop laughing at me"

"ok ok I will ow"


"my face you seem to have forgotten I have 55 stitches in it"


"yeah oops alright"

She starts laughing at me 

"ok I deserve this I know I know"

"but why didn't you hit her"(mom)

"she knows what it's like to be pregnant and she's letting me stay here"

"hey your family now and your carrying my grandchild so I won't and wouldn't think about it"n

"thanks it's nice to know somebody loves me"

"hey I love you sorry if my meds screw with me but you know I do"

"I love you too"

"hey Julie you hungry"(around dinner time)

"I'm starting to get there"

"let's go get something to eat"

"Jim you aloud"

"I should be havnt took the meds yet"

"it's okay with me Jim just be back before 10"

"no prob mom"

I go in my room grab my keys and we leave I drive around for a little looking at places to eat I spot taco bell

"what you think of taco bell"

"sounds good to me havnt had it in forever"

"me neither"

I pull into the taco bell we order our food and find a place to sit she tears into her first taco I look at mine and start chuckling


"you know my friend nick who joined the army"

"I'm thinking of something he did"


"it involved something he did with a taco"

"I feel a funny story coming on tell me"

"well it's about 6 months ago when you went to see your aunt for a week 
I was walking to ms d's room for lunch and he was waiting outside for her to get some work and she left to get food and came back with tacos
She set them on her desk and was getting his work he snuck one in his pocket without her knowing 
she gave him his work and he walked out for about 5 seconds and walked back in and said
"sorry ms I stole this without you noticing"
And I'll never forget this cause it shocked me she said
"thanks for telling the truth"
And gave it to him"

"hahaha why did I never hear of this it's hilarious" 

"honestly I don't know I thought you knew"

"nope never did by the way how is nick"

"good I guess he's outta basic"

"that's good you ever consider the army"

"yeah but because I have flat feet and how many times iv broke my right ankle it's not stable enough for combat and now that I have you and a little one on the way I don't wanna ever have you getting a personally delivered letter stating that I was fatally killed in action and leave you and a little one behind" 

"I never woulda guessed you wanted to join the military"

"and mom said I couldn't join or shed kill me before they did and she's one of 2 people I fear"

"and whose the second"


"ok makin sure I don't have to put you in your place"

"I was gonna say nick but you sorta gave me the devil eye when I was bout to"

We burst out laughing people look at us like idiots but we could give a shit less were happy
we finish up eating I say

"I have to go to the bathroom meet me at the car"
"ok babe"
45 seconds later I'm walking out of taco bell just to see two guys from school trying to talk to Julie

"hey baby when you gonna leave that stiff for a real man"

"when the real man shows up behind you and tells you to leave his fiancée alone and get away from his car before he beats two dumb ass wiggers two a pulp"

I scare the shit outta them they didn't realize I walked up

"who da fuck you callin a wigger"

"I'm calling the dumb ass white boy who's right in front of me who dosnt know how to pronounce a damn word a wigger"

"you wanna go bro let's do this bro come on"


The kid immediately tries to take a sucker punch and misses 
I turn throw my right and hit him in the nose instantly he starts leaking then I stomp him to the ground
I look at his friend he says

"I'm good bro I don't want no trouble I didn't say anything in the first place"

"hint of advice don't hang out with him or your ass will get beat"

"I kno dude iv seen you guys alone all around I told that dumb ass that but he didn't listen ok"

"yeah yeah"

I cruse off laughing 
Julie looks over at me like the dumb ass got out of the hospital a couple hours ago and already got in a fight and won
I just smirk I'm in a good mood she's in a good mood

"hey you wanna go to the magic mile"

A.k.a longest 4 lanes wide road including a turning lane open median that goes for a mile and a half
People don't drive on it usually there's races all the time 

cops don't try to stop it cause it's 20 feet off the highway nothin but dirt separating them so there's no use trying they just ask we do it safely 
As we do hasn't been a serious crash in a year 
And even then there were no injuries and the cars were both totaled but salvageable 

We only went there to see how fast we could get 172 is  how fast I got to my friend pulled 185 in his pops drag/street maro

This time I went all out 179 is all I could muster 

"it needs bigger heads and a ford racing exhaust I'd have around 800 horses"

"how do you afford these things babe"

"I work save and save and so on I'll get everything I want done to it and mom and dad help me out especially pop 
he loves this car and him makin 90 thou a year and mom owning 4 mc donalds around here we get by"

"why do you have a job then"

"gives me a sense of accomplishment and both my parents wanted to instill a working life into me"

"true true"

I get a text message from dad

"hey bud the whole family wants to see the shuttle launch you wanna go"

"hey Julie you wanna see the last shuttle launch"

"yeah sounds like fun"

Reply"yeah and whose the whole family"

"all your uncles aunts and cousins"

"okay sweet"

We get home dad told me how things were going to work how many cars and that I'd be driving my own i was a bit over eager but it soon went away

4 weeks went flying by we lived 3 hours away from the cape so we were good
Dad had bought 6 walkie talkies to take along of course dad and uncle jay hooked up trailers both holding 3 atv's and 2 dirt bikes 
we obviously were staying at a huge wooden cabin same place I broke my foot but they had really good trails only 45 mins from the cape 

11/2 hours into the trip 

"Jim pull over at the rest stop please"

"ok""everyone were gonna stop up here you guys can keep going we will catch up"

"alright Jim"

We pull off the highway she runs to the bathroom I know she loves being prego and what not
It really turns her on she said shes alot more sensitive
But I really hate her getting sick almost everyday she even asks me to buy gum for her I do but I can see it taking a toll on her 
She walks out

"Julie you ok"

"I'm fine just tired"


"next sign that shows a checkers can I get the usual (milk shake chili cheese fries and a mushroom Swiss burger)"

"you and your cravings"

"hey you di"

She notices me grinning she goes to start cussing me out but I lean foreward and kiss her I whisper

"I'll do anything for you don't ever think I'd ever say no"

We kiss I can't help to say anything but I love you

We get the food and catch up to everyone while their pulling out of a rest area 
to show off I floor it then cut infront dad and every one rages at me but they know I'm playing around
I pull into the next lane as everyone passes then it gets to my
Uncles truck then trailer I notice he's missing both of his 450cc Honda dirt bikes

"hey uncle jay both you're bikes are gone"

"no there not look right behind you" 

I glance up

"when did nick and zach start riding on the road"

"a week and a half ago they were getting a little ancy so I told them they could ride"


We get to the cabin 2 hours later 
Me and Julie get our stuff and room in order 
We tell mom and dad were going to the beach
They tell me everyone will be be there shortly after us 
We get there a half hour before they do

She takes off all her clothes and underneath she wears a deep red bikini 
yeah we live in Florida but on the west coast 
beaches there not so good so we don't go that often but we can't pass up new smyrnia beach 

"hey Julie your baby bump is starting to show"

"shut up"

"I'm not calling you fat it makes you look even more beautiful"

She comes over and kisses me

"does it really you mean you don't think I'm fat"

"no no no no no I dont care about how you look either way I still will love you till the day I die"

"with those words I might just let you fill me up with even more of your baby batter tonight"
Then all too soon the family arrives all 22 of them

We stay there for 4 hours or so then hit a buffet before we go to the cabin 
once we get there everyone gets ready for sleep since we have to get up early for the launch

I'm laying in bed in a pretty big room with a bathroom but all 8 bed rooms are like this and a huge living room

As I'm watching family guy julie walks out of the bathroom fresh from a shower in a outfit Iv never seen
It was a corset purple and black with white strips 

"when I said fill me up with even more baby batter I ment it entirely"

"Julie you look so so so gorgeous"

"you think so baby I'd hope you would of I bought it only for your eyes"

She is sitting on my crotch by now but still on her knees she leans foreward and kisses me
I caress her her head lightly I feel her still damp hair on my hands  
I slowly slide them down the length of her body following every curve of her luscious body

I stand up holding her i lay her on the bed and let loose the knot on her corset
Meticulously go by loosening every lace then pull it off and drop the corset on the ground
I kiss her stomach and work my way up to her beautiful stiff nipples I suck and play with each one
I work my way down
I get to her vagina I just ravage it I lick I kiss I suck I blow
I gave her every sensation possible she's moaning 
Every time she's about to cum I stop I keep doing this time after time
She gets closer and closer and closer but I stop 
I get up I kneel between she pleaded with me

"baby fuck me please I need to cum please make me cum please please make me cum shove that big fucking pole in me"

I don't deny her I shove it in 
I don't know if it's me or or something but every time I fuck her she seems to be tighter and tighter or I'm just getting bigger and bigger
Even how slick she is it's hard to move for the first couple of moments but I get it going
We keep a slow steady pace for a long while I pick up my pace in out in out i stay in but kiss all over her body all this time shes gyrating her hips the sensation is amazing I pump and pump I can't hold it any more i bust right there 
We slow down 
but I still stay hard as a rock and she hasn't gotten off yet knowing I have 1 maybe 2 more rounds left in me I keep it going but only for a couple more minutes till she screams


I follow her shortly but before I'm there she tells me to cum in her mouth before she can get all the way down on her knees 
I spurt leaving a white goo trail from her navel to her chin before she shoves it into her mouth
As she sucks and sucks then goes deep throat where I hit the back of her throat spewing my last spurt into her belly

"I loveeeeeeeee you sooo much Julie"

"i love you to babe"

We lay next to eachother in the spooning position we wisper I love you's to each other slowly drifting off to sleep

"Jim baby get up"

"ha huh what"(groggy)

"it's time to get up"

"it's only 3:30"

"I know but I wanna see the sun rise off of the water"

I get up do the morning ritual and the 3 s's 
I write a note telling mom and dad where we were and to call me when they read this
We leave by 4:15"

I whisper

"Julie I love you"

"love you to baby"

"you think of any names for the baby"

"somewhat if it's a boy Brandon or Jim just like you if it's a girl Jessica or Michelle"

"I would like Julie as our girls name it's the most beautiful name I've ever herd"

"then it's Julie"

"if it's a boy Jim"

"that's fine with me"

About 30 minutes later we arrive at the beach

It's like a movie im sitting back on a blanket she's standing up the sky is a beautiful orange
I stand up walk up right behind her my feet next to hers our bodies pressed together my hands resting on her stomach with hers on Top my face next to hers a summer breeze blows  the smell of salt in the air

"Jim this is the most beautiful sight I've ever seen"

"Julie it's more than that it's gorgeous no there's no word for it and it's made a million times better with you I love you I love us"

"I love us to"

We kiss we wait as the sun comes over the horizon there are clouds in the air 
We just stand there I honestly feel our souls combine I knew from then on there is no me there's us 
no possibility of being separated I felt so so at peace with her

We leave the beach  headed towards the cape listening to linkin park

We catch up to everyone on the road 140 does great tricks 

"hey guys how was your nights"

"Jim how the hell are you so energetic at this time in the morning"

"loving every second of my life as it is"

"oh mr love machine right"

"no I'm in love with the pretty girl I'm with love you baby"

"Jim your a trip haha"

"love you too aunt stace"

"love you too buddy"

"hey pops how's mom" 

"she's feelin a bit woosey but ok how bout Julie"

She takes the walkie talke

"I'm good mr harrington tell her thanks for our talk about a month ago it's helping me coping with my sickness". 

"she said your welcome"

We drive for another hour in silence everyone is starting to stir 

"alright everyone were pulling off for food we have 4 and a half hours till liftoff and about 10 miles so were good"


We eat We talk about stuff but nothing I remember I couldn't keep my eyes off of Julie she was just amazingly beautiful
Her eyes her hair her body her personality and the way she looked at me
Just made me feel grateful for getting up the nerve to ask her out
We finish eating they pay the tab and were on our way to the cape


"yeah baby"

"you ok"

"yeah why do you ask"

"you seem outta of it today"

"nope just exhausted maybe a little distracted but I'm ok"

"I kno your exhausted but distracted by what"

"I don't know"

"yes you do I can see it on your face what is it"

"you ok I'm distracted by you your beauty especially your eyes I still get lost in them your eyes remind me of blue Octobers into the ocean the song matches you"

"god that's so so unbelievably sweet I didn't know that ever Happend"

"it does I can't help it and I don't try to avoid it"

"just to let you know I can't sleep unless you say you love me"

"I love you"

"love you to"

We drive to Titusville and find a place to park 
Dad says Weill have to walk  but within 6 or 7 minutes we found a spot
We had to wait an hour in the hot sun 

We enjoyed the launch And the rest of that week 

The next chapter will happen but for now I'm gonna work on another story for a little

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