Young Wife Get's The Ultimate Punishment
I couldn’t believe that I was actually going to do it. When he had approached me I had been shocked to say the least, but when it became clear that he was serious I found myself genuinely interested. Now that the moment had arrived I was so excited I was afraid I might pass out or something.

April was completely naked except for black thigh-high stockings and stiletto heels. She was bent over a small table, each ankle tied to a leg so that her thighs were spread wide. Her plump ass stuck up in the air a bit due to the low height of the table. The bright pink lips of her pussy were slightly apart invitingly, not a single hair in sight. The black rope looped around the table, cinching her taut stomach down – it had to be incredibly uncomfortable. Her heavy tits hung down over the other edge of the table, and I smiled as I noticed the nipple clamps and tiny weights extending her nipples to nearly an inch in length. Smiling, I wondered how long she struggled against her restraints before the pain in her nipples convinced her to hold very still. Tied to the front legs of the table were both of her slender wrists, her hands were a deep red color indicating that she had been struggling against the ropes and only pulling them tighter – no doubt they were fairly numb at this point.

Her make-up was flawless despite the obvious trails of her tears. I studied her face for a bit as she stared at me, no doubt wondering who I was. The fear in her deep brown eyes fascinated me, but it was mixed with anger, and embarrassment which only deepened the longer I sat there in silence meeting her gaze. April had a wide mouth with full lips, colored a ruby red and currently spread open around a large black ball gag, leather straps keeping it firmly in place around her long brunette tresses. She tried to speak, her frustration evident as she no doubt pleaded with me to untie her – but all I heard was guttural groans and it stirred me down low.

Time was of no concern, but my cock was aching inside the confines of my jeans so I stripped off quickly. The last hint of hope that had been in her expression was extinguished as my throbbing nine inch cock sprang into view, only inches from her face. I might be mistaken, but I think I saw her eyes widen a bit. It is an impressive cock, if I do say so myself, and she had never been with anyone other than her husband. I stroked it a few times while I looked at her, and she tried to turn her head away in disgust, but there was a thin rope tied around her pony tail and linked to the ropes around her waist: she could not put her head down.

I produced my camera and began taking pictures of her. There was no rush and I took my time, catching her from every angle I could imagine. She began crying at some point, and then thrashed about a bit, screaming in frustration into her gag. In all I took over a hundred pictures. I pulled out my laptop, connected the camera, and then as she watched I downloaded the images. When I opened a browser and typed in the URL,, she really began to wail but there was nothing she could do as she watched my high speed connection upload one humiliating image of her after the other to the Internet. Before long there was a nice collection available.

I pointed to the corner of the homepage to a small box that said, “Satisfied Members: 01”. Then I opened my email account and began composing an email:

You are receiving this invitation to my new hardcore pornographic website featuring none
other than April Stevens. Yes, this is the April Stevens that you know and love. I
promise you will get to see all of her, nothing will be withheld.

In order to gain access you will need to provide a credit card and authorize a payment
of $100. Don’t wait. This is a limited time offer.

As she watched and strained futilely against her bonds, I then added one by one the email addresses of every man she knew. Her father, her grandfather, her brothers, her pastor, her husband, her boss, her friend’s husbands, her ex-boyfriends, her teachers from high school, her neighbors, myself (to throw off her suspicion), her doctor, her favorite waiter from her favorite restaurant, the guy who cleaned her pool, everyone.

Then I pointed to a monitor that was mounted on the far wall. In large friendly letters it explained to her that I was going to send this message unless she begged me to let her suck my cock, and then sucked my cock with enthusiasm until I blew a load on her face. As she absorbed the message she was just shaking her head, but I saw the resignation to her fate in her eyes. I unfastened the rope of her pony tail, and unbuckled the ball gag.

“You fucking bastard! You better let me go right this instant or I’m going to the police!”

She couldn’t see my frown through the facemask I wore, but I slumped my shoulders to communicate displeasure, and then I walked over to the computer and hovered the cursor over the send button. I put my finger on the mouse button.

“Wait! I’m sorry. Don’t send that message. I’ll do it.”

I had to actually point to the word ‘beg’ on the screen a few times before she clued in, but April didn’t put up too much of a fuss before finally giving in. “Please let me suck your cock. I want it. I’m begging for it.” Her voice was empty of emotion, so I went back to the mouse.

“Oh don’t! Wait! I’m sorry! I’ll do it! Please, let me suck it. I need it. Give me your cock, I want to taste it, I want to make you cum!” It was much better. She was actually pleading for it now. She actually did want to suck my cock because she didn’t want me to press that button. “Oh, please. Give it to me. I’ll suck it so good for you!”

I let her go on for a while, but then I gave her what she so desperately wanted. April was actually a decent cocksucker, able to take most of my length into her mouth. The first couple of times I pushed into her throat she panicked a bit, but was completely unable to stop me from deep throating her. Soon I was sliding my tool in and out of her mouth with ease, listening to her gag a bit. She did know what to do with her tongue and kept her promise to make it good. Watching her big mouth swallow my dick was amazing and I knew I wasn’t going to last too long.

Pointing back to the screen she read that I wanted her to beg me to cum all over her slutty face. She rolled her eyes a bit, but she did it. “Oh I want your cum all over my slutty face. Give me all of your cum!” I couldn’t hold back any more, pulled out and stroked myself as strand after strand of gooey cum shot out on her face. The look of disgust on her face was priceless. I pointed to the screen again and she saw instructions to lick as much as she could get and swallow it making noises to show how much she loved the taste. April did as she was told even though I knew this was the first time she had ever tasted cum.

I then turned back to the computer and minimized the email window. “Oh, thank you. Are you going to let me go now?” I ignored her and brought up the video editing software. My video camera had captured the entire sloppy blowjob and I threw a quick fade in and out around it. I clicked play and let her watch the result; a ten minute long video of her begging for my cock, sucking it enthusiastically, and then gobbling my cum like a whore. Any bits of her protesting were on the cutting room floor. “Oh my God! What are you going to do with that?”

Instead of answering her, I just uploaded it and added it to the homepage of the website. “Oh please don’t do that!” Then I pulled up the email message and as she screamed I clicked send. “Oh God! How could you? I sucked you off! You fucking bastard!”

Tiring of her complaining, I put the gag back in her mouth. Then, I pointed her attention to the little box on the home screen. Satisfied Members: 03. At least two men that she knew had ponied up the $100 to be able to see her naked. The expression of horror on her face spread out as the number went up and up. We had sent the email to 57 people and so far 35 of them had paid $100 to be able to subscribe. I then drew her attention to the viewed counter for the video: it had been viewed dozens of times. She broke down sobbing.

Her phone began buzzing not long after and I held it up so she could see. Dozens of text messages were pouring in. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” “Your father and I are very concerned about this new venture of yours?” “I’ll need to see you in my office first thing in the morning.” “How could you send this to my husband; I thought we were friends?”

I began sending replies for her. “Don’t judge me. You should see the money I’m making.” “I’m not a child anymore, I can make my own choices.” “I’m sure we can work something out so that I can keep my day job.” “I’ve been fucking your husband for six months now anyway.”

When she was good and aggravated I decided it was time to fuck her. Her pussy was very dry, so I knelt behind her and began to lick her cunt from top to bottom. She got wet fairly quickly and I could tell she was on the verge of an orgasm. This gave me an idea so I brought her right to the edge and then stopped. I waited for a few minutes, until her breathing slowed down, and then I did it again. Over and over I ate her cunt, listening to her moan and plead into her gag, but never letting her climax. After twenty times she was writhing on the table, so I pulled off her gag.

“Oh God, please let me cum! I need to cum so badly! I can suck you again if you want, just please let me cum!”

So I got back behind her and buried my face in her dripping wet cunt, tonguing her clit relentlessly. She exploded in orgasm, every muscle in her body tensing up as she screamed, “Oh fuck yes! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop making me cum!”

I ate her through three orgasms and then finally stopped. She lay there panting, and I went over to the computer and uploaded the video. “Please don’t do this to me! Why are you torturing me like this?” Within a few minutes the video had been seen over a dozen times. I pointed her to the members total which had reached 65. It seems that someone was recommending the site to their friends.

Getting behind her I lined up my cock and sank it into her dripping snatch. She moaned loudly, “oh, please don’t rape me anymore! Why are you doing this to me?” Because I had already cum, I was able to fuck her for a good long time. After a few minutes she stopped pleading, and just grunted and moaned as I filled her to capacity with meat. Her sensitive clit was being pushed into the edge of the table, and she came three more times while I pounded away, each time begging me to stop. I didn’t even slow down until I felt my balls tighten. “Oh God! Don’t cum inside me! Scott had a vasectomy! I’m not on the pill,” but it was too late, I was filling her fertile womb with my seed. When I was done I came around and put my sloppy, sticky dick in her mouth and made her clean it while it softened.

April was sobbing non-stop now and I need a bit to recover so I put her gag back in and then blindfolded her so I could remove my mask. Then I put some headphones over her ears and played the tape for her. I watched her as she listened to the familiar sound of her husband’s voice:

“April, I want you to know that this is what happens to bitches who try to divorce me. That’s right, I found the papers. Well, guess what, honey? You’re fucked now – literally and figuratively. Running a porn site on your company’s servers is not the kind of behavior that will garner you any leniency with the judge. My attorney tells me that I can expect full custody of the kids, the house, everything because you are an adulterous bitch who is an unfit mother. Oh yes, this whole enterprise is in your name, with your signature on all the proper forms. No-one is going to believe that you were set up. When Carl finds out this whole thing is on the company server, you’re going to be fired and I doubt he’s going to be giving you a good reference. So, good luck in your new life, bitch. Oh one more thing, the next guy who’s going to fuck you is my attorney. You see, I’m financing my divorce costs with your asshole.”

I brought in the attorney and he wasted no time in freeing his cock from his trousers and forcing it into her dry asshole. She screamed into the gag, but he didn’t care, he just kept pushing inch after inch into her. April hated anal sex, having tried it a couple of times with Scott and finding it too painful and degrading. It was quite a sight watching this guy’s massive rod stretching her nearly virgin ass as he buried himself to the hilt, his fat gut slapping down on her ample ass cheeks every time he bottomed out. The only mercy she was shown was that he couldn’t hold out for long. Her husband’s divorce attorney creamed in her shitter and then went around to her face, yanked the gag out and when she began to yell, shoved his filthy, slimy cock into her throat. April coughed and sputtered and pulled against her restraints, but was powerless to stop him from forcing her to clean his shit covered dick.

When he was gone I realized I had one more go in me, so I decided to give her ass a try myself. Usually I’m not one for sloppy seconds, but I figured I wasn’t going to have many opportunities like this so I should just make the best of it. April’s asshole was so tight I felt like she might pull the skin off my cock. She screamed as I penetrated her already sore hole, begging me to stop but only encouraging me more. I reached around her and grabbed her fat tits, letting the clamps pop off painfully. My cock reamed her deeply and she was incoherent as I slammed into her again and again. Finally, I came inside of her.

I shot her full of heroin and left her there, in that abandoned warehouse, completely naked. I took everything else, including her cell phone, and went home.

Several hours later I was awoken to my phone ringing. To my extreme surprise it was April.

“Hey, I need help. No-one will talk to me. You’re my last hope.”

“Slow down, sweetheart. What’s wrong? What’s this email I got about a pornographic website?” God this bitch was stupid.

“I’m being set-up! Scott won’t talk to me! I was going to divorce him and now everyone thinks I’m a slut!”

“Calm down, April. It can’t be that bad.”

“I’m completely fucking naked! In a fucking phone booth in the fucking middle of fucking nowhere! Now, please come get me and bring some fucking clothes!”

Honestly I had expected never to see her again, but this was an interesting development. Clearly she had no idea that I was the man who had raped her. I decided it was worth at least playing along for awhile and seeing where it led.

April had no where to go and begged me to let her stay with me for a few days while she sorted her life out. I assured her that I was there to help in anyway I could. Scott wouldn't talk to her, and her own attorney dropped the case the moment he saw the website. I took her to six different attorneys and all told her that she should seek counseling and accept any settlement Scott offered her. His attorney demanded a drug test, and April was flabbergasted when the results came back positive for heroin. In the end she got nothing, and was prohibited from seeing her own kids. Not one of her friends, other than me, would give her a character reference. Many of them filed affidavits suggesting she was an unfit mother.

At work her boss demanded a blowjob if she wanted to keep her job. April came home crying, telling me how humiliating it was to crawl under his desk and suck his fat dick until he came down her throat. I held her tightly, and told her it was okay - that it was just that one time. (That night I slipped her some date rape drug and fucked her mouth while she was passed out.) After nine job interviews, one of which asked her for a blowjob, April was convinced that she was never going to get another job. Somehow they all kept finding out about the website. The day after she told me that she was going to have to tough it out and stay put, her boss found out her website was on his server. April came home to me, her ass full of her boss' cum. He began regularly raping her, and she knew she had no choice but to take it. For a day I let her have hope that the website was gone, lost with her boss' decision to take the site down. However it was resurrected the next day, and she cringed as she saw that there were now over 1500 subscribers at the new twenty dollar rate.

Over time she began to become attached to me. If she only knew that I was regularly drugging and raping her, but she always assumed her soreness was because of her boss. It was only inevitable that she tried to come on to me, but I would always push her away, assuring her that she didn't want to be in a relationship with me. I needed a girl who knew how to truly submit to a man. She was insistent however, and so I finally sat her down with some master / slave websites and told her that if she was ever ready to make that kind of commitment to let me know.

Never in my wildest dreams had I thought she would go for it, but one evening I came home and found her completely naked, kneeling just inside the front door. Both of her nipples had been pierced, her cunt was clean shaven, and she had a tattoo above her pussy that declared she was my property. Her hands were handcuffed together, and she was holding up a dog collar. Her mouth was open wide, her glossy lips ready to accept my cock.

I placed the collar around her delicate neck and then wasted no time sliding my pole into her throat. Later I discovered she was wearing a large anal plug, and she begged me to fuck her and use her anyway I wanted to.

For the next few years April made an excellent slave. She was grateful to belong to me. I allowed her to quit her job, although I still would send her over to fuck her boss if she ever displeased me. Usually though she was downright perfect; never refusing me anything. The slut woke me up every morning with a sloppy blowjob, she would drink my morning piss and then wash me thoroughly in the shower before preparing me breakfast and serving it to me on her backside. I fucked her at will and she always came and always thanked me no matter how abusive I got. All of my friends routinely fucked her, including her ex-husband Scott. Whether I had her sleeping in a cage or next to me in bed, she embraced it.

It was surreal seeing her finding such freedom and happiness in a submissive relationship with the man who had single-handedly destroyed her life in the first place. Over the past few months I've noticed that her age is starting to show. It's probably time to find a new younger woman to keep as a slave.

From time to time I ask her why she submitted to me, why she didn't just move far away and start over again. She told me, "You're the one who always stood by me. You own me and I owe everything to you."

What a dumb bitch, she doesn't even know how right she is. After she's trained her replacement and I kick her out in the street, I'm really going to enjoy seeing her face when I tell her the whole story.

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