Tom has a play date

Strawberry (Chap 6) Thursday’s Play Date

Beep, Beep, Beep. My G-Shock watch beeps me awake and when I open my eyes the room is dim. Oh yea, I’m in my basement bed where I crashed after making love to Strawberry. Making love, now those are strong feelings, maybe in the light of day I may change my mind. I had already told her that all the other girls were “just sex”.

Lying in the quiet basement at 5:00 a.m., I think about last night for a bit. Fucking Sheila was nice; however, Janet surprised me a little by joining in, straddling Sheila’s face and having her pussy eaten. What a sight, it makes me horny just thinking about it. Of course Sheila got a bigger surprise when her naked daughter jumped on my cock. I think about mom and daughter getting each other off doing a sixty-nine. Maybe Janet will invite them over to spend Saturday night. It would keep Janet from worrying about Strawberry visiting the ex.

After Strawberry and I finished our fuck session she fell asleep and I was still wide awake. I had considered pulling Linda out of the master bedroom and having her spend the night with me. But we all have to go to work or school this morning and I have my date with Kelly. Kelly had sent another text telling me to read my e-mail. So I locked up the house and turned off the lights and headed for my basement rooms.

The e-mail from Kelly told me where we will go for breakfast and what to wear. “Breakfast at the club,” does not mean much to me. She also told me to wear casual khakis and tennis shoes if I had them. I am to pick her up at her house at 8:00 a.m. She also gave me her Facegirl account info and said, “See if you like anything”. So I spent two hours looking at her Facegirl pages and those of some of her school friends.

Kelly goes to the same fancy private school as my neighbor’s daughters. She is a junior in High School and sixteen. From her birthday, I see she will be seventeen soon. This year she is in all ‘Advanced’ classes in the afternoon program. Working at the coffee shop seems to be a part of her economics classes.

The best part of her page is her pictures. Kelly was a cheerleader last years and her pictures are really hot. Her uniform shows off long tanned legs and she looks to be about a 34-C. One picture is a professional headshot from a glamor studio. The makeup is perfect and her very large blue eyes are piecing. You know how on some pictures the eyes seem to follow you; well hers really do. Her brown hair has blonde highlights and the lighting makes it look golden as it curls around her face and down her chest. A perky nose and winning smile are great.

When I turn the next page, I get a super pleasant surprise. Kelly is on a beach and standing with two others. The one in the middle may be mom. She is probably in her early forties with long blonde hair blowing in the wind. Her bikini shows off a great body and nice sized tits. I enjoy looking at mom for a while.

On one side of mom is a younger version of Kelly, probably her little sister who looks around ten or eleven. Her body shape is somewhat similar to Strawberry with nice apple sized tits pushing against the one piece suit. She has a bit of a camel toe where the suit binds between her legs. It makes me grin.

On the other side of mom is Kelly and she is wearing a bikini which is not much bigger than a couple of Band-Aids. Her tits stand up nicely and her belly is flat and hard. Water drips from her and she obviously just got out of the ocean. Unintentionally it’s a super sexy shot. Yes Kelly, I found something which I like. I download the picture to my computer and separate the three females into three pictures. Kelly’s gets enhanced and enlarged. Then I download a copy to my i-phone. It reminds me all my photo gear and cameras are in my apartment.

After I saw the pictures, I was really glad I had a morning date with Kelly. It helped me get to sleep quickly.

So now it’s 5:00 a.m. and time to get up before Janet wakes up. I go up to Strawberry’s bedroom and this morning she is curled up on her side under a soft blanket. We probably could sneak in a quick fuck; but I behave myself and take a shower. Back in the basement I put on casual khakis, tennis shoes and a golf shirt. I straighten up the basement’s man cave and head for the kitchen. Its past Janet’s time to get up and I figure everyone will be late to work. A few minutes later the fresh coffee smell floats through the air and I open the master bedroom and take a look.

Janet is on one side of the bed and Sheila on the other. Linda is between them and they are under light blankets. Holding a cup of coffee near Janet’s face I blow across the cup and let the aroma cover her face. In a minute or two she stirs around a bit and one eye opens slowly. When she sees me in the light coming through the door, she smiles and I blow more coffee toward her. “Cabin boy, you brought coffee. When does the ship dock?” she smiles. I tell her, “No such luck lady; it’s a workday.” She closes her eyes and mumbles, “Shit.” Her eyes open again and she looks at her clock and this time says it loudly, “Shit.”

She scrambles out of bed naked, takes the coffee cup and disappears into the bathroom. I watch Sheila and Linda sleep and figure there is no need to wake them until Janet is ready to share the bathroom. Before I go back into the kitchen, I kneel next to Sheila and pull the blanket away from her tits. They are pretty and I do want to play with them more. Leaning forward, I give one nipple a quick kiss and a slight suck. Enough already, I don’t want her to wake up.

About twenty minutes later, I hear conversation coming from the master bedroom. I guess Sheila is up and talking to Janet. Suddenly little Linda comes into the kitchen and spots me. “Uuhh Tom, you’re cooking?” she asks surprised. “Yes babe,” I tell her as I look at her naked body. Gosh, her boobs and pussy look delicious. She sees my eyes going up and down and she grins. “Got’a go pee”, she laughs and runs up the stairs. Her naked ass swishes as I watch. Good grief.

I take a second cup of coffee into the master bedroom for Sheila. Well, that’s my excuse anyway; I’m just interested in what the women are doing. I hear a hair dryer going in the bathroom and when I walk in Janet is blowing her hair. Sheila is just stepping out of the shower, naked and wet. Before she reaches for the towel, I hand her the coffee and lean in and kiss her lips. “Good morning babe, you look lovely,” I tell her as water drips off her boobs and she laughs. “I look like a drowned cat,” she says and sips the coffee. I lean into her and plant the suggestion, “Ask Janet to invite you over Saturday afternoon.” Sheila looks at me wide eyed and nods slowly. Janet watches us in the mirror and smiles. I’m sure she thinks I’m up to no good.

About twenty minutes later all the females are gathered around the table with breakfast. Linda and Sheila are digging into their eggs and toast. Strawberry and Janet are eating fluffy, smaller omelets made of egg whites. “My harem,” goes through my mind and the best part is I can send two of them home if I don’t need them. Good grief.

Janet talks to Sheila about everyone getting to work and school. I end up taking Strawberry and Janet will take Sheila and Linda back to their house which is not far away. At school, before Strawberry hops out of my truck she plants a big kiss on my lips. Her tongue slips into my mouth and I have to control myself to just look innocent. It earns her a very stern look from the older lady teacher handling traffic. “Bye Uncle Tommy,” Strawberry chirps as she walks past the teacher. As I check her ass rocking left and right, I notice today is “green day”. Yep, you know the drill; cap, blouse and matching book bag.

Kelly’s house is a fancy two story red brick home on a secluded cul-de-sac with green grass in the front yard looking like a golf course. A long white porch is on the front of the house. As I pull up, Kelly steps out of the front door, stops a half minute and then slowly walks down the steps and the driveway to my truck. The morning sun makes her hair shine and reflects off her big Hollywood shades. She smiles as she walks because she probably sees my mouth hanging open.

Kelly wears a white tennis outfit. But what an outfit it is; her top has a very nice slit between her breasts which probably allows movement; but will surely tease any spectators when she bends over. It is form fitted over her sports bra and shows her curves. The tennis skirt is the shortest I have ever seen, just barely covering her muff with pleats. The name of a fashion house is on her top and skirt.

I hold the door open for her and take her gear bag, which has a racket strapped to it. “Thanks Tom,” she smiles and jumps in. She shows her long, tanned legs and thighs without shame just like in her beach picture. Her gear bag goes into the back seat and I think, “Jeez, this stuff is fairly heavy”. Now the word ‘club’ makes sense as Kelly gives me directions to her country club. She signs us in at the Security gate and I drive past the golf course toward the giant club house. Just a few early morning fancy cars are in the parking lot.

We sit across from each other in the VIP dining room and Kelly is treated like royalty by the staff. Poached eggs and fruits are our breakfast. We linger over coffee until her court time opens. She tells me a bit about school and tennis and I finally ask her, “Kelly, why am I the lucky guy to be here with you?” She grins and lowers her voice, “I’m pretty sure you were toying with me when I showed you my tits and you would not look down”. It makes me chuckle because I sure looked hard while she worked at the keyboard. I confess to her, “I looked real hard when you put my order into the computer”. She grins back and says, “That’s why you’re here. I think you can be subtle and keep our secret”.

I chuckle again and ask, “That’s why we are at daddy’s club?” Kelly looks serious and lets me know there is no daddy. He died four years ago, so she and mom have a permanent membership. She tells me not to worry, her grieving has mostly stopped. To change the subject I ask her about working at the coffee store. She brightens up immediately and tells me its part of her advanced econ classes.

“I’m actually doing secret research on customers”. That shocks me and I ask her, “I hope looking at your pretty tits is not part of it?” “Of course not, silly. That was just for you,” she tells me. Then she explains how each customer is classified according to sex, manners, tips and a bunch of other stuff. She charts it and makes statistical models. She has some theories which she will test on certain customers. I grin and think, “Showing me your tits certainly got my attention. Good way to increase tips.” Kelly looks at her watch and tells me, “Time to hit some balls.” Oh yea.

At the court she tells me to sit on the side and watch while she hits balls shot at her from a machine. She shows me the machine’s control knob and tells me to increase the speed when she tells me. I lean back and enjoy as the machine fires a ball about every fifteen seconds. Kelly runs back and forth and hits the returns like a champ. When she is near me and bends over for a low ball I stare at her naked ass. Aah, maybe tennis is not such a bad sport to watch.

Kelly notices my look and laughs as she steps out of the way from the flying balls. “Tom, please reload it and speed it up,” she motions with her racket at the machine and she checks her watch. Now the balls are flying at a faster rate and she hustles. I think she may have missed two by the time she steps away again and checks her watch again. I look at mine also and figure out the pattern. Slower for fifteen minutes, faster for ten and I guess fast for five making it a thirty minute practice.

Kelly wipes her face with a towel and stretches her arms. When she bends over to stretch her legs I see the shapely naked buns again. Kelly catches me again and laughs. She flips the front of her skirt up and I see a white thong. I push the button on the machine and the first ball whizzes past her face like a bullet. Kelly laughs and grabs her racket; her other hand gives me the finger. The last five minutes have her running at full speed like a championship match. She is champion material.

When she steps away and signals me to cut off the machine, I’m impressed. I would have died of a heart attack ten minutes earlier. As she gathers her stuff she is breathing hard and says to me, “I need a shower; you’re place?” I grab her bag, smile and just nod my head.

At my apartment, I show her the bathroom, living room and kitchen. Standing by my little bar, I ask her if she wants something to drink. “Just sparkling water if you have it. I don’t drink booze, smoke or do drugs,” she says earnestly. “Put ice into it, please. Will you bring it in?” she asks as she heads for the bathroom.

I have her water with ice on a platter along with pieces of diced cheese and cucumber. Her clothes are lying on the bathroom floor. Kelly is looking into the mirror with her arms up pulling her hair into a knot. She is naked and I stop and look. Kelly smiles and rotates around. When she stops and faces me her eyebrow shoots up in a question mark. “You better get into the shower or I’ll lick all the sweat off you,” I tell her. “Gross,” she says, drawing out the word the way only a teen can. She steps into the shower and before she closes the door says, “Yes Tom, I will do the thing you are wishing for”. I can hear her laughing as she turns on the water. I wish to nibble on her tits, suck her pussy and fuck her like a real woman. Maybe even a nice sixty-nine and blow-job first. I’m wishing to have her naked under the Christmas tree. Oh, yes. Wishes.

Going around the apartment, I draw all the curtains closed and dim the lights. Soft music is playing and I see my maid service has changed the sheets and cleaned the bedroom. I may have to hire them for Janet’s house. Wearing just my jockeys I wait for Kelly with a stack of towels. She grins when she gets out of the shower and I help her towel off. Kelly lets me play with the towel gently rubbing her tits and belly. “Not yet,” she tells me as I move toward her pussy. “I need to dry my hair.”

When I sit on the commode seat, she looks surprised and asks, “You want to watch?” I answer, “It will be a treat!” She looks at me for half a minute and then shrugs and says, “Ok”. Unloading her gear bag, I can tell why it’s heavy. She has carefully folded at least two sets of clothes and shoes. Hair dryer, makeup bag and bunches of other stuff. Her i-phone is in a side pocket and she gives it a quick check. Other stuff rattles around in the bag.

Kelly cranks up the hair dryer and uses a big roller brush to brush out her hair. She has her technique down to an art. Then she uses a curling iron to curl her hair around her face. In between she nibbles the cheese and cucumbers. She opens the makeup bag, looks into it and closes it back up. “For when I get dressed,” she says and I add, “You may need another shower if we exercise too hard”. Kelly laughs, picks up the hair dryer and blasts my face, “Don’t make me sweat and lick me”. I don’t know if she meant to say it like that, but I laugh and tell her, “No Kelly, I’m going to lick you and then sweat.” She laughs and gives me another drawn out, “Gross”. She grabs my hand and we head for the bedroom.

She hands me a large tube and explains, “It’s medicated sports cream. Massage it into my legs and arm. Start with my ankles.” Kelly stretches out on my bed on her belly. Her hair floats over her shoulders and sides. Her shapely ass sticks up in the air and I notice she has absolutely no tan lines. I pick up one leg and dabble the sports cream on her leg and massage it into her foot and ankle. I do it fairly easy and when I press down with my thumb along her muscles she says quietly, “Yea, like that.”

It takes me at least five minutes to work my way up to her knee on one leg and I switch to the other leg. By the time I massage up to Kelly’s second knee she is humming along with my strokes. Don’t you just love a satisfied customer? I enjoy the view of Kelly’s heart shaped naked teen ass. She is shapely with flawless skin and her ass is the perfect size for her body.

As I rub upwards on her thighs she spreads her legs wide apart and gives me access to the inside of her legs. I run my thumbs along her long muscles and she hums a bit louder. My eyes are on her clean shaved pussy and my hands run up and down her inner thighs. When I dab more cream on her, Kelly says, “Tom, don’t touch anything sensitive. The cream stings.” I guess her pussy gets a pass. Kelly giggles and says, “Do the back of my arms and then my buns. Then I’ll roll over.” She knows how to motivate a man; dangling the carrot or pussy, so to speak. I lean down and kiss her buns and tell her, “Ok, babe.”

She rolls over, smiles at me and closes her eyes because she knows I’m totally hooked on looking at her teen body. Sixteen year olds are mostly fully developed and Kelly sure fits the definition. Her long legs and arms are very toned from tennis. Her flat belly shows her muscles and her 34-Cs stand up on their own. The areolas are quite large and pink with darker flat nipples. I expect they will grow when I suck on them. What hits me is I’ve been playing with a naked teen in my bed and have not even kissed Kelly.

Leaning over her, I kiss first one nipple and then the other and move up to her mouth. She kisses back nicely and we keep our lips together for about a minute. When we break apart Kelly giggles and says, “Don’t get side tracked and watch where you put your hands”. I chuckle and move down to her feet and apply more cream to the front of her legs. Kelly spreads her legs apart and smiles as her pussy opens for me. The tease knows exactly what it does to me.

I lift her leg up and massage the front of her legs and she relaxes and closes her eyes. When she starts humming again I know she loves it. Meanwhile, I feast my eyes on her pussy. Her outer lips have opened a bit and I see glistening pink. One side of me wants to hurry up and finish with the sports cream and the other side says enjoy this while you can. Have you ever had all the time you want to just study every inch of a teen beauty? So I massage the inside of her legs as close to her pussy as I dare. Kelly’s smile tells me she enjoys it too.

When I massage her arms and hold her hands I notice her manicure. She has clear polish on her fingers except the tips seem to be white. A thin bright red line runs under her nail at each finger’s tip. OK, I’ll admit I have never seen this style before; but it really fits Kelly. She squeezes my hand as I hold her and even this little move seems sexual.

When I’m nearly finished Kelly tells me to wash my hands really good and to look in her bag for a blue bottle. When I come back from the bathroom with it, she holds her arms up high and pulls my head to her and we kiss a long time. Her tongue is in my mouth and it makes me breathe hard. We break and Kelly says, “You give the best massage, I really, really love it. Now comes the fun part, you can put the blue cream on all my special places”. It reminds me of doing this with Strawberry, so I put a dab of blue cream on each nipple and she giggles when it hits. “Rub it in good, Tom,” Kelly says, arches her back up high, and puts her hand on mine and we massage her tits together. The cream gives off a nice fragrance which I’d call sexy. We play with Kelly’s tits for a while, massaging, pinching and finally kissing them. She sighs when I suck her nipples and watch them stand up. I’m trying to be gentle for now, rough may come later if she will play.

Kelly smiles and reminds me, “I have another sensitive spot”. She spreads her legs apart as she says it. I get off the bed and cock her knees up and dribble lotion on her mons and my hands. Using my hands I massage it into her legs and around her pussy without touching her sensitive spot. Every time I get near her pussy Kelly rocks her ass in anticipation. She is breathing a bit harder and I decide to take charge.

Holding her legs apart, I use my tongue to lick her pussy from bottom to top and press on her clit. Kelly jerks and lets out a hard groan, “Oh, yes.” Her pussy opens for my tongue and I taste her sweet fluids. Using my fingers, I pull her pink lips open and drive my tongue deeper into her. She rocks her ass hard against my face and moans. She keeps rocking as I fuck her with my tongue for a long time. Her hands come down on my head and she pulls me up to her clit. I tongue it hard and Kelly rocks even harder. I want to get up and push my hard cock into her; but she has my hair in an iron grip.

Kelly’s quiet demeanor changes rapidly as she pants like she is hitting tennis balls at full speed. She growls and my tongue is on her clit hard. Her release hits and the orgasm shakes her hard. Like I feared, her toned muscular legs come around my head and squeeze me into her pussy. She rocks like crazy for several minutes before she turns me lose and falls back on the bed. I climb up next to her and she pulls me to her tight.

“OMG Tom,” she moans quietly and pulls herself against me even harder. A minute later her breathing has slowed quite a bit and she says, “OMG Tom, just hold me”. We lay quietly for about five minutes and Kelly finally stirs and looks at me with her wide, piercing blue eyes. “Now that was nice, I’m trying to figure out what would be as nice for you?” Her hand slides down between my legs and she grabs my hard cock. She strokes me gently as we lay cuddled into each other.

“I think Tom may love a blowjob,” she says real softly and when my cock jumps in her hand, she has her answer. She giggles and says, “You are too easy. Get comfy.” I sit up against the headboard and watch Kelly get between my legs. As she leans down, her tits dangle downward and I can tell her nipples are hard and standing up. I’m not the only one in this bed who is horny. She squeezes two drops of the blue cream on her hands and when she strokes my cock it makes it feel cool and warm at the same time.

Kelly pulls the skin down on my cock and studies it for a minute before she kisses the tip and runs her tongue over my cockhead. I’m about to say, “OMG, it’s nice”. Kelly looks at me and her full lipped wide mouth opens slowly and slides over my cock. I inhale hard when she pushes her face lower and lower. Her throat tightens around my cock head and she closes her eyes and gives a hard push. I feel her tightness and it feels like I’m ripping her throat open when I slide into it. Kelly’s nose hits my belly and she holds still with my cock deep in her. I croak, “OMG Kelly”.

I don’t want to cum yet like some nerd who never had sex; but when she inhales hard through her nose I almost do. Her throat vibrates and she doesn’t back up. My hands are in her hair and I stroke her gently to keep from pulling her head against me harder. Kelly holds my cock deep in her throat for two minutes before backing up and inhaling hard. I grin when she looks at me and repeat, “OMG Kelly”. She smiles and says, “If you like it, that’s how I felt about the massage and getting off”.

Kelly’s mouth moves back to my cock and she does not stop till I’m back in her throat down to the root. She holds me for half a minute and then slides back up. She slides back down and sets up a slow rhythm of deep throating me. OMG, what an experience, not even Janet or Sheila has had me in their throats. Best of all Kelly does not use her hands; it’s all her highly skilled mouth and lips. I only last about five minutes and Kelly feels me pushing against her harder and harder. She knows I’m about to cum and does not slow down.

My first shot goes deep into her throat and Kelly moans hard. She pulls back about half way on my cock and I fill her mouth with Jizz. She pulls off my cock and smiles wide. Her blue eyes look at me and she opens her mouth and I see my cum on her tongue. She closes slowly and swallows the whole load. OMG, what an experience. I pull her back up to me and cuddle her to me while I try to relax. Kelly gins because she knows how it affects me.

“Did you like it?” she asks almost shyly and I tell her it was the best experience in my life. “It’s my first time,” she says and of course I don’t believe it. Kelly grins and says mock seriously, “I’m an excellent student, Tom. The internet was invented to teach you minds”. We both laugh and she cuddles into me and gives me another hard kiss. A minute later she says, “I know guys have to rest; but you can explore my sensitive spots again. Maybe even with your cock?” I kiss her again and tell her twenty minutes and I’ll be like new and wonder if this is not all which she has never done before. I also grin at the indirect way she asks to be fucked.

I bring two fresh waters and ice back to the bedroom and we sip and talk for a few minutes and Kelly admits she has max scores in school and earned all the honors and will probably get a full scholarship to college. Damn, I’m even more impressed; of course her deep throating skills put her ahead of the class. How can I make her a permanent girl friend with those skills?

Instead of worrying, I lean over and kiss her nipples and run my tongue over them. Kelly likes it and holds my head against her boobs and encourages me to keep doing it with hums and moans. Her nipples are hard and long as I suck on them and she moans, “Try it harder”. Slowly increasing my sucking pressure and squeezing her boobs with my hands seems to work for us both. Kelly moans more and my cock twitches hard. When the pressure hits a point where I think it will surely hurt, she moans, “Like that, no harder”. Switching between her tits, I nibble, stroke and suck fairly hard. Her tits are getting red as if someone has spanked them hard by the time she cries, “OMG, enough”. She pushes my head down.

I pull Kelly to the edge of the bed so I can kneel next to it. My face is buried in her pussy with my tongue on her clit and two fingers stroke into her. Her legs are cocked and her two feet are planted on the edge of the bed. She rocks hard against me with each stroke of my fingers and she seeps pussy juices. She is totally ready to be fucked and I stand up and line up with her pussy. She watches wide eyed and I lick the pussy juice off my fingers. Kelly inhales hard as she watches and I push my cock head between her pink pussy lips. She gasps even harder and whines, “OMG Tom”. I’m getting to love her little OMGs.

Still trying to be gentle I push into her slowly for about two inches and stop. She exhales hard and relaxes and I wait a few seconds before pushing further. Great plan until I hit an obstruction and I really get it. Kelly is a total virgin; which I really can’t believe. The most beautiful girl and cheerleader is still a virgin? My eyebrow goes up in a question and Kelly smiles and says, “You really are the first. It’s my treat for you”. I’m blown away and don’t know what to say, except, “Thank you Kelly. It really is an honor”. She rocks her ass and I push into her hard and pop her cherry. She gives a short scream as I bottom into her and hold still. I can see a tear forming and it makes me feel bad; but Kelly smiles and tells me, “OMG Tom”. This time I chuckle.

We don’t move for a few minutes and when she is ready, Kelly rocks her ass and whispers, “Try it again”. I do, for at least twenty minutes. Very slowly I pull back and push back into her and watch the frown on her face. She rocks against me again and I repeat a slow pull back and down stroke. By the fourth time her frown is disappearing and a few strokes later she rocks against me harder. It makes me grin because I think of her tennis practice. She is going to get fucked slowly for a few minutes then faster and even faster to finish. Her internet instructor must have been good because a few minutes later she clutches her pussy muscles every time I down stroke. It’s like she is milking my cock and about ten minutes later we are both breathing hard. I can feel sweat running down my back. I warn her, “Baby I’m going to cum soon” and she grins and has obviously thought about it. “I have to swallow it, not my pussy, please”, she grins and it makes me chuckle. Have you ever heard a teen asking you to cum in her mouth ‘please’? I tell her, “OMG yes” and laugh.

When I nearly explode I step back and Kelly sits up and opens her mouth. I step between her legs and her hands go around my ass and she pulls my cock into her mouth. When I stop with about three inches in her she pulls hard on my ass and my cock slides back into her throat. There is no holding back and Jizz shoots down her throat. Kelly’s hands on my ass grab me hard and squeeze leaving finger prints. She pushes me into her as hard as she can and swallows like crazy. I’m about to faint when she pops off my cock and inhales deep. I crawl up on the bed and Kelly cuddles into me again.

I can hardly breathe when she tells me again, “OMG Tom”. I answer, “Thank you, Kelly; what an experience. You are absolutely the best. Are you feeling Ok?” She laughs and sings the lines, “I am woman”. We cuddle and smile as I think of Kelly just swallowing my whole load with my cock deep in her throat. Oh my, I don’t want this session to end but it is already nearly one o’clock in the afternoon. When she sees me looking at my watch she pulls my arm to her and looks also. The frown on her face tells me what comes next, “I have to get dressed in an hour”.

Kelly wraps her arms around me and we kiss and I slide my lips down her neck and it makes her giggle. I love it and think it’s the right way to end a love making session with her. We play for about ten minutes with me kissing her neck and boobs. She arches her back and I tweak her nipples and she laughs. When we stop for a minute, I suggest another shower. She slaps my arm and says, “At least you didn’t lick my sweat”. I tell her, “Yea, but I licked everything else and you didn’t complain”. Her face actually turns totally red and she grins shyly, “I love your tongue in my pussy”.

When I say, “Next time will be even better”, she looks at me seriously and asks quietly, “Promise?” I look at her straight and say, “You know I work mornings; but we’ll figure something out. In the morning may only be about every second week. Can you live with it?” Kelly throws her arms around me and sticks her tongue into my ear. She whispers, “I’ll do whatever you say”. I say, “Ok, but a shower first”.

I decide to let her shower by herself otherwise I’d be fucking her with the water running. When she is ready to put her clothes on she is totally glammed up with nice subtle eye shadow and lipstick. Her hair is curled and shines and her eyes sparkle. “Kelly baby, let me take your picture”, I tell her and hold my camera up. She smiles and strikes a pose and I shoot a few frames of her standing. “Come kneel on the bed, so I don’t get the glare from the mirror”, I tell her. She poses kneeling on the bed for a few more shots. She really does what I say and of course I end up with her spreading her pussy open for a few ‘extra special’ shots. My cock is hard by the time I finish before I get carried away.

When we are both dressed and ready to leave, she surprises me by wearing the nice summer dress she had packed instead of jeans. When she slides into my truck I can’t help but check out her long legs and thighs even though I just saw her nude. Men are pigs even if they wear a nice suit.

Back at her house, the lady from the picture is standing on the porch with a large glass in her hand. It looks like iced tea. Kelly drags me out of the truck to meet mom. With Kelly’s gear bag in my hand I climb the steps and wait for the introduction.

Mom says with a wide smile, “Kelly did you bring me another teacher?” Kelly grins and tells her, “Mom, this is my very special friend, Tom. Tom, meet my mom, Jennifer”. She shakes her long blond hair and smiles as her hand reaches for mine. As we shake she says, “Call me Jenn, please”. Mom looks at Kelly and repeats, “Your very special friend?” Kelly grins from ear to ear. Have I told you about the ‘just fucked look’? Well, I think mom suspects something. Mom looks at me and then back at Kelly and says, “OMG, both of you better come in”.

Mom is probably thinking this guy is my age while I think mom looks good in her jogging suit. When she turns around her pants are tight over her shapely ass and I think back at her beach picture. Yes, mom is better looking in person. However, I hope she does not have a loaded gun under the seat cushion of her fancy living room couch.

Kelly holds my hand and we sit on the other couch like a pair of school kids ready for their scolding or lecture. Mom tries to look serious but I think she may remember some incidents from her own youth when she was the young teen, not the parent. A little smirk is on her lips when she asks, “Kelly baby, just how very special?” Kelly grins and says, “I’ll be seventeen real soon, that very special, you know”. Mom swallows and asks her, “Are you telling me ‘all the way special’?” Kelly grins again and says proudly, “My first time and all the way”.

Jenn looks at me and says, “She is not on the pill”. It’s has a challenging tone. So I answer, “We were very careful and took protective measures”. I can dish it out too. Let her figure out what it means. Jenn has the little smile around her lips again and I feel better because no pistol has appeared. Kelly squeezes my hand and says, “And mom, Tom gives the best massage. He takes more time and does it way better than the Amazon at the club. You should let him do you after your next tennis practice”. I swallow hard because both Jenn and I heard the phrase ‘do you’. Since Kelly is in the genius level, I wonder if she said it on purpose to get mom’s brain going in a different direction.

Kelly had told me in the truck her mom has not dated in four years and she keeps dragging all the bachelor school teachers to the house to meet her. Jenn’s eyes are back on me and yes, mom heard it too. Her eyes travel up and down my body and I think mom has to shake herself from the idea of having a guy give her a massage and ‘do her’. Jenn smiles and gets up and says, “Tom, care for a drink?” I squeeze Kelly’s hand as I mimic her and say, “Jenn, I don’t smoke or do drugs; but a small bourbon would be really nice”. Jenn laughs and says, “Oh I can tell you have been listening to Kelly. Just sparkling water for my baby.”

When Jenn goes into the kitchen, Kelly kisses my lips and runs her tongue into my mouth. “You’re not mad are you? About me telling her, you know?” she asks with her eyebrow arched high. I grin at Kelly and whisper to her, “You mean about you deep throating me like no one has; swallowing tons of cum and having her pussy popped by an old guy?” Kelly’s eyes get super big and she turns five shades of red. I chuckle and squeeze her hand again, “As long as you don’t go into all the details, I still love you”. Kelly kisses me again and a cough from the door interrupts her.

Mom Jenn laughs and says, “Jeez people, get a room”. All three of us giggle and I stand up to get my drink and hand the water to Kelly. Jenn looks at us seriously and then smiles and says, “Congratulations baby to your graduation. We will have the woman to woman talk later”. She clinks her own glass to mine and I notice hers is twice the size. Yea, mom probably needs a triple when her teenage daughter brings the old guy home who just popped her cherry. We both clink with Kelly and sip our drinks quietly. Now what?

Kelly comes to our rescue when she says, “Let me show you the house. Please bring my bag”. I take the opportunity to escape and follow her up the steps. The only part of the house I get to see is Kelly’s room. She locks the door after I drop the bag on her bed and rushes back into my arms. “OMG Tom, it went way better than I expected. I hope she doesn’t throw a fit after you leave”, she talks quietly. I lower my voice and tell her about the smirk around Jenn’s mouth.

“She is thinking about her own youthful adventures. You’ll be alright and make her take you to her doctor. Kelly, all the talk about sex is going to probably get her interested in men again. You both need to be on the pill. And stop blushing, even if it’s so very cute”, I say before Kelly’s lips are back on mine hard. I hear the sound of a zipper and when she steps back her dress falls to the floor. Looks like the sex talk is working on Kelly, too. Kelly is in a pretty blue bra and panty combination which I saw just briefly in my apartment.

“Baby, I don’t think this is the time,” I hate to confess. She hugs me and whispers, “Lick my pussy just for a few minutes, please”. I take off my jacket and when I turn around Kelly is on the edge of the bed naked and with her legs spread wide. I put several pillows behind her so she is in a comfortable reclining position. Before my tongue touches her pussy, I remind her, “Try to be real quiet”. She grins and grabs my hair and pushes me against her pussy. I smell a bit of her perfume and when I pull her pussy lips apart her moisture is already leaking. She is so virginally pink and her hard clit is bright red and wants more loving. I give it what it wants. Long strokes with my tongue get her clit even more excited and then I suck it between my lips. Kelly growls quietly and rocks her hips.

“Fuck me with your tongue like this morning”, she moans. When I slide my tongue deep into her pussy, she rewards me by rocking her ass hard. Kelly loves fucking my tongue; it works for me. It is also interesting how she is overcoming her shyness. In the last minutes she has used the words, ‘fuck’, and ‘pussy’. As she said earlier, she is a really good student. When I think about my cock being down her throat and shooting loads of Jizz, I get really horny. I pull Kelly to me even tighter and fuck her even harder. Can a tongue fuck cause blisters from friction?

We have been at it for about five minutes when Kelly pulls my face back up to her clit and moans, “OMG, suck my clit, please”. I chuckle at her expanding vocabulary and think about making her say, “I’m Daddy’s little deep throating cum slut”. Maybe next time.

I work her clit hard and she lasts about three minutes when the hard climax hits her. Looking up at her I see her hand in her mouth to keep from screaming and she jerks and jerks. Pussy juice trickles into my mouth and I lap it up. She holds my face to her cunt for several minutes while she comes off her high. It was fast and furious and lots of fun. Wonder what mom Jenn would think?

Kelly gets off the bed and kneels next to me. She pulls my wet face to her and kisses me long and deep, “OMG Tom, you are so wonderful”. We kiss again and when Kelly leans back she giggles, “Uuh, look at your face. Go into my bath and clean up while I get dressed. I have to laugh when I see my wet and smeared face in the mirror. Five minutes later I’m presentable with a clean washed face and fresh mouth wash. I laugh at myself; it’s better than being in high school for sure. Kelly joins me in the bathroom and she is dressed in a jogging outfit. She wipes her face with a wash cloth and repairs her make-up. After she gargles, we are ready to face mom again.

Jenn of course notices Kelly has changed clothes and even though her mouth stays shut her eyebrow goes up. In turn, I notice Jenn has taken the top of her jogging outfit off and she is in a very tight pink t-shirt. Her big boobs stretch the material and I can see hard nipples even through her bra. I try not to stare but the nipples do draw my eyes. Well, well. Jenn has a fresh tall drink in her hand and I know it’s not ice tea. Kelly says, “Mom, Tom has got to go to work; but I’m sure he can come by next Tuesday evening after your tennis practice. He can give a massage.”

I’m speechless because Kelly is sure pressing her mom about the massage. “We’ll see, baby,” Jenn says casually; but there is more of a smile on her face. I tell her it was good to meet her and I look forward to seeing her again. When Jenn sticks out her hand for a shake, Kelly says, “Oh mom, you kiss all my teachers. You can kiss Tom.” Jenn moves toward me to kiss my cheek and Kelly giggles, “Not the Kiss of Death.”

Jenn has stepped real close and one arm is around me and her big tits are pressing against me and she chuckles. Kelly explains mom kisses all the teachers on the cheek. It means they never come back so she calls it the “Kiss of Death”. “Ok baby, a real kiss just because you are being a little bitchy all of a sudden,” mom tells her daughter. Jenn faces me from the front and when she puts her arms around me her tits rub against me hard. She smiles and pushes her chest against me harder and locks her lips against me and holds it.

I expect her to break away in a few seconds, not stick her tongue into my mouth and work me hard. One hand comes up to my head and holds me as her tongue plays with mine. She rubs her tits back and forth and her pelvic pushes against me just enough to let me feel it. When she breaks away, I can’t stop from grinning at her. Jenn gives me a meaningful look and keeps her eyes on mine as she says, “Ok Kelly, was that better?” Kelly chuckles and says, “Mom, I can see Tom likes it and I can tell you are on your second drink”.

Jenn chuckles, sips her drink and comes at me again. “Welcome to the family,” she says and kisses me quickly a second time. I can feel her leg gently pressing against my crotch.

“Jeez people, get a room”, Kelly laughs as she repeats her mother’s line. She grabs my hand and tells us, “I better walk with you to the truck.” I smile at Jenn and tell her, “I’ll see you on Tuesday”. Her eyes go wide and I really, really hope she talks herself into getting a massage.

At my truck, Kelly is in my arms and she grins, “I haven’t seen my mom kiss like that in four years”. I give her a kiss and ask, “Why are you pushing her so hard for a massage?” Kelly tells me mom needs to feel a man’s hands on her body to remind her how nice it feels. “And if she goes ‘all the way’?” I ask. Kelly thinks about it a moment and comes up with the perfect solution. She grins and says, “Alright, then Jenn will call you Tom and I’ll call you Daddy”.

I kiss her again and whisper in her ear, “Then make sure she is ready on Tuesday. I think Daddy is going to fuck you and mommy both. Several times and all night long.” Kelly’s eyes are wide and her mouth drops open. I shut it with a kiss and her tongue in my mouth tells me she loves the idea.

On the way to work, I know I’m in serious trouble. I have no clue how to juggle two families. Good grief, a week ago I was a lonely bachelor. Now I got three ‘wives’ and more daughters than I can count; plus the cunt boss. She probably has a detective filming me kissing Kelly at my truck.

My i-phone chirps and the text reads, “Just got home. If you make snacks we have desert for you, Strawberry.” I have to call her and explain I have to stay at work even though I really want her and her three neighbors to be my desert.

I may just stay home on Friday and see what Beth, Barb and Brit have in mind. Beth, as the older sister, is more careful and quiet. Barb and Brit challenge each other and I wonder if Barb is really up to having her ass fucked. Little Brit will probably try to outdo her and ride my cock up her little ass first.

On the other hand, Tuesday may be interesting. Jenn has not been fucked in years and I wonder how she will react to a mother-daughter trio. And just wait until she sees teen Kelly with my cock down her throat. OMG, I wish I had a video of it.

It puts a smile on my face as I park at work.

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Fireengine8 could do with learning some writing basics. For one thing, don't have multiple characters speaking in the same paragraph. For another, "OMG" is not a word. Every time I saw it, I was convinced the writer of this story must be a kid. But obviously, the readers of this site are just as clueless about good writing habits as the writers (I can't even refer to them as "authors").

But, what should I expect? This isn't Literotica, after all.

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