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You never expect to meet God--or the devil either for that matter, in your office at nine o'clock on a Wednesday morning. But as it turns out, that's exactly what happened to me.

It all started when my secretary Nancy went on maternity leave. I was the general counsel for the company I worked at. Human resources arranged a temp to cover for Nancy while she was out, but I couldn't believe my eyes when she showed up at my office that Wednesday morning. Nancy, my regular secretary, was a forty-something, angry little gnome of a woman who was near my diminutive height of five feet tall. Her replacement didn't have anything in common with her at all. The woman HR had sent up to replace her was young, blond, and tall. And, she was also fantastically beautiful! Upon first seeing her I was practically stunned by her physical presence.

"Hi, I'm Hillary." She said.

None of my coworkers knew it about me, but I'd known I was into girls since I was sixteen years old. I had a thing for tall voluptuous blondes. HR couldn't have known it, but they'd sent me a girl right out of my fantasies. I stood there in shock for a moment before I managed to speak.

"Janeen White." I answered, offering her my hand.

Even in my heels I had to crane my head to look up at her. She had to be nearly six feet tall.

"Nice to meet you Janeen. I guess we're going to be working together for a while?"

"Yes. Yes, here let's get you settled in." I told her.

The next ten minutes were a blur. It's embarrassing to admit, but from the first moment she walked into my outer office I had a crush on her. While I got her settled in at Nancy's desk and showed her where everything was I found being around her so exciting that it was like I couldn't catch my breath. During our brief conversation I managed to learn that she was just nineteen years old, and I found that she also appeared to be quite intelligent. All of which just made her seem that much hotter to me.

When I went into my inner office and closed the door behind me the wind went out of me in a rush. My heart was pounding and my hands were sweaty. How pathetic was I, a thirty year old successful attorney my heart all a'twitter about a teenage girl?

The rest of the day I made up reasons to talk wIth her every so often, just so I could be around her. I was pathetic, but I couldn't resist the urge I felt to just gawk at her. She was so hot. It was a struggle for me not to just stare openly at her, but luckily she didn't seem to notice.

* * * * * * * * * *

I settled into a working rhythm with Hillary that week. I decided that she was going to work out just fine. She had a little bit of attitude about her, but I could live with it. Working with her meant seeing her and being around her, which I couldn't get enough of really. After my initial period of being weak in the knees around her I got a hold of myself and threw myself back into my work.

By that Friday afternoon I'd decided I didn't blame all those fifty year old male executives who arranged to have hot secretaries. Hillary wasn't the best secretary, she wasn't even as good as bitter Nancy had been, but it was worth it to have a little eye-candy around. It *was* a little distracting though, I found myself frequently thinking about her when I should be working. Knowing she was sitting just outside my office door, it was hard to stop daydreaming about the beautiful teen.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Good Morning Ms. White." Hillary greeted me when I walked in, and it was all I could do to not stand there staring at her; God, was she beautiful.

It was Tuesday morning of the second week our working together that I realized I was in trouble. I'd deluded myself when I though I could get over my crush. I couldn't stop thinking about Hillary! Every time I was near her I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Twice I caught myself getting aroused as I sat at my desk actively daydreaming about her. It wasn't just her physical beauty either; I was mesmerized by her confidence and style. She was only nineteen, and yet I felt like *I* was the younger, less experienced woman when I was around her. Hillary just exuded some quality that made her irresistible to me. We had only been working together five days and already I found myself totally enamored of her. Of course I hid my perverse crush, and she didn't have any idea. At least that's what I thought--until that Wednesday morning.

That morning Hillary was in my office discussing my appointments with me. As we finished she turned to leave, and I could have sworn that she exaggerated the sway of her hips when she walked out of my office. My eyes didn't leave her bottom the whole time, and she when she turned to close the door behind her I saw the tiniest smirk cross her face as she looked back at me. She knew that I was watching her! I froze. My face flushed hot with shame at her apparent knowledge. I was completely transfixed, I didn't even breathe then. It was only when she closed the door that I found I could breathe again, the air rushing into my absurdly panicked lungs.

Sitting there at my desk I was so embarrassed I didn't know what to do. I'd made a fool of myself by letting this teenage girl realize I had the hots for her. I was so ashamed that I couldn't leave my office.

I couldn't get my pounding heart under control for the longest time. I just sat there, horrified at what had happened as the morning hours passed. I couldn't concentrate or get anything done; I was just too flustered.

And then, at noon, there was a soft knock at my office door and there she was. She gave me a little grin as I looked up from the contract I pretended to be reading. I felt my face flush hot again, and my heart raced at the sight of her.

"I'm going to lunch." She said, still grinning at me.


And then she closed the door and I felt safe again. I'd survived seeing her again, and it was a big relief. Maybe I'd been wrong about her noticing my staring, I thought to myself.

The rest of the day passed without any more incidents, mostly because I made a point of avoiding Hillary altogether, staying closed up in my office until after she left for the day.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next morning I talked with her for a while when she came in, just waiting for the shoe to drop. But she didn't say anything about the day before, and I finally started to really feel better about the whole thing.

That is, until Hillary brought me a file I'd asked for. She knocked lightly on my door as she always did, and then she was standing in front of my desk and handing me the file.

"Thank you." I told her, and then as I looked at it I realized it was the wrong folder.

"Hillary, you've pulled the wrong file. This is the master services template for Jensen. But, this is the one we did before the merger. I need the newer one." I told her.

"Oh. You didn't mention that when you asked me to find it for you." She said, and once again I ignored her attitude for the sake of being near her.

"I-I'm sorry. Please get the other one." I managed, barely believing that I felt so enthralled by this girl that I was apologizing to her for *her* mistake!

Hillary took the file and turned to leave. On her way out, the file folder slipped out of her hand and fell to the floor.

"Oh, I'm so clumsy sometimes." Hillary said, and then she reached down to pick up the folder.

I watched her as if she was in slow-motion. She didn't bend at the knees the way a woman wearing a skirt usually does. No, she bent in half at the waist in a way that was . . . supremely erotic. The angle of her body thrust her beautiful bottom out at me. As she bent farther and farther the short skirt hiked up and revealed a quick flash of her panties! I stared so hard her ass must have felt the heat of my perverted gaze.

She stayed bent over like that for a long moment, too long. Then she peered back at me around her side and smiled. She picked up the folder then slowly straightened, smoothing her skirt back into place as she did it.

Once more she'd managed to render me flustered to the point of physical fear. I truly didn't know what to do. She was teasing me, but could it really be possible for this hot young girl to be interested in me? My lust for her was so strong it scared me. But the chance, however tiny, that Hillary was somehow coming on to me--the chance that I could somehow be with her, drove me insane. I had to make a move, to find out if my dream could really come true.

"Hillary? Would you . . . would you like to go out to dinner with me tonight?" My voice sounded wavering and small–I barely managed to say it at all. The moment my words left my mouth I knew I'd made an terrible mistake.

Hillary's face scrunched up in disgust for a brief moment, and then she was laughing at me. Deep throaty laughter that made me just want to curl up and die. I saw it then in her eyes, saw the disdain she felt for me. My face and hands suddenly felt as if they were burning up, and I knew I must be red as a ripe strawberry.

"You think I'm . . . you think I'm a lesbian like you?" She asked me, dropping the file on my desk and staring down at me with a smirking, superior grin.

"A lesbian? I-I'm not a lesbian, I just thought you might like to catch dinner after work." I tried, and my lies sounded painfully transparent.

"Riiiiight. You're not a lesbian. And you haven't been checking me out every minute since I got here. Let's just see about that." She said, and then she began unbuttoning her blouse!

I should have said something then, should have somehow found the strength to order her out of my office right at that moment, but I didn't. I didn't do anything, didn't move, didn't speak, didn't even breathe. Her elegant fingers popped the buttons one after another, and the exposed strip of creamy young skin grew larger by the moment. The sight of her bra and the barely restrained swollen curves of her breasts where they pressed together mesmerized me as if I'd been hypnotized. When she slowly pulled the sides of her shirt apart I think I actually gasped out loud at the sight before me. Hillary held her shirt open for a few seconds, and that superior grin of hers never left her face.

"I think that settles that, now doesn't it?" She asked as she pulled the sides of her shirt back together and blocked my view.

I think I may have nodded then, unconsciously acknowledging the accuracy of her words.

"Alright, but why have you been teasing me if you aren't . . . like me?" I asked her, my shame turning to indignation.

"Because it amuses me. And because I might just be interested in a relationship with you anyway."

"I-I don't understand."

"Well, it's like this. I believe that some people are just meant to be dominant, and some people are just meant to be submissive. I am one of those naturally dominant people. I'm beautiful, and I know it. And I like the power that gives me over some people. Submissive people like *you*." She told me.

"Submissive? I don't know what you're talking about Hillary. I-I think you should go now." I managed to tell her.

She didn't move, in fact she didn't even seem to hear me at all.

"The only chance you ever have to get into my pants is to make me happy by doing what I say. It's really pretty simple. For example, what if I told you I'd let you see my bare tits if you just did one simple thing for me?" She asked, and she let me get a brief view of her chest again as she said it.

"What thing." I said with a gulp.

"Stand up and come over here and I'll tell you." She told me.

I'm not sure if I even wanted to get out of that chair, it felt like I was lifted by a magnetic force I couldn't resist. It was like being in a dream, I almost floated in front of her it was so surreal. I was so close to her now, just inches separated us. Her shirt fell open as she let go of it and softly rested her hands on my shoulders. She began to exert a gentle force on me then, pushing me downward.

"Kneel." She told me softly but forcefully.

"Hillary . . . I . . ." I began, but she only pushed harder and spoke that word again.


I sank to my knees in shock, shock that a teenage girl could turn my spine to jelly this way. Shocked that part of me loved every moment of being forced to kneel at her feet. Once I was on my knees and settled, Hillary stepped back and pulled her shirt all the way open.

"Very good. Now here is your reward." She told me, and then she pulled the bra up and off the soft mounds of flesh, allowing their heavy dangling weight to hang freely before my eyes.

I stared at the feminine glory before me with a hunger I'd never felt before. She was so beautiful it hurt to look at her, as if I was staring at the sun. But I couldn't stop, those soft creamy globes of flesh had control of me as surely as a puppeteer's strings guide a puppet.

"That wasn't so hard, was it?" Her voice broke into my reverie and shocked me back to reality.

I was still speechless, and Hillary chuckled as she nestled her breasts back into the large cups of her bra. She continued the little mocking laughs as she did up her shirt, until she was standing over me with her hands on her hips.

"If you want to get what you're so desperate to have, there's only one thing you have to do. Whatever I say. But there are two little rules you have to remember. One: I like it when my toys address me respectfully. In private, from now on, you're going to call me mistress. Two: I do not tolerate masturbation or sex from my toys. From now on, the only time you can climax is when I give you permission. Do you understand?" She asked me.

She must be crazy if she thought I was going to start calling a teenage girl mistress and agree to not have sex without her permission, right? There was no way a confident, respectable attorney like I was would ever agree to such a thing, right? Wrong.

"Yes." I heard that weak little voice again, almost as if I hadn't said it at all.

"Yes what?" She demanded.

"Yes mistress."

"Good girl. Now get up and get back to work. I'm tired from all this excitement. I think I'll take the rest of the day off." She said, and she obviously wasn't asking my permission, then she grabbed the file off my desk, turned on her heel, and was gone out the door.

I stayed on my knees in shock for a long time. When I finally got up and sat back down at my desk there was no chance I was going to get any work done. My thoughts raced and I couldn't think of anything but *her*.

* * * * * * * * * *

She did leave too. I got myself the right file when I finally felt brave enough to look into my outer office and see that she was gone.

I stayed in my office all afternoon; afraid that my weakness would somehow be visible to anyone I talked to. As if they'd somehow know what I'd done.

The day passed unbelievably slowly. I just sat there thinking of Hillary and what she'd made me do. I was so turned on it felt like my crotch was on fire. When she'd taken charge of me in that moment it had fiercely affected something inside of me. I'd never been so aroused in my entire life. But at the same time, it terrified me. How could I have done something so stupid? I could lose my job. I could ruin my career. I wasn't sure if it had been the best day of my life, or the worst, but it was definitely the most exciting.

When I got home that night I was so excited by the thoughts I'd had of Hillary all day that I found myself masturbating almost immediately. I imagined myself on my knees looking up at her, looking up at her beautiful body and arrogant grinning face, and it made me *so* hot. And then something bizarre happened. Kneeling there dreaming of obeying her as I pleased myself with my fingers, I realized that I had to stop. I had to obey her order not to masturbate. As I did it I felt a perverse submissive thrill at the idea that she was controlling me even then. What had she done to me?

* * * * * * * * * *

The next morning, Wednesday morning, I had no idea what was going to happen when Hillary came in. I was eager, but frightened more than a little frightened as well. I arrived earlier than she did, as was my usual routine. I made myself a coffee and looked over the morning paper as I settled in to wait for her.

Her appointed starting time came and went, and I started to worry. What if she'd quit, or made a human resources complaint against me? But at 10:15 she finally walked in and sat down. She started work as if nothing unusual had happened and didn't even say 'good morning' to me. I called her into my office and she didn't show any signs of apologizing for her tardiness.

"Good morning." I said as she closed the door behind her.

"Good morning what?" She challenged me immediately, and I crumbled at the sight of her.

"Good morning mistress."

"That's better. Now, what did you want?"

"I was just . . . wondering where you were this morning, mistress." I said.

"I was tired, so I slept in a little. Do you have a problem with that?"

"No mistress."

She looked at the coffee on my desk and then back to me.

"I think a coffee will help wake me up. Go fix me one, and when you get back I'll give you a little reward." She suggested.

"You-you want a coffee?"

"Don't act stupid, slut. Get up, go fix me a coffee, and then bring it back here to me."

"Yes mistress." I managed, and I was doing it. I scurried by her and made my way out of the outer office and down the hall to the coffee station.

Not quite believing I was really doing it, fetching coffee for my secretary as if I was *her* secretary, I made it ready and hurried back.

When I got back to my inner office and closed the door behind me, I turned to find Hillary sitting in my chair. I carried the coffee to her and sat it on my desk as she watched amusedly.

"Thank you. Now would you like your reward?" She asked me with a thousand-watt smile.

Not even knowing what she had in mind, my servile inner demons squealed in delight. My pulse quickened and my crotch heated up noticeably.

"Yes mistress."

She took a sip of the coffee, and then she opened the newspaper I'd been reading that morning.

"Come around here." She said, gesturing for me to move to her side of the desk.

"Look at my foot, Janeen. Tell me, what do you think of it?" She said, stretching one long beautiful leg towards me a little.

I looked at her offered foot, and the red high-heeled shoe she wore, and I sucked in my breath a little.

"It's beautiful, mistress." I said, and every time I said that word it just made me feel hotter and more submissive. It was awful, but I loved it.

"Have you ever kissed a teenage girl's feet before Janeen?"

"No mistress."

"But you'd like to, wouldn't you?"

"Yes mistress."

"Fine. You may go ahead and kiss my foot. Go on, get down on your knees and get to it." She told me.

"Yes mistress." I replied, and it was like I was in some kind of submissive trance. I sank down to my knees in front of her and I barely even realized where I was or what I was doing. All I could think about was obeying her, and the kinky joy that coursed through me whenever I did.

I spent the next ten minutes kissing her foot, while she drank her coffee and read the paper. She didn't say anything to me the entire time. I'm not sure if she even looked down at me. And then she was pushing me away and standing up.

"Alright, that's enough for today. Get back to work." She told me, and then she actually patted me on the head!

"Yes mistress." I answered, and I was so ashamed to be . . . *me*.

And then she was gone and I tried to return to normal life, tried to ignore the urge to just masturbate right there in my office.

* * * * * * * * * *

Once again, after the perverse joy of what I'd done wore off I turned back to self-loathing. What was I doing? I'd made her coffee and then kissed her feet as if it were a completely normal thing for a boss to do for a subordinate. Things were going too far.

After lunch I sat there in my office going over my options. As much as I loved the way it had felt to be ordered around by this beautiful girl, I had to somehow regain control of my life. I decided that I was going to talk with Hillary first thing in the morning and tell her that we couldn't work together anymore. I was going to have to get another secretary. If she threatened to make trouble for me with what I'd done I'd just point out to her that nobody would believe the word of a nineteen year-old temp over mine.

If she was still willing to keep up our other perverse relationship, I would gladly meet her whenever and wherever she wanted outside of work. As much as I enjoyed it, maybe I would even pay her.

I knew things had gone too far. For my own sanity's sake I had to do put a stop to my new relationship with Hillary. I sat there trying to build up my confidence to put my foot down, and when I finally did I went out into the other office and she wasn't even there. She'd left early without even telling me!

It angered me that she thought her hold over me was so great that she could just come and go as she pleased. She had come in after ten and left before three! The next morning was going to be a rude awakening for her, I thought to myself.

* * * * * * * * * *

The morning didn't go exactly as I'd planned. I called Hillary into my office when she came in. I didn't have to tell her to close the door behind her. She was wearing white nylons and a cute little blue dress that was a touch too racy for the office, showing off her curves a little too flamboyantly. All the confidence I'd built up in my 'fire Hillary' plan crumbled as she walked confidently over to my desk. God was she hot, so hot.

"Good morning boss. Now get out of my chair. You can kneel there." She told me, pointing to a spot on the floor.

There was no way I was going to take that from this upstart girl, right? In my own office? No way. Those were the thoughts that silently echoed in my head as I stood up and moved out of her way. Hillary smiled broadly as she sat down in my big leather chair and crossed her legs.

"You've seen me topless, now it's your turn. If you want to be my toy you're going to have to show me the merchandise Janeen." She told me, leaning back comfortably in my chair then.

Where was my strength? Why was it so damn hard to resist her? I had to though, I couldn't let things go any farther.

"Hillary–I, I can't do this."

"Yes, yes you can. First, because you know you want to do what I say. And second, because if you do I'm going to make your queer little dreams come true–I'm going to let you touch my ass. But you aren't going to touch anything if you don't remember the rules. Now, what do you call me in private?" She demanded.

Visions of my fingertips sinking into the soft curves of her bottom filled my thoughts. The battle within me was short, and the weak part of me conquered the strong part decisively.

"Mistress." I breathed.

She smiled a smile that would have made the Cheshire cat jealous. My palms were clammy and I felt weak in the knees.

"Good girl. Now take off that shirt."

My fingers moved to unbutton my blouse as if on their own. When my shirt opened, exposing my bra, Hillary laughed out loud.

"Is that a padded bra? Pull it down and let me see your little titties." She laughed.

Humiliated by her words my face flushed. I just nodded my head as I did what she wanted and pulled my Wonderbra down. For my frame, at my height, my breasts were just the right size at 32A. But I liked the little bit of additional curviness the padded bra gave me so I wore it.

"God, you look like a little boy or something. Look at you! Ha ha aha. Now put your little mosquito bumps away before you make me laugh myself silly. The padded bra is a waste of time anyway, nobody's going to mistake you for a woman. So from now on, no more padded bras." She told me.

I'd always thought I looked pretty good. I'd always been fit and trim. But the way Hillary talked about my body humiliated me to my core. Looking at her ultra-feminine body, so curvy and perfect, just made me feel even more ashamed of myself. I couldn't even meet her superior gaze, I just kept my head bowed as I said the nasty words that made me feel *so* good.

"Yes mistress."

"And who do you think you're fooling with the heels? No more heels either, mighty-mouse."

"Yes mistress."

"Now I guess it's time for your reward. I know this is going to be the highlight of your pathetic little life. I am going to let you touch this." She told me, turning and lifting her dress to expose her pantyhose covered bottom to my eyes.

"Yes mistress!" I exclaimed, mesmerized by the gorgeous sight.

The incredible sight of the nylon-encased curves of her buttocks drew me to her like a moth to a flame. I began to rise and move towards her, when she looked down at me with sudden anger on her face.

"What are you doing?" Hillary asked me angrily.

"Mistress?" I said in confusion.

"Did you really think I'd let your filthy lesbian hands touch my ass? Show some respect! I don't want to feel any part of you other than your lips touching me, do you understand? Now get back down on your knees and *kiss* *my* *ass*." She ordered cruelly, and my pussy spasmed below me at her dominant tirade.

"Yes mistress." I mumbled humbly as I fell back to my knees.

Hillary turned completely away from me, still holding her dress up over her beautiful rump. She looked back at me over her shoulder as I carefully approached her bottom and pressed my lips to the soft curve of her right buttock. Oh how I wanted to bury my face in her bottom and feel its soft glory. How I longed to kiss all over her hot young body. But the electric sensation of my lips actually touching this teenage goddess's ass ended all too soon as she pulled away from me almost immediately.

"You stupid girl, look what you've done!" Hillary cried at me, staring down at her bottom.

I looked where she was staring and saw that I'd left a perfect lipstick kiss mark right there on her buttock. On the white pantyhose the mark was glaringly visible.

"I'm sorry mistress." I muttered.

"That's another thing. No more make-up. And no more skirts or dresses while you're at it. I want you to look like the filthy little girl-boy you are. Now before I let you get back to work, aren't you forgetting something?"


"Where are your manners slut? Aren't you going to thank me for letting you kiss my ass?"

"Thank you, mistress."

* * * * * * * * * *

When I returned from lunch that day after my failed attempt to fire her, there was a strange woman in my office. She was quite pretty, young, slender and attractive.

"Hello." I said to the woman uncertainly.

"This is Karen. She's Mr. Franken's secretary." Hillary informed me.

Franken was one of the company's many vice-presidents. I had no idea why his secretary was in my outer office.

"Karen is a friend of mine." Hillary explained.

"That's nice. Janeen White. It's nice to meet you." I said, extending my hand.

The woman shook my hand and then she looked me slowly up and down. I had a sinking feeling that only got worse when she spoke.

"Alright Hill, let's see her do it." She said, looking away from me and back at Hillary who was rising from her desk.

I looked at Hillary then, and I'm sure the terror I felt must have been obvious.

"Relax, Karen is an old friend. In fact, it was Karen who got me my first temp position downstairs. Besides, she's one of your people."

"My people?"

"You know, she's ummm . . . not into guys if you know what I mean."

"Hill!" The other woman exclaimed.

"Oh be quiet both of you. Karen and I have a little bet that we'd like you to help us settle. Let's all go in your office where it's a little more private." Hillary said.

Once we were all inside my office and the door was closed safely behind us I felt at least a tiny bit safer.

"I was telling Karen how I'd figured out you were a submissive little lezzy, and she didn't believe me. She thought I was making it all up, even after I showed her *this*." Hillary said, lifting her dress to expose the mark I'd left earlier when I kissed her there.

"I told Karen you'd do it again any time I wanted. I bet her that I could make you do it in front of her. I bet her that if I couldn't, I'd go down on her, and if I could she'd go down on me. I think she only took the bet because she wants to lose anyway." Hillary bragged, giving the other girl a wicked grin.

"You're awful." Karen said, but she didn't deny it.

"Now it's time for you to win me some lesbian head." Hillary ordered, and then her hands were on my shoulders, pushing me down.

I sank silently to my knees, in shock once more. I felt so helpless and it shamed me, shamed me that I couldn't resist this beautiful teenage goddess–not even in front of other people. When Hillary turned around and lifted her dress, the white encased expense of her luscious ass filled my view. I didn't need any instructions. I leaned forward and kissed her there with my eyes closed to avoid the sight of both of them staring down at me. My crotch was on fire, a fire that only burned hotter when she pushed me away, laughing at my pathetic act of supplication.

"Oh my god. You really weren't making this shit up. Damn!"

"It's a gift. I've always been able to just feel it when I'm around someone who just needs a little control from a beautiful woman."

"I can't believe it. Your boss is your *bitch*. Wow!"

"You know Karen, I think she's not the only lesbian in the room who needs a guiding hand. Are you sure you aren't a little jealous of her?"


"Don't ‘Hill!' me. You want me too. And you're about to have me. You lost, now pay up." Hillary demanded.

"*Here*? Are you crazy? I can't believe I made that crazy bet. I have to get back to my desk. And what about . . ." Her words trailed off and she looked over at me.

"Her? Don't worry about her. She'll do whatever I say. Won't you Janeen?"

I just nodded.

"Say it." She said sternly.

I knew what she wanted from me, but I couldn't. Not in front of another woman. There was no way I was going to sink that low. And then I made the mistake of looking into Hillary's beautiful glaring eyes and my resistance melted like butter.

"Yes mistress." I said, and the other woman laughed.

"My god, you really do have her trained." Karen laughed.

"How long do you have?" Hillary ignored Karen's comment.

"Franken won't be out of the meeting for another hour at least. But I need to be there for the phone."

"Well then, you'd better just do a good job then, shouldn't you? The better you are the faster you'll be back at your desk." Hillary laughed and then she kicked off her shoes and pulled down her pantyhose!

"Alright. But I can't believe I'm doing this." Karen replied, and I watched in stunned silence.

Hillary pulled down her panties and set them aside before sitting down in my chair and rolling it a few feet back from my desk. From where I was standing I couldn't see her bottom half but just the knowledge that she was naked from the waist down drove me nuts. Karen moved around the desk and slowly sank down in front of Hillary, and I was totally in shock. Hillary looked over at me then, and her face contorted.

"What do you think you are doing? Do you think I'm going to just let you stand there and watch? Get out!" She told me.

"But mistress . . . this is my office . . . where will I go?"

"Go sit at my desk." She ordered.

The girl's brunette head went lower and lower until I could only see the top of it over my desk. Hillary gave a little sigh as the girl's head started to rhythmically move up and down!

"But I can't sit there . . ." I began.

"Yes you can, you stupid little monkey. Just shut up and get out there! And don't listen at the door either, I want you sitting at my desk." She ordered, cutting through my objection.

"Yes mistress." I heard the little voice that was mine say.

"You'd better watch out Karen. Once you've tasted pussy this good you'll be begging to be just like her." I heard Hillary brag as I closed the door and shut off my view of the hottest thing I'd ever seen in my life.

I felt so stupid sitting at her little workstation like I was *her* secretary. And even worse, I didn't have to listen by the door to hear her. After a few minutes I began to catch the softly muffled sound of her moans.

I sat there and just fumed. As awful as being humiliated in front of another woman had been, that wasn't the worst of it. The worst thing was sitting there listening to that other woman getting her off and feeling so jealous that my stomach burned with acid. *I* wanted to be the one on my knees in that office worshiping Hillary. It was me that had done all the humiliating things that she asked, and yet this other woman got what I wanted.

It went on and on, for nearly twenty minutes. I heard the muffled cries grow more and more insistent, and then finally there was silence. A few minutes later the door to my office opened and Karen and Hillary emerged. I looked at Karen and never would have been able to tell what she'd been doing in there. She must have fixed her hair and make-up afterwards, she looked completely composed as she hurried to the door. Karen gave me a last curious look and then she actually winked at me before she exited the office, leaving me alone with Hillary again.

"Now *that* is how you relieve stress." Hillary said with a sigh.

Where I couldn't see any difference in Karen, it was totally obvious on Hillary. Her face looked flushed and pink, and she was still breathing a little heavily.

"I left you a little present. Go on, take it while I'm in a good mood." She told me, gesturing to my office with a lazy wave.

She settled down at her desk after I stood up, and she leaned back in her chair with an exaggerated looseness evident in her posture in her. She smiled at me as I scurried back to my office to find my ‘gift'.

I looked at my desk and didn't see anything as I walked up. My nose picked up the smell of sex almost immediately though, the smell of Hillary's joyous twenty minutes of passion. When I got around behind my desk I saw it and knew immediately what she expected of me. On the front part of the seat of my expensive leather chair was a small streak of shiny wetness.

Hating myself for being weak, for being so hopeless to resist her feminine mastery of my soul, I sank to my knees and began lapping up Hillary's juices. The taste of *her* on my tongue drove me insane. The humiliating submission of what I was doing, combined with the incredibly erotic taste and smell of my dream girl combined to drive me wild. I licked and sucked every bit of her gift off the chair, and I have to admit that I loved every second of it.

* * * * * * * * * *

Once more Hillary took the rest of the day off after having exerted her erotic hold over me. I suffered the extra work gladly, my brain afire with thoughts of the perverse glory of what she'd done to Karen and me. I couldn't believe she had an orgasm right there in my office--while I was sitting outside! It was so hot, so insane, it just drove me wild.

It wasn't until I finally dragged myself off my knees and tried to compose myself enough to work that the shame really set in though. What I'd done was so perverse, so kinky, I couldn't believe how quickly Hillary had reduce me to debasing myself like that. And now she wasn't the only person at the company that knew my secret. What if Karen told someone what Hillary had made me do? I'd kissed Hillary's ass in front of her--what on earth had I been thinking? What if Hillary told someone else? If anything happening I'd see my career flushed down the toilet, and for what? For the chance to do whatever amused a beautiful teenaged girl. I must be crazy, but I couldn't resist the pull I felt to submit to her.

* * * * * * * * * *

As much as I was worried about what she'd do next, when nothing much happened the next day I was a little bit disappointed. Seeing Hillary all day made my heart beat madly in my chest, but she just did her work like nothing had ever happened. The closest thing I had to another experience with her was when she came into my office in the morning to remind me I had an eleven o'clock meeting.

"Don't forget you have a meeting with the HR director at eleven." She told me.

Just being alone in the room with her made my blood boil with submissive lesbian lust.

"Yes mistress." I responded immediately.

Hillary just smiled at me, obviously amused, and then she was gone.

That little moment was the closest thing to anything unusual that happened all day.

* * * * * * * * * *

The weekend, and then two more days passed like that, and it was driving me nuts. I sat there at my desk every day wondering why she didn't just walk in there and dominate me. Didn't she know she had me so in lust for her beautiful body that I would do anything? Over time I actually started to grow angry at her. What was she doing to me? She'd given me the hottest experiences of my life, two days in a row, and now it was as if nothing had ever happened.

I know it doesn't make any sense. I was afraid of giving in to her, of the effect it could have on my job, and especially of the way it made me feel. But I also *needed* it.

I called her into my office as soon as she came in. She stepped inside, and then turned to regard me with eyebrows raised.

"Hillary, is something wrong?" I asked her.

"What do you mean?" She asked me coolly.

I wasn't sure how to steer a conversation into this particular area at all.

"Have I done something to anger you mistress?" I tried.

"Oh, I see. My little *worthless* . . . " She began, emphasizing the words forcefully as she stepped closer and closer to me. ". . . *useless* . . . *idiotic* . . . *ugly* . . . *lesbian* boss feels the need to be put in her place." She said, and when she finished she stood right next to me, towering above me as she glared down into my wilting face.

"Yes mistress."

"Let's get some business out of the way first Janeen." She said, and then she dropped the sheet of paper she was carrying onto my desk.

"This is my timesheet. It was due yesterday, but I forgot to fill it out. You have to sign it." She told me.

I looked at it, and it was blank.

"You haven't listed your hours Hillary . . . mistress." I corrected myself.

"No, I haven't. Because I don't feel like filling out the form at all. You're going to. And you've been working me very hard, haven't you Janeen? I think ten hours a day will do alright. You can turn it in when you're done filling it out and signing it." She ordered me.

Ten hours? She'd worked seven on her longest day, and less than four on several!

"Yes mistress."

"I've decided to give you a very special gift tomorrow. A gift you certainly don't deserve, but one that you'll *love*. As a result I'm going to have to take a little time off today to get it ready."

Which probably meant she was going to take the whole day off.

"Yes mistress."

"Are you excited about the idea of getting a special gift from me, Janeen?"

"Yes mistress."

"You know, we need a better name for you. Janeen is too grown-up for someone as pathetic as you. Did you ever have a nickname when you were growing up?"

"Neenee. When I was small people called me Neenee, mistress." I admitted to her.

"Neenee . . . hmmm. That will do just fine. Everyone thinks you're this grown-up powerful lawyer, but I know the truth about you Neenee. I know that you're just a pathetic, worthless little lesbian slut. And I'm right, aren't I, Neenee?"

"Yes mistress."

"Say it. Admit what you are."

I looked up at her confident stare, at the beautiful face that could make me do anything, and then I was lost in that obedient funk that came over me when I was around her.

"I'm a worthless pathetic lesbian slut mistress." I said, my face flushing hotter than ever, even as another part of me grew hotter than ever as well.

She gave a little snicker at the sight of me, and then just like that she was gone.

* * * * * * * * * *

She did take the rest of the day off. After I filled in her timesheet of ten hour days and turned it in, I sat there at my desk daydreaming about her and wondering what my 'special gift' could possibly be.

The day passed slowly indeed.

* * * * * * * * * *

She walked in carrying something red and black in her hand. She closed the door behind her and turned to face me. She moved over beside my desk and then she pointed to the floor next to my chair.

"Get out of my chair." She told me simply.

I dropped what I was working on and got on my knees. She brushed past me and sat down in my chair.

"Today is your lucky day Neenee. You're about to get closer to my beautiful body than you've ever been before." She told me as she sat down in my chair.

"Yes mistress." I answered, my excitement threatening to make my heart burst out of my chest. Was she saying what I thought she was?

"I am going to have an orgasm on your face. But first let's put this on you." She said, releasing her hand's grip enough to let a red rubber ball tumble from it where it swung dangling from a black rubber strap running through its center.

It was one of those ball-gag things. Leaning forward in my big chair, Hillary stretched the rubber ring of the ball-gag over my head and moved it down into place.

"There, that's better. I wouldn't want you trying to steal a taste of my beautiful pussy–you don't deserve it. It was a mistake letting you have a taste when Karen was here–you weren't ready yet."

The ball-gag kept my mouth painfully wide open. It made me feel even more helpless before her power as I wondered what she planned. I couldn't believe I was kneeling and gagged in my own office, waiting for Hillary's command. My pussy was on fire below me, and I was thrilled beyond words by thoughts of what was to come. When Hillary slowly hiked up her skirt and exposed her beautiful satiny red panties to me, I almost came right there on my knees from being so close to her glorious mound. She slowly spread her legs open, and my eyes were glued to the area covered by the tiny bit of shiny red cloth.

"Come closer." She ordered gesturing for me to move between her legs.

I shuffled into position and my face was only inches away from heaven. Hillary reached down and roughly grabbed my hair, shaking me from my little bout of lesbian reverie. She pulled my head back roughly so that I was forced to look up at her.

"I'm going to use you. Use your worthless little face as hard and fast as I want. And you're going to let me, aren't you? You're going to let me fuck your little face right off if I want to, because you want me that bad. Because I'm so fucking hot you can't resist me. Isn't that right, slave?" She demanded, and I nodded my head as best I could.

She brought her other hand down into my hair then both of her hands were pulling my face forward. She carefully positioned my nose at the tiny crease in the shiny red mound before me and my lungs were treated with the scent of her divine womanhood. Slowly and gently at first she rocked my head back and forth, rubbing my nose and mouth into her mound. Gradually she picked up speed, continuing to verbally abuse me as she did it. I was in heaven, my nose being rubbed into the panty-covered mound that dominated my whole existence. Her nasty verbal torrent only made the experience that much more degrading and arousing to me.

"That's it, you worthless little dyke-boy. Oh yeah, I bet you're loving this. Being so close to a real woman's sexy pussy. Having your little nose just rubbed right in it."

Hillary gradually picked up the speed and force with which she pulled my face against her, and as she did so I started having a hard time catching my breath. With the ball-gag filling my mouth every rapturous moment my nose was buried in her mound was also a moment without oxygen.

"Mmmm, this feels pretty good. As long as I don't look too much at your nasty little face this will work just fine. Oh yeah. That's it, get in there! Sniff it! Smell that, that's the finest pussy you're ever going to sniff. Oh yeah . . . mmmmmm." She moaned as she worked my face against her.

She was right, the smell of it was glorious--and I loved it. She kept up like that for what seemed like forever, rubbing my face in her pantied quim while she verbally abused me. The cloth separating me from her sex grew first moist, then slick with her juices as she continued to use me as a masturbation aid. She started to really mash my face against her. Her hips started to move in the chair as she pulled my face into her twat, humping forward to increase the friction between us. My nose felt like it was getting rubbed right off my face, and my teeth ached from the damn gag, but I loved every moment of it.

"Oh fuck yeah. Oh god I'm fucking your nasty dyke face. Mmmm . . . . oh . . . oh yeah. Smell that! Smell that you worthless fucking lesbian slut! Oh fuck . . . oh . . . oh . . . oh . . . oh . . oh . oh ohohOHOHOHHHHHHHH!" She cried, and her thighs clamped shut around my face as she came.

Her whole body seemed to convulse around me, her hips thrusting forward and her thighs clamping down so hard it felt like my head would burst. And in that moment, on my knees gagged and smothering, *buried* in the embrace of Hillary's beautiful body, I would have done anything to stay there forever. I couldn't breathe, my face felt as if it had been rubbed raw, but I was *immersed* in the sound, smell, and feel of her divine female glory and I needed it more than anything I'd ever needed before.

"Mmmm. That was nice." She said as she finally released her thighs and pushed me away.

She looked down at me and gave a little laugh then.

"Your face is all red. And look what you've made me do to these panties." She said, gesturing down to the giant wet stain on her crotch.

My face felt pretty bad, but all I could think about was that wonderful place I'd just been.

"You can take that off now. Keep it with you at all times, you never know when I might need it again." She told me, referring to the ball-gag.

I pulled the gag out of my aching mouth while she straightened her clothes and sat upright.

"Now I think you should thank me for using you." Hillary told me.

"Thank you mistress."

"I'm tired now. I think I'll take the rest of the day off." She told me as she stood up and moved to the door of my office.

"Yes mistress."

"And Neenee?"

"Yes mistress?"

"Don't even think about touching yourself, you dirty little slut." She ordered and then she was gone.

* * * * * * * * * *

Once again Hillary drove me crazy with need by doing . . . nothing. After taking me to a new height of submissive delight the day before, the day I'd felt her feminine glory literally rubbed in my face, the next day she didn't do anything to me at all.

She didn't do anything to me the entire rest of the week. She was diabolically clever, really. My need to feel her power grew even stronger when she stopped using me. She was driving me wild by showing me how wonderful slavery could be and then taking it away from me again. I was in a state of constant longing, longing to be *used* by her.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next Monday morning Hillary came into my office carrying a plastic grocery store bag. She set the plastic bag on my desk and looked at me.

"Today you're going to do a little chore for me. I've brought some of my dirty laundry with me. I expect you to wash it for me today." She said with that playful smirk of hers.

I looked inside the bag. There were a half dozen pairs of worn women's underwear in the bag. I must not have reacted quickly enough to the discovery, because Hillary suddenly showed surprise.

"What, don't you understand Neenee? I'm going to let you use your worthless little mouth to clean my underwear. You're going spend the whole day sucking the cunt-stains, and any *other* stains, out of my panties. Do you have a problem with that? Because if you don't appreciate my gift I will take it back." She said, reaching for the bag as she said it.

"No mistress." I quickly answered, my crotch afire as she exerted her perverse control over me yet again.

How did Hillary know how to demean me so perfectly? How did she know I couldn't resist her? I was helpless to deny her power now, as I sat there staring at her panties knowing that I *did* desperately want to sniff and lick them.

"Now you listen to me Neenee. When you taste the heavenly flavors of my beautiful feminine body it's going to drive you wild with lust. It's going to make you burn with need. Even just the aroma of my beautiful pussy melts your brain and put you deeper under my feminine power. It will be hard for you to resist the urges you feel. I know this, Neenee. But remember, if I catch you so much as thinking about touching yourself without my permission I will never let you worship me again. Do you understand me?"

"Yes mistress."

"I expect you to wash every pair with your pathetic lesbian drool. When I take them back this afternoon I'd better find every inch of them clean. Let me help you get started. Get over here and get down on your knees." She ordered, pointing to the floor in front of my desk.

I scurried in front of her and sank to my knees. Hillary reached into the bag and withdrew a red silky pair of panties. I recognized them immediately.

"This is a good pair right here. Do you remember these? You should, I was wearing these when I came in your face the other day. Just look at them, all crusty and stained." She told me, turning the crinkly stained crotch inside out so that I could see it.

"Isn't that a nasty stain, Neenee? Stick out your tongue." She ordered me.

I extended my tongue as far as I could, my face already heating up with hot rush of perversely arousing shame that came over me. Hillary slowly brought the cloth to my tongue, and then she pressed the spot down onto my tongue and smeared it around. The smell and taste of her was intense, and my crotch burned with perverse submissive arousal. I wriggled in place and closed my eyes to concentrate fully on that flavor.

"Taste that Neenee. That's the taste of a real woman's pussy. That's the taste of my power over you. You can't deny it. How does that taste make you feel Neenee?" She asked me, pulling those red panties away from my mouth as she spoke.

I felt an almost physical pain when my tongue lost contact with that heavenly cloth. I opened my eyes and told Hillary the complete humiliating truth.

"Mistress, it makes me feel hot. And weak. And . . . submissive." I admitted.

Hillary tossed the red panties at me and gave me a condescending smirk.

"Of course it does. Now get to work, show me you can at least be useful to clean my laundry." She laughed.

I grabbed up the bit of cloth and began licking and sucking at it while she watching, eager to impress her with my obedience. Other than a small grin, she barely seemed to notice my act of devotion and she turned a walked to the door. She stopped at the door and turned to look back at me, still kneeling there.

"Pathetic. All that education, college, law school, everything, and you end up here on your knees sucking on my dirty panties like it's the greatest gift you've ever received. And it *is* the greatest gift you've ever received, isn't it? All because deep down inside you know the truth about the two of us. You know that you're a worthless nothing, and that I am a *goddess*." She laughed, and then she was gone.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was wonderful and awful all at once. I knelt there licking and sucking at the glorious taste and smell of her body and it made me so hot that I could barely take it. My pussy was on *fire*. I was worthless. I was stupid. I *did* need to worship her. It was a struggle to keep from touching myself as I gave myself totally to the task at hand.

No matter how much of a pervert I was I couldn't actually spend the entire day sucking her panties could I? Yes I could, and did. I didn't even try to do any work. I spent the whole time licking and sucking those bits of cloth that had nestled against heaven on earth. The cloth that carried her scent and taste and drove me insane with need. Time passed without my realizing it--I was in some sort of submissive trance as immersed myself in the pathetic act of worship. Hours passed like minutes as I licked and sucked and sniffed every inch of her panties. Oh how I longed to taste her directly, to kneel before her and dip my tongue into that font of supreme feminine power that lived between her beautiful legs.

When Hillary finally opened the door to my office late that afternoon, I was sitting in my chair still licking a pair of her sodden underwear. I quickly returned the panties I held to the rest of the pile atop my desk.

"I see you're enjoying my gift. Are my panties all clean now?" She asked me.

"Yes mistress!" I said, still breathing heavy with my excitement.

"Hmmmm. It seems you may have enjoyed my gift more than you're allowed to. Stand up." She ordered me.

"Yes mistress." I answered, standing quickly up.

"Undo your pants and pull them down."

I did as I was told, letting my pants pool around my ankles. Hillary gave me a push backward and I sat abruptly back down in the chair. The wet stain on the front of my panties was painfully obvious as I sat there looking up at my young goddess.

"Just as I suspected. Have you been masturbating Neenee? What did I tell you about that?"

"No mistress! I swear, I'm just excited from . . . doing your laundry. I-I'm sorry mistress."

"You expect me to believe that you were so turned on by sucking on my panties that your disgusting little boy-twat leaked this much? I don't think so. I think you were in here touching your filthy slit while you thought about me–*disgusting*." She said.

"Mistress I swear I didn't."

"You'd better not have. So, you really were that turned on by licking my nasty dirty underwear?"

"Yes mistress." I admitted.

"Say it, I want to hear you say what got you this turned on."

"Mistress I got this turned on by licking your dirty underwear. I got this turned on by being your panty-sniffing slave girl." I said, and for the first time since she'd came into my office Hillary smiled.

"Alright then. But we still can't leave you like this, can we? Get those filthy panties off. And use them to wipe your filthy little boy-twat." She told me.

I wriggled out of my panties and used them to wipe myself while she watched, standing tall over me.

"Now whatever will we do with a nasty pair of dirty panties? I know, why don't we have our resident panty-sucker clean them. Do it, Neenee. Suck your filthy slime off of them for me." She demanded.

Reluctantly I brought the panties up to my face and looked at the large wet stain at their crotch. I forced myself to suck the wet spot into my mouth, and began cleaning it while Hillary watched. The taste and smell of my own secretions weren't just less appealing than Hillary's, they were disgusting. How could even her pussy taste and smell so much better than mine? She was superior to me in every way, so much so that it was her divine right to be worshiped.

"Look at you. You're a filthy pervert who loves pussy so much that she'll even suck her own nasty panties! You really are a worthless, pathetic, little lesbian piece of shit, aren't you?"

"Yes mistress." I answered and she laughed as she left me there, sucking my own panties.

* * * * * * * * * *

I wasn't sure what to expect the next day. Licking her panties all day long, falling into that submissive trance of worship, the experience had been so powerful that it scared me. I found I was more than a little frightened of Hillary's hold over me. She was all I could think about night and day, my perverse need to submit to her threatened to consume me with its power. I felt like I was losing myself, and I could see it happening, and yet I was helpless to stop it. Ever time I saw her I needed her more, and every time I gave in to her orders it made me feel hotter and weaker than the last.

So when Hillary dropped the bomb on me that afternoon, I didn't have a chance really.

"I've decided that I'm going to move into your house. It's the only way I can ensure you're not touching your filthy slit when you're away from this place." She told me.

The thought of being around Hillary twenty-four hours a day thrilled me. It made me want to do a celebration dance it excited me so much.

"Yes mistress." I beamed, and she just shook her head at me.

"Give me the key. I'm going to go pick up some of my things. I trust you'll do what's necessary to make me feel at home."

"*Yes* mistress." I blurted as I dug out my keys and pulled my house key from the ring.

"You can start by bringing something home for dinner. Surprise me." She told me as she picked up her purse and headed for the door.

"Yes mistress."

* * * * * * * * * *

I was so excited I could barely stand it. With what Hillary had already done to me at work perverse mind raced with ideas of what Hillary could do to me in a private place. I daydreamed about it for an hour before I set to work on my first big after hours chore. She'd told me to get her dinner and I had no intention of screwing it up.

I knew a lovely Italian restaurant that would let you order take-out meals, pricey, but really good food. I ordered two of their best pasta dishes, one with a chicken breast and the other with seafood. I felt confident that Hillary would surely like one or the other.

I picked up the food on the way home, and I exceeded the speed limit at every opportunity. I couldn't wait to see my beautiful mistress outside of work for the first time ever.

* * * * * * * * * *

I walked in the door and found two suitcases standing nearby against the wall. Hillary was on my couch watching television, looking gloriously hot in skimpy shorts and a t-shirt.

"Hello mistress. I brought two dinners from a nice little restaurant I know. I hope you'll like the food." I said to her.

"Bring it here. I usually eat in front of the television." She told me.

I set down my bag and brought the dinners to the table.

"Which would you prefer, mistress?" I asked her.

"Both, stupid. I'll try them both. You can go get my room ready while I eat." She told me as she began to open the chicken dinner.

I looked at her in surprise and she easily stared me down.

"What, Neenee? Do you think the bed linen will change itself? Or that maybe my suitcases will walk in there on their own and unpack themselves? Don't just stand there, get to work. You can take the stuff that's in the dresser now and just throw it wherever you want."

I dragged her heavy suitcases to my room as Hillary started to eat. She barely even looked at me as I lugged the bags along behind me. I was hungry, the smell of the food in the car had really got my mouth watering. The truly sad thing was that I was being treated like dirt by a teenage girl in my own home, and I *loved* the way it made me feel.

* * * * * * * * * *

Hillary ate most of one of the dinners and half of the other one while I was moving my things out of my bedroom into the spare bedroom. I was hungry, but being ordered around in my own home made me so horny it was worth starving.

When I was finally done, I returned to the living room and found Hillary reclining on the couch with the two half-eaten dinners still on the table in front of her.

"Come on, we're going to run out to the store. You're driving." She told me as she pulled on her shoes.

I hurried to follow her, and barely had time to throw on my shoes and grab my car keys before she was out the door. At my car Hillary waited by the rear door on the passenger side, and when I unlocked it she got in the back! I sat down in the driver's seat and it was like I was her driver. I'd never driven with nobody sitting in the front and a person sitting in the back.

"Take me to SuperMegaPetLand." She ordered, and I turned the car left out of the driveway and headed towards the pet supply superstore.

* * * * * * * * * *

We entered the store and quickly found our way to the aisle for dog supplies. Hillary quickly found her way to these wide black leather dog collars and motioned for me to come closer as she pulled one from off the rack. Right there, in the aisle of the store, she wrapped the collar around my neck as if it was the most normal thing in the world. I didn't try to stop her; I just meekly leaned my head forward and let her do what she wanted.

"Too big." She announced about the first one, and as she hung it back on the rack and selected another. I saw a woman with two small children look at us and then hurry her children away.

Hillary put the second collar around my neck and pulled the tongue of it through its buckle. She pulled it until it was all but choking me, and then she fastened it. Grabbing it by the metal ring that was embedded in it, she gave the collar a rough tug that yanked my head down.

"There, that's just right. Hang on." She laughed.

Hillary rummaged around on the rack and found a matching heavy black leather leash about six feet long. She turned to me and snapped the leash's hook onto the ring on the collar, and then stepped back. She gave it a test tug, and smiled at my discomfort at being so degradingly posed in public.

"I think that's about right, but I'm not quite sure. Neenee, get on your knees." She demanded.

I looked around, and thanked god that there was nobody nearby as I sank to my knees. Hillary pulled on the leash and guided me to crawl ten feet or so down the aisle as she laughed at me.

"Heel, you silly bitch. That's just perfect. Take it off and follow me." She laughed, dropping the leash on the floor and walking out of the aisle.

I quickly unfastened the collar and found her in the next aisle admiring a large stainless steel dog bowl. She picked up two of the bowls, stacked inside each other, and handed them to me.

"Here, take these as well." She told me, and then I was following behind her.

She watched, amused, as I paid for the collar, leash and bowls. Once we left the checkout she led me to a big machine at the front of the store. It was a machine that you could put money in and make your own tags for dog and cat collars.

"We can't have you running around without a tag now, can we?" The beautiful teenage goddess chuckled, and even then I was madly in love with her.

"No mistress."

"Let me see what we can put on here."

She fiddled with the thing for a while, seeming displeased by the limited number of large characters that could fit on the tags.

"I know, we'll do three separate tags. Put money in it."

I fed the bills into the machine as Hillary selected the largest round silver tag and set it to engrave what she wanted. I started to look, but Hillary pushed my face with her hand to the side so I couldn't see.

"Not now, I want it to be a surprise." She told me.

I fed the machine twice more and when the third tag spit from the machine she gathered them all and walked out of the store with me trailing behind her with my bag of dog items.

Hillary waited by the back door of the car until I unlocked it and let her in.

"Give me the collar and then take me home." She told me after I got in.

I gave her the collar and started us on the way home. I heard the tags jingling as she slipped them onto the collar. I knew I'd be seeing that collar soon. When we got back to my house and I turned off the car, Hillary waited until I came to the back of the car and opened the door for her. Once we were inside she handed me the collar.

"Go ahead, take a good look at it. And then get on your knees and put it on." She told me as she rummaged in the back and extracted the steel bowls.

I looked at the tags hanging from the collar as I got down on my knees. The tags all lay in a pile as if they were one big thick tag, and from the front only the first tag's text was visible. It was a single word in large type: CUNT. When I spread the three tags I was rewarded with the words WORSHIPING and WHORE on the back two tags. On my knees, I carefully did up the dog collar around my throat so that the degrading tags hung at the front.

"All the way down--hands and knees." Hillary ordered, the steel bowls in her hands.

"Yes mistress." I answered as I sank even closer to the floor.

"Now you're my worthless doggybitch. Ha ha ha. Say it, tell me what you are slut!" She demanded.

"I-I'm your worthless doggybitch mistress." I said softly, and my cheeks burned with shame. Undeniably, my pussy burned then as well.

"Come on doggybitch. Time for your dinner." She laughed, and then she gathered the two take-out plates and the bowls and she walked into the kitchen.

I knew what I was meant to do. I crawled quickly after her, following her on my hands and knees as if I were a dog. Still giggling, Hillary filled one bowl with water and set it down on the kitchen floor. I watched as she took some of the pasta from one of her half-eaten dinners and tossed it into the other bowl with a splat.

"Now show me you're excited about your dinner doggybitch. Pant like a dog. And wag your fucking tail!"

I opened my mouth and let my tongue dangle as I began to pant and swing my ass back and forth.

"Good, now I'm going to ask you a question and you're just going to bark when I do. Does my little doggybitch want some supper?" She asked.

"Woof! Woof!" I shouted stupidly, still panting and wiggling my ass.

"Good doggybitch. Here you go." She laughed, setting the bowl down in front of me.

I looked at the bowl of leftover partially eaten cold pasta, and I moved closer to it.

"Just your mouth, that's how a doggybitch eats."

Leaning forward, I tried unsuccessfully to capture a flat noodle in my mouth.

"That's not how a doggybitch eats. Show your owner how much you love your food doggybitch." Hillary demanded, and then I felt her foot on top of my head, pressing me down.

Her foot jammed my face down into the bowl, burying my nose in the cold mass of noodles and getting the sauce all over my face. Her foot rotated on my head and mashed my face harder into the noodles before I opened my mouth wide and began to eat.

"That's it doggybitch. Eat your fucking food."

I *was* hungry. Under the pressure of her foot on my head I got into the act and devoured the noodles. She didn't let me up until I'd licked the bowl, and by then I had alfredo sauce all over me.

* * * * * * * * * *

I spent the rest of the evening kneeling beside the couch in that collar, waiting by my goddess's feet as she watched television. She made me play at being her dog all the way through her getting up and heading for the bedroom.

"Alright doggybitch, come on." She told me and I crawled after her.

At the door to the bedroom she paused and pointed to the floor in front of the door.

"Wait here."

Several minutes passed, and when she opened the door I swear my pussy actually quivered at the glorious sight of her. She was wearing nothing but pink cotton panties and a skimpy little matching top. Oh my god was she ever hot. I looked up the length of those long legs and I just melted into the floor. She was *so* beautiful.

"Alright, you can take off the collar and get changed as well. Find yourself a blanket." She told me, and then she was off to the bathroom and the door was closed behind her.

I heard the sink running as Hillary got ready for bed. I quickly changed myself into some pajamas I'd bought after Hillary told me I had to stop wearing any girl clothing. I dug a blanket from the linen closet and waited for Hillary to return.

She reappeared in the door, and she still made my heart flutter. Without meaning to, I fell to my knees at the sight of her. Looking down at me then she gave a little chuckle.

"You really are pathetic, aren't you?"

"Yes mistress."

"Go get yourself ready for bed slut." She told me, and her sparkling eyes watched me scurry from the room.

I hurried through my night time rituals and returned to find Hillary sitting up on my bed waiting for me.

"You can sleep down there." She said, pointing to the floor beside the bed!

I didn't argue--I couldn't. She was so beautiful then that I couldn't even think. I picked up the blanket and started to lay down there.

"Go on, get down there like a good slut and I'll let you have a kiss goodnight to tuck you in." She said, and my heart started to race.

A kiss, an actual kiss from Hillary? The thought was enough to make my crotch heat up instantly. God did she ever hold an erotic power over me. I was mesmerized by her. I quickly lay down on my back and covered myself with the blanket.

"Alright, time for that kiss." Hillary said, and then she swung her legs off the bed and moved over me.

I looked up at her beautiful body in outright awe as she moved to stand directly over my head, facing my feet! She looked back down over her beautiful bottom at me as her knees began to bend. Slowly she squatted lower and lower, until the cloth of her pink panties was stretched tight to the point of bursting across her unbelievably wonderful ass. And then those glorious curves grew bigger and bigger in my vision until there was nothing else, until Hillary was squatting herself directly onto my mouth!

"Go on slut, kiss my *ass*." She demanded as my mouth was plunged into her crack, and there was nothing else I could do.

Her ass embraced my face as I kissed deep in the pink valley of delights, and my nose was filled with the scent of her wonderful body. And then it was over, and she was lifting herself off of me and shutting off the lights.

Laying in the darkness beside my own bed, the smell of Hillary's ass-crack still drifting through me, I was happier than I've ever been. She owned me, and I loved it.

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