what happens when you allow someone to gain control
My 13th birthday my parents wanted to throw me a party, but I knew I could not invite Tony so I asked for the money they would spend on the party instead. They agreed and I got $100.00 to spend on my own party. I invited Tony, his friends Ted and Mark, Cici and Grace who also went to school with us.
Grace was a pretty girl but very quiet. She lived six houses down from me and didn't appear to have many friends. I had been a little jealous of her because she developed faster than I did. Her breasts stuck out and she looked to have a 34c cup compared to my 32b cut. I was a little apprehensive to invite her along because although I had allowed, even encouraged Tony to have sex with Cici, albeit under the influence of alcohol, I was still afraid that he would like Grace's figure more then mine and I would lose him to her. But Tony wanted his friend Mark to join us and that left us one girl short so I invited Grace.
Cici liked Ted ever since they met at the movies those many weeks back and that made me feel a little more comfortable that we would not repeat the performance that had occurred in my mother bedroom the day that Tony had taken Cici's virginity. Part of me wanted a repeat performance and part of me was afraid of losing Tony to Cici. My being there and witnessing their sex made me feel a little more comfortable that Cici didn't "outperform" me.
Cici and I brought along a change of clothes so that our parents didn't see what we were REALLY going to wear that night. I had gotten a sexy black skirt that slit up the side and I had also stolen two pair of black crotchless panties from Victoria Secrets. I gave one pair to Cici.
We stopped at a gas station and Cici and I went in and changed clothes. Cici had brought a black halter top that tied in the back and a pair of white hip hugging pants. You could see the black crotchless panties through the white pants but after two screwdrivers, Cici didn't care.
Grace had worn a pair of jeans and a tee shirt and she looked very out of place.
They had each brought presents for me and I opened Cici's first. It was a 12 pack of C batteries. We both laughed at the inside joke. Tony was the only one to understand that it was for my mother's toys. I was impressed with Cici's ingenuity that she had checked to see what type of batteries my mom's toys took.
I opened Tony's next and it was 3 vibrators. One was similar to the double headed monster that CIci fell in love with. One was a regular 6 inch white vibrator like I had used the first couple of times and the last one was a small 3 inch vibrator called a "pocket rocket".
"We'll play later," Tony winked.
Grace leaned forward and whispered in my ear.
"My God, Fran, are you having sex with that guy?"
I just smiled and nodded. I could see the disappointment in her expression.
We drove around passing the bottle of orange juice and vodka which everyone drank. Everyone, that is, except Grace. She refused to drink it and was being a real party pooper. Later Ted started making out with Cici and had her top open and was feeling her breasts. Poor Mark tried to make out with Grace but she got very angry and said no.
"Would you mind taking me home," Grace said impatiently, "I have a headache."
"Oh, come on," I said, "it's my birthday, lighten up."
She just glared at me.
Tony drove Grace home and I felt sorry for Mark.
"Sorry she was such a drag," I said.
He just shrugged.
Tony parked by the lake and we started making out. Mark went for a walk by the water to give us some privacy but the Camaro had bucket seats and it made it next to impossible to do anything but kiss. I glanced in the back seat and saw that Cici was laying across the seat. Her white pants had been removed and Ted was humping her. It was difficult to see in the dark whether he was dry humping her or was actually penetrating her but Cici was acting like it was the real deal.
Tony and I went for a walk along the lake and gave them some privacy. When we got back, Mark was standing outside the car and inside I could see Cici putting her pants back on.
It was a little after midnight when we dropped Cici off at home after she had changed back into her other clothing. Tony, Ted, Mark and I drove around drinking some more of the screwdriver mix and joking about Grace. Ted lit up a cigarette and passed it to Mark who then passed it to Tony. It smelled strange and I was getting a little light headed from the smoke in the car. Tony passed it to me but I told him that I didn't smoke cigarettes.
"Just try it," Tony said through glazed eyes.
I took a puff and choked. Everyone laughed, gave me a drink of the screwdriver mix and told me to try again. It was the same. I choked again. Mark then put the cigarette with the lit end in his mouth and motioned for me to lean over the back seat. He held my head close to him and blew the smoke into my face. I breathed and realized I was smoking majijuana. My head was swimming. When Mark was through blowing the smoke in my face he removed his hand from the back of my head but slowly let it drop to my shoulder, then my breast. I looked at him and he smiled. I didn't say anything and he kept his hand on my breast. Ted leaned forward and whispered in my ear.
"Ever had pot before?" he asked. As he did he put his hand on my back and started rubbing me. I looked over at Tony who was smiling at me.
"Happy birthday, baby," Tony said.
I was confused. Mark kept massaging my breast and Ted was rubbing my back. I felt Tony's hand slp up my leg under my skirt and start rubbing my thighs. I didn't do anything to stop what was happening because it appeared this is what Tony thought I wanted for my birthday. The fact was that I was getting so wet from the triple massage that I just closed my eyes and let them do it. I stayed kneeling on the seat facing Ted and Mark in the back seat. I felt hands unbutton my blouse and pull it off, then came my bra. Tony's hands undid my shoes and skirt and pulled them off. I was kneeling there in just my crotchless panties. When I opened my eyes Mark blew another puff of marijuana smoke in my face.
I heard a humming sound and looked over to see Tony with the small "pocket rocket" in his hand. He nudge my legs apart and I felt the little vibrator slip up and touch my little nub, or as Tony called it, my clitoris. My breath caught in my throat as Mark and Ted started massaging my tiny breasts and Tony moved the vibrator over my clitoris.
"Let's get in the back seat," Tony said to me.
I climbed over the seat as Ted and Mark made room for me. Once I was there I laid down and Tony climbed back with me. It was very cramped and my legs were spread wide and over the back of the seat and over the front of the front seat. My head was swimming but so was my pussy.
"Something for everyone," Tony said as he handed Ted and Mark each one of the vibrators that he had gotten for me as a gift.
Tony lowered his face between my legs and started lapping at me as he moved the rocket over my clitoris. After a few minutes of this he sat up, unzipped his pants and positioned himself at my pussy. I wanted to say something but nothing came out of my mouth. Tony entered me and continued to rub the rocket over my clitoris. I had an orgasm almost immediately. As I was gasping for air I felt something at my lips. It was Mark's cock. It was smaller then Tony's. I let him slip it between my lips and laid there as he and Tony moved in and out of me. The stimulation of the two of them fucking me and the rocket rubbing over my clitoris kept me in a continuous state of arousal and I felt as if I was having an orgasm every 5 minutes. Suddenly I felt Tony tense and felt him squirt inside me. He climbed off and Ted started to position himself between my legs but Mark wanted to switch. They argued a bit and Tony told Mark to go ahead. Mark slipped into my sopping pussy and pulled me up so I was sitting on his lap facing him.
I heard the hum of another vibrator and Mark pulled me forward as someone slipped a vibrator into my ass. I had only had the little worm in there before and what was being slipped into my ass now was much bigger. I winced with pain but after a minute or two of Mark thrusting into me and someone slowly sliding the vibrator in and out of my ass I felt an incredible orgasmic wave sweep over me. I screamed into Mark's neck and he gripped me tightly as I felt him squirt into me.
"Unbelievable," Mark said as he slipped out of me and I felt his orgasm running down my leg.
"Me, next," Ted said as he slid under me and pulled me now onto his hard penis. He was bigger than Tony but slipped in so easily because of the added lubriction provided by Tony and Mark.
Ted held me under the arms and literally lifted me off of him and back down like a rag doll.
"Hold her still a minute," Tony said from behind me.
Ted held me still and I felt Tony's penis push between my ass cheeks.
"Spread your cheeks for me, baby," Tony said.
I did as he asked and felt his penis slowly slip into me. The vibrator had helped to open me up so it didn't hurt too much as he slipped into me. The two of them started thrusting into me and after two minutes or three I had another orgasm. Ted was the first to squirt into me. Tony lasted much longer because it was his second go at me. After another few minutes I felt Tony's breathing pick up and he tensed. I didn't feel him squirt in me, but he must have.
We all lay breathing . Tony climbed back into the front seat and started the motor. He drove around for a half hour while Mark fucked me again and then Ted. It was three in the morning when they dropped me off at my door. I was so sore I could barely walk. Luckily my mother had fallen asleep on the couch while waiting for me.

* * * * *

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