Vore and Cannabalism
Back at the village one of the founding members of Neo Evolution named Calvin has changed his name to Caligula and just like the Ceaser Caligula of Ancient Rome this modern Galigila is just as brutal. He lives in the largest house in the village along with 12 female servant/ slaves and as long as they stay in the house they are safe from the other men living in the village but they must do everything Galigula says or face death in Galigulas " Special Room ". Galigula has already fathered 13 children from his 12 servants but the children don't stay in his house, their placed in the other homes mentioned in the previous story.

At one point there was a 13th servant/ slave but when she refused to let her child be raised by someone else so Claigula ordered some men from the village to gangrape her for 3 days and then they threw her into the " Special Room " before leaving his home. Galigula goes to a secret room just outside his bedroom wich allows him to see everything that happens in the " Special Room ". The " Special Room " is a pit, when the door is open and someone goes through they fall to the bottom of the pit and the door must be closed right away, Galigulas secret room is 20 feet above the pit floor, wich allows him to see everything that happens in the pit from a safe distance.

The pit is divided into 3 parts : The first part is a huge pond that's 10 feet deep and 12 feet wide. The second part has a large flat stone that ressembles a table, the stone is directly underneath a small hole in the celing, during the day when the sun is shining a beam of light hits the rock and heats it up. The third part of the room is solid ground but it's covered with the broken bones of adult females.

The 13th servant/ slave goes through the door and falls 10 feet to the bottom of the pit but luckily she didn't break any bones so she get's up and sees Caligula sitting on his throne in his secret room, Caligula says " This is what happens when my slaves disobey me ". At first nothing happens so she laughs and says " Your just a small little man who needs others to do his dirty work for him, you can't scare me with your empty threats " Galigula just smiles as he watches. Tired and feeling dirty from her 3 day gangrape she enters the pond and tries to wash all the dried cum of her when she feels something brush against her leg she quickly gets out of the pond and climbs ontop of the stone.

That when she's sees something moving just underneath the surface of the water, It's hard to see what it is but she can tell that it's very long, Caligula says " Before you die I want to introduce you my pet Seth " and then he says " It's supper time " and a huge 18 foot male Anaconda comes out of the pond and starts circling the stone. It's day time and a beam of sunlight has been heating up the stone for a while and the stone is getting way too hot for her to stand on, her feet start to burn so she jumps off it and lands near the large pile of broken adult femal bones. She picks up a skull as the large serpent gets closer and closer, she tries to hit the Anaconda with the skull but it wraps itself around her legs and hip causing her to fall and the snake wraps more of itself around her. Unable to breath and hearing her bones breaking she starts to pass out but not before she sees the snake dislocating it's bottom jaws to open it's mouth as wide as possible.

Galigula sits there for hours watching as Seth swallows his ex slave whole, then the serpent slithers ontop of the heated large stone where the heat helps him digest his meal. Watching this sexually arouses him so he picks one of his servant/ slaves and he fucks and impregnates her, after she leaves he goes back to his secret room where he sees Seth still resting on the stone digesting his meal.

Satisfying one fetish and wanting to satisfy another he orders 2 males from the village and 2 females from the cage to enter his house. All four are related, a 45 year old man and his 40 year old sister and her 20 year old son and his twin sister, Galigula says " I want to see the older man fight with his neice and the older woman fight with her son, the fight will last for 20 minutes, if the 2 females can avoid being fucked by their opponents for 20 minutes then they win the match ". The men attack their opponents and easily take them both to the ground, the younger female tries everything to stop her uncle from sliding his huge cock in her hairy pussy but he uses all his strength to pin her and he rams every inch of his rock hard cock deep inside her.

The younger male has a harder time trying to fuck his mother but after a lot of struggling he manages to get her into doggy style where he slides his cock inside her hairy cunt and both men fuck their opponents hard, fast and deep. Caligula stands up and says " Condradulation men you have won the match and as your reward you can both cum inside your opponents ", the younger male moans loudly as he cums deep inside his mothers womb followed by his uncle who cums into his neices vagina.

After all 4 people leave Galigulas home he goes back to his secret room and sees a fresh new pile of broken bones and watches as Seth slithers back into the pond and he says " I knew 13 was an unlucky number ". Today Galigula has just fed his pet Seth and now he walks around the village greeting his people and watches with a smile on his face as an older sick female is killed, spiked and roasted over a large fire. Regarded as a king he is served first and is given well cooked breast wich he eats quickly and then he says " My people, remember my words : except for having babies women are not Human, they are a lesser form of mammal so fuck them hard and enjoy there cooked flesh ".

He enters his large home and after fucking and impregnating one of his servant/ slaves he goes back to his secret room to see Seth enter the pond after leaving a fresh new pile of broken bones and he remembers how Seth was caught. Many years ago after a female disapeared while exploring outside the village some men went out looking for her and that's when they saw the Anaconda swallowing the female, Snakes are vunerable when eating so the men were able to capture it and were about to kill it when Calvin said " No, what right do we have to kill this beautiful creature, it's trying to survive just like us". After Neo Evolution took over and Calvin has his large house built he ordered his men to capture it using a female as bait and bring it to the pit in his house.

The men of the village know that Caligula feeds his pet Seth adult women so they call him " Galigula, The Serpent God " and many have forced women to submit by threating them by saying " If you don't do what I want then The Sperpent God will feed you to his monster " and out of fear they don't fight back while being gangraped.


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2012-08-17 15:54:51
Anonymous reader
2011-10-16 19:49:41
wow....what a pile of shit
I totally agree. This whole series is trash. The ignorant fuck even misspells simple words. His teachers must have had to mark him absent four days a week.

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2012-02-23 15:24:24
You should do one where the main character revolts and takes over


2012-01-11 10:31:33
Sorry I took so long but to answer your question, no I'm not a Muslim but I am an Atheist, Realist and an Anarchist and I truely believe that as long as Humans keep using money and religion we are doomed to keep repeating history again and again. The Island series is an example of Humans abusing religion and power { money = power }..

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2012-01-07 15:23:45
I was hoping that there would be a fall of the Empire, an over all loving community would return to a small world, where all the good sweet things that can happen between the male and female, become the highest level of acceptance. But when you think about it. The real human race is very barbaric. This community reminds me so much of how the Islamic nation acts. It's scary. My question, is the author an Islamic Muslim? You followed so closely to how that country is really run.

The writing is exceptional. A few minor errors, but not enough to worry about.

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2011-10-22 05:34:38
You have good imagination. A good writer has to have that charactor. keep on writting. I am your faithful reader.

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