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my first real man sex that I enjoyed


My first sexual experience with a man is the most memorable, as it is the best sex I ever had and brought me to such lurid heights as to teach and make me a protean lover: passionate and skilled.

It was the summer before I would enter High School. I was barely 14 years old.

I stood 5.6, weighed about 145 lbs., with strong muscular legs, a round ass, and a tight body, drew attention and aroused a lascivious nature in men who liked young boys.

And so, I was seduced by tantalized means, and thus, unwittingly target for ultimate sexual experience, under a guise and that lured me into a sexual trap.

In retrospect, I am culpable somewhat. My sexed up body provoked attention no matter where I went because I often wore khakis that easily showed my big dick in my pants. I was not hazed by it until an experience that changed me.

It would awaken my sexuality, and forever the lust for manhood.

My friend, Rudy, left for Texas that summer, and I took over his paper route.

One Saturday morning while delivering papers in El Monte, I met a young white guy out in his front yard inspecting a lawn mower and who would proposition me.

He was about 30 years old, with blond hair and blue eyes. I got off my bicycle handed him the paper. “Hey thanks!” he said as he reached out for it.

He shook my hand firmly, and held it a while with his squeeze.

“Hi, I am Jerry”, he said, as he looked down my pants. I shifted my stance, embarrassed he noticed my semi hard-on.

“I am Jose, but call me Joey.” I said.

Bike riding has built your legs nice and strong,” he said, with a friendly smile.

I laughed and thought him teasing my hard-on.

“Hey, I was about to start on the yard. How would you like to cut the grass instead, and I’ll pay you.”

I agreed. “Okay, I’ll be back”, I said.

When I returned, he was glad to see me. “Good you made it. I’ll show how to work the lawnmower.”

“Oh, I think I got it, we have one like it home.”

“Okay, but just watch out for any rocks in the grass”

About thirty minutes later, Jerry came out to check on me. Sweat ran down my face from the hard work.

I asked, “May I have some water?”

“Sure. Come inside.”

He led me inside where I sat on his living room couch. He gave me a glass of iced- water, which quenched my thirst. On the coffee table lay magazines. Some looked like “Sports-Illustrated” magazines, with pictures of guys in sports uniforms on the cover.

Jerry saw me glancing at them. “You may look at them if you want”, he told me.

I picked up a magazine, flipped the pages and fell back in shock at the photos.

The magazines pictured muscular, tough looking men having sex with each other, and huge cocks. Some were locker room scenes and marines getting fucked in the ass.

I could not believe that men who looked straight did the things in those photos.

“Those are huge cocks; one up the ass must really hurt an awful lot, I thought since the marine getting fucked looked in pain.

My stomach felt stirred and trembled. Uneasy, as I turned the pages, my curiosity grew. My cock twitched, and got hard. Dumfounded, I put the magazine down.

I didn’t quite know what to say, and nervously I almost spilled the glass of water. I wanted to leave, but I could not get myself to move.

“I got soda too. Would you like some?” he offered.

I nodded a yes, still speechless, unable to respond.

Come to the kitchen. He motioned me to follow him and I stood up hesitantly.

He led me to the hallway, where he got quickly to his knees and began to fondle me. He groped and felt my ass and crotch.

I felt Surprised, but my cock begins to stiffen for him.

He undid my shorts and pulled out my erect uncut cock. “Dude, you’re huge!” he said. He pulled down my shorts, revealing it completely.

His lips on my cock, opened and he sucked me off, gagging, engorged with my dick. I could not believe it, and closed my eyes, and let it happen.

The sensation was incredible and recognizable, like wet dreams. Now, I felt that feeling again, but better.

Jerry continued sucking gagging, my cock now wet with saliva. His stroked me with his right hand, while his left hand grabbed my ass, pushed me closer to him, as my fat, hard, cock got shoved into his mouth in an in-and-out motion.

He seemed to know what he was doing, and I was enjoying it.

He sucked and slurped for what seemed like a long time. He stopped for a few seconds, and gasped for air, “Man, you sure can stay hard.”

So, began my instruction. He had me grab hold of his head. I complied, and what came next became natural.

I pumped his face fiercely. “Yeah, baby, fuck me in the mouth with your big Mexican cock”, he said in a gagged voice. “Talk to me dirty, I want to hear you treat me bad.”

He had me repeat words, which as by instinct, I made them sound hot.

I know you like that; I am going to fuck you real nice and hard. You like that big fat, Mexican cock, right? Yeah, show me that you like it. Take it, you’re man enough.”

My uneasiness went away, as I found myself in ecstasy.

“Man, you are good.” He said. “I never thought you would get into it so good.

I saw you a few days ago; I thought you are one hot young Latino.

“Noticed your big dick hang down in your pants like a big package, and I wanted delivery aside your newspaper. I finally get a taste of that nice piece of meat”. I laughed in response.

“I have a friend too, and who is anxious to meet you. He is coming over soon. His name is Tony. You will like each other”

“We should jump in the shower to cool down a little, and then wait for Tony.”

He led me to the bathroom. He took off my shirt and removed my shorts.

I took off my socks and shoes, and we were naked. He led into the shower.

He lathered my naked body, all over; my ass, my balls, legs, and the inside of my ass cheeks into my asshole, and down my legs again, even my feet. He stood, and he said, “You’re beautiful”, and began caressing me.

“Yeah, I want you nice and clean. Tony will like that.”

He too lathered himself as I watched. I began to notice him, and check out his body.

He was about 5.9, slender, and his dick was shorter than mine, about, 7 inches, surrounded by few blond pubic hairs. He had stubble on his face, which gave him a manly look.

He came close to me, and with no warning, kissed me roughly. I tasted tobacco.

The taste and his brute advances surprisingly aroused me even more. He turned around exposing his backside, as to show me his ass; his tantalizing buns exposed for me to admire.

He grabbed a bottle of hair conditioner and greased his asshole with gushing amounts. He grabbed my dick, taking a firm hold of it to guide it towards his asshole. “I want you to fuck me”, he told me.

I hesitated, for in my inexperience I was not sure how to go about it, my big dick went up his ass, glided up and down his buns and into his asshole, as he instructed me.

He bent forward slightly, spread his ass to reveal more: a puckered up pink asshole, glistening in conditioner. He begged me to fuck him.

He groaned and beckoned with his hands. He bent over, holding on to the shower stall, and raised his ass slightly giving me an approving invitation. He was lubed and ready. I closed my eyes.

Slowly I shoved my cock in his asshole, felt a warm welcoming sensation. The thrill as I actually slipped into his asshole was indescribable. This was my first lay, I and was doing it with a man!

I could not believe it was actually happening. But the throb sensation in my dick was real and very much enjoying the man sex.

“Yeah, easy”, he said, as my cock glided in some more. I stretched out the penetration so that each second would be a separate experience for saver and me to venerate over later, but his opening seemed to swallow me up in the quickness of the primal moment.

His hands reached back, and tightened around my thighs and ass, drawing me closer to him. He bent over further, as I pushed all the way into him with a single driving thrust. I froze, giving his ass muscles a chance to adjust to my thickness.

His sphincter gripped my throbbing cock snugly, holding me prisoner in the velvety depths of his manhole. Sensing the gradual adjustment to my member deep within him, I then began to move rhythmically in and out.

The force and motion was unwavering, as slowly and gradually began to pump his tight warm, hole reaching a point, that I had the go ahead, and pounded his ass with fury.

My dick penetrated his ass walls deep, searching it out, with more pleasure, the sounds of ass being pounded by the force of my strong hips and thighs, were thumps, and my balls strike his ass, and each time the slapping sound made with my dick going in out of him, was harder and faster than before.

The man moaned and groaned, and called out to god “oh god, you fuck is good, you’re a good boy stud, pound my ass, please, please, oh, it hurts, but give it to me good. You are a damn good lover!”

“I became cocky to his remark and stopped, teasing him, slapping his ass, as he instructed me to do.

He turned his head just enough for his breath to meet mine, his tongue dancing out from his mouth and around his lips, searching to meet my mouth and lips.

Our mouths connected and I felt sheer passion, while I continued to fuck him, holding him with my right hand around his neck and left hand around his waist, pounded his ass, and he asked me call him my bitch, his words turned me off, but the idea of his being my bitch, was that he a whore, to fuck and abuse to his lust content.

’I don’t want you to shoot just yet. I want you to save it for later. Tony is coming over for dinner, but first for Latino, fresh desert, “He laughed.

I did not mind. I wondered about Tony, and what we would do next.

It turned out to be the best, as his sex is etched in my memory.

Meanwhile, after the shower and fuck, we went back to the living room to sit, talk, and watch television while we waited for Tony.

He showed me his picture; He looked like foot ball player, tall and strong. He is 25 years old, muscular handsome Latino, with dark black silky hair, and piercing dark eyes.

He was tanned, with a nice chest, as he wore no shirt in his picture, just loose pants, with his dick showing huge. Jerry said it was about 10 ½ inches or 11 inches big.

Apparently, Tony liked to fuck a lot, especially a hot boy, who provoked fear in me that he was coming over to fuck me with his big dick. The idea stirred me with arousal as well.



Jerry said he would be in the kitchen; he asked me to let Tony in when he arrived.

Soon I heard a knock at the door; I stood up and let him in.

Tony was fine. He was tall, muscular, with brown complexion and black, shiny soft wavy hair, almost past his ears, a turn-on to me.

He had a nice smile; full sexy lips and white teeth, that glowed and shined along with eyes, his dark eyes brown clear mirrored my eyes’ reflection. I was surprised truly he was sexy, handsome masculine Mexican-American, unbelievable that he was gay, and that that he fucked boys.

He shook my hand firmly. We went to the living room together and chatted a while.

After a while, he went to the bed room to change clothes.

Tony came back, looked liked he showered; his was hair damp, he wore a tank top and cut -off shorts, his enormous dick showed outlined in his shorts. He sat next to me, smiling, his dark eyes, piercing, attracted me towards his eyes with seduction as he talked. He touched my thigh, his big manly right hand sliding and his fingers feeling slowly down my leg and crotch, almost touching; only breezy sensations were felt down my thighs, and stomach.

He rubbed me, his hand felt warm, strong, on my legs and crotch.

He took my hand and put it on his crotch and moved it about. He had me rub his legs and thighs slowly. I stroked his leg and crotch, and felt his big sausage grow. He sent chills down my spine while he stroked my legs and his fingers massaged my neck.

He blazed a joint of weed, and offered it to me. I tried to smoke but just coughed, and felt embarrassed, and laughed it off.

He continued to feel me out, I felt my hand being pressed harder down on his crotch, with his hand controlling the action. He had me stroke his leg and crotch with my fingers, and I felt his bulge grow big.

I played with his bulge, a big cock that wanted out, and to get at me like a fierce snake.

He took my hand and lead me into the bedroom but Jerry did not follow or join in.

Tony would have me to himself, to do with me as he pleased. We were in the bedroom alone, the room dark, only a soft red light bulb glowed. I looked up, and noticed the bedroom ceiling had mirrors.

I was about to watch everything he did to me to seduce me, and take me, and everything sexual he would do to me and what I had to do to him, is now in my memory with the vivid reflection of the mirror, as I saw his manly control.

That night he taught me unbelievable sexual positions, and experienced his pleasure and with pain with my submission; the rape of my poor virgin ass.

He fondled me, held my body and groped my ass fierce, grabbing it, molding it, kneading, and squeezing hard and soft, playing with it, feeling my round buns, lifted me up slightly and groped, my ass and my crotch up too, at the same time feeling both sides of me, my sweet ass and hard dick. He said, “Take off your shorts,” which I did with no hesitation.

Charged and horny under his masculine spell and control, I could not believe what was happening to me was real. He had me stand and bend over while he ate out my asshole, and got it wet, his finger played with it and his brute tongue pierced it delectably. It felt sensational, and I was like Oliver Twist, a poor vulnerable boy, nice and sweet, saying, “Please, can I get some more?”

He had me get on the bed, where he kissed me as I lay on my back, and we performed sex in the 69 position, and I gagged trying to suck his big dick, which he pushed into my mouth, while he sucked my ass and dick. He turned me around and met his face, for his tongue to mine. He kissed me, forced his tongue in my mouth.

He made me feel wild with his passionate tongue circling in my mouth, as he sucked my tongue with his. He opened my mouth with his tongue wider, and went deep into my throat, and then back to find my tongue gripped it, and slipped it in and out of his mouth, back to my lips again, bit it a little, his controlling mouth filled with juices that I swallowed.

His were as sweet as candy; his saliva became his lube to open my lips and mouth, as he did my ass too, feeling his tongue taking mine, teased me with desire, and melted me into his body.

He whispered in my ear, “Are you okay with this? I am going to have you feel all of it, and took my hand to grope his big cock, and I stroked it, feeling his uncut dick, pulling its brown skin back, felt his cock enormous.

His tongue in my ear, felt out of this world, talking nasty to me, at the same time kissing my neck and my back all over, and down my legs, licking me all over, sending chills all over my spine. His mouth met my butt hole opened and he munched it with tongue and teeth, and small bites as gifts.

He raised my legs licked my ass and sucked my toes. Oh, what a feeling, almost foreign, but the most sensational ever, all over my body, from head to toe, that action enthralled me.

He had me lay on my stomach while he continued to kiss me, my back, and gently bit my ass, spreading my cheeks apart, feeling his touches invade me, were it felt wet, warm, and inviting inside my hole with his fingers and tongue.

He fucked my ass hole with his tongue with fierce bravado, he was good, a master at pleasing my young body in his different ways with his mouth.

His mouth outspread my ass and from behind, licked me so good, I never felt the sensation he was making me feel. He sucked my chest, nipples, fingers, hands and feet, awesome to feel his wicked sensations, especially when he bit down on my nipples soft and hard, gentle and rough too.

Tony was a master with his penetrating tongue and explored the debts of my sweet body and boy hole while the sounds of his manipulating tongue, and lips, went changing slightly and occasion from time to time, his slow bites on my ass hurt, but his munching sounds drowned out cries of my expressing pain.

At times he stopped, and held my position for a while more, to grip and hold my lips with pain, clenching, and releasing them, while he got me ready to his invasion, that gave out pleasure too.

He turned me around, and stared me in the eyes to see my reaction that I was going to get fucked. I was feeling his weight, liking it, his licks on my ass, and tongue in my hole intertwined with his kisses.

I felt his man tool on my ass, his big cock hard now pressed down against me, brushing me, poking me, trapping me, his strong weight suffocated me, while I felt more of his passionate kisses to my neck and ears.

He found his way with me, to my ass hole with his kisses and took a preference by way of his control over me that was his style and manner, my lips and body were foremost lead to the enthrall of his seduction, from soft to hard kisses, did not let me forget in the slight what waited behind me, his hard cock waiting the perfect moment to penetrate my hole.

He carried me on, to wild passions and ecstasy, while I remained helpless but more willing to receive his tender, but controlling man handling and control.

His delicious sensations made me ready and wanted for his man exploits to continue on with his empowering cock to take me onto the next levels, with no relent to my feeling, the confusion of the pain and pleasure meshed.

My ass hot and it was ready for his big cock, for the next moves and his manly pleasures, carnal and hardcore, forced the way to open my ass with different manners and style. I quivered and shook each time different to his variations.

His kisses and smooth talking swallowed my breath away, stealing it with passion, left berated and breathing hard, sweating, and thrashing about, with hands tossing about close, as a baby does with his, now I was in a man’s control, and was his boy.

I held on, looking sexed up and ready, held on to anything, the pillow, his blanket the bed, his massive torso, his face his hands, his legs, stretched out for his touch, his dick, then again strongly held the back of the bed, held on to my head.

I performed a lustful dance out of my wanting him, his desire and my sexual state, out of the sheer pleasure, I became lost in his attacks, felt lost only to the outside world, and clung to his momentous exploits, and acts.

I held him again, waiting for him, biting and licking my lips, moaning and groaning, opening my mouth to say nothing but grunts. I was in heat, in ecstasy, but, relaxed enough, amidst his body, for him, and he raised my legs to his control.

I contoured in every direction that he wanted me to. He mastered my body with a full relent to him, and to his skillful approaches and angles, a passion that was felt foremost manly, and his every kiss, and every breath and sound, did send shivers throughout my body.

He contoured me in many directions to taste me, with his pleasurable mouth, and with abuse was delectably hot, and sinful.

His sweet saliva and sweat from his hot body twisted and tangled with mine, wild sensations and the mint flavor in his teeth and tongue, and his sweet smelling cologne were confusedly entwined with natural sweetness of his mouth, and the gum still in his mouth, surprisingly toyed in his mouth, and moved about, so as to allow his tongue to continue his exploration of me.

His tongue went down my throat, as he passed his gum from within him from side to side, to and fro, and into my mouth and back into his, along his tongue, a twinge to mine, mixed into a dance of sheer sensation, and pleasure, that I never felt or experienced before, bold, possessing, as only a man could give.

I felt that from him, his offer was an experience new to me, and he expert to it, was showing and teaching me sexual delights and fury.

As passions grew, night fell, and he wanted me to stay the night. He wanted to show me more, so I could learn more from him good.

His passionate kisses were desirably so and French, but his masculine hold was sexy, macho, and passionately suave, Chicano, an Aztec prince and warrior, the love he introduced me too was hot, lustful and hardcore due to his Mexican and American traits, and cocky bravado, and pride as a man with a man tool, big and huge, is gift to please and pleasure, from the gods.

His Latin bravado flare flavored by his brown ethnic Mexican mystique with his whispers of Spanish, enticed and enthralled me to his many moves and ways on many verges to almost nut without his touching me.

I held tight to his hold, became more inviting to release me with his fucking me soon with his huge massive cock.

I eagerly relented to his demands, to his expert love, with his every move, to his wanton seduction and sexual wisdom for his way of loving man was so good, a man lover I became too under him.

He took out a small bottle told me it was poppers and would make forget the pain from a hard fuck, and would get me real horny and hot to enjoy an awesome anal fuck.

I got hot with his sex talk, and the sex got hotter, his dick did grow more too, and I knew that I would be able to take his hard fuck after all, with his egging me on, he did fast and slow, even tough when his cock is as big as his was unbelievable, but I got fucked with it, is more unbelievable wild and fun to know it, as to remember it.

When I sniff those poppers that eased my ass from pain, I handled his huge cock better, for it too could help me lose all inhibition, but not gone was my feeling for his hot and horny sex, wanting dick most, lost in the dark night, doing what good boys only do when bad, the bite of the apple is given and taken, is too late, and might as well enjoy, go all the way, join in the sinful pleasures, as bad becomes great, a hot sexual pleasure and desire for a big cock eludes all other thoughts.

Wicked ideas took over, and craved my ass soon, to his prowess attacks, and enslave me to his skills, and the heat of his body and by his smell of manly musk, a scent that sends you on edges as does a spell.

I would desire him, all his manhood to pound me with invading thrusts, as he did invade me that way, leaving that thought and memory in me thereafter.

I would desire and want it more each time, his big cock pounding my ass as much as possible on subsequent occasion to my heart content.

He made me suck his dick again with gusto, as I got a whiff of poppers, to test that thought of action with it, that it would spike up our sex drive more, to perform better at sucking and fucking, free under the cover of darkness, naked and nude under the blankets, and in the darkness shadow felt relaxed, my ass, wet with lube, easing my ass pain for a good anal fuck, and with his kiss too.

I did take the fuck with ease, real easy, each time he mounted me, over and over again. He fucked me and too made love to me, each distinctly and separately became a wild occasion.

I moaned, felt hot that it was good, and I learned to enjoy cock in my ass, as well my mouth, down my throat too, that night with those poppers in hand helped pave the way.

He laid me on the bed, and I go down his legs, and lick him all over, sucking his balls, his stomach; his warm hairy balls were musty, sweaty, and desirable that it was a man good scent down his sack.

I played with his chest, and held it firm, as I continued to suck and lick his stomach, down to his balls, and the shaft of his big cock slurping on it, saliva leaving me a trail back to his huge cock again to suck, and deep into my throat, to fuck me that way to surprise, my mouth and throat sealed with cock.

I pulled back, but to suck it again, and loosened me to deep throat it, out of sight, but hard to feel it was in my mouth, buried deep inside. I moaned and cried even harder, loving it,

I ready for my mouth to release again, to sniff the poppers a little more, and suck him like before, as he had me go down on his big dick again, and again.

I sucked it with gusto, as I learned to suck him and pleasure him all too good. I was really liking it and enjoying his big dick. His cock was about 10 ½, uncut, and thick, the head of his dick was full, meaty, and juicy from pre-come. It found its way to my tender mouth again.

Taking a whiff of the poppers again, my senses went in all directions, wild, and could feel the blood in my head feel like a rush. He put his cock in my mouth and told me to relax, and feel his hard dick get harder, and enjoy his big cock, to suck it nice and slow, to enjoy it and mean it with words.

I open up, and could feel it down my throat again, he shoved his cock into my mouth hard, each time a little harder, and with little more force.

He got up and stood on the bed while he had me kneel to his cock as he shoved his cock down my mouth from a different direction and angle and banged and plowed me again against the bed post.

I gagged on it a lot, and made slurping sounds, while choking on it, and could feel tears down my eyes. He said, “Easy, enjoy it, you are doing good, real good, your sucking my cock is the best I felt in a while, and you are learning fast and too good after all.

I lay down, faced up and he plunged his hard cock down my throat like it was pussy, fucking it, striding himself, pushing his dick down in and out of my mouth, gagged me, he knelt his parted legs and his ass bounced up into the air each time he fucked my mouth hard with rhythm, and out of me, while fucking my throat he whispered,” pussy, pussy’” and I gaggled on his man tool.

He said he wanted to take my man pussy again for a home run all the way. All the way, he did hit it; my spot got hit just right, his dick was a bat and with big balls that played on my field (my ass and lip with a lot innings still remained before it was final call. He was a good coach and as well pitcher, and he hit it, that tossed me just right each time I received, as he fucked me to his content surely to come, and he did, hours away.

He went back to lying down while I went down at his side.

I grabbed his huge cocks and sucked it with an even pace, to feel it, explore and enjoy the feeling that his man tool, in awe, my mouth produce him pleasure and it was giving tough training, his doing his wicked trick unbelievable he resorted to all those maneuvers, and that I relented. I sucked him for a long time, and it felt like for hours.

It was now night and darkness changed the mood even better, as I sucked him under the blanket, and whiffing poppers, was sensational, it was my little world in his bed, underneath his blanket, and his huge cock became all mine.

I possessed it with my mouth and it gave me sheer pleasure, with my lips, tongue, throat, he too was liking it, his grunting, and talk turned me on, to his man god sexy voice; fixation to him was easy, as was now his cock rock hard good, sucking it made it that way, My mouth glued to his cock with my lips, wet.

I could not believe holding out that long to his hard passion, long and fast, slurping on his huge, massive cock, sent me to the moon, and back to earth again, slowing down, was now turned heavenly, on stars, to feel all of it big and hard still, and to look at it, held it, stroked it, and marvel his sheer huge size.

He smiled at me, he was happy that I was a good fast learner. He held me tight to him, while I sucked him endlessly.

He too sucked me, and my head spin with pleasure, his hot mouth going down on me was a scene to good, hardcore excitement to watch from the mirrors on the ceilings.

He raised my legs and licked my ass well, as he stroked his giant sized tool. He placed my legs on his chest while his big cock poked my ass; it felt big, afraid of the pain it could cause me.

He flipped my ass around, had me turn on my side while he raised my leg over his thigh, he greased my ass hole with Vaseline, and had me sniff poppers, and he put his huge dick into my tight virgin ass hole, with slow moving action.

My ass glistened with the Vaseline, and felt him spread my ass cheeks, playing my sweet hole, took his huge cock in his hand and guided it into my ass.

I felt as if my eyes were going to pop out from my sockets, feeling his massive cock in me, the pain hard to bear, with his even pounding motions, going in and out of me.

He licked my ear and bit my neck, talking to me, assured me to take his big dick, good. My ass was warm, sensational, and tight.

He had me take more of the poppers and my ass relaxed feeling his dick going inside me again, slowly invading me, and with my wanting it, was invitation, it started to feel good, he went harder and faster. He was fucking me hard and steadies, our bodies all sweaty; feeling his dick inside was now sheer pleasure, as I looked up, I captured every moment of our bodies, and his hot sex.

I wanted more, and I moaned as he fucked me and pounded me from behind. He kissed my neck, his tongue in my ear sending me to heaven again, and his lips now on my neck, his wild mouth sucking my neck, biting my neck, slightly and then hard, was hard core sex just beginning.

He had me on my knees to fuck me doggie style, and fucked hard, slapping my ass gently, and then hard, fast, stinging it, holding and controlling and gripping my ass as his possession, to drive it, and derive him pleasure, my legs met many angles to accommodate his huge cock, on my back, legs on his chest, around his neck, or around his torso, gave him entrance to my hole, on my side, on my stomach.

He raises my legs raised me while I straddled him, I held on to his neck, feeling his cock pounding me inside, and tearing me apart good, as he fucked me with hard strides, with his strong cock, and strong thighs holding the way, it me gave good pleasure.

Our bodies glistened with all that good sex, and from all the sweat.

We stopped a while and held each other, feeling our bodies’ heat, brushing off sweat with our hands, while he blew air into my face, and took a cool towel on me, and held me with his strong arms, whispered “ baby “ and kissed me.

He stared at me with his tough look, telling me nasty jokes, while then sliding his tongue inside my mouth, again starting the passion, he vowed would be good to the finish, his flair turned endless that I did not want it to stop.

He smiled, and I enjoyed his face, loved looking at his handsome face, sweating profusely, while I either sucked him, or whenever he fucked me, he consumed me with his Latin eyes, his stare and dark eye were sheer puppy look, penetrated me with sexual desire for me.

He lay on his back and had me ride his dick. He was good; he swayed me up and down, and side to side, as he grabbed my ass upward. I rode him, nice and slow at first.

He made love to me for a nice, long while with his slow movements, sensual kisses, and smooth talk lead the way, His hard cock inside me felt delicious, riding his huge dick up and down was ultimate, and I rode him hard, and fast, like a buckaroo, a true buckling cowboy at the end.

He smiled, and saw his eyes mirror mine, his thoughts and ideas shown lustful, flowed from his mind the passion and pleasure he felt and gave me. He was enjoying my boy pussy ass best; it was damn good ass, he said and moaned. I moaned, and we smiled a good grin, that it was the best he felt ever.

He began to pound the shit of me hard, and his Adonis body fucked me as a god would, fast and hard, taking my body up onto his mount Olympus, over and over, his body was that heaven cloud, his big cock and balls were his wings to my ecstasy.

He fucked me rapidly and I took it like a trooper, he fucked for a long time, pounding and tearing my culo (virgin ass) apart for his pleasure only, then I felt him come. I felt his mecos (white creamy cum) gush out inside me spilling all over my ass hole.

And my asshole now pulsating with pain, and puckering with pleasure, was red and abused from his tearing man tool, and beating slap of his hands, his gift to derive a pleasured pain is insatiable, as juices moistened me and the bed, became obvious he fucked destroyed my virgin asshole good.

I sensed that riding me was his best sexual position; he looked pleased, out of breath, and content, I had not come, and he stroked my dick trying to make me shoot, but I was unable too, but I did not care, for I waited for more to come.

He liked me riding him good, and I did learned from him the second time we fucked, that he enjoyed fucking me in that manner more hard while I rode him.

It was a magical end. He held, kissed, and caressed me while he talked to me for hours. He wanted to see me again. He surprised, that I had a hickey on my neck, marked me with the evidence of his man sex, and of our time together, and that he fucked me royally, like an Aztec warrior.

I was no longer had a virgin ass. My ass was fucked but too well, and could feel my ass hole wet and puckering, as his man juice flowed from inside my ass, still side me, feeling gushy and throbbing sensations all the while.

He kissed me and we showered together. He handed me a towel after the shower to dry off. We stood in the bathroom stark naked, dripping wet, his balls hanging were big, and his dick still hanged big and thick too, and he caught me looking at him, while he toweled his balls and bat sized cock.

He fucked me again about week later, and it was as good, perhaps better.

This time, I got to fuck him too. His big muscular ass, hot mouth, took my dick well, with opened experience. I will never forget his training, from this handsome man, or his hot man sex, while then I was just a young guy, 14 years old.

I had the best sex from Tony and what he taught me, I would do too to seduce men, as he did me, with similar exploits. They always came back for more, and they told me I was the best lover ever.
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