what happens when you allow someone to gain control
The next morning I thought about what had happened the preceeding night. I had allowed Tony to give me to his two friends. But what was worse was that I enjoyed it tremendously. I enjoyed it so much that I masturbated to the images in my mind from the previous night. When I found it hard to reach an orgasm I would touch my finger to my sore asshole and that would conjure up images of the three boys fucking me there and that would be enough to cause an orgasm to flood through my body.
Tony was there after school to pick Cici and I up. I didn't mention anything to Cici about Ted and Mark fucking me the night before and I hoped Tony wouldn't either.
"Ted is really cool," Cici said to Tony as soon as she got in the back seat of his car.
"Yeah," Tony said, looking at me. "He likes you too."
"So what did you guys do after you dropped my drunk ass home?" she asked.
Tony looked at me.
"Nothing much," I said, "drank a little."
We dropped Cici at her home and Tony and I went to my house. As soon as we got into my bedroom, Tony stripped me and started licking my body. I laid on the bed and watched as he licked my pussy. The feeling was good, as always, but I couldn't quite get to that place that caused me to have an orgasm. After about ten minutes of Tony licking my pussy, he kneeled between my legs and slowly inserted his cock into me. He liked me to call it his cock. He laughed when I called it his penis. He said it sounded so clinical.
He pumped into me and I could feel myself riding the wave of pleasure but I couldn't quite get to that peak. That ultimate point of pleasure. I couldn't get over the edge to achieve an orgasm. Or cum as Tony liked me to call it. I couldn't cum.
Tony pumped into me for another five or six minutes and I felt him tense and cum inside me. He rolled over and laid there panting.
"What happened?" he asked.
"Huh?" I asked.
"You didn't like it?" he asked.
"I always like it," I replied.
"Come on, Fran," he said, "You are usually a moaning, groaning, squirming, screaming, bundle of minx. You were anything but that."
"Maybe I'm just tired," I said.
"Wait," he said.
Tony went out to his car and came back in with the bag of toys he had gotten me.
"Time to give you a little pleasure," he said.
I really wasn't in the mood for this, but I didn't want to get Tony angry.
Tony took out all three vibrators and turned them all on. He started slowly using the pocket rocket on my clit as he inserted the double headed toy in my pussy and asshole.
I tried to concentrate on the toys but the feeling wouldn't come like it usually did.
Tony must have noticed.
"So how did you like last night," Tony asked.
"Mmmmm," I replied.
"Did you like it when I fucked your ass while Ted was fucking your pussy?" he asked.
The way he was talking was starting to get me going. I could feel that feeling starting to come over my body.
"You looked so sexy with a cock up your ass and another in your pussy," Tony continued.
"I think those guys want to fuck you again," Tony went on, "all they talked about was how tight your asshole was."
Tony started shoving the vibrators into me harder and images of Ted and Mark fucking my ass and pussy at the same time swept through my brain. Suddenly I saw 10 guys standing around masturbating their cocks as Mark fucked my ass and Tony stuck his cock in my mouth and Ted fucked my pussy.
"Ohhhhhhh, Yessssssss," I screamed and the fireworks went off in my head as the orgasm swept through my body.
I could feel the juices running down my leg as Tony pulled the vibrators from my pussy and asshole.
"I think you have graduated to a whole other level," Tony said as he put the vibrators back in the bag.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"I don't think you can get off on regular one on one sex any more," Tony said. "You have achieved in your few years what some women take decades to achieve."
"I still don't understand," I said.
"You will never be able to get off on straight one on one vanilla sex again," Tony said.
"Even eatting your pussy doesn't do it," he continued, "you need to have a cock up your ass and one in your pussy and you need for someone to be talking trash to you while it happens."
Even as those words came out of his mouth the humiiation of the words was starting to get my pussy to tingle. Could he be right? "No, way," I thought.
"Don't worry, baby," Tony said, "I am not the jealous type. If you need a bunch of guys to get you off I can arrange that for you."
"No, Tony," I said, "I only want you. I only did that the other night because I thought that's what you wanted."
"Come on," Tony said, "this is Tony you are talking to. I saw how much you came the other night. That was for you, baby, not for me."
"No, you're wrong," I said.

But he wasn't wrong. Tony came to the house four times in the next week and had sex with me but it was no good. He did everything the same as he always did but nothing. I didn't want him to know so I put on a good show. Saturday night I told my mom I was going to spend the night at Cici's and Tony picked me up around the corner as he always did when we went out. Ted and Mark were in the back seat. I hadn't seen them since my birthday and felt a mixture of embarrassment and excitement mixed together when I saw them.
"Hi birthday girl," Ted said as I got into the car.
"Hi," I said.
"Hello gorgeous," Tony said. "You wearing underwear tonight?" He picked up my skirt and flashed the pink panties.
"Stop it," I said.
"Oh, come on," Tony said, "it's nothing they haven't seen before. Take them off."
The words felt like a slap in the face. But the words also caused my pussy to start flowing.
"Take them off," Tony's words were harsh now.
He pulled my skirt up over my thighs so that Mark and Ted could get a good show. I lifted my hips and started pulling the pink panties down over my hips.
"Ohhhh," Tony said, pointing to the wet spot on the front of the panties. "Looks like our little girl is getting excited by all this."
I hated it, but it was true. The way that Tony was treating me was getting me totally excited but I didn't say anything.
Tony reached over and slipped a finger into my sopping pussy.
"Feel this, guys," Tony said, "she is sopping wet."
Ted and Mark reached over on either side of me and each slipped a finger inside of me one by one. I closed my eyes and started breathing heavily. I felt myself spread my legs.
"That's it, baby," Tony said. "We're going to fuck your brains out tonight."
His talk was causing that feeling to come. The fingers moving in and out. The talk. The fingers. Almost. Almost. Then they stopped. "Not yet," I almost screamed.
"Better pull your skirt down," Tony said, "we're here."
"Where?" I asked.
"We're going to a party," Tony said.
We pulled up in front of a house and there were cars parked everywhere. Music was blaring and there were people standing around on the porch drinking beer and talking. I hadn't been paying attention but it looked like we were out in the country. There didn't appear to be any houses nearby and there was alot of land.
"Yeah," a roar came from the crowd and applause.
As we walked into the house I noticed that there were 30 or 40 people. I also noticed that they were all men. Most of them looked to be fairly young, but there were some that had grey in their hair.
"Whats going on?" I asked.
"A party," Tony whispered. "A party in your honor."
I was afraid of what he meant but at the same time I could feel the juices running down my leg at the thought of all of these men fucking me.
"Sit over here," a man said and patted the seat next to him on the couch.
I walked over and reluctantlyly sat next to him on the black leather couch. When I sat down my short black skirt rode up high on my thighs. I felt a cool breeze from the open front door blow up my skirt and against my naked pussy. I then remembered that Tony had removed my panties and the idea caused my juices to flow. The men had all entered the room and were staring at me. Some of them sat down on the floor in front of me. Part of me was petrified and part of me was excited beyond words. Almost involuntarily I saw my legs part a centimeter. The man sitting directly in front of me smiled as he looked up my skirt.
"No panties, nice touch," he said.
"No panties?" someone asked.
"Well fuck this," one of the older men with greying hair said as he pushed his way through the crowd of men to the front. He went to his knees in front of me and pushed the skirt up in one movement and buried his head between my wet thighs. A roar went up from the crowd and I felt as if I was in the collosium being fed to the lions. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to be pushed onto my back onto the couch. The man was too rough and the pleasure I usually received from such oral manipulations was lost. After two minutes of this questionable forplay the man upzipped himself and knelt before my spread, naked legs.
Tony stepped forward and tapped the man on the shoulder.
"You know what I said," Tony said sternly, "condoms."
Without hesitation the man hit an unsuspecting Tony in the stomach knocking the wind out of him.
"Fuck you," the man said.
Without giving me a chance to react he buried his average sized cock into me. I looked up at his face and beyond the drunken eyes I could see rage. He pumped into me harder and at first I felt afraid but then another feeling came over me and I started to feel the beginnings of that feeling deep in my body. That so familiar, yet not as easily attainable feeling of orgasm.
"You little slut," the man breathed, his breath smelt like stale cigarettes and beer, "take my cock you little slut."
The words were the impetus to send me to that place I so strived to reach. The orgasm was like the shot in the stomach that Tony had taken. I couldn't catch my breath as the man continued to plunge into me.
"Fuck yes," the man yelled as he pulled my hair and shot his cum deep into me.
He didn't lay on top of me for long and when I opened my eyes I saw hard cocks everywhere I looked. The second man was younger and gentler and lasted less time. This resulted in a feeling of nothingness for me except that the humiliation of the proceedings kept me constantly on the edge. The third man was no different and it was by the fourth guy that the urgency of their need overcame their courtesy for my youth. They had started out one at a time with this "innocent" victim but their animal lust took over and soon there was a cock in my face and someone had turned me over so that I was riding the fourth man with my ass in the air. Hands were feeling me and a finger pushed into my asshole lubricating it with the mixture of cum and juices that flowed from my pussy. I came a second time as the man's cock entered my asshole and screamed around the cock that was in my mouth. I felt the fourth man shoot into me and laid there as the man in my mouth and my ass finished. It seemed to work that I was always on top from that point on. This gave them access to my ass and mouth.
The stronger ones had their go at me first. Some used condoms but most did not. After an hour or so the weaker ones were allowed to have their turn at me. I lost track of the number of times I came. After two hours I felt as if I had done 2000 sit ups. My stomach hurt from the orgasms I had had. Occassionally I would recognize a face. Ted fucked my pussy once. In the beginning I couldn't see who was fucking my ass but someone brought out a full length mirror and set it up against a wall and the image of me getting fucked in all three holes brought on another wave of orgasms. I saw Tony fuck my ass and then Mark.
At about 6 in the morning I heard some cars start to drive off but my train never slowed down. I couldn't tell, but it appeared that each of the men took a turn at my mouth, my pussy and my ass. One young boy who looked to be not much older than me fucked me 9 times and was one of the last ones to leave. I moved to a bedroom where the curtains were drawn when the sun came up. There was something about getting gangbanged on a couch in the living room in the middle of the day that made it difficult for me to reach an orgasm. Once I was in the darkened bedroom again it was much better.
I slept for 10 hours only being interrupted every couple of hours by someone sticking their cock into me and pumping. I was so tired and sore by that time that I just laid there and tried to sleep. One kind older gentleman licked my pussy and asshole for the longest time before sticking his cock in my ass and leaving his deposit after only a few strokes.
Tony carried me to the shower, washed me and then took me to the bedroom and put my clothes on me. He made me walk to the car on my own because he said no one would be able to carry me down the street and into my house when we arrived near my home. On the way home Tony handed me an envelope. I took it and looked inside. There was a large stack of $100 bills.
"What's this?" I asked weakly.
"Your cut," Tony said.
"You got MONEY FOR THAT?" I yelled, getting renewed energy.
Tony looked at me shocked.
"I thought you would be happy," Tony said.
"Happy to be a prostitute?" I said, "I don't think so!"
"Oh come on," Tony said, "You enjoyed it and you know it. So what if you made money off of it. Should they have their fun for free? Do it for free and you are a slut and stupid."
Hearing Tony call me a slut was like a slap in the face. He was right and I knew it but hearing it was hard.
When I got home my parents blew their top. They had called the police and there was almost a state wide search in the works to find me. I let them yell at me and said I was sorry. I only said I had gone to a party but one look at me told the whole story. You could wash away the evidence but some things you couldn't wash away.
Two weeks later Tony was arrested for statutory rape. My father had hired a private detective to follow me after that night and they evidently got enough evidence to put Tony in jail. I got so angry that I ran away. I dyed my hair blonde and looked for my picture on milk containers but never saw it.
I couldn't get a job so I slept where I could. I was raped twice in the park so I decided to earn money the only way I knew how. It didn't take long hitchhiking to get a ride from a sympathetic man who would give you $20 in exchange for a blow job or $40 for a fuck. I couldn't escape my life until I met JJ. He took me in and let me sleep in his bed. Sure, he fucked me but he treated me good. I tried crack cocaine for the first time and my problems disappeared for an hour.
JJ would bring customers back to his house so I didn't have to walk the streets and risk getting caught by the police or worse. JJ gave me enough for incidentals and kept me supplied with crack.
When JJ took me to the clinic to make sure I was clean, I got the bad news that I was HIV+. I think it happened the night of the all night gangbang when all those guys didn't use a condom. I cried all day until JJ gave me a hit off the pipe and then I forgot about it.
JJ's not telling anybody about me being positive as it would hurt business. He makes sure everybody uses a condom though because he doesn't want to kill anybody, he says.
I tried to go see Cici but I was told that her parents sold the house and moved. I don't know where they moved. I saw Grace last Sunday with her parents on her way to church. She still dresses funky but she looked happy.
My birthday is next week but there won't be a party.


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2016-08-05 20:13:32
I don't feel bad for her at all. At any time she could have stopped. She's obviously a natural whore ;)


2007-04-09 19:05:14
I like the ending gives you a taste of realism and the sex was always good


2006-02-10 08:18:46
I liked the sex in all the storys. I feel the story line was honestly portrated...and I think the ending is too. I like the twist actually; move people should remember the responsoblities that can come with sex. Well done.


2004-10-24 11:18:13
Man, that story is ending really bad. I do not feel serry for her because she was looking for trouble.


2004-10-21 18:59:38
The end is bullshit

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