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A faithful and loving husband finds his life interrupted by the presence of a beautiful stranger
Beautiful Stranger

Her beautiful huge milky white boobs rocked and swayed as my long firm penis moved in and out of her warm moist pussy. I took my time savouring every sensation and beautiful moment I spent making love to my gorgeous and doting bride. We had been married going on 15 years but it felt like we were still on our honeymoon. She was a warm and affectionate wife and friend and had an addictive personality. Her voice was soothing and captivating making sure she held centre of attention every time she spoke. The best way I can describe her body is to say it was like that of a 80’s porn star, pretty much trim and taught with just enough fat in all the right places to be soft and smooth. I loved her so much at times I felt a little obsessed with her and made pleasing her my number one priority.

We had married when Sophie was 17 with her parents consent, I was 5 years her senior. Today was actually our anniversary and I couldn’t wait until that evening when we went out to eat as I had paid for a vacation in Hawaii and was going to break the news to her over dinner.

I looked down at my cock sinking in an out of her pretty little muff and then closed my eyes realising that to be a bad idea as it would make me cum to soon. Not that this would upset my Sophie and she would never let me know if it did. I leaned over her 5.5 frame and kissed her tenderly in between her shoulder blades grabbing two large handfuls of her ample breasts. I kneaded them and rubbed her stiffened nipples as i drove in and out of her slowly but firmly sinking all 9 ½ inches of my slippery hard cock into her as far as I could. I heard the tell tale sign of her approaching orgasm as she began to puff and pant and pushed her ass back into me trying to make sure 100 per cent of my thick shaft was in her as she came. As she came she whined with pleasure which was so cute and such a turn on that it made me shoot a spectacular load of cum deep inside her belly. I lay holding her glorious tits and kissing the back of her neck for a few moments before showering and heading off to work for the day.

I arrived home and walked through the door and found my bride fixing me a drink. I greeted her and kissed her receiving a mouthful of her tongue which was not new to me but uncommon at this point of the day. I sat at the kitchen counter and swallowed a couple of large mouthfuls of my scotch and dry and Sophie begged me

“Please Hun; can I give you just one present now?”

She already knew the answer as there was no way I could ever say no to her, I melted every time.

“Ok” I said shaking my head at my own weakness.

As she climbed the stairs I watch her shapely ass wrapped in her denim cut offs which even after 15 years causes a stir in pants. I didn’t know if it was the scotch on an empty stomach as I had skipped lunch or just entirely my bride’s lovely as but my cock went nearly completely hard. I finished my drink and fixed myself another and sat sipping this one a little slower than the last waiting for Sophie to return. I thought about how she might react to my vacation gift for a few moments then began to wonder what was taking her so long.

I headed upstairs and down the hall to our bedroom sipping my scotch and dry in search of my beautiful bride. When I entered the bedroom I could not believe my eyes and, there was Sophie propped up on an elbow lying on her side completely naked apart from a huge red bow around her neck and beaming from ear to ear.

“Happy anniversary Michael” she said cheekily

“Holy fuck”

I said in shock dropping my glass and leaving my mouth hanging wide open. It is not that we didn’t do little things like this to spice up our sex life because we did. It was the sheer sexuality, the sight of this breathtaking woman lying like this that made my cock go so hard in my pants that it ached and fought to be freed. Sophie must have read my mind and my face as she said

“Aw come here Hun and let me help you out of those nasty pants”

I walked over to her ignoring completely the mess I had left over the floor with my spilled drink as she began to undo her ribbon.

“Noooooooo, please leave it on”

She giggled and left the bow alone and started working on my belt instead. She soon had the belt undone and was pulling my pants and boxers down together as I removed my tie and shirt dropping them in a heap on the floor. No sooner had she dropped my pants to my ankles than I stepped out of my pants and kicked my shoes of under the bed.

She reached over and grabbing me by the cock dragged me toward her hungry mouth and sunk the bulbous purple knob straight into her mouth. She circled the tip of my knob with her skilful tongue and then cleaned all of the pre cum out of the split in one smooth motion. She began sucking like there was no tomorrow moving her head from side to side and rotating her mouth on my shaft as she bobbed up and down on my bloated cock. Sophie had never failed to bring me to orgasm by way of a blowjob unless I had asked her to stop on those occasions I had wanted to hold off on an orgasm for our mutual benefit. However the way she had presented herself and looked at this moment I knew there was going to be at least 2 loads of come available to her tonight.

She pulled on my shaft, stroking back and forth as she inhaled my cock. I had not been with that many women, well none actually as I had never been unfaithful and those I had been with before Sophie were just girls, however in comparison Sophie led by a country mile as far as technique and sexual prowess were concerned. I liked to imagine she would put a porn star to shame on some occasions because as far as I was concerned that is how she made me feel. I was putty in her hands, one flick of her tongue or one stroke or squeeze of her tiny hand and I melted, I would become her slave. I guess I do not need to say that she never abused this ability.

“Get ready babe” I said as my balls churned

She went into warp speed on my cock still flicking her tongue every which way around my shaft and knob as her head sprang back and forward at an implausible pace.

“Aaaaaaaaah fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck” I moaned as I cannoned round after round of hot sticky lava down her throat.

She let go of my cock and my legs gave way as I collapsed in a heap on our bedroom floor. She rolled over onto her stomach and propped herself up with her hands under her chin looking at me with a mixture of love and lust and said

“God I love the taste of your cum, please just give me a bowl of your cum and a spoon for dinner every night for the rest of my life Hun”

How on earth was I supposed to respond to that? It was the most perfect request I had ever heard. My heart ached as I wanted to tell her in an appropriate measure how special she was and how special she made me feel. All I could muster was

“Baby, I love you more than life itself. Are you ready for your first 15th anniversary gift from me?”

“Ooooh yes I am. Can I have it now? Please?” she begged with childlike excitement.

Her excitement energised me as I lifted myself of the floor and bent down placing a passionate kiss firmly on her soft lips. I lay down next to her and kissed her again, our tongues wrestled as my hand crept over every inch of her body I could reach feeling her soft smooth skin. I convinced myself in my mind that no other human being had experienced the true, overwhelming bliss that it was to spend time making love to my breathtaking wife. My lips left hers and travelled down her neck nibbling and kissing before lingering in the space between her tits for a moment. When I continued to explore her body I nibbled on her tits one at a time taking huge mouthfuls of flesh deep into the back of my throat, kissing, massaging and licking her tits and in particular her nipples, not leaving until her nipples were rock hard and I was sure she was as horny as hell. I French kissed her belly button for quite a long time as I am a complete belly button fan, I mean to say, I would slip my cock into it if it were deep enough.

I moved down between her legs and kissed the inside of her legs starting at her knees and travelling toward her pussy moving from side to side as I descended. When I arrived at her pussy I blew gently on her clit and lips making her squirm in ecstasy and beg me to eat her before she died of anticipation. I gently flicked her clit with the top of my tongue 3 or 4 times making her gasp in delight. I kissed her clit and then circled her lips with the tip of my tongue one way and then back the other way. By now Sophie was taking her desire for orgasm out on her tits which were being crushed in her hands as she fondled herself and I tenderly probed her cunt lips and clit with my ravenous tongue.

I had teased her long enough, I ran my tongue along her slit powerfully scooping up all the juice I could as I went. Her sweet saltiness tingled on the top of my tongue making me hungry for more as I stuck my tongue right in her cunt and started to lap at her pussy like a cat at it’s milk. She moaned and whimpered as my tongue slithered and slipped in and out of her pussy and up and danced down her swollen lips. I delayed my assault on her lips as I took her clit between my teeth and tugged it gently and then sucked it as hard as I could while flicking it back and forth with my tongue. I increased the intensity of my assault as I sucked a large mouth full of her cunt into my mouth. She grabbed hand full’s of the hair on the back of my head and raised her hips pushing her cunt into my face powerfully. I took the opportunity to slip my hands under her ass cheeks and bury my face as deep as I could into her pussy slurping and devouring her pussy like it was my last supper. Her cunt twitched and shook violently as she announced the arrival of her orgasm and covered my face in her sweet, sweet nectar. Her orgasm subsided and left her drained and content as I slid up beside her and held her close in my arms and whispered

“Happy anniversary baby”

I waited a few moments and then asked

“Are you still hungry sweetness or can you wait until after dinner?”

“Oh my god Michael I can’t move, I may not make it to dinner” she said jokingly

We lay embracing for a few moments more and then showered together and got dressed ready to go out.

Sophie dressed to kill when we went out for dinner. Tonight she wore an open back full length black satin evening gown that barely covered her chest and exposed most of her left leg especially when sitting down. All through entree and main course she teased me by squeezing and nudging my cock with her foot and dropping ice down her gown between her tits and asking if I would clean it up for her. I had half a mind to bend her over the table and shag her tits off there and then. Sophie decided to visit the bathroom before dessert. I followed her and waited outside the bathroom and when a woman came out I asked her if there was a redhead taking forever and she told me that only a stunning brunette was in there. Knowing that it meant Sophie was alone I looked around and the coast was clear, I quickly went in and found a bin I could jam against the door to keep it shut. When Sophie came out of a cubicle I pushed up against her backing her into a wall and kissed her. She ordered me to fuck her so I spun her around so she was facing the mirror and leaning on the vanity. I pulled her gown up and was pleasantly surprised at the lack of underwear I found. I rubbed her pussy and reached in through the back of her gown and squeezed her tit hard. She reached behind, unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. I wasted no time and stuffed her wet pussy full of my hard cock and began pounding her relentlessly while squeezing both of her tits. It was only a matter of minutes before our quickie resulted in an explosive orgasm for both of us and we straightened up and left.

On the way back to our table we overheard a woman telling the manager the bathroom door seemed to be jammed and Sophie giggled. When a waiter came back to our table and asked are you ready for dessert Sophie cheekily replied

“Oh my god I couldn’t possibly fit another thing in” looking over the table at my crotch.

I added “just coffee thanks, 2 flat whites with one”

When the waiter left I reached into my shirt pocket, pulled out a small envelope and passed it to my bride. When she opened it and saw our tickets she squealed in excitement. She looked at me with a tear in her eye and said

“Thank you so much Michael”

And as she spoke she raised the hand with the envelope in it and dropped it under the table. Her pretty face disappeared under the table. I felt my pants open and her tiny hand pull my cock out and guide it into her mouth and she started sucking. The waiter returned with our coffee and set it down and asked

“Did the woman leave sir?”

“No, she needed to put something on her lips” I grinned

He smiled and went away totally unaware of what was going on under the table. I leaned over and said

“Sophie, come out. I don’t know if I can cum again so soon”

She defiantly began working up and down frantically with her hands and her mouth. Tugging and slurping, licking and sucking, pulling out every trick she could think of so she would not have to admit defeat. I thumped the table and grabbed it with two hands as I felt my balls contract. Despite trying to be silent I let out a deep grunt and pretended it was a burp and excused myself as my cock blasted rope after rope of warm cum into the back of my bride’s throat. Sophie tucked me back in and returned to the surface. She leaned over her coffee and dribbled a mouthful of cum into her coffee and held up the jug on the table and said

“Do you want cream in your coffee to Hun?”

I lost control and let out a loud laugh and looked around noticing that we had quite an audience and said to my bride

“I think it’s time we went dear”

We paid up the bill and went home and screwed each other’s brains out through the night finally making love and nodding off in each other’s arms at around 5 a.m.

Two weeks later we touched down in Hawaii and headed straight to our resort hotel room. When we arrived at the hotel we were introduced to some of the employees that offered services within the hotel such as various tours, personal training, massage, dance instructors and more. Amongst them was a very pretty little island girl who appeared to be staring at me the whole time. She would have been early twenties with hair down to her back side and nice firm round tits that were barely staying in her bikini. I tried not to ogle but she was very captivating and if I was not mistaken she was giving me the eye.

We went up to the room and settled in and then Sophie decided she would like to buy a new swimsuit and book us in for a massage. I grabbed my wallet and started to head out with her but she asked me to stay saying she wanted the swimsuit to be a surprise. I took the opportunity to have a shower and freshen up after the flight. While in the shower I thought about the pretty girl in the lobby. I was surprised and ashamed when I noticed my huge erection and tried to think about some of the tours and activities we might sign up for. No matter how hard I tried I kept coming back to the pretty girl and decided to jack off to get rid of my hard on. I hadn’t masturbated for a long time, I hadn’t needed to but I was not going to struggle to bring myself to orgasm with the pretty Hawaiian stuck in my mind. I began stroking my cock as I imagined it sliding up and down between her tits and her licking and sucking the tip like a lollipop every time it rose up from between her melons. I thought about her coming into the room as I showered and joining me. I wanted to bury my bloated cock in her cant and in her ass and pound her like a jackhammer. My legs weakened as my balls twitched and before I knew it I had painted the shower screen in cum.

When Sophie returned I felt a little guilty and found it hard to concentrate as Sophie gave me a parade wearing each of the pieces she had bought downstairs. However she was beautiful and I soon forgot all about the lobby girl and her lustful stares as I watching my stunning bride trying on her clothes. I had fixed us a drink and was sipping it when she came out of the bathroom in the last piece. The glass slipped from my hand and my jaw dropped open as she came out wearing the exact bikini lobby girl had been wearing.

“You’re not having much luck finishing drinks lately are you Hun” she smiled “are you ok?”

“Sure” I replied “I am ok but you are amazing”

I pretended to be knocked over by her beauty which was not exactly untrue I guess but was not use to someone other than Sophie dominating my thoughts and I was getting a little uncomfortable.

I looked forward to a massage later that evening. Sophie had booked us in saying that we needed to start the holiday fully relaxed and I agreed with her. We arrived a few minutes early as we were both looking forward to it but did not have to wait long before we were greeted by a man who introduced himself as Tony. He led us through to a room where there were 2 tables near each other set up which I was very grateful for as I was looking forward to being able to see my bride enjoy this. The room was set out with oils and towels and soft soothing music. For a split second I became nervous as in all our time together Sophie and I had never actually had a couples massage before.

Tony finished preparing the room and directed us to the change rooms where we quickly stripped down to our swimsuits and returned. Now he had with him an attractive young woman he introduced as Louise.

“Louise will be looking after you this evening sir and I will be working with your wife” he said

Their manner was very professional and charming which dismissed any nerves I had. As Louise began to work out the huge knots out of my shoulders I watched as Sophie melted in Tony’s capable hands. I was surprised to find I was actually aroused at seeing another man touch my bride so intimately and found myself fantasising about Tony rolling her over, removing her clothes and fucking her brains out as I watched. My daydream was cut short as Sophie asked

“Are you ok babe?”

“Fine, but I might doze off if I’m not careful” I replied

“I know its heaven isn’t it” she sighed

They worked our entire body for the next half an hour. We didn’t talk much but did say that this would not be our last massage while we were at the hotel. When the massage was finished we changed and decided we would head to a nearby bar and have a few drinks before turning in for the night. While still in the change room I heard someone enter the main room and a female voice asked

“Tony do you have any spare towels? I don’t seem to have enough again; I don’t know where they all go”

“Sure, help yourself” he replied

I finished dressing and left the change room before Sophie and headed over to thank Tony and Louise. I was glad I did not have a drink in my hand as the woman who was borrowing the towels was the lobby girl and I would have dropped it for sure.

“H...h...hello” i stammered

“Enjoy your massage Sir” she grinned looking at the tent rising in my pants

“Erm yes, yes we did” I said nervously as Sophie joined us

“This is Tiffany. She does our.....evening massages” he called them “you should check her out before you leave”

“Oh I have......I mean I will..........we will, we will” I blurted out clumsily

Oh my god I was like a silly babbling school boy. Tiffany smirked as I went bright red and Sophie led me out by the hand. As we walked to the bar Sophie teased me about being turned on by the hot masseuse and I apologised for being so obvious and embarrassing her. She assured me I was forgiven and promised me she would show me how forgiven when we got back to our room. We stayed sipping drinks at the beachfront bar for a few hours laughing and talking, just enjoying one another’s company. Sophie danced with some of the locals wearing a grass skirt at one point and I think many of them fell in love with her as was the usual effect my bride had on people.

Back at the hotel we hopped in the elevator to head back to our room and happened to be t he only people in the elevator. Sophie grabbed my hands and slipped them up the front of her top placing them on her huge tits that already had rock hard nipples and said

“Oh my god, I’m going to screw your fucking brains out babe”

She started kissing and biting my neck frantically and felt my hardening cock through my pants. We were both so worked up we did not notice the elevator slow down and stop. The door opened and Tiffany walked in on us.

“Having fun Michael?” she said

“Yes.....we ....uh .....had drinks”

Sophie giggled as I looked for a rock to crawl under. We climbed out of the elevator and went to our room with Sophie still giggling and my face burning up with embarrassment. But how, why did she remember my name?

No sooner had we entered our room than Sophie had her hands all over my pants trying desperately to free my cock. After we had torn each other’s clothes from our bodies Sophie pushed me backwards onto the bed and climbed on top of me in a 69 position. I devoured her delicious pussy hungrily as her head bounced up and down on my cock. Flashes of Tiffany flickered through my mind and became stronger and more frequent. I pulled Sophie off of me and pushed her face first into a pillow roughly so that her ass was sticking up ready for my insertion. I jammed my cock in her sloppy wet cunt and started hammering her like there was no tomorrow. She grunted repeatedly at my ferocious thrusting. Before long Sophie grunted in a deep guttural tone

“Oh fuck Hun I am going to come, make me cum”

I slammed my enormous prick in and out of my wife but in my mind I was screwing the brains out of a particular beautiful Island girl. I pounded away at her delicious pussy and leaned over her and scooped up handfuls of her amazing tits with my balls slapping against her lily white ass cheeks making them turn bright pink. I pulled all the way back until I almost pulled out and then with almighty force slammed into my wife several times causing my poor bride to whimper at my brutal assault. Sophie’s pussy clamped down around my shuddering cock as orgasm ripped through both of our bodies leaving us both gasping for air as we collapsed next to each other.

When I woke the next morning I looked in through the open bathroom door at Sophie running us a spa. I opened a bottle of champagne and joined her in the bathroom.

“You up for some early morning fun in the tub?” I asked

“No more fun for you until tomorrow evening, I’ve got something special planned” she said

“Oh and I’m not going to make it easy for you” she said as she broadened her stance and bent over to turn the water off.

I juggled the bottle and flutes in my hand but this time did not drop anything. I joined Sophie in the tub and suggested we go shopping and sightseeing as I thought it would help keep my mind off my sex deprived cock. Sophie said that she would rather relax on the beach and have some more drinks at the bar.

“Are you scared of all of those half naked pretty girls?” she teased.

“Not at all with you around gorgeous, now tell me about this surprise”

“Nope” she snapped “you have to wait”

We finished up in the spa around lunch time and headed out for a stroll on the beach with the plan of finding something to eat in our travels. We came across a beachside bbq that smelt awesome and went over to see what was on offer. I was concentrating on the array of grilled meats on the bbq when a familiar voice said

“Would you like a big juicy sausage or is one enough?”

I looked up and Tiffany was serving and wearing her usual next to nothing. Sophie flew to my aid and tried to match it with the island girl and said saucily

“We’ll take a breast each thanks sweetie”

“As you wish babe” Tiffany replied

She fixed us our meals and then watched us leave licking her lips without taking her eyes off me once until we were out of range.

“I think that little hottie has a crush on you Michael” Sophie teased

“I um .... Don’t think so “I said and laughed pretending to not have noticed

“Oh relax Hun, she’s just having fun. Try and enjoy yourself or you’ll spoil tomorrows surprise”

We spent the afternoon on the beach swimming, playing volleyball and working on our tan. Later that evening we went out for dinner and decided to go dancing afterward. Sophie looked as hot as ever and was being hit on by all the guys so I didn’t let her stray too far from me. I watched her dancing while I sat and had a couple of drinks. She still got me totally hot and I wasn’t the only one by the look of it. I decided to join her and a group of people that were staying at the same hotel as us and we danced and drank til just after midnight and headed back to the hotel.

There was a small group of people dancing in front of the house band so we joined them. Sophie and I were moving around the room chatting and dancing when suddenly someone’s ass pressed against my crotch. Having had a fair bit too drink I clumsily put my hands on the females hips to put some space between us and was surprised when the woman grabbed my hands and pulled me into her and placed my hands on her tits. I realised it was Tiffany but played dumb and began to massage her tits and rub my rapidly swelling cock against her ass through our clothes. I saw Sophie across the room and pushed myself off Tiffany and staggered backwards. I got out of there as far as I could, grabbing Sophie on the way out. When we got back in our room I fell on the bed and it was lights out until morning.

I woke late again and Sophie had beaten me out of bed again. I looked around but couldn’t see her anywhere so I began fixing some coffee and took a shower in attempts to recover from the night before. I finished showering and drank a strong black coffee and sat on the bed watching TV waiting for Sophie to get back from the store or where ever she had gone. Just as I was dozing off I heard the door open and in walked Sophie with a couple of big bags, she had obviously been shopping. I was still a bit groggy but even that didn’t stop my cock from standing to attention when Sophie climbed on top of me and ripped her top of revealing her magnificent breasts and whispered in my ear

“Do you have any idea how much I want to suck your fucking cock?”

“No one’s stopping you” I said

She looked at me for a while as if she just might change her mind and then said

“I have to shower”

I watched her through the open door which I think she was aware of as she raised her tits to her mouth and started sucking them, perhaps she just wanted me as much as I wanted her. As she began fingering herself I drifted off into another fantasy, I began stroking my cock as I fantasized. I was making love to her on the soft sand down by the water when................

“Wake up” Sophie’s voice interrupted. “Don’t you dare make yourself cum”

“Aww you’re killing me” I moaned

“Baby you’ll thank me later. Not long now” she said as she started dressing.

“I need a cold shower” I groaned as I stumbled into the bathroom.

That afternoon Sophie continued her torture as she took me first shopping for lingerie where she insisted on trying on the skimpiest outfits she could find. Her next stop was an adult store; she really didn’t want anything from here other than to make my dick ache. Sophie looked at things she had no intention of buying such as the nipple clamps she tried on in the middle of the store. I watched as the shop assistant played with Sophie’s tits to fit them and then as the assistant modelled them for Sophie on her own tits. Her next stop was at the crotchless panties. She grabbed a couple of pairs and as she passed me on the way to the change room she whispered

“Aww baby I hope your ok because, I haven’t even started yet” and grinned back at me as the assistant followed her into the change room to help her try them on.

When we finished shopping it was time to start thinking about dinner, I asked Sophie what she thought she might like. She continued her assault on my aching shaft by saying in a completely sexy way

“A hot dog sounds good; I do like a juicy big sausage”

“You do realise I might hurt you next time we have sex don’t you?” I said trying to intimidate her

“Oh I’m counting on it Hun” she smirked.

We decided on Italian for dinner and went to a little restaurant down the road from the hotel. I knew that it was any time now that I would receive my ‘special surprise’ and so did my cock. I even thought something may happen at dinner, I mean I wouldn’t put it past her. It didn’t, but as we strolled back to the hotel Sophie said she would love a swim so we went up to our room to change and went down to the pool. I was sure something would happen at the pool. Sophie splashed and played like a little girl and kissed me every time she came near and whispered

“I hope these other people leave soon”

Oh my god, what if they didn’t leave until the pool closed, I would miss my surprise I thought. 5 minutes later the family that was there left because it started getting cold. My throbbing cock twitched in anticipation as Sophie swam toward me. Just before she got to me she dived under the water and pulled at my Speedos releasing my suffering cock. She came up for air and a kiss and then ducked back under the water and start sucking my cock. Oh yes the relief, I would soon be in heaven I thought. But Sophie returned to the surface and said

“Ok I think I’m ready for bed Hun, I sure could use an early one”

I was speechless, I knew her so well that I was sure she would never do this to me but she was so convincing that she must be serious. Crushed I climbed out of the pool and walked sulking behind her up to the room drying off as I went. When we got to our room Sophie stopped outside our room and put her hands around my waist and said

“I love you so much babe, happy anniversary”

Her words melted my heart and made me totally forget the last two days of forced celibacy. I guess we had been partying pretty hard and could use an early night after all.

“I love you too sweetness”

She opened the door and I went through first. I passed the wardrobe and bathroom on the way to the spacious bedroom and froze. There on our bed was a particular Island girl completely naked on our bed except for the big red bow and a sign, propped up on one elbow. The sign read
‘Happy anniversary to the kindest, most considerate, most loving husband in the world’

Knowing I would be lost for words and would not know what to do next Sophie removed her swimsuit and walked over to Tiffany and lay across the bed facing her and began to kiss her. I didn’t even think to take off my Speedos I just stood there with my jaw dropped once more giving thanks that I didn’t have a drink in my hand. Sophie kissed and sucked Tiffany’s nipples until they were stiff and pointing straight out. She kneaded her tits and stuck her tongue down her throat before using her tongue she glided down Tiffany’s firm stomach to her belly button. She did a lap around her navel and then slipped the tip of her tongue in making Tiffany gasp. Sophie made her way down between Tiffany’s legs and rolled her onto her back. She turned to me and said

“Hun, don’t you like your anniversary gift”

I slowly removed my Speedos still in some disbelief about this situation being true and moved up next to the bed. It was Tiffany that reached out and grabbed my cock. I closed my eyes and hoped like hell I would not embarrass myself by coming within the first 30 seconds. Tiffany read my mind and said assuringly

“It’s ok baby I’m no hooker. You have me for as long as you want me”

Sophie beamed and nodded toward Tiffany giving me the g o ahead. I placed my hands on the back of her pretty head feeling her silky smooth hair as my cock slid between her delicious full lips. I briefly wondered how I come to be in this position. Perhaps Sophie had seen how attractive I thought this girl was in my eyes one of the hundred times she had busted me ogling her. I looked down at my spectacular wife skilfully licking the lips of another woman and came within an inch of exploding in Tiffany’s mouth. Suddenly Tiffany squeezed my balls hard hurting me and kind of killing the moment. I forgave her very quickly as her tongue slid down the underside of my shaft and sucked my entire ball sack into her mouth.

I watched with fascination as Sophie circled Tiffany’s clit with the tip of her tongue and then flicked it back and forth making Tiffany yelp in delight. Sophie placed her mouth firmly over the sopping wet cunt in front of her and sucked it deep into her mouth. Tiffany tried to maintain her blowjob but pulled back gasping with her head thrashing from side to side. Sophie reminded me of a lizard or a snake as she started tongue fucking Tiffany’s pretty pussy like lightning. Tiffany grabbed the bed sheets with her free hand while maintaining a steady stroke on my shaft and pushed her head back into the pillow and raised her hips into Sophie’s face as she shuddered and quivered in orgasm.

Tiffany sucked my knob back into her mouth and swirled around it with her skilful tongue and then resumed bobbing up and down on it. Sophie climbed up next to her and started sucking in big mouthfuls of her tits and fingering her cunt. Sophie scooped up as much juice as she could from Tiffany’s dripping cunt and rubbed it over her own tits and pussy lips. The sight of this drove me over the edge instantly.

“Cumming” I managed to blurt out

Tiffany removed my cock from her mouth and finished me of by hand as Sophie put her mouth next to Tiffany’s as they both waited to be fed. I groaned and churned out rope after rope of sticky warm cum all over their faces and in their mouths.

My bride moved up and straddled Tiffany’s face as I moved in between Tiffany’s legs. I lifted her ass off the bed and stuck a few pillows down so she was the right height for a comfortable entry and stuck my knob against her lips. I thought about it twice as my cock had not fully recovered from Tiffany’s blowjob so I pulled back and began to stroke my cock. Sophie came to my rescue and signalled me to let her help. She grabbed it and started sucking me off again. Tiffany’s hands were on my bride’s ass and her head was bobbing up and down into my wife’s magnificent pussy. I reached down and tweaked Sophie’s nipples and began to fondle her marvellous tits as my prick slid in and out of her mouth.

I pulled Sophie up by the tits and kissed her hard on the lips sinking my hungry tongue into her mouth as I lined my cock up at the entrance of Tiffany’s cunt once again. I pushed into her making her gasp and swear

“Oh fuck that is big”

I pushed into her firmly as she continued to scream

“Oh my fucking cunt, oh fuck its big, it’s so fucking big”

Sophie looked at me with a strange but comforting look of pride hearing this woman whine as she was stretched to fit my dimensions. I continued to kiss and fondle my bride as she had her pussy eaten out by the beautiful islander. I was now thrusting in and out of her and we were all performing our sexual tasks like a well oiled machine moving in complete harmony.

Tiffany was beside herself and it didn’t take her long to build up to another orgasm. I felt her pussy quiver as she screamed and exploded covering my cock in her juice.

I guided Sophie as she turned on top of Tiffany. I slid straight into my bride as she kissed Tiffany on the lips. I peered around the side and was turned on by the sight of their tits kissing between their beautiful bodies. I continued to stare at the nipple on nipple action as I began pounded my beautiful bride ferociously. Sophie lowered her head and began sucking on Tiffany’s tits and fingering her pussy to make sure she was not left out of our 3 way pleasuring. As Sophie continued to swallow as much of Tiffany’s tit as she could Tiffany twisted around so she too could inhale as much of Sophie’s gorgeous breast as possible. Sophie gasped in pleasure as Tiffany sucked her tit like a newborn baby and I hammered her from behind while kneading her other tit.

Sophie’s pussy twitched and quivered as her climax approached which triggered another orgasm in Tiffany as Sophie had now three digits inside her and was frantically pumping them in and out. Sensing a double orgasm I pursued a trifecta as I began slamming into my wife with all my might. Sophie was grunting, Tiffany was screaming and I began groaning as we exploded and collapsed in a quivering heap of flesh and bodily fluids. I lay between the two spectacular women for a few moments and then got up and drew water into the spa as the girls lay in each other’s arms kissing and stroking each other’s hair.

The girls climbed off the bed and Tiffany looked at the soaking wet bed clothes and said with a grin

“I think I can call in a favour and have that mess cleared up for you”

Sophie giggled and jumped into the tub and said

“That would be lovely Hun”

The three of us sat in the tub drinking champagne and enjoying one another’s company. Finally my curiosity got the better of me and I asked my bride

“So when did you spot my ogling this gorgeous woman”

“I didn’t, I guess we just have the same taste in women” she said laughing

“I picked her because I thought you might enjoy her” she continued

“And you, you cheeky girl knew of her plan the whole time you were flirting”

We all laughed as there was a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it” Tiffany said as she climbed out

She supervised our bed clothes being changed and then returned and told us she had arranged for another set just in case we got messy again.

“Oh you’re not leaving us” Sophie whined

“I thought you might like some alone time”

“No no stay, please stay” Sophie pleaded

Tiffany looked at me

“Yes please do”

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2011-12-15 22:55:09
Sorry, what is so clear now?

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2011-12-09 08:48:52
You've got to be kiddnig me—it's so transparently clear now!

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2011-10-19 01:00:54
Another great story;-) so glad to read such hot writing;-)

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There should be a part 2 where sophie gets nailed by a huge black stud!

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