The story of Rebecca and Rob's family continues with the two older children now getting into the act.
Dinner was finally ready. Rob, Rebecca and Kaylie had all washed up and gotten dressed after their fuckfest earlier. Kaylie had wanted them all to shower together so they could fuck one last time before her older brother and sister came home, but Rebecca had refused saying there wouldn't be enough time before dinner. She'd had to practically pry the 12 year old girl's hands off her father's cock. And she couldn't help but feel a little hypocritical since she ended up giving Rob a blowjob in the shower.

Her face was still covered in her husband's cum when they began to get dressed and discuss exactly how they would go about seducing their eldest two children. Rebecca wasn't worried about their 14 year old son Daniel. He was a horny teenage boy; all she had to do was flash her pussy at him and his cock would be ready to go in a heartbeat. But she wasn't so sure about their 16 year old daughter Allie. She didn't think Allie was a virgin still (not with as many boyfriends as she had), but she might be a bit apprehensive about sucking and fucking her father and brother's cock, let alone their dog Bruno.

Rob didn't seem at all worried. "She's a whore, just like you're a whore and Kaylie's a whore. It's in the blood. Look how quickly Kaylie turned into one. All I did was slip her a few porno videos and she took to cock like a fish to water. Allie will be no different. She'll get one sight of my or Daniel's or even Bruno's hard cock and she'll be unable to resist. You watch. Before the night's over both our daughter's will have their pussies filled with their families cum."

Rebecca caught sight of her cum drenched face in the mirror and realized she couldn't argue with Rob on that. She was most certainly a whore and her daughters would be just like her. With that satisfying thought she wiped the cum off her face into a glass they kept by their bathroom sink, drank it down in one quick gulp, finished getting dressed and went downstairs to set the table.

Rebecca had dressed in a pair of tight fitting sweat pants that accentuated her thick round ass. She also wore a low cut t-shirt from their last family vacation. The shirt was quite tight and her large breasts seemed to be trying to forcefully escape out the top. Her protruding nipples also showed Rebecca's lack of a bra.
She was still setting the table when Kaylie and Rob walked in. Kaylie was wearing the same cut off jean shorts she'd had on earlier that barely covered her prepubescent mound and revealed the bottom curve of her pert little ass cheeks. She'd changed the tee-shirt out for a tight white tank top, and as Rebecca could see, she wasn't wearing her training bra either.

Rob had changed out of his work clothes and now was wearing an old pair of gym shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt. The bulge in his shorts was obvious and by the wicked grins on both their faces it was obvious to Rebecca that they'd had some fun before coming down to dinner. Whatever it was, it must have involved their german shepherd Bruno because he was trailing Kaylie, sniffing at the crotch of her shorts with his big red doggy cock fully unsheathed and waggling as he chased after the little girl.

The door slammed shut and in came her son Daniel. Just back from football practice he was dressed similarly to his father, gym shorts, t-shirt, etc.He was a tall boy though not as tall as his father and still lanky with shaggy sandy-blonde hair. He sat down at the table without so much as a "hello". Rebecca would have to scold him on his rudeness later.

Finally their daughter Allie entered the kitchen, and what a sight she was. A near mirror image of her mother at that age. She didn't have the curvaceous ass that her mother did, but her breasts were already a full D at the young age of 16. She was natural redhead like her mother but she took to dying her hair black since she felt it looked better with her milky white skin. And as she stood there Rebecca realized that Rob was right. Her little girl was most certainly a whore. She was wearing thick dark makeup, a spaghetti strap top that cut off above her mid-riff making it more of a sports bra that an actual top, and a denim mini skirt short enough to make a stripper blush. The only thing remotely childish about her outfit were the bright pink tennis shoes she loved so much.

As Allie came in she was clearly in a good mood. She said hello to her family, stood up on her family to kiss her daddy on the cheek and patted Bruno on the head; though if she noticed his rock hard doggy cock she didn't acknowledge it.

The food was served and the family began to eat and make small talk. How were the kid's days, how was practice, how are your friends, etc. Rebecca noticed that Kaylie could barely contain herself. She hardly said a word but had a huge grin on her face the whole night and she kept staring at her brother. Every so often it appeared to Rebecca as though the 12 year old was slipping a hand up in the inside leg of her shorts, and then letting Bruno lick her fingers underneath the table.

She looked over at her husband Rob who she could see was making no secret of the fact that he was jacking his cock through his shorts. Daniel was apparently too focused on his meal to notice and Allie was too involved in telling a story about something that happened at school to notice either.

Rebecca decided there had been enough waiting. Interrupting Allie's story she said, "Honey, please don't be rude. There's no need to jack off at the table." This drew the obvious attention of both Daniel and Allie who were now fully aware of their father stroking his cock. Rebecca continued, "If you need a hole to empty your nuts just say so. I'm sure either of the girls or I would be glad to receive your load even at the dinner table." Daniel and Allie were now both thoroughly stunned. "In fact, Kaylie would you be a good little slut and take care of your father's cock for him?"

"Of course mommy!" Kaylie replied already already up and walking around the table with a skip in her step. Standing in front of her father, she unbuttoned her little shorts and let them fall to the ground. Kaylie obviously knew that all good whores never wore panties as her dripping wet hairless snatch was on display for the whole family.

She helped Rob pull down his shorts, got down on her hands and knees and popped her daddy's nine inch cock into her mouth. Rebecca watched her daughter with pride as she was now able to get a good 3-4 inches into her mouth.

Rob relaxed while his 12 year old daughter's head bobbed up and down on his dick. "Anyway Allie, you were saying?" Rebecca prompted.

"Mom what is Kaylie doing?" Allie asked, more intrigued than disgusted.

"She's sucking your father's cock sweetie? What does it look like?" Rebecca answered.

"Um... I can see that Mom... but why?... isn't that incest?"

"Why? Because your sister is a whore. Just like I'm a whore. And all good whores feel the urge to satisfy as many cocks as possible no matter who they belong to." Rebecca looked down at the rapidly growing bulge in her son's shorts. She reached over and began stroking his leg, but Daniel's gaze remained fixed on the exposed twat of his younger sister.

Kaylie popped her father's cock out of her mouth long enough to say, "Yea Allie, I'm a whore! I'm Daddy's favorite little cum dumpster! Aren't I Daddy?"

Rob stroked his youngest daughters blonde hair and said, "Of course you are baby. But in truth I've got two favorites. No one sucks a cock better than your whore mother. You'll have to practice a lot if you want to be as good as she is." Kaylie smiled and inhaled her father's cock again while reaching back to spread her pussy lips apart so her brother Daniel could get a better view.

"That's not fair!" Allie chimed in.

"What's not?" Rob asked. "Are you saying you want to be a whore like your mother and sister? To let men use your tight little holes whenever they feel like?"

Allie was not to be outdone. Without saying a word she walked straight over to her brother Daniel, taking her top off in the process to let her large milky white breasts hang freely, got down on her knees and pulled his shorts down for him letting his 7 inch cock spring free.

Rebecca was pleasantly surprised to see how large her son had grown, and the surprise grew even more pleasant when Allie inhaled her brother's cock, deepthroating it like a pro.

"Oh Sis! That's fuckin' amazing!" He looked over at his mother almost as if to ask permission for his sister to continue blowing him. Rebecca only smiled back, grabbed a handful of her daughters hair, and forced her mouth down to the base of Daniel's cock.

"That's a good slut. Suck your brother's fat meat!" The scene was turning Rebecca on. Her pussy was already soaking through her pants, and as she began stripping down out of her clothes she noticed Allie's short denim mini skirt had slipped up over her thighs revealing her cute little pink thong. Rebecca got behind her oldest daughter and buried her face in the shaved snatch; her tongue expertly probing her daughter's slit, and massaging her tiny clitoris.

Allie began to moan like a bitch in heat as her mother ate her pussy out like a pro, grinding her hips back on her mom's face. "Oh fuck Mom! Yes! Eat that fucking cunt. Oh this is so fucking hot!"

"You haven't seen anything yet," Rebecca replied, and her tongue slipped up and began probing at Allie's tight little shithole.

Allie gasped. "Mom! What are you doing?!"

"I'm eating your asshole baby," Rebecca said, giving the tight pink hole another quick lick as she spread her daughter's ass cheeks farther apart. "Don't you like it?"

Allie smiled, visibly relaxing, "I love it! You can eat my asshole anytime Momma!"

"I plan on it!" Rebecca said as she dove back in to her daughters ass and Allie went back to sucking her brother's cock.

Meanwhile Kaylie had now stripped down completely and was fondling her father's balls. "Daddy, your nuts are so big and full of cum. Please will you empty them inside me? Your little slut daughter needs her Daddy's cum filling up her cunt!"

"Of course baby," Rob said as he laid his young daughter on the kitchen table and spread her legs revealing her dripping wet slit. He placed the head of his cock at the entrance of his daughter's pussy. "Is Daddy's little whore ready for his big fat cock?"

"Yes Daddy! Please! Shove it in me! Fill my cunt with your fat cock!"

Rob slid his cock slowly into his daughter's tight snatch. Slowly he worked it in and out, his young daughter moaning as he gently fucked her.

"Faster Daddy! Harder! Please! Use my hole like the whore that I am!" Kaylie cried.

Rob gave his daughter exactly what she wanted. He grabbed her hips and began slamming his huge cock violently into the little girl's cunt, using her like his own personal fuckdoll.


Rebecca was so turned on by the sound of her husband pounding their 12 year old daughter's cunt, she had to have some dick of her own. She gave one final lick to Allie's pussy and asshole, and then got up next to her son, pulling his face close to her large breasts. Daniel took the cue and began sucking on his mother's nipple just as he had done as a baby. His other hand reached out and began fondling the other breast although even for the boy's large hands her double D breasts were more than a handful.

Rebecca moaned as he sucked harder and harder. Finally she could take it no more. She needed her son's cock inside of her. She motioned Allie's still sucking mouth away from Daniel's cock and then straddled him. Her son's cock head was rubbing gently and the lips of Rebecca's dripping wet cunthole. As she teased him she smiled and said, "It's been a long time since you've been in here baby. Are you ready to go back inside Mommy's pussy?"

"Yea Mom! I can't wait to fuck the pussy that gave birth to me! I need your fucking cunt now!" Daniel said and grabbed his mother's hips and forced her cunt down on to the base of his cock.

"Oh fuck Mom! You're so fucking tight!"

"You like that baby?" Rebecca said as she bounced up and down on her son's prick. "You like the way Mommy's cunt feels? Well good baby cause this is your cunt now and you can have it whenever you want. Tell all your friends what a hot piece of ass your Mom is so they come over and use Mommy's holes too. Would you like that baby? Would you like to watch all your friends use your Mommy like a cum dumpster?"
"Fuck yea Mom! I'm gonna get all the guys to come over and fuck you! Maybe even the whole football team! Then we'll see what kind of whore you really are!"

Rebecca reached back behind her and began massaging her son's balls while she rode his cock. "Yes baby! Yes! Please bring everyone! You can all fuck me at once. My pussy. My ass. My mouth. They're all yours. And then when you're done you can all cum all over me and my big fucking titties until I'm covered in all that hot young spunk!"

By this point Allie was feeling somewhat left out. Her younger sister was being brutally fucked by their large father. And her younger brother was fucking the shit out of their voluptuous mother. That was when their german shepherd Bruno came over to her and Allie finally noticed that his big red shaft was poking out. A wicked smile spread across her face.

"Mom didn't you say a good whore should always satisfy EVERY cock that's around her?" Allie asked.
"That's right," Rebecca said, now grinding her cunt on Daniel's cock and forcing his face in her giant tits. "Every cock no matter who the belong to."

That was just what Allie wanted to hear. She quickly laid on her side under the dog and began gobbling his cock up. Rob was the first to notice. "Look at that, Honey. Our daughter is a puppy slut just like you."

Rebecca turned her head and watched as their daughter sucked on the german shepherd's cock and fondled his hairy balls, trying to suck the doggy cum right out of them.

"That's my whore daughter," Rebecca said with a laugh while their son continued to rail her cunt. "Allie why don't you be a good dogslut and let Bruno mount you like the bitch you are."

"Yes Mom! I will! But I want his doggy cock in my ass." Allie got down all fours and presented her ass to Bruno. The dog sniffed, trying to decide whether or not to mate with the bitch. "Please Bruno!" Allie pleaded. "Please make me your bitch and fill my ass up with your big hot doggy cock!" She wiggled her ass to make it more inviting.

That was enough for Bruno. He mounted his bitch and began stabbing wildly. Allie reached back to help, and grabbed the dogs cock and slowly guided it into her awaiting ass. Once inside Bruno began to hump his human bitch furiously.

"OH FUCK! BRUNO! FUCK ME! FUCK MY ASS! USE MY FUCKING BITCH HOLE!" Allie screamed as the dog screwed her tight ass. The rest of the family joined in cheering the dog on.

"Fuck her Bruno! Fuck that bitch!" They cheered as they fucked.

Allie could feel the knot at the base of Bruno's cock as it began to push into her ass. She'd never felt so filled in her life. "Mom! Dad! He's cumming in me! Bruno's gonna shoot his doggy cum in my ass!"
Suddenly Rob pulled out of Kaylie's cunt and motioned for Rob to do the same. Rebecca and Kaylie started to complain but Rob silenced that immediately. "There will plenty of cum for you two whores later. But right now me and Dan are gonna coat this dogsluts face in our loads while she take's Bruno's doggy cum in her ass." Rob and Dan both aimed their cock's at Allie's face and began stroking.


And all at once Bruno's knot exploded in Allie's ass and Rob and Dan began shooting their hot loads of cum all over her face. She was drenched in cum. It was running down her cheeks, in her eyes, in her hair, but Allie didn't care. All she knew was that she had satisfied three cocks, and they had rewarded her with their cum.

Rebecca knew better than to let all that cum go to waste. She got down next to her daughter who still had Bruno's cock buried in her asshole, and began licking her husband and son's hot sticky cum off her daughter's face. It tasted so good mixed together. Occasionally she would lick off a huge glob and use her tongue to pass it back and forth with Allie, savoring the two men's spunk before swallowing.

She was just cleaning up the last drop when Bruno's cock popped out of Allie's ass. "See girls," Rebecca said to her whore daughters, "It's important for a good whore to never waste a drop of cum. You should always eat every drop of a man's cum unless of course you want it to stay in your pussy so that it might get you pregnant."

"Every drop Mommy?" Kaylie asked

"Yes every drop baby."

And with that Kaylie got down behind her older sister, spread her ass cheeks apart and began tonguing Allie's asshole, scooping out every last drop of doggy cum she could before swallowing. Rebecca had never been more proud of her family of whores.

To be continued...

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