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I woke up in pure darkness.

My senses slowly came to me and I realized I was sleeping between two people on my
I remembered my girlfriend Jen had invited our friend Amber over for some cosplaying and
sewing. But she stayed too long and missed the last bus for the night to go home so she had no choice but to sleep over.

Amber was a fun girl but half of the time, she whines and gets easily pissed off.
She's the snobby type and I swear is bi-polar so half of the time, I dislike
hanging out with her.
My girlfriend Jen is the opposite. She's tolerable, optimistic, and is a fun overall gal.

Amber is 2 years younger than me and Jen, both being 20 while she is 18.
She has shoulder length blonde hair with a face that seemed to have a snobby
expression permanently stuck on her.
However, her body makes up for it being light and slim with shapely legs, soft and
firm looking ass and B sized breasts which is pretty perky.

If it wasn’t for her sneering looking face, she'd be one of the hottest girls Id
My girlfriend is the same height as her, but with a bit more meat on her and her tits are
more full and slightly bigger. Jen' hair is red and is around waist size.

So here I am now awake and sleeping beside these two girls and I'm realizing I'm
spooning one of them.
I was wearing just a shirt with boxers and the girl I'm
spooning only had a shirt and panties on seeing that my hand were resting on her
As my eyes slowly adjusted, the girl in front of me had short hair, meaning... I
was spooning Amber and not my girlfriend!!
I’ve never been close to any other girl than Jen, so waking up spooned to Amber
gave me a quick rush of excitement.

My legs were snuggled unto her soft warm legs. And her cotton panty covered ass
was pressed down on my quickly hardening cock covered crotch.
I tried to stay calm and collected so Amber wouldn’t wake up.
But my cock growing in my boxers were now bunched up against Amber's soft covered
warm ass.
I remembered Amber saying that once she sleeps, she won't wake up easily since she
had to take sleeping pills for her insomnia.
With that thought, my cock grew quicker. I felt it hardening and growing out the
slit of my boxers.

I slowly adjusted myself lower so that my cock had more space to grow.
Once I did, it hot dogged its way in between Amber's panty covered pussy.
Even with cotton fabric panties that she's wearing, my now fully hardened 8inch cock
can feel her bushy pubic hair.
I stayed still for 10 minutes too scared and excited to do anything else. Just happy
that my long hard cock is hot dogged between amber's soft, warm thighs and her warm cotton covered bushy crotch.

Convincing myself that Amber won’t wake up any time soon, I slowly crept my hand
under her long shirt that rode up over her belly and tried to reach for her tits.
If she was going to be passed out all night, I might as well cop a feel for her tits that I've longed to touch.

Me and Amber were sleeping on our right side, so with my free left arm, my hand
slowly reached in and then felt soft warm flesh.
My hand was big enough to fully hold Amber's perky left breast. They were so
squeezable and bouncy. I felt her nipples slowly hardening between my fingers.
She may be in deep sleep, but her body seemed to be wide awake.

I slowly squeezed her nipple between my fingers as they harden. Her nipples wasn't
slim like Jen' as Amber's were more quarter sized wide. They stick out further too making them ideally suckable tits.
I felt her panties were getting warmer and realized she was getting wet.
Being braver, I slowly grinded my hard cock against her panty covered wet
pussy. The cotton now wet enough to actually feel Amber's pussy lips hot-dogging my cock! Her bushy pussy hair furthered added pleasure through my slow dry grinding.

With only the thin wet cotton fabric separating my cock and Amber's pussy, I
continued to caress her breast and grinded against her.
Amber is lightly snoring away not knowing I was abusing her hot slim body.

I was now tugging at her plump perky nipple that's as hard as rocks now. My pre-cum adding more wetness to her already soaked panties which made it easier to now fully glide in and out through her soft warm thighs and soft bushy pussy.

As I was slowly thrusting my hips in and out enjoying this intimate feeling, I got even
more brave. I stopped playing with Amber's tits and navigated my hand between me
and Amber.
With my fingers, I slowly pulled her soaked panty crotch to the side so that her
wet hairy pussy is now fully exposed. I held my hand still as I tried to aim my
cock for that wonderful entrance I've yearned to fuck.

I slowly moved my hips forward and felt for the first time, Amber's cunt lips slowly
encasing my cock head. Her pubic hair tickled the side of the tip of my cock as I
slowly pressed myself deeper. Amber's pussy entrance now swallowed the head of my
cock, and man was she so wet and tight.
Seeing that my cock wont slipped out now, I let go of her panty and placed both of
my hands on her hips.
I then, slowly, slowly, pushed myself deeper in Amber's hot wet pussy, feeling every inch of her heavenly tight wet pussy walls.

My hard long cock was now half way in her, as I stopped to catch my breath. Jen
was just sleeping behind me completely oblivious as to what I'm doing to our passed out friend.
Being super turned on at this point, I tighten my grip on Amber's hips and thrusts
hard into her. I grunted as all of my 8inch cock was now buried balls deeps in
Amber's hairy tight and wet pussy.

I stayed still for 5 minutes savoring the feeling of being balls deep in Amber.
Her pussy encasing my fully rock hard cock. My hands were back caressing and tugging on her tits again as I then slowly pulled out, and just as the tip of my cock left her hairy pussy entrance, I slammed my cock back inside her.
I continued to thrust in and out of her pussy while playing and tugging at her tits for 20mins enjoying every second of it.
Amber being asleep with her body being used as a fuck toy and my girlfriend being asleep behind me made this the most erotic thing I've ever done in my life.

I can feel my orgasm building up as I was now quickening my thrusts, fucking Ambers heavenly tight pussy for all it's worth.
As I was approaching to cum, I debated whether I should pull out or cum inside
Amber. But this being a rare chance and maybe the only time it will happen again, I decided I want to unleash the most intensely explosive cum I’ve ever had right
inside of Amber.

With that, I thrusts harder and faster, shaking the bed a bit, my hands
roughly squeezing her bouncing tits, my hips now slapping hard continuously against her soft warm ass.
My long rock hard cock gliding sharply and swiftly in and out of Amber’s pussy, I brace myself as I then squeezed her breasts as I thrust my last stroke balls deep inside Amber and shot rope after rope of thick hot
cum deep inside her pussy.
I unloaded 5 hard loads of hot cum deep
inside her, each squirt hitting the back of her cervix, completely filling her

I laid inside her for what seemed like hours, my 8inch cock still hard as a rock that's buried balls deep in that well used pussy.

I then slowly pulled out and cum instantly leaked out of her now stretched cunt
over her leg and ass, and wetting my bed sheets.
I slowly got up and got some tissue to clean up the mess slowly, so that I didn't
wake up Jen.
It took me 10 minutes but I put a small blanket under me and Amber as to cover the
wetness and the smell of hot cum and cunt. Her pussy still had a lot of my cum trapped
inside her womb as I once again got in bed and got back to spooning Amber, who is
still lightly snoring peacefully.

I couldn’t sleep as I was still in awe of how I fucked Amber without her knowing it.
And it was by far the best hard fuck I’ve had in my life. I then drifted off to sleep.

I woke up an hour later with my cock once again hardening against Amber's ass...

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2013-01-11 08:22:16
Sleep well old stud because Amber is a catholic right to lifer and you will have 2 more girls to support a year from now!

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2013-01-11 08:19:23
He must not of herd Amber tell Jen that she quit the pill last month to loose weight and that she felt both her ovarys pinch letting an egg go into each fallopian tube while sewing.

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