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A man wants 2 strangers to use his drugged gf all night. Cept he wants to only listen outside the action.
i looked at my GF of 6 long years, fully naked lying on the bed. She was passed out, having slipped her a strong sleeping pill in her milkshake an hour ago. I can shake her as hard as I can, make noises as loud as I can, and she wouldn't wake up. Well, at least for the next 5 hours.
She looked lovely in her nude glory. 5'5, with long red hair, up tilt nose, B size perky tits with light colored nipples. Her pubes were neatly trimmed into a peach fuzzed short triangular shape.
Her skin is flawless, being a nice milky white.
At the age of 23, she still looked young being often mistaken as a 17 year old.

I then heard a knock on my front door. I went and opened it and greeted 2 tall men. Both were around 6'2 tall, beefy and muscular. The types you see going to the gym every day.
Their biceps were huge and both easily towered over me. Me being only 5'6. They were twice as older as me too as they were somewhere in their late 40s.
I lead them back in my room with my gf as both men's eyes grew in excitement when they saw her.

"Ok, lets go over the deal again. You can do anything to her for 5 straight hours. So long as you dont leave any marks. So no biting too hard, no hickies, nothing to leave any marks." I told both of them.
"Other than that, you can do whatever you want with her. She's safe, so you dont have to use condoms."

The men chuckled. "Oh we will, we've loaded on viagra so we can stay hard for all 5 hours to fuck your lovely girl." Says one of them.
"Yea, were gonna fuck your gf like no tomorrow" the other said with a reluctant smile, as they both removed their clothes.

"Use her all you want fellas" I said.
As you've known, I got 2 strangers willing to fuck my passed out lovely gf for 5 uninterrupted hours. For a fee of a thousand bucks. So me, having to have a sleep fetish and a cuckold fetish, getting a thousand bucks to live out my best fantasies is the best thing to ever happen to me.

As they finished undressing, I was in awe when I saw their already hard cocks. Both men are at least 9 inches, both long and thick. Myself, I'm only 5 inches so seeing cocks almost twice my size amazed me.
My drugged gf is truly gonna get the fucking she never had.

I left the tall muscular beefy men in my room as they both got on my bed with my sleeping gf. The fun was not seeing what the men are doing to my gf as it will have to be up to my imagination to decide what theyre going to do with her.

As I shut the door behind me, I sat down on the couch and began waiting in my empty dark silent house.
It was a long silence. Probably half an hour of silence. Then i heard the men grunt and moaned. I knew they were using my gf's holes with their long hard cocks.
Throughout the night, I heard moans and grunts. I heard sucking noises and slurping noises. I heard continuous slaps of fleshes slapping hard against each other. And usually loud satisfying moans from the men.
I felt the floor vibrated under my feet. This went on for a couple hours.
Then things began picking up a notch. I heard my bedroom walls giving out soft bangs of vibration. I felt more movement on the floor. More louder moans. I can even start hearing the sound of long hard cock slapping balls deep inside a hot wet pussy.

I heard my bed mattress making creaking noises. At first it was a nice slow rhythm of creaking noises. Then the creaking noise got louder and louder, faster and faster. The sound of 2 flesh slapping against each other too got and louder, faster and faster.

As both noise got as loud as they can get, it suddenly stopped as I heard 2 long loud moans from both men from within my bedroom.

It repeated more times within the next 3 remaining hours.

I then realized the 5 hours were up. And on cue, my bedroom door opened and the men fully dressed up with big smiles on their faces walked out.
They each shook my hand and told me how extremely lucky I am to have a hot gf.
"Man your girl is the best hard fuck I had in my life"
"Yea, I'm all spent. I must cummed at least a months worth of cum inside her but man every second was well worth the money" the other man said.

With that, I showed them out to the front door and started going back to my bedroom.
What I saw floored me.
First, the room smelled of humid hot sex, with the smell of cum and musky pussy juice present in the bedroom.
My gf was lying on my bed with her legs spread far apart. Cum was leaking out of her well used and stretched pussy and ass.
There was a big puddle of wet cum that covered almost half of the messy bedsheets.
My gf's ass, pussy and nipples were looking well used and sore. Her mouth was a bit opened with cum still inside. Hell, her whole body was covered with thick cum. Her long neatly comb hair is now messy. There was some bodily fluids on the floor surrounding the bed.

I sat on the bed and looked between my gf's spreaded legs. I can still see white cum present inside my gf's stretched pussy.
My own cock was hard, as I went between those lovely legs and buried my rock hard rod in my gf.
Her pussy wasn't as tight as it used to be as it easily went in feeling well used. As I thrust in, i can feel hot cum gushing out between my cock and my gf's pussy and unto the crack of her ass.

I fucked her for 5 minutes as I unloaded my cum deep inside of her pussy. But not as deep as the 2 men unloaded their cum as theirs were twice as deep as I can ever reach.

With that, I cleaned up the bedroom and wiped my gf's body with wet cloth as the early morning sun lit up the room.
I finished and laid on my bed beside my gf who was still undisturbed from her deep sleep. With that, I spooned her and
smiled. My fetish has finally came true, and I was a thousand bucks richer.


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liked the idea but the whole imagination thing seems like a cop out so you don;t have to put details into how they fucked her...5.3/10

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