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Starting Young

Emily Stevens had just turned thirteen and lived in a very safe neighborhood with her forty-six year old dad and her three older brothers, fifteen year old Shawn, seventeen year old Jacob, and twenty year old Will. The neighborhood, being so secure and tough on crime, hardly ever had anything eventful happen and it was hard to find any kids her age, disregarding her three best friends who had all gone to camps or on vacation, hanging around on a Saturday. She had always been surprised that there were enough kids in the city alone to fill her large k-8 school, let alone the high school that two of her brothers went to, and wondered further where all of these kids were on days like this.
“Probably all at the beach or the mall,” she said to herself as she ended her wandering naked throughout the house by plopping herself on the couch to watch t.v., only to realize that it was only about a quarter after one, and tossed the remote back on the coffee table, knowing there was nothing good on. She was a very good looking girl, about 4’11”, blonde hair, blue eyes, a light golden tan, and a little babyface with freckles, making her look only about nine by her face. She was very skinny, being only about 87 lbs, but had nice, womanly curves, her little rear end just a mass of puppyfat, and a nice set of boobs for her age, a full, round set of 32b’s.
Now Emily was a little girl who was very, very open, curious, and experimental about her and everybody else’s bodies, girl or boy. Since she was about three years old, she hated wearing clothes. She constantly walked around very casually, butt naked. The way she saw it, everybody knew what both girls and boys looked like naked, so it didn’t matter if everybody saw hers. She also didn’t agree with girls having to do things differently than boys, like sitting cross-legged and wearing a towel while crossing from the bathroom to her room, so she dealt with these nuisances by just not doing them. She almost never crossed her legs, and when she took a shower, she usually just lightly dried off and then walked around nude to sundry herself. Eventually, after nine long years of her dad trying to force her to wear clothes and her passively and blatantly refusing, he decided to just give up. The only time she did wear clothes was when she went outside and when she went to school, and even then she usually only wore a very tiny t-shirt and some too-short board shorts that commonly showed off a large portion of her buttcheeks as she refused to wear any underwear. But as she grew older, the board shorts were getting too small even for her, and she progressed to a tube top and very short skirt daily. During these times, her father absolutely refused to let her go to school everyday practically inviting everyone she met to stare at her naked private parts, so she finally gave in to at least wearing a pair of very tiny (by tiny I mean meant for girls three or more years younger than her) panties everyday. In spite of his concern for her, though, she often just took them off and put them in her backpack when she got to school, anyway.
Therefore, it was only natural for her to question and experiment with her slowly maturing body when she eventually hit puberty. She often explored and played with her body when she was bored which was what she was doing on the couch at the time, jiggling her boobs up and down and sticking random objects such as baby carrots, pencils, and marbles into her snatch to see if they would stay in like all the others did. It didn’t even matter to her whether or not there was anybody in the room when she did, as she would constantly be watching t.v. with her father or brothers and start squeezing her little tits playfully or bend forward and spread her pussy lips, examining it and feeling around as casually as if she were reading a book. None of them responded to it anymore except for their inevitable hard-ons from seeing a cute girl naked. From the first time she had noticed this she had been curious as to what they were, but was never quick enough to inquire as they always left the room strangely fumbling with whatever it was while walking quickly away.
She soon got bored of lying on the couch exploring her cunt and experimenting with how many peanuts she could fit into it before they all started slipping out, so she went into the office, got on the computer, and logged onto AOL. Recently, her father had gotten a digital camera for his work and she had become obsessed with taking pictures of herself doing just about anything and then saving them on a file on her computer. Her dad didn’t think anything of it, looking at it as just a phase, but she did a lot more than download pictures on the computer. She was constantly on AOL chatrooms talking to people, trading pictures with people, and being fascinated by the pictures they sent back which were of a very different nature than the ones she took of herself, which she also kept in the folder with all the pictures of herself.
She opened up the “Chill out” chatroom, one created by a user, of course, and began the now familiar ritual.
LittleMissFlesh95: hey all! 13/f/ca/pics to trade ONLY!!! Im me to trade!
As always, there were at least three im’s on her screen in the next five seconds, all of them men from what she could tell
DeadManTalking1409: hey
JustAnothaCaliPlaya: hey hottie send me ur pics and I’ll rate them for you. Im a good rater
iloveskin4097: hi
She replied to them all the same way, quick, to the point, no bullshit.
LittleMissFlesh95: a/s/l/pics?
That meant she wanted to know their age/their gender/where they lived/and if they had any pics to trade. She almost always got the same answer except for the location.
DeadManTalking1409: 19/m/ohio/I can scan some if you send me some first
JustAnothaCaliPlaya: 21/m/maine/yeah, but you send some first
She knew what that meant, as she was constantly ripped off by people like him who got her pictures and then logged off for some reason. She didn’t think they were being very fair. But the third one was very different than anything she’d ever received for a response
Ilovesskin4097: 12/f/ca/yes, what kind do you want?
Finally! A girl her age she could relate to! And in her state!!
LittleMissFlesh95: what do you mean?
Iloveskin4097: I have ones of me with friends, ones of me in my room, ones of me and my dog, … I have a couple of nudes and one or two porns if you want to see them and I can quickly come up with more. I have a webcam on the computer
LittleMissFlesh95: um… can I see the nudes? Cuz that’s all I got, I’ll send u a sample pic right now to prove it, you do too, kay?
Iloveskin4097: ok
She attached a picture she had taken of her sitting naked Indian style on her floor smiling up at the camera to an email and sent it.
LittleMissFlesh95: sent
Iloveskin4097: me too, thanx
Immediately she had a new email. She quickly opened it and clicked the picture file. A girl equally if not prettier than she was popped up on the screen. She was very slightly blurred as she was in the middle of a cartwheel, but was as naked as she was in hers. She was very happy, and even a little turned on by this. The girl indeed at least looked twelve, and the picture had all the qualities of a webcam picture, showing her it was the real deal. She was a bit taller than she was, with longer legs and slightly darker skin. She had long, booblenth, light brown hair, and a bigger chest than she had, having what looked to be at least 36c’s. what she really liked, though without any real reason behind it, was her crotch. It was round and bulgy like she had a raquet ball or tennisball behind it, and it was completely hairless. She could just barely see a lightening of skin color where the lips parted into the inside. Only one thing bothered her, though…
Iloveskin4097: wow, sexy
LittleMissFlesh95: thanx, you too! Damn!
Iloveskin4097:heehee, thanks
LittleMissFlesh95: np, you wanna trade some more?
Iloveskin4097: sure
They continued trading all their self-proclaimed “best” nudes of them they had, her question still lingering on her mind, but kept at bay by these very good pictures, some of her favorites being one where she is doing the splits, one where she put lipstick and eyeshadow on her pussylips and drew eyes, and had them spread open like she was yelling, that one made her laugh, and one where she had bent over completely and had her head between her knees, holding on to them with her butthole, pussy, and face all facing the camera at the same time. But she began to get curious about what kind of pictures these “porns” were.
LittleMissFlesh95: these are the best pics I’ve ever seen!!
Iloveskin4097: heehee
LittleMissFlesh95: um… what were those other pics you said u had? Porns or something?
Iloveskin4097: oh, u wanna see my porns? Okay, I’ll send u one if u send me one
She began to feel a little embarrassed. This girl was younger than she was and already knew more than her.
LittleMissFlesh95:okay, I’ll send one now
Ilikeskin4097: kay, me too.
She waited for a minute until she heard the computer announce its arrival
Ilikeskin4097: sent, I have more, but not many, and I can get more, but not as good as some of the later ones.
LittleMissFlesh95: kay, hold on a sec
She quickly opened up the email and clicked on the file. She hadn’t seen this before, though she had done it, and even taken pictures of it for a possible world record for most peanuts held inside a girls vagina at one time. It was a little different, though. Whereas Emily had used tiny things like baby carrots and pencils, she had taken quite a large banana and put it halfway in her vagina, laying on her back on the floor and pulling her legs apart. The banana seemed to be gently stretching it to fit inside. She liked this picture the most, though she didn’t know why. What was even more unusual was that as she stared at this giant banana sticking out of her hole, her own suddenly started becoming… wet? Had she peed herself? She bent down to smell the clear liquid forming on her slithole. It was tangy, almost a pungent smell, but she couldn’t get enough of it. She decided to take her chances by sticking her finger in it and tasting this new discharge. It was wonderful. Sweet yet powerful, the aroma so powerful it felt like it was billowing out of her nose. Then she realized she had yet to send her a “porn” of her own. She selected one where she had a spoon sticking out of it straight up in the air and she had her hands behind her head looking at it with mild interest.
Ilikeskin4097: I like it. Do you use anything bigger?
LittleMissFlesh95: no, but I want to try and I’ll take pix and send them to you. What should I use?
Ilikeskin4097:hmmm do you have any cucumbers?
Emily hesitated for a second. Her father had just got two at the store for a salad that would be for dinner, and they were quite large. She knew the banana was pretty big, but a whole cucumber?
LittleMissFlesh95: yeah, hold on lemme take the pix
Ilikeskin4097: k
She gave in and ran to the kitchen which was as empty as the house. She got out of school earlier than Shawn and Jacob, and her father and Will were still at work, so she had the whole house to herself, not that it mattered. She took the cucumber, which was about eight inches long and about an inch and a half in diameter. She began to wonder if it would even fit. She sat down on the floor and grabbed the digital camera from its hopper. Immediately it turned on, and she set it close to the side. She took the cucumber in her hand, twisting her hand thoroughly around the bumpy outside, shaving off all the pricklers around it and making it smooth and shiny. She checked her screen to see if she was still waiting, which she was, and put the smooth end at the entrance to her pussy. It felt cold and a little weird, smooth against smooth, and she swished it around in the entrance for a second, getting it wet. She positioned it squarely at the hole, set her jaw, and pushed it slowly but firmly into her tight, slippery hole. As the widest part past into it, she felt herself give a little audible grunt, but did not stop sliding it farther into her tightly stretching snatch. She got it down to where she had stopped rubbing off the pricklers, about four and a half inches up, and lay there a little breathless for a second. She lay back and stared at the ceiling, being almost too aware of how full she felt with this cucumber sticking out of her. She pushed her thoughts aside for the moment and grabbed the camera, pointing it at her stretched pussy. Zoom, focus, cli-click! She took a couple more shots to send her before sliding it back out of her tight cunthole, feeling a sudden rush of those juices again. She discovered it felt much better to take it out than to put it in, which gave her an idea. She couldn’t take anymore of the cucumber so she washed and dried it off to get rid of her moisture on it and put it back where she got it. Then she looked deeper into that same drawer and found what she was looking for: a medium sized banana, and a full-sized carrot. She brought them back into the office and took her place on the floor again, this time taking the carrot in her hand and slowly pushing it into her. It was smaller around than the cucumber, and because of this, she dared to push it farther. Five inches. Five and a half… six! Six and a half!! Seven!!!! Seven inches were now embellished deep within her, and she wiggled it around a little, experiencing a form of that feeling she got when taking out the cucumber, but much more intense. She gasped a little breath as yet more juice came from her pussy and her insides turned a little. This was wonderful! And she thought peanuts were good! She slid it out again, just about halfway, and then pushed it all back in again, this time making her hips involuntarily move towards it, which pushed it in even more, to seven and a quarter inches! She had to put this on camera before…something… happened. She didn’t know what, but something was coming and she knew it would be something very energy consuming. She took a couple pics of various lengths of it inside her before taking it out again and reaching for the banana. It was kind of like a mix of the carrot and the cucumber in shape: it started out kind of small at the tip, but quickly, much more than the carrot though less than the cucumber, grew. She put it at the entrance, sighed, and pushed it in a little more quickly than she had the other two, making her gasp a little and even emit a tiny moan. She had put at least five inches in very quickly, and was determined to keep going, as she pushed it farther in, all the way to six and a half inches, as it curved to much to allow further access. She closed her eyes and smiled. She never knew how good it had felt to put something large in her pussy. She thought it was meant for smaller things like peanuts and marbles. She took two or three pictures through cloudy eyes, though not in a bad way, and took it out slowly and sensuously this time, making her moan louder this time. She lay there smiling for a second, then got up and docked the camera, uploading the pictures into her file and sending them to her. She noticed something odd, though, looking at the im window: there were several new messages from her, but all random jumbles of letters.
LittleMissFlesh95: sorry that took so long, they’re sending right now.
A minute of silence…
LittleMissFlesh95: you still there?
Ilikeskin4097:slk lskja reiuo
LittleMissFlesh95: What? Hey, are you just messing with me or is something wrong?
Ilikeskin4097:imasd finv;e
Ilikeskin4097:I’llasd sentgas youcxv soowemme mwoere
Ilikeskin4097:foemrmn rignat nowweex, th4eya r jgetreat
What was going on? Something was making her hit more keys than she wanted to hit, she could see that. Suddenly, “you’ve got mail!” It looked like she was trying to say “I’ll send you some more from right now, they’re great.” What’d she mean? Regardless, she had to see her new pics to add to her collection, so she opened her email, which had 5 different ones in it. She opened up the first one. It was her sitting in her chair with her legs in the armrests, forcing her legs wide apart. She was laying back and spreading her pussy lips to the camera. Both hands were occupied. There was someone else there. She opened a second one. It was not of her, but a boy who looked about Jacobs age, and looked probably to be her brother by the similarities in looks. He was standing in front of the camera, a full body shot… and he was naked. She stared in awe for a minute at what her dad said was a mans “penis.” She had heard that they were long and hard all the time and guys use it on girls to make babies, but she had never actually seen one before. It was big, about seven and a half inches long, and an inch wide, sticking straight up in the air, looking very hard indeed. She stared at it for another minute before opening the third one. This one incorporated both of them together. She sat on the bed, legs spread semi-wide, smiling and looking up at his face, but hers was pointed towards his penis, and as she looked closer, she recognized a tiny amount of tongue coming out from between her lips to lick them, almost hungrily. Most shocking, though, was the fact that she was holding it firmly in her right hand. It easily filled it up, her tiny hand barely wrapping around it at the base of it where the balls started to form. It was like a story, and she couldn’t wait for the next chapter. She opened the fourth file and she gasped out of both disbelief and excitement: her new online naked friend had her brothers penis in her mouth!!! In the front of her mind she thought “ewww, that’s just gross.” But the true voice in the back of her mind asked “I wonder what it tastes like and feels like.” She had it about four or so inches down her throat by the looks of it, and was still smiling while she did it, looking up at him as if for praise. She was getting very hot, and her pussy juices were now making a damp spot on the place in the chair where she sat. she quickly grabbed a towel and sat on it on the chair to prevent it from happening again before slowly opening the last file. It didn’t look very different, but something inside her made her think that something much more was happening than from the fourth one. She was now on her hands and knees on the bed, her brother’s penis still in her mouth, his hand on the back of her head. To push it down? To keep it in? she didn’t know. But she was much more interested in the other side of the picture. She was on her knees, her legs spread apart slightly and her butt in the air. And somebody was pushing right against her back end. He was much larger than the brother and more hairy, with a belly, and she knew immediately it must have been their father because he still bore a slight uncanny resemblance to the two of them.. He, too, was completely naked, but she could not see his face, nor, for some strange reason, his penis. She tried to make sense of it. His hips were pushed against her butt. Her pussy was level with his penis. A penis was like a carrot or cucumber that was a part of a gu—and then it hit her, and her eyes flew wide open in horror, excitement, disbelief, and wetness. He had put his penis in her pussy!!! She didn’t know what to say. As much as she didn’t know how to react to it, she was getting very wet not only with the sight of both her fathers and her brothers penis’ filling two of her holes, but also by the thought of this act. This must be sex, she thought, staring at the hilt of his penis before it disappeared into her pussy. That’s a big deal, like, the biggest deal there is. And she’s doing it with her dad!! Her mind was racing with all sorts of different things when a long segment penetrated it: what about her dad? What about her brothers? Why weren’t they doing this to her? She felt what it was like to have something like a penis in her, and she liked it. No. she loved it. She wanted more. All she could get. She saved all of the pictures in her file and turned off the computer.
She went back into the livingroom with the banana and sat down on the couch, spreading her legs wide, pushing it back into her slippery cunt hole, her juices making this almost too easy, as she felt it easily fill her back up. She pushed in as much as she could take and lay back on the couch, taking her index finger and wiggling it around inside, making her squirm and moan on it. Was this what sex was like?
Suddenly the door unlocked and opened, making her jump and shudder at the same time, as jumping violently moved the banana around inside her cunny. She quickly slid it out and turned on the tv pretending to be watching it before her two older brothers entered, sweaty and wet from football practice.
“hey Emily,” sighed Shawn
“h-hey,” she stuttered, and without thinking, her eyes flicked to his crotch area, but back to his face before he could notice.
“we’re gonna go take showers so stay in here, okay?” explained Jacob, setting his bags down on the table and heading for the hallway to the bathroom
“k-kay” she said, but was thinking quite another. “I wonder,” she thought, “how big their penises are.”
She snuck down the hall and gently and quietly opened the bathroom door where Jacob was undressing. As he finally too off his cup, she barely suppressed a gasp when she saw his massive dick flop out. It was not even hard and it was already about five and a half to six inches long! She watched him as he checked himself out in the mirror, grabbing his penis and stroking it a few times as if an answer to her prayers. It began to get hard, and as it did, it got… longer! It was growing to six and a half, seven, a big leap, eight, about eight and a fucking quarter inches!! That was huge!!! She found herself planning how she would get them to do to her what the internet girls brother and father did to her. Damn, she thought, you didn’t even find out her name. She put Jacob second on her list as she wanted to do it in the exact order that she did. Suck a penis, put a penis in her pussy. Therefore, she went back to the couch and watched tv until she heard the bathroom door halfway close again. She again snuck up and watched as Shawn undressed the same way, her eyes on his cup the whole time. When he took it off, it was still a shock. It was quite big for such a smaller guy, though he was built well. He hung only about four inches, but did the similar checking-himself-out deal in the mirror, and soon was hard. He was smaller than Jacob, making him the perfect size for her mouth. She smiled and licked her lips unconsciously. She went into his room and hid behind the door, listening to him bathe, getting very excited when she heard the shower turn off. His footsteps, and then he closed the door. He was just in a towel, and was not way freaked out, but enough to make him start. He reached for the doorknob to push her out of his room. A naked guy in a towel in the same room with his compulsively naked sister was not a good scene to be in. But she dove in front of the door, locking it.
“What do you want? I’m naked here!” he half-yelled
“hee-hee-hee! Exactly.” Someone else spoke out of her mouth. The girl from the internet?
His eyes flew wide in disbelief. “no! you’re not allowed to do that! I can’t let you!” he was desperately fighting his urges, she could tell
“awwww,” she pouted, taking tiny, sexy steps towards him, shaking her tits as much as possible. She reached him, and threw her arms around his neck, pressing her tiny tits against his chest. She felt something rise against her thigh and she smiled devilishly. “but I’ll be sad!” she gave her best puppydog eyes face and slowly bent down to her knees to the large tent in the towel.
“no,” he gasped, more whispered, though, “you can’t”
“but you want me to, don’t you?” she asked, purposefully licking her lips with her slithering tongue.
“haaa” he gasped as he failed to come up with words, and she smiled toothily, grabbing the ends of his towel and pulling them apart roughly, throwing away the towel as his six inch dick sprung into her face.
“mmmm” she cooed, as she took hold of it with a gasp: it was warm and wet, just like she’d imagined. She tantalizingly licked the head, and he shuddered, involuntarily putting a hand on the back of her head, her personal cue to open her mouth wide and stuff as much of his big penis in her mouth as she could, letting a loud moan escape from him. she stayed there with her lips touching the hilt of his cock for a second, as she dared to swirl her tongue around the head, making him grab her head harder with both hands now and push her head up. “oooohhh, that does taste good!” she squealed happily, licking her lips again. He grabbed her head, roughly this time, half by the hair, and pushed his cock, now actually grown to about six and a half inches, hard against her mouth.
“suck my dick, Emily, I NEED you to suck it! Please!” he begged, pushing harder.
“Oka—gauh!” she tried to agree only to have his giant cock shoved in her mouth, completely filling it and gagging her a little. Apparently he liked this a lot because he kept on doing this over and over, stopping to let her catch her breath and then shoving it back down her throat before she got a chance to talk. He moaned louder and his pushes were harder than they were before when there was a knock on the door, and Emily’s heart, no, her pussy, soared.
“yo, Shawn, you awright in there man? Where’s Emily at?” Jacob asked hesitantly
she smiled, her mouth still on his cock, impaling her face, groaning on his dick, and quickly pulling her head off to grab the door, unlock it, and swing it open before Shawn could do anything about it. Jacob stood there shocked as she continued to jack him off as she smiled at him, precum drooling from the side of her mouth.
“I need penis” she motioned him over.
“WHAT IN THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!?!” he yelled at the top of his lungs, but she quickly grabbed his ass and pulled him in the door, immediately sliding down his football shorts to reveal an already hard penis.
“hah! I knew it! You like it, don’t lie!” she laughed, before quickly swooping down upon the eight and a half inch monster. It was a task just fitting it in her mouth, it stretched it tightly and she had to take it out before her mouth cramped up, but compensated by licking her tiny little tongue all around her fat head and up and down his shaft, making him, too, grab her head involuntarily and push it down upon his fat trunk, hurting and fucking her face. His grip on her head, though with one hand, was a strong one, forcing her now against her will up and down is huge head and only about two or three inches of his shaft down her throat, not letting her breathe through her mouth. Eventually, she began to moan onto his dick, pumping Shawn’s even harder still, and attempting to suck his dick the best she could, because her mouth was now more accustomed to the fat thing. She now slid it in and out with ease, taking it out and licking the head, then jacking him while she changed over to Shawn, taking his whole dick in her mouth again, making him moan loud enough to make people in neighboring houses hear as he grabbed her head again while bobbing it up and down, though it was hardly necessary now. She wanted to get him there. She didn’t know where “there” was, but she wanted to get him there.
Taking her hand off Jacobs dick, she made Shawn sit on the bed so she could stand up with her legs. She bent over deep still taking it all in, still being forced to for no reason. She took him out of her mouth to talk to Jacob, pushing her tiny little puppyfat ass at him, spreading her legs wide.
“Do it, Jacob, put it in me now!” she growled as she pumped the living hell out of Shawn.
Jacob hesitated for a second, his cock in his hand, looking at the door, stammering, then threw his arm up like “awww, fuck it,” and leaped behind her, grabbing her thigh with force and positioning his monster cock at the entrance to her little preteen snatch, laughing a little evily. Then he crammed every last inch into her compact little cunt in one stroke, making her gasp immensely and moan just as loud, but it was soon muffled when Shawn’s dick was again shoved down her throat, making her gag and moan and gasp all at the same time on his cock, bringing him very close to coming as he bobbed her head up and down harder on his bulging cock. Jacob had left it in there for a second, feeling it quickly break through the hymen and just kept on going, now stopping to feel the fruits of his labor squirming and twitching all around his pulsing, naked cock, skin on skin. Then he slowly took it out and then in again like a car engine, out, in, out, in, faster, faster, she began to scream
he obeyed without hesitation, slamming his dick as hard as he could into her, quickly taking it out, and cramming it all back in again, faster and faster, harder and harder, grunting louder
“oh god, oh god, here it comes, I’m gonna come, oh god!!! UUGGHHH!!” he slammed her as hard as she could, she screamed and abruptly stopped, wide eyed as he felt gush after hot steaming gush of semen rush into her belly, into her womb by her own brother, and she pushed her skinny little butt hard against it to take every last drop as she sucked as hard as she could and licked his cock all over, making Shawn take her hair and slam his cock down her throat whether she liked it or not.
“oh god, yeah, take it you little slut, walking around naked every day, just ASKIN to be fucked right up your cute little ass. Yeah, that’s just what I’m gonna do, and Dad’s gonna take my place, aren’t ya dad?” he looked up a the door, pulling her hair in the same direction, her eyes horrified.
“oh god daddy I’m sorry I didn’t mean to—“she started, scared like death, but he was just grinning and undoing his belt, pulling down his pants, and taking off his shirt and throwing them to the side. She looked at his dick and almost fainted. It was bigger, no, it put Jacob’s to shame. It was at least a foot long and two inches in diameter. He held it with pride and evilness.
“don’t worry, sweetheart, daddy’s not mad. He’ll only be mad if you don’t fuck his giant cock on your naked little pussy. Shawn’s right, you’ve been asking for it for years, prancing around naked, waving your cute little but and those firm little tits and tight little pussy right in my face, and me not doing anything about it cuz you’re my daughter. Well guess what, sweet cheeks? There’s some real action in this house now, huh? Open your legs so daddy can fuck your pussy!”
she didn’t look afraid at all. Instead, she looked like the sluttiest, trampiest bitch ever. She growled even more when she looked around him to see Will holding his ten inch dick in his hands stroking it smiling.
Shawn sat on the bed, his iron hard dick in his hand and twirled her around so she was facing her whole family with a look of tempting hunger, as if to say, “that’s right, I’ve been asking for it for ever. Now fuck my tight little cunt and stuff your dick in my mouth and shove your cock in my ass! Do it hard!” it all started very quickly. Shawn had lubed up his dick with her cunt juice and pressed it into her butthole, making her cry out, then making her scream as it got past the head and slid hard down to the hilt of his dick as he groaned and grabbed her tits, squeezing them. Her dad got in front of her and shoved his head in her pussy, moving it around to get it moist and ready to fuck. Will and Jacob got on either side of her head, pricks in their hand, soon replaced by hers as she swallowed half of Wills monster cock, gagging herself.
“gah-gah-gah-Mmmmmm, fuck my mouth, Will, Fuck it hard, you know you want my little mouth on your huge cock, mmmm, yeah,” and with that, Will grabbed her baby sisters head and impaled her face on his dick, choking and gagging her. On top of all this, her dad was finally ready, as she took a final horrified, hungry look at his monster penis and he shoved it in all at once, from empty to full of twelve inches of cock in one second, making her screech for at least five seconds before being silenced by BOTH Will’s and Jacob’s dicks in her mouth at the same time, and she looked horrified, but desperate all the same, sucking them both at once and licking up their precum before separating them and gagging herself with both of them one after the other, getting fucked by both her brother and her dad.
“AAHHHH GOD, HER SHITHOLES SOOO DAMN TIGHT!!! AAHHH, I’M GONNA CUM RIGHT UP HER ASS, AND YOU’RE GONNA LIKE IT, YOU SLUTTY LITTLE SISTER OF MINE!! TAKE MY DICK IN YOUR ASS!!! HARDER!!!” he ordered as she grinded her bare ass harder and harder against his invading dick, moaning and screaming and gagging, begging her dad and brother to fuck her hard and cum inside every part of her body.
“I’ll help with that,” Will said forcefully as he shoved it in her throat again, gagging her and making her lick all around his dick before letting her off for air, then shoving it down again. She sucked harder and harder, and her little head bobbed up and down and up and down.
and Will shot a giant wave of sperm in her throat, overflowing it and making her cough and choke, but he forced all of his cum in her mouth, making her swallow every drop.
“Dad, lets get her hard, make her cum her brains out while we all make her have our slutty little babies, eh?
“that’s just what we’ll do, Shawn, lets all cum in her pussy so she gets pregnant, then we can fuck our pregnant daughter and sister!”
gush after gush of hot juices rushed from her pussy, down to her ass as she grinded both of them harder and harder, clenching them both inside her.
Her dad pumped as hard as he could, and then let it loose, coming load after sticky load into his daughters little preteen belly.
Shawn came right after, as his cum invaded her insides, filling her rectum to overflowing with his cum, jizzing again and again into his little sisters little rectum, gooey and sticky, bubbling.
They all lay there, dicks in every orifice of her body, and slept, completely full of dick in every hole.

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2016-01-14 03:22:19
I personally liked it. I don't think I noticed any spelling or grammar errors like I usually do. The block of text was a little ugly but not too big a problem and the tags were correct. Normally when I look through the "young" section writers seem to think it means like under twenty or something

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2013-12-05 16:21:22
what the heck was this? Wall of Words, strange text ... almost looked like html blocks. Neg vote ... sorry.

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2013-11-06 11:41:03
Very poorly written. Many errors in spelling, capitalization, punctuation and sentence construction.
Proofread your story BEFORE posting it.
A thirteen year old is NOT a pre-teen as you wrote. Make your story plausible by keeping track of your characters and their names and ages.

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2013-10-24 19:09:48
kiUrrD Im thankful for the blog article.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

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2013-10-24 10:53:39

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