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the begining
its my attempt to write stories .. i wont claim them to be true .. or are they ?? ;)
i am not gay .. but i like presence of cute guys at times too.. some might call it lust .. but ultimately its what we all enjoy ;)

i will start of wid one when i was just a kid ...
i was 11 or may be 12 back then .. fair complexion .. tall n cute .. n dreamy brown eyes . or so others used to say ..
i had a friend called steve .. shorter than me .. bt well built for his age ...
we knew each other from school .. we were quite close back then ...we used to have chats about everything ... all types n kinds .. if u know what i mean ;)
oneday we were returning from a private tuition we took together ... he said " no one will be home today .. will u give me company for while.. i wont feel bored then "i s
i said " okk sure thing "
so we went over to his house .. we were sitting on his bed ... fooling around a bit .. when he slowly touched my dick.. i sure loved his touch coz i was gtting erect ...
he looked at me .. to see if i am stopping him or not .. but seeing there is no sign of denial ... he went on rubbing my dick slowly over my shorts ..
i was fully erect by then .. n loving his touch ..
he then slowly put his hand inside my shorts .. n slowly stroked my penis .. up n down .. wow that felt great .. i couldnt explain the sensation .. but it felt great out of the world ...

"you like it ? "
i was too tranced in the sensation to answer anything other than the sound " ahh "
he smiled n slowly opened my shorts ...
he then asked me ... " can i suck it ? "
i was hesitant at first .. but then he stroked the tip of my penis a few times .. n i was in no position to say no ..
he then took it in his mouth n sucked .. it felt at if i was feeling extremely happy for no apparant reason ...
after sucking fr a while .. he opened his shorts ..
he was fully erect ... n well bigger than me ..."like what u see ? " he said ...
i put my hands around it .. it was warm n twitched in my hands ...
"ur touch feels good" he said
then i started to stroke him too.. he closed his eyes n let out a sigh .. i could see he was enjoying it ...
after a while he made me lie on the bed ... n climed over me ..
he opened his shirt .. then mine ... lied over me .. n started kising me all over ...
he kissed on my nipples n licked it too... n he held me tightly n started humping my thigs ..
within 2 mins he held his penis n ran to the bathroom saying " i am about to cum "...
i had never cum before .. so didnt know what was that ..
i suddenly looked at my watch " steve m getting really late .. i will have to leave now... "
"okay see u at school tomorrow "

that was its end there .. now we arent in touch though .. i never did forget the moment

well lemme tell u about the time of my bus travel..
i was travelling on the bus .. needed to go to a place .. lets skip the part why ..
it was a 4 hours journey .. and i had taken the afternoon bus ... i took the window seat ..after a while a cute young boy came and sat beside me ... i saw him .. our eyes met .. but i turned my head n put my headphones n started listening to the music ..
half n hour passed ..
i reached for my bottle to drink some water .. when the boy asked
"excuse me . can i have some water too ? "
i passed him the bottle he said thnx
thn we started chatting ..
iasked him what did e do...
" i am a student of 1st year .. just joined college.." he said
"so how is the experience? "
"well i am just new .. so not much experiences yet.. but i love the atmoshphere "
"how are the girls ?"
"ahhh nice piece of asses "
" u like any ?"
" too many to choose "
we both laughed
he thn asked abt me .. i said ...
after a while we ceased chatting .. n both decided to take a short nap ..
it was getting dark
n the bus lights were off .. everyone was either taking rest .. or sleeping .. but i wasnt ..
i was wide awake but pretended to be asleep... i deliberately put my hands on his thighs.. n pretended as if i had no idea of it ..
he didnt react much .. i thought he might be asleep .. i slowly moved my hands up near his penis ..
no reaction ... i lightly touched his penis ... which was already hard ... n i saw him glace at me and quickly close his eye to pretend he was aslep ..
now iknew he was as much interested in this as much i was .. i slowly kept touching his penis .. carressing it ... then i gave a light grab and let it go ..
he turned towards my side now... n n smiled with his eyes once .. n slowly grabbed my dick ..
it felt great ... i didnt care if anybody was looking .. i was loving what was happening ..
he kept on caressing n grabbing my dick... until i couldnt hold anymore.. i grabbed his hand.. he grabbed my dick tightly whole body twitched .. n the feeling of ecstasy ..
soon then we arrived .. n had to go our separate ways ..
long term memory of a short journey

its just the begining to what i have to share ... a lot more to come .. but all in good time ;)

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2011-10-20 22:21:11
what.......the fuck........made you think.........this was..........the proper dumbass....................

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2011-10-20 17:31:56
Learn how to talk like a person. Wid. Climed. < examples of incorrect words used by well, you.

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2011-10-17 23:05:29
Stay in school, don't quit your day job


2011-10-16 13:31:32
I enjoyed both teases but like the above posters, I think you need to get some depth to your stories.

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2011-10-16 10:14:04
Dear god...and I thought my tuition fees were going somewhere :/

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