This is a complete work of fiction. Please feel free to leave any positive comments!
It was about 2.00am and I was looking forward to going home shortly. It wasn’t often that I worked on a Saturday night, but tonight was one of the few. It had been quite a busy night and I thought that I would take one more fare and then go home. I was sitting in my taxi outside a nightclub waiting for a fare and looking at the pretty girls who were standing about outside. It was the middle of the summer and a lovely warm night and it was great looking at the young girls walking about in mini skirts and tight tops.

A short time later, an attractive girl, mid twenties, long blond hair and a short skirt tottered over in her high heels and asked if I could take her to Castle Street, about 20 minutes away. As it was close to where I lived, I said yes as I could then go straight home after. She had been drinking but wasn’t too drunk.

As she was getting into the back of my car I looked into the extra mirror that I had fixed to the dashboard. Being the pervert that I am, it helped me to look up the skirts of any females who were sitting in the back seat. I could see that my current fare had lovely legs and was wearing white panties.

Because my taxi was a 7 series BMW, I got a lot of work driving business executives to and from the airport and to meetings. I loved getting the sexy female executives in the back and getting a chance to see their black stocking clad legs, and every so often a flash of bare flesh at the top of their holdups.

Well, back to that night, I had the ambient light on in the back, and the fact that it was a light summer night I had a good view of her legs. I always have the music in the car at a mid level, so that it’s not too loud if the customer wants to talk, but loud enough to not leave any awkward silences.

After we had been driving for a few minutes the girls mobile rang and I looked in the mirror and saw her answering it with a big smile on her face. I then heard one side of a conversation that went something like this:

“Hi darling”
……… “Yea, I’m missing you too”
……… “ No, I can’t I’m in a taxi”
……… “Are you sure?”
……… “Yea I’m horny too”
……… “OK, if you’re sure”
“Excuse me driver, excuse me” I looked round and the girl asked me if I could turn the music up a bit. I turned the music up and looked into the rearview mirror to see the girl taking a Bluetooth earpiece out of her bag and put it on.

She started talking, but with the volume of the music I couldn’t hear what she was saying. However I nearly crashed when I looked in the dashboard mirror and saw that she had her legs open and had pulled her skirt up and was rubbing her pussy through her panties. She had her eyes closed, head back and had her other hand inside her silky strappy top that she was wearing with no bra, and feeling her small pert tits and pulling at her nipples.

I turned the music down a bit to hear what she was saying and could hardly believe my ears:

“Yea, I want your hard cock inside me”
“I want to feel your cum inside my cunt”
“Yes, I love when you lick your cum out of my pussy”

By this stage my dick was throbbing and I couldn’t concentrate on my driving. Looking into the mirror I saw that she had now got two fingers inside her shaven pussy and was fingering herself. I heard her moan in ecstasy as she had an orgasm and looking in the mirror saw her love juices spread down the inside of her thighs and onto the leather seat, but heck I wasn’t going to complain.

“Wow, I’ve just cum” she said.
“Why are you not here? I want a cock inside me right now!”
……… “What?”
……… “Are you for real?” as she opened her eyes and sat up straighter.
……… “Yea, he seems to like what I’ve been doing, I can see his cock does anyway” I realized she was talking about me and that my hard on was obvious to her.

……… “Are you really sure?’
……… “Well he is kinda cute”
……… “I wouldn’t mind, but what about you?”
……… “One more time, are you sure?”
……… “Excuse me driver, please pull in somewhere private and quickly”

There was a secluded car park close by and so I pulled in, not really knowing what to expect, but with my heart racing and my cock as hard as it has ever been. Just as I parked, the girl leaned forward and grabbed my dick through my trousers and asked me “Would you please fuck me?” I just nodded, as I couldn’t speak, especially as I knew her boyfriend/husband was on the other end of the phone and could hear everything that was going on.

“Put your seat back,” she said, and I did what I was told and reclined my seat right back. She undid my trousers and after I helped pull them down a bit she freed my dick from my boxers, “Oh my God, his cock’s even bigger than yours” she told whoever was on the other end of the phone, before licking the pre cum of the head of my cock and the taking it in her mouth and starting to suck it while fingering my balls.

After a minute or so she stopped sucking and said “Sorry I wasn’t talking, but it’s rude to talk with your mouth full, if you know what I mean.” Then to me she said “Recline the other seat,” which I did before she lay down on it, “Now, fuck me.”

I moved over on top of her and pulled her top up and started to kiss and suck at her small, but perfectly formed pert tits. “Yes, suck my tits I love it” she moaned as I slipped a finger into her soaking wet pussy. I couldn’t believe what was happening, I was about to fuck an absolute honey and she was commentating to her boyfriend or whatever – totally unreal, but who was I to complain?

“Fuck me now” she commanded and I duly obliged. I pulled her panties aside and slowly slid my dick into her welcoming pussy. “Shit, his cock is so big inside me” she wailed as I started to thrust in and out of her. “Faster, harder” she screamed and I started to pound her cunt as I lifted her ass up off the seat so I could get my cock even further into her. “Aaaaah! I’ve never had such a big dick inside me! Harder you bastard!” as she ripped my shirt open and started to pull violently at my nipples. It was that lovely pain that you get when really turned on and it made me fuck her even harder. As I pulled her tighter towards me, she reached round my back and raked her nails down it leaving me with lovely big red scratches.

“I’m gonna cum” I grunted as I started to pull me cock out of her pussy, “Don’t you dare pull out, fuckin’ cum inside me” she screamed, and just as I was about to cum she stuck a finger right up inside my asshole. Wow, I had never felt anything like it and I screamed as I had the most intense orgasm I had ever had and shot a massive stream of sperm up inside her cunt.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! He made me cum and came inside me, what a bad girl I’ve been! You’ll have to punish me when I come home!”

I lay there drained on top of her, before she said “Now driver I need you to lick me clean.” I had never done anything like that before, and never thought that I would, but at that time it seemed like the most natural thing to do. I got down on my knees in the foot well, and stuck my head in between her legs and started to lap at her very sticky pussy, full of my cum and her love juices. My cum tasted salty and creamy and I could hear her moaning as I continued to lick and probe her cunt with my tongue and fingers rubbing her clit, causing her to cum again and squirt her juices all over my face.

“He’s made me cum again, his tongue is almost as good as yours.”
…….. “I love you, and thank you for such a wonderful night, can’t wait to see you too, love you, bye”.

“Can you take me home now?” she asked, and I scrambled back over to my seat and fixed it as she caught a big drop of sperm in her panties as she rearranged her clothing.

We drove to her house without saying anything and I refused to take any money for the trip. Before she got out of the car she leaned over and give me a lingering kiss before smiling and saying “Thank you, that was amazing.” She then got out of the car and walked off to her house.

I watched as she approached the house and the door opened, and there stood a guy in his mid twenties, who looked towards me with a big grin on his face and winked at me, before the girl wrapped her arms round his neck and he lifted her off the ground grabbing her beautiful ass, a cheek in each hand and carried her into the house!

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2012-02-12 10:48:40
BEKifO Hello! Read the pages not for the first day. Yes, the connection speed is not good. How can I subscribe? I would like to read you in the future!...

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2011-11-25 05:39:46
Sarah was 14 and went to the Girl Guides on Wednesday by bus but always came home in a taxi which I paid for because I don't like her travelling on public transport in the late evening.
Two things happened at once, first my neighbour told me the taxi was stopping in a layby about a mile from home and that Sarah was in it. This meant she was leaving Guides an hour early.
Secondly I found semen stains on her skirt and her panties and she was using the bidet immediately she came home.
I borrowed my friends car and parked in the layby and saw the taxi come and the nice looking older driver got in the back with Sarah. It was very dark and as I got up close I saw him licking my daughters slit and then getting a very thick and long cock into her, she was obviously loving it. He was still fucking her 45 minutes later when I left.
I didn't tell my daughter I'd seen her but she'd seen me. I said I'd get her on birth control and to enjoy herself.
Happiness is everything ! ! !

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2011-11-04 03:05:23
Ohhh, that's hot!! I'd love it if my hubby asked me to do this!

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2011-10-16 18:15:56
Great story - wish my wife would do that!

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