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I Decited to go a different route with my stories........ Hope you all like them (:
Bradley stood at the large window, looking out at the beautiful view of the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. He and Trina were having such a wonderful time in the City by the Bay, having arrived last Saturday from Dallas.  They'd ridden the cable cars, gone to Fisherman's Wharf, and eaten some great meals. They'd also had a lot of sex. A real lot of sex. In the bed in their hotel room, in the shower in their hotel room, in front of the window of their hotel room right where Bradley now stood. In fact, just half an hour ago, as a freshly showered Trina sat on the little bathroom stool drying her hair, Bradley had crawled underneath it to skillfully lick her clit until she came. Trina had returned the favor by blowing Bradley as he stood against the bathroom counter. 

But now they had to get going to the main event of the trip, the wedding of one of Trina's very best friends. Bradley was dressed and ready to go to the ceremony - well, except for his tie that he'd need Trina to tie for him. "Trina, you almost ready?" Bradley called toward the bathroom. 

A moment later the door opened, and Trina emerged. She looked stunning, her beautiful face framed by her head of thick brown hair, her fine figure encased in, amazingly enough, a pretty good looking bridesmaid dress. "So what do you think of the dress? Trina asked. "Well frankly, the best thing I've seen you this trip was your Lingerie," Bradley answered. "But this dress is a close second. It really shows off your great ass." 

His tie tightly tied by Trina's expert fingers, Bradley piloted their Lamborghini though the heavy traffic toward the church. Dallas may not be as cosmopolitan as San Francisco, Bradley thought, but people back home sure drive better. 

They arrived at the church in plenty of time. Trina moved off to join the other bridesmaids in attending to the bride. The wedding began late, as usual. Bradley of course thought that Trina was much prettier than the bride, but at least the bride was the second best looking woman up there. Vows were exchanged, rings were exchanged, kisses were exchanged. And soon everyone had moved into the reception hall for the party. 

Bradley went straight for the bar, ordering a Beer for himself and a Martini for Trina. Trina stood in the reception line, shaking hands or receiving kisses on the cheek from people she either knew a little, or not at all. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Bradley approaching slowly, greeting the others in the wedding party. Damn he's great looking, Trina thought, feeling a little buzz in her clit as she flashed on a few of their sexual exploits this trip. Finally Bradley reached Trina, and presented her with her Martini. "You are so thoughtful," she said, taking a big gulp of it. Then she planted a nice long kiss on Bradley's lips. Holding him close, she whispered in his ear, "You look so hot in that tux. You are making my pussy really wet." Now Bradley needed a big gulp of his drink. 

The bride and groom moved out onto the floor for their first dance, and soon were joined by the wedding party. Trina and Bradley held each other especially tight, Trina's breasts pressed against Bradley's chest, their pelvises similarly joined. Trina ran her hand up the back of Bradley's neck and into his black hair, at the same time planting little kisses on his neck, then his earlobe. The sensations were beginning to get to Bradley, and he felt a familiar stirring down in his groin. Trina felt it as well. "Um, what's happening down there?" Trina whispered. "You keep kissing and rubbing me like that," Bradley said, "and it's gonna get embarrassing out here." "I'm not gonna be embarrassed," Trina said. "I love your nice hard cock. Just like I love your arms. You should show the world." "There's a minister here," Bradley replied. "Plus assorted grandparents, and children. Let's just keep my cock between us." "That sounds good, too," Trina said with a laugh. And then the music changed to a fast number, Trina and Bradley separating to dance to it. The decreased contact and increased exertion soon had Bradley's tumescence in retreat. But watching Bradley move around the dance floor was just making Trina even hotter, and her pussy even stickier. 

Next came the dinner, a decent meal, but nothing special. Frankly, Bradley would have rather had Sandwich. Trina was so caught up in all the excitement, she probably wouldn't have eaten if they'd served crab legs. No matter, at least the bar was open. Trina returned from a trip to it, and began to make casual conversation with the others at the table. As she took her first sip of her second drink, she casually rested her free hand on Bradley's thigh. Bradley's cock began to stir. After a couple sips, that hand had moved to Bradley's upper thigh. Now his cock began to grow. And as she polished off the drink, that hand moved right into his crotch. Bradley's cock was now rock hard. Bradley scooted in so the combination of the tablecloth and his napkin would shield what Trina was doing. Trina knew she was driving him crazy - and she loved it. 

Bradley was astounded at the way Trina could fondle him while still conversing with the others at the table. All he could manage was the occasional "uh-huh" or "hmm," since his concentration was certainly not at its best. His cock was pressed up against her hand, twitching as she alternately grasped it and released. He just picked at his dessert, a vanilla something or other. 

The band returned from its break, and began to play a hip-hop song. The other couples at the table got up to dance. "Um, did you want to dance too?" Bradley asked Trina. "Actually, I wanna fuck," Trina replied. "Great," said Bradley, deadpan. "You wanna lay down on the table, or you gonna sit on my lap?" Trina just smiled, and took Bradley by the hand. She led him away from the table - Bradley keeping his jacket pulled in front of his crotch - and out the door of the reception hall. 

They passed a few people out in the lobby area, older relatives mostly, who all smiled and said hello to the bridesmaid. Trina led Bradley down a hallway, but it ended at the kitchen - that wouldn't do. They backtracked, then went down another hallway, which made a sharp turn, then led to a closet door. Trina jiggled the handle. Locked. "I guess this is gonna have to do," she said to Bradley. "Right here, right now?" Bradley said, doubtfully. 

Trina backed up against the door, and slowly began to pull up her dress. She slid the red taffeta higher and higher, revealing her shins, then her knees, then her thighs, then finally the small triangle of fabric that covered her pussy. With her left hand holding up her skirt, Trina used her right to push that fabric aside, and reveal her wet, swollen pussy to Bradley. She plunged her middle finger deep into herself, then dragged it up through her slit, resting it beside her clit. She waited a moment for Bradley to look up from the sensuous view he was enjoying, and into her beautiful hazel eyes. "Does that answer your question?" she asked. 

Bradley quickly began to unbutton his pants, then pulled down his zipper. His hard cock was out in no time, Trina reaching for it, and pulling him up against her. Holding tight, she began to pump him in long, twisting strokes. Bradley reached though the collection of cool taffeta, and found Trina's exposed pussy, his two middle fingers instantly and easily plunging deep into her. He pulled up against Trina's pubic bone, on her g-spot, a shiver of pleasure going through her. Removing those finger, Bradley slid them up to surround Trina's clit, vibrating them ever so softly around her love button. Trina let out a loan moan, then mashed her mouth against Bradley's, their tongues playfully exploring each other's mouths. 

While still kissing, Trina maneuvered Bradley's cock toward herself, and positioned the head of it right against her pussy. Bradley could feel her warm wetness. Then Trina began to move Bradley's cock up and down her slit, the head sliding easily in her slickness, her pussy twitching every time it made contact with her clit. Then Trina broke the kiss, and looked deep into Bradley's brown eyes. She placed the head of his cock back at her opening, now even wetter. Simultaneously, they each pushed forward, and in an instant Bradley was deep inside her. A satisfied "ahhh" emanated from them both. Trina released her dress, and wrapped both her arms around Bradley's neck. Then she wrapped her legs around his waist, and just held on tight as they began to hump each other for all they were worth. 

Bradley felt like he had never been deeper inside Trina. He loved pulling back, then slowly plunging into her, his cock sliding past the edge of the panties she still wore, then pushing into her warm, soft flesh. Being totally supported by her man made Trina feel like she was floating on a cloud. A cloud of passion, as each thrust seemed to split her apart. Grinding together was putting plenty of friction on her clit, and waves of pleasure were radiating up through her torso, and down through her thighs. The tension was building in her, her moans were getting deeper and louder. "Come on baby, I'm almost there," she almost groaned. Bradley needed no more encouragement. He picked up the pace, stroking faster, and harder. And even deeper. Now Bradley was breathing hard, a sheen of sweat on his face. 

Trina's pussy began to involuntarily twitch, grasping Bradley's cock with every stroke. Her clit was buzzing, as it was stretched and pulled by their movements, and rubbed by Bradley's coarse pubic hair. Bradley's cock began to twitch now as well - he knew he was so close, but wanted to hold off just a tad longer. Until he knew Trina was coming. And then, when he heard that high pitched little "ehhh" she always let out, he knew. He could let it go. Because Trina was past the point of no return. Her moans were now their loudest, and deepest, as the tension flooded from her clit and pussy and built up throughout her entire torso. Bradley felt the come mass in his cock, and the tension spread into his torso and back. And then, with a simultaneous "aaaahhhhh" they both exploded, that tension releasing into wave after wave of pleasure. Bradley shot load after load of come into Trina, her pussy greedily clutching and releasing his cock, again and again as she was overcome with warmth and tranquility. Bradley was drained, and had to press Trina even more firmly against the door to keep them both upright. Trina just wrapped her legs around him more tightly, loving the feel of him deep inside her. 

Trina and Bradley smiled at each other, and kissed deeply. This had been quite a vacation, topped off with an incredible memory from the wedding. But they weren't the only ones taking home a memory, as they realized when the heard a rustle nearby. Glancing over, they saw an elderly couple, the groom's grandparents, looking at them. "How come you never did something like that to me?" Grandma said, flicking her hand on grandpa's shoulder. "Gimme a break." Grandpa replied. "We fucked like dogs plenty of times." As the two shuffled off, Trina and Bradley just chuckled, knowing that with the love they shared they could look forward to growing old together, just like those grandparents.

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This was absolutely amazing. :)

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Passable story. Not enough deive sex.

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