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As I finished taking the boxes inside my new home, a female voice startled me. “Hey, how are you?”. As I turned, I saw one of the most gorgeous women I have ever laid eyes on. Her beautiful dark blond hair and clearly visible long tanned legs distracted me from noticing the perky breasts that jutted from her Lacoste shirt. “Hi, I’m Courtney” she told me.I introduced myself and she told me that she lived in the house across the street. “Maybe I’ll see you in campus”, she continued to say. My conversation was on autopilot, since I was in sheer awe of the goddess in front of me. As she walked off, I noticed her beautiful round ass that was clearly noticeable from her tennis skirt.

I could not stop thinking about her and the next day, as I walked into my Marketing class, I saw her sitting there. “Hey, how are you?” she asked me with her innocent voice. I managed to take the seat next to her and the professor assigned those seats for the rest of the semester. I was lucky enough to get that coveted seat. Now I could work on her.

When the first test came, I offered to arrange a study session together. She accepted and I was thrilled. That night, she came over to study. However, she brought along another person. It was her roommate, Wyatt, who was also in our class. The minute I saw him, the word “cock-block” came to mind.

We studied for about an hour when we took a break. Courtney went into the kitchen and pull out some beers that I had in the fridge. One beer became two and later three and four. By the sixth beer, we were all in no condition to study. This is when it happened. “You know, I noticed the way you looked at me when we first met and how you look at me in class. It’s time to make your dream come true”. I was in cloud nine and managed to pinch myself to see if this was a dream.

We both went to my room and started kissing in the dark. But then, I felt as if another person was in the room. Yes, Wyatt had come along and was caressing her hair as she gave me a passionate kiss. This was the first time I ever had sex with another woman with another man in the room but I said Fuck It, I was too damn hot for her. I managed to open her shirt and noticed that she had no bra. I slowly worked my mouth down to her breast and sucked her fully erect nipple. I then saw Wyatt do the same thing but with her other breast.

We all stripped and Courtney laid down on the bed. Wyatt positioned himself between her legs and started pumping his cock deep in her shaved pussy. She started moaning with pleasure and motioned me over to her. She then started sucking my dick. She played expertly with the head and gave it long strokes with her tongue. After several minutes of this, Wyatt let off a moan and I knew he had come. Right after that, I emptied my spunk into her mouth. She continued to suck me dry and swallowed the rest of my load.

I then moved into her pussy and sucking on it. Her love juices combined with Wyatt’s semen made it a tasty treat. I continued to lick her clit and pussy until she let out a moan and I knew she was coming. It was time to fuck her. As I inserted my throbbing dick into her cunt, I moaned with pleasure. Although her canal was slick from her juices, I could feel her tightness around my dick. As I fucked Courtney, I looked up to see Wyatt jerking off to the sight. The look of pleasure on both of them made me blow the load of a lifetime deep into Courtney’s pussy.

As I watched Wyatt jerking off, I suddenly had the urged to suck his cock. I approached my head to his muscular chest and drove my tongue down his treasure trail and took his dick in his mouth. I’m not gay, but his dick tasted incredible. I explored the velvet head with my mouth and proceeded to suck his organ. He then moved me towards him in a sort of 69 position and took my cock in his mouth. He sucked me as good as any woman. It was not long as he squeezed my ball and I filled his mouth with semen, my third orgasm of the night. He came right after that and his warm juice filled my mouth. I swallowed what I could and shared the rest with Courtney’s hungry mouth.

After this first experience, we have had more study-and-fuck sessions. As they say, every day you learn something new.


2007-01-21 03:12:31
i love fucking girls but i only masturbate to this stuff. sucking another guy's cock and having it up my ass would be heaven - even better, one in my mouth and one fucking me at the same time.wanting to drink come den't make you gay


2006-05-07 05:26:04
Hmmmm lol ram ur cock in her ass


2006-01-08 21:56:59
Great start! Would love to have had soooo much more!! This is bi stories..if you don't like guys on guys..don't read!


2005-08-22 09:45:41
Far too short a story man, you need more detail and depth.

As for all those people complaining about man on man sex, Don't read the bi pages ya wankers!!!


2005-07-07 15:24:45
Good but too short. I wonder if I'll ever get to taste cock and pussy at the same time.

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