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A mother uses her sexual skills and body to negotiate her daughter's prenuptual agreement



When Stone’s balls were completely empty, he pulled out of Suzanne’s gasping, glistening wet mouth, released her head and dismounted from the back of the couch

She lifted her head and watched him come around the sofa, while she choked and licked her well stretched, puffy from hard use, lips.

He picked up her purse and handed it to her, saying, “Put on a fresh coat of lipstick and straighten your clothes out.”

Doing as she was told, she pushed her nipples back into her white latex top, then pulled her ultra short and tight white latex skirt back down, then and smoothed it into place over her ass cheeks and the tops of her thighs to die for.

When she was through primping herself, he grabbed her by the arm and said, “Now let’s go into my study and continue reviewing the investigator’s damning evidence about your past, decadent sex life.”

Orally ravished, and boozed up on cum, she kept licking her lips and swallowing, as he pulled her to her feet and led her through the huge mansion to his study.

He took her over to the chair that was in front of his desk, and then slapped her hard on each magnificent ass cheek, before pushing her super ripe body down onto the leather seat.

Looking down at her, he said, “Damn, Suzanne, it is obvious from your oral performance that your mouth has had a lot of cocks stuffed into it, for you to practice on.”

“And may I say that, based on the sample I just got, I can certainly confirm that the investigators were exactly right about you being an expert at cock swallowing, and that you sure as hell know how to eat a man’s meat.”

Pant less, Stone walked around the enormous desk and sat down its black leather swivel chair.

“Now let’s get back to the investigator’s expose that paints you as being such a shameless, round-heeled slut.”

He reached into a desk drawer and pulled out a foot thick ream of paper and slammed it down on the top of his desk.

He looked into her sex steamy eyes and, pointing at the pile of paper, said, “That is a full copy of the report. It discloses every aspect of your sexual history, as described by many of the men you have had sex with.”

“It is so damned hot that I am surprised it’s not smoking. If we were to publish it, and include some pictures of you in it, the damn thing would be a worldwide best seller.

He leaned back and said, “Damn, woman, you have had one hell of a wanton sex life. Based on the findings in this report, if my family members were to see it, they would not only demand that my son’s engagement to your daughter be terminated, they would want you to be stoned as a jezebel.”

“As I mentioned to you earlier, after painstakingly going through the report a half a dozen times, my cousin and lawyer, Herb Davis, has adamantly taken exactly that same position, excluding the stoning.”

He shook his head in wonder, and said, “It is still hard for me to connect how fabulous you look, and the marvelous way you carry yourself, with the list of sexual sins that are so graphically described in this documentary of your wanton sex life.”

“Now, before we go any further, I want you to understand that, although I have the last word in all family matters, I always allow my cousin, Herb, to fully speak his mind about any important thing that I do.”

“I invite his advice and wise council and greatly value his input and normally agree with, and follow his recommendations.”

“In this case, the evidence against you is so overwhelmingly damning, that there is no question that I should take Herb’s advice and break off our children’s engagement and throw your absolutely superb ass out of here, forever.”

“I mean, it is still hard for me to believe that any woman could do all of the things your former boyfriend’s say you have done for them, unless she was a paid prostitute.”

“And I don’t think that even a street walker would do some of the things your sex mates say that you have done for them,” he concluded.


“Now, before I make my final decision about you and your daughter, I feel compelled to tell you a little about myself, so that you will know exactly where I am coming from, in making my decision.”

He got up, came around the desk, grabbed her by the tits with, both hands, and then them to lift her to her feet.

“But you look so god damned hot and enticing sitting there, with all those fantastically plush curves of yours waiting at the ready, that I feel compelled to ass fuck you while I’m explaining my motivations.”

He ordered her to pull off her panties, and when she had discarded them, he said, “Now crawl up on my desk and get on your back so I can stick my cock up your ass.”

Her mind was racing as she thought about how she could work her way out of this threat to her daughter’s wedding and future.

Her wild sexual ways had gotten her into this monumental dilemma, and she wasn’t going to be able to explain away what that report disclosed about her totally promiscuous sexual history.

But, knowing men as well as she did, she also knew that there was a good chance that she might be able to use those same sexual skills to get her get out of this mess.

Buoyed by that well founded ray of hope, she hiked her short skirt up around her waist, zipped her top down, exposing her magnificent melons, then eagerly clamored up onto the desk and got on her back, ready to provide Stone with some hot, ball stirring, and mentally gratifying anal action.

Her insatiable host grabbed her by the hips and dragged her body across the desktop until her crotch was resting just beyond the edge of the thick slab of wood.

He put his hands behind her knees and pushed them up towards her shoulders, then spread her lush thighs wide apart.

Grabbing his cock in his hand, he lined the shaft up with her cuntal channel, and then shoved it into her inviting, puffy lipped vaginal slit.

Her pussy was very wet and, after he got 3 or 4 inches of his shaft into her slippery pleasure chute, he groaned, “God damned your cunt is so damned tight. You would think that, after all of the cocks it has had in it, the damned thing would be permanently gaped.”

Totally turned on, he began driving his jumbo sized sausage home, lubing it up in preparation for its trip up her ass,

When he had churned her snatch to a froth, he pulled his cuntal cream coated dong out of her super hot snatch, and put the juice coated head of it against her puckered anus.

He wasted no time in plowing his huge pecker into her amazingly tight and very receptive anal channel.

As his rigid boner penetrated her rear sex provider, inch by inch, she moaned loudly, in full heat, twisting her head from side to side.

When he had finally banged it in up to the hilt, she suddenly climaxed with another body shaking convulsion.

Stone paused for a moment, with his dick buried in to full depth, and watched her body shudder beneath him.

Impressed, he said “Damn, bitch, are you a hot one, or what? It looks like you will almost instantly respond to any stimulation that you are provided with. This deal is getting better by the minute.”

After he had returned to rhythmically humping her ass, he said “Now that my cock is enjoying gaping your back door chute, let me give you some background about myself.”

“I tried marriage for several years and, except for the fact that I got a fine son out of that bargain from hell, I found marriage to be a totally preposterous arrangement. It is against human nature and brings the man nothing but hassles and grief, in return for too few rewards.”

He briefly interrupted his line of thought, saying, “God damn your anal channel is tight that I am going to put my pecker back in your pussy and get it creamed up some more, then stuff it back up your ass.”

He made the hole transfer, banged her cunt several times, then jerked his stiff prick out of the oozing twat and rammed it back up her waiting rear cock receptacle.

After giving her a number of deep, anal passage stretching thrusts, he said, “Now that is much better. Keep on clenching your anus and give me some real super friction.”

She expertly did as she was told while he took a huge tit in each hand, for leverage, and renewed pounding his long, thick, 10 inch member up her ass.

He looked down at her outrageously curved body, as his dick pounded into it, then went on with his explanation.

“I have been single for fifteen years and, for the most part, have found that dating women, and listening to their selfish demands, eventually turned out to be almost as big a hassle as marriage was.”

“As an alternative, I tried many high class prostitutes and found them not to be able to provide me with the real sexual gratification that I wanted. It is just a robotic, money making proposition for them.”

“The sex with them is whatever I wanted it to be, and it is good, but it leaves much to be desired on the gratification scale. They have a tendency to moan and fake climaxes at the wrong times, but the good side is that they didn’t hassle me about anything except about how much their fee should be.”

Slamming it deep, he choked out, “Oh fuck, my dick feels so damn good plowing you up the ass. Squeeze it as hard as you can, you gorgeous, round-heeled slut.”

“Damn, the investigators said that they had been told by all the your free tricks, that you love getting it up the ass, and it sure as hell looks like they were dead right about that.”

Groaning with passion he went on, “The closest thing to real gratification I have found, over the years, has come from fucking married babes. In the cheating mode, the MILF’s really put out some great and exciting sex. But, eventually, they too start asking for things I am not willing to provide them with.”

“I had just recently reached a point where I thought that what I really needed was to have a porn star as a wife.”

“I really liked the idea of knowing that she was out being debauched on a daily basis, in every conceivable way. I thought that it might give me the totally dirty sexual gratification I was not finding elsewhere.”

“Then, a few weeks after I had seen you for the first time, and that I was mesmerized by your beauty and prick teasing style, the preliminary results of the investigation of your background came into my hands.”

“Since I knew how incredibly beautiful and sexy looking you were, and was so crazy to have you, I was immediately intrigued by reading about your years of uninhibited sexual debauchery.”

“As classy looking and acting as you are, it was quite a revelation to find out that you have been fucked by hundreds of men, in every conceivable way.”

“The more that I read, the more interested I became, and the more I wanted to find out everything I could about you.”

“So when my cousin urged me to expand the scope of the investigator’s work, and really find out about all of the things you have done in the past, I immediately approved it.”

“When I read their updates, I began to find that the more sexual dirt they dug up on you, the more interesting and appealing you became to me.”

“When I finally had all of the details of your sex life laid out in front of me, I concluded that you were everything that I had been looking for.”

“You were incredibly gorgeous, stacked beyond belief and you were totally promiscuous and would fuck absolutely anyone who had money; male, female, married, single, uglier than sin. You really didn’t care, or give a damn.”

“It was amazing to me that, after all of the fucking you have done, and all the lewd things that you had to do for your dates, none of it ever changed your attitude or persona, one iota.”

“In fact, all that the large quantities of raunchy sex had done was hone your sexual skills to absolute perfection.”

“In their conclusion, the investigators, and their psychiatrist, stated that you were a perfect, boner plowed and trained, totally uninhibited sexpot, and that you loved being one, and always would.”

As he continued to pound his swollen tool up her ass he concluded, “Plus you have the added bonus of being married, so everything you did with, or for, me would be performed as a cheating wife, the best of all possible scenarios.”

At that moment, the combination of his huge dick ravishing and gaping her anal passage, and listening to his summation of her positively whorish sexual past, brought her to another violent, body bucking climax.

Her loud moans, and the wild shudders that wracked her body, triggered his own climax, and he shot volley after volley of his spunk up her ass, while her face told him that she was filled with raw, unmitigated lust.

Then he collapsed on top of her, gasping for breath, giving her a few moments to sort out and digest all the things he had just told her, and try to determine what they might mean to she and Paige’s future.

While she tried to figure out where all of this was going, her anus was still squeezing the shaft of his cock and she could feel his cum begin to ooze out from around his thick shaft and start to pool on the slippery desktop.


He finally lifted his body off of hers, straightened up, then pulled his still stiff cock out of her well stretched ass, with a loud suctioning sound.

Stone pulled her off of the desk and shoved her down onto her knees. He stuffed his dripping cock into her mouth and said, “Now suck it clean, just like you have done for all of your other fuck mates.”

He then watched the gorgeous wench put on a noisy, raunchy, cock cleaning demonstration that was so far beyond nasty that she had him already wanting to fuck her again.

He finally pulled the glistening shaft out of her mouth, dragged her to her feet and put her back down in her chair, again, her wet, oozing crotch pressing itself against the cold leather chair seat.

Stone returned to his swivel chair, appreciating even more what a wonderfully uninhibited, totally decadent woman she was.

He looked at her luscious, disheveled state, and thought to himself that Herb was certainly correct when he had warned him that she would do absolutely anything, with absolutely anyone. But there was also no question that she’d look damned good doing it.

“So, you dazzling slut, it is time to make a final decision about your daughter’s marriage to my son,” he said, firmly.

“Now, although I have great respect for the stance Herb has taken in this situation, I also recognize that he is a tight assed, ultra-conservative little prick who, by nature and training, is an insulting jerk who has a very bad attitude towards women.”

“To give you an idea of how his warped mind works, he thinks that any woman who is willing to sign a prenup agreement is overtly demonstrating that she is nothing more than a higher class of whore.”

“As far as he is concerned, by signing such a demeaning contract, she is just agreeing to swap the use of her body for a legally specified amount of money. Ergo, with her signature, she becomes nothing more than a very expensive piece of ass.”

“In theory, I agree that he is technically correct. But one has to wonder what kind of twisted mind would espouse these types of radical positions in today’s very liberal world. The mere fact that he is a lawyer certainly tells you something about why he has such a jaded and suspicious mind towards women.”

“So the question before me is, do I expel you and your daughter from the scene and ensure that my family can never be threatened by someone finding out about the depth of the sexual depravity that is so explicitly described in this report.”

“Or, do I set the report aside, along with the recommendation of my lawyer/cousin, and let the marriage take place.”

“By the evidence there is absolutely no question that I should cast you and your daughter out, for your having been such an overtly promiscuous slut.”

“The damning testimony against you, that is spelled out in infinite detail in the investigator’s report is undeniable and overwhelming, and must be accepted at face value.”

“But, in spite of the findings of the report, you do have several things going for you that I must consider strongly:

- My son Brad is crazy about your daughter and he would never forgive me for making him give the up the soon to be Miss Universe.

- Every member of the family loves your daughter and thinks she is fantastic.

- And, most compelling of all, is the fact that I find you so irresistibly tantalizing and stunningly beautiful, that I am completely hooked on you, just like I was a drug addict.

“So, as crazy as it seems, I am so infatuated with you that I am going to let my cock make the final decision in this case.”

“So, if you will agree to the terms I am going to offer you, the wedding will take place.”

“And please understand that my terms are completely non-negotiable. Your answer will either be a yes or a no,” he announced to her.

“First you must understand that the female who I am hooked on is the one that the investigator’s report describes, not the one who is Walt’s new wife.”

“I think that it is a total waste of your unique, totally wanton and promiscuous, sexual talents for you to continue in your current role in life. You and that body of yours were meant to be fucked by many men, all of the time.”

“So the role that I want you to agree to fill is that of being my personal prostitute, a high class bimbo who I can use and pimp out whenever I want too.”

“In my business I have many U.S. politicians in positions of power who I provide girls to, and I want you to become my primary source of pussy for them.”

“I also do business with many foreign dignitaries who I also want you to provide the same filthy sexual services to them.”

“Now I also want you to stay married to Walt, so that you will always be a cheating wife while you are entertaining the free tricks I assign you too. Your husband will provide me with a perfect beard for your illicit activities.”

“And I not only want you to stay married to Walt, I am going to take you to Mexico, and marry you illegally, so that you will actually be the virtual porn star wife that I have wanted to experience.”

“In exchange for your agreeing to do all of that, I will put terms in your daughter’s premup that will make her a secure and wealthy woman.”

He looked at her and asked, “So, what is your answer, Suzanne? Are you in or out?”

Without a moment of hesitation, she replied, “Yes, of course I accept your terms. I will do absolutely anything you want me to do in order to insure that my daughter gets to become a member of your family, and become a wealthy woman.”

“So you don’t find my demands to be to demanding,” he asked.

“No, I think they sound like fun. After all of those years of being a party girl, my current life is far to humdrum, and Walt is much to old to satisfy my needs.”

“I miss all of the excitement of dating for sex, so I’ll be more than happy to fuck any you want, and with whomever you want me too.”

“Plus I love getting screwed by you and your monster sized prick,” she smiled, wickedly.

“Well that is fantastic, baby. I couldn’t be happier. Now lets seal the deal by me fucking your pussy, before my cousin gets here.”


Stone got up and came around the desk, picked her latex panties up off the floor, then stuffed them in her mouth.

Then he got her on her feet and pushed her up to the edge of the massive desk, grabbed her by the back of the neck and bent her over it, facedown, until her huge tits were pressed hard against the cold, slippery wood.

Then he kicked her feet apart and she immediately felt the head of his huge pecker press against her wet cuntal slit.

He shoved a few inches of his rigid penis into her already well primed vagina, then put his left hand on her ass and stuck its thumb into her oozing anus.

She moaned passionately at the abrupt double penetration of her lower orifices, as he grabbed a fist full of her mane of thick blonde hair, jerked her head up, then started pounding his cock into her very juiced up, and glove tight twat.

As she began getting her hot cunt violently hammered, she heard a male voice say, “Stone, are you in the study?”

“Yeah, Herb, come on in,” Stone shouted in response.

She heard footsteps approaching then heard the same voice say, “Damn, Stone, I didn’t realize that you were busy. Do you want me to wait outside?”

“Hell no, come on in and sit in my swivel chair and we can go ahead and get started talking about the terms of the pre-nuptial agreement, while I finish fucking my son’s, future mother-in-law’s, pussy,” Stone panted, as he noisily rammed his stiff prick into her oozing, highly stimulated snatch.

A moment later she saw a smallish, balding, very unattractive male, in his forties, dressed in a very expensive Oxford suit, come into view, then sit down in the swivel chair, right in front of her face, and set his briefcase down beside the desk.

Stone said, “Herb, you’ve never actually met my sex partner, so say hello to Suzanne, a person you know more about than she probably does herself. She is here representing the bride in today’s prenup negotiations.”

Since Stone was using her hair like a horse’s bridle, her face was up so she and Herb could view each other clearly.

What she saw was a diminutive, sour looking attorney giving her a short, disgusted wave of his hand, as he watched her take it, doggy style, with white latex sprouting from between her lips.

Pinned down on the desk, with a mouth full of her saliva drenched panties, having a cock rammed into her pussy, and grunting each time Stone’s hips splatted against her ass, was not the position she had expected to be in when she met Stone’s woman hating legal beagle.

She had no alternative, since speaking was not an option, but to just nod her head at him, returning Stone’s cousin’s reluctant, baleful greeting.

“Suzanne, as I told you, my cousin is the lawyer who is drawing up the prenup agreement and he is also here to make sure that my family’s interests are well protected.”

“As we proceed, I want to remind you again that Herb doesn’t think your daughter should have any legal rights, at all, in her marriage to Brad,” Stone laughed.

“And always remember that he thinks all women are filthy whores, so try not to take his insults personally.”

“Now, Herb, before we start on the legal stuff, let me tell you that the investigator’s report was right on the money about this outstanding piece of pure, unadulterated, wonderfully dirty sex, ass.”

Having arrived there thinking that the blonde Cunt was permanently out of the picture, Herb was in a state of shock hearing his cousin talk about a prenup agreement, and quickly blurted out, “But Stone, I thought that we were going to terminate Brad’s engagement to this slut’s daughter, and throw the round heeled tramp, and her daughter, out on their asses.”

“Well, Herb, I have weighed all of the facts of this matter, and I have made a final decision to keep Suzanne here as my main squeeze, and let her daughter marry Brad.”

Herb shouted angrily, “But this bitch is little more than a god damned cheap whore, Stone. Jesus, she should be in jail for some of the sex acts she has committed.”

“Yeah, you are probably right, Herb, but that is also what I like so much about her. She is all the woman a man could want and I have decided to keep her around so that I can use her sexual skills to gratify myself any time I want.”

Outraged, Herb responded angrily, “Well that is a horrible decision you are making, and I am totally against it. She is nothing but a god damned trophy tramp and doesn’t deserve to be associated with our family, at all.”

“Well it’s too late now, Herb, she stays, and that is all there is to it. You may think that she is a whore, but now she’s my whore. So, lets get on with things and work out the details of the prenuptial agreement.”

Suzanne’s position having been settled, Stone kept forking her pussy as he and Herb began to argue over the details of the prenup agreement, with Stone taking the side of making Paige rich and Herb trying to insure that she got absolutely nothing.

Since Stone had shot his wad into her body twice in the last hour, this pussy fucking session went on for a long time. Regardless of how loud the arguments got, she continued to get Stone’s ever hard prick rammed into her vagina, ball deep, while Herb watched her get ravaged.

As he rutted her, Stone used the fist full of her hair to keep her head pulled up, so that she could watch Herb state his positions. She followed the negotiations as closely as possible, in spite of being sexually intoxicated from all of the cum and boning she’d been getting, and was getting.

Since she couldn’t speak, Stone restricted his questions for her to ones she could answer by a nod of her head, negatively or affirmatively.

Herb, apparently on his worst behavior, was basically against everything that Stone proposed that would benefit Paige, and in the nastiest of terms.

Herb, seeing Suzanne as both a tramp and the enemy, spent a lot of his time telling Stone what a round heeled slut the investigators said she was, quoting passages from their reports to support his contentions.

As he was listening to his cousin describe what the woman who was bent over in front of him, getting forked, had done for two Jersey car dealers, Stone bellowed, “Sweet Jesus, Herb, this bitch has the best pussy I have ever been in. It’s a damn cock processing machine. Shit I’ll never get enough of this stuff.”

Minutes later, in the middle of one of Herb’s more insulting diatribes, Stone yelled some obscenities then climaxed again, flooding her vagina with a cup of hot, sticky spunk.

As he pumped his jism into her, he said, “Cousin, that was the best piece of ass I have ever had, bar none. This Cunt is built to take on anything that she is presented with.”


When his gun was empty he just left his prick in her pussy and stood behind her with his hand on her ass and a hand full of her thick blonde hair, keeping her in place as he and Herb continued the discussions.

As they argued each point, Herb sullenly held his ground with his cousin about the financial terms of the prenup, until they finally reached a temporary stalemate.

Stymied and frustrated, Stone said, “Baby, Herb seems to be in an extremely bad mood today, and he certainly is not on your side about anything. In fact, it is obvious that he doesn’t like you at all. I’m afraid that my deal with you has him bearing a deep-seeded grudge.”

“Now, just between you and me, I think that the reason Herb is always in a bad mood is because he doesn’t get enough pussy. As you can see, he is a homely little guy, so he hasn’t had much luck making out with women, at all. As a result he hates all of you bitches, intensely.”

“It appears to me that you need to do something to try to get him out of this funk he’s in, and get him into a better mood. So why don’t you take your panties with you and go in my bathroom, freshen up, then come back out here and use your sexual skills to try and loosen him up a little, and put him in a more cooperative frame of mind.”

“You’ll find a cheap whore’s dress in the bathroom, so go in there and wash up, put on the fresh outfit, and then come back out here and put your charms to work on my frustrated lawyer.”

He pulled his semi-stiff cock out of her pussy, then used her hair to pull her upper body up off of the desktop, then smacked her on the ass and sent her on her way.

She picked up her latex panties and went into the bathroom where she stripped off the bodily fluids covered latex outfit. She then used a wet washcloth to wipe off all of Stone’s cum, as well as her own cuntal juices, and then rinsed her mouth out.

She fixed her hair and makeup and put on a fresh coat of lipstick. She then took a cheap leopard skin dress off of a hook and put it on.

It was a one piece frock that was too tight and too short, and had a bungi cord type of stretch elastic that went around her neck and held up the top of the dress.

There was a pair of calf high, garish black boots, with thick, 6 inch heels that went perfectly with the trashy dress. She stepped into them, then looked in the mirror and saw that she was back to looking glamorous and hot, in spite of the fact that the dress was pure, cheap hooker.

She absolutely hated the idea of having to make out with the bad mannered, repulsive, nasty minded, foul speaking little lawyer/cousin, but she thought that Stone was right, she needed to do something to try and put him in a better mood so he would relent on some the prenup issues that directly affected her daughter.

Since Herb knew what Stone had been doing to her today, she knew that he would not want to kiss her or fuck her, so she was going to have to concentrate on gratifying his cock with her mouth, to take the edge off of him.

She also knew that he would want to demonstrate his total contempt for her, while she worked to get his nuts off, so her getting on her knees and worshipping his cock in this cheap, street walker clothing would be just what he wanted to happen.

She was confident that her talented mouth and tongue would bring around, even a vile, grudge bearing, pure asshole like Herb.

She fully realized that he would always resent and dislike her, no matter what she did for him, but at least she could try and bring him around, temporarily, if only long enough to get the prenup issues settled.

She took a deep breath to get herself pumped up into full whore mode, and ready to take on this distasteful task. When her attitude was right for the task head of her, she opened the door and strutted out like an over-sexed trollop.

Herb and Stone were now sitting on a couple of stools in the bar area of the study, so she undulated over to the watching men and slid in between their stools.

Stone slipped his arm around her waist and said, “Well Herb, you think that she is a common whore, so here she is looking just like one, just for you.

He reached under her skirt and stroked her pussy and clit, then said, “He’s all yours baby, do your stuff and make him happy.”

She dropped to her knees in front of the offensive little attorney and pushed his thighs apart, then unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly. Then she reached in and pulled his flaccid cock out so she could get at it, orally.

She then quickly went down on the soft, stubby penis, filling her mouth with the unpleasant tasting, limp cockmeat. She began chewing on the shriveled snake,, moving it around in her mouth with her tongue to get it stiffened up enough to receive a full blowjob.

As much as Herb hated the whole idea of her taking the position of being Stone’s full-time playmate/personal assistant/cheating wife/practicing whore, she could tell by the gradual hardening of his cock, that her mouth was pleasing the miserable little legal prick, in spite of his hatred of her.

When Herb let out an involuntary groan of pleasure, Stone exclaimed, “What did I tell you, Herb, the bitch really knows how to eat meat, doesn’t she?”

“Now why don’t you just relax and enjoy yourself for a few minutes, and let her get your rocks off in her mouth. It will brighten your day and maybe make you quit being such a hardass bastard about her daughter’s prenup agreement.”

“To brighten you up some, why don’t you reach down and give her a few slaps while she eats you. Maybe knocking her around a little will help you get rid of some of your hostility towards her.”

In a split second she felt Herb’s open hand slap her head, hard, right above her left ear. Then she got another stinging smack on the other side of her head.

Stone hollered, “That’s it buddy, see how much better that makes you feel. It’s not healthy to go through life bottling up your anger and frustration. You need to let it out a little, and loosen yourself up.”

“Shit, go ahead and smack her again, buddy. You have read all of the investigators reports on her, several times. They said she had the easy sexuality of a Latina. Hell, their psychiatrist even classified her as a while Latina.”

“As a result, they concluded that she was born to fuck and that she doesn’t mind getting roughed up a little while she’s doing it.”

“So get your jollies by showing her who’s the boss when you’ve got your cock in her mouth,” Stone urged him.

Meanwhile, down between Herb’s legs, she had gotten the lawyer’s 6 inch cock sucked up to a full boner.

Stone watched her labor to get her trick to relax, and finally chimed in, “Honey, I think Herb would like to get his balls licked, so why don’t you pull his pants all the way down so you can get at his scrotum.”

Herb helpfully lifted up his ass, and she pulled his pants and boxers down around his ankles. She pushed his knees apart, lifted his dick up in one hand, lowered her head, and then went after his balls with her tongue and lips.

She licked and sucked his scrotum, making loud slurping sounds as she worked, sucking each ball into her mouth, then tongue massaging them noisily, while she hummed.

Herb watched her in action and had to admit, begrudgingly, that she was very talented at the job of cock sucking and ball licking.

In fact she was doing such a good job of it that he slapped her head a couple of more times, a little harder this time, to increase his kicks.

He soon found that getting his cock serviced by a white Latina and slapping her around while she was doing it, was proving to be quite empowering.

Then he reminded himself that she was the enemy, and that it was still his job to try and get Stone to dump her, so he leaned forward and gave her ass a few swats as he yelled at her, telling her what a worthless slut she was.

The closely watching Stone laughed and said, “I believe you are getting to him, baby. He is really beginning to really enjoy getting his balls lapped.”

“Hell, I think that you have got him to a point where, if you were to stick your tongue up his ass and give him a rim job, we’d be able to get him in the mood to wrap up these negotiations in just a few minutes, and get your daughter what you want her to have. So get with it and close the deal.”

Knowing that Stone was right, she pulled Herb’s pants and boxers off over his shoes, then pushed him down onto the carpeted floor, on his back. She forced his knees up beside his shoulders and told him to keep them there.

She laid down on the floor, on her stomach, with her face pressed up against his crotch.

She grabbed his pecker in her hand and held it pointing straight up at the ceiling, then pushed her face under his balls until her nose was buried in his scrotum and the tip of her tongue was touching his tangy anus.

She licked his anal opening for a couple of minutes, teasing it, then jammed her tongue up his ass. The sudden move brought a loud groan of gratification from her disgusting little sex partner.

Stone shouted, “That’s it baby, you’ve got him going good now, so stab it in deep.”

Feeling the despicable lawyer’s sphincter squeezing her tongue, she knew that Stone was right, so she decided to take the little creep right over the top with a full, deep rim job.

Soon Herb was groaning wildly as her extra-long tongue buried itself up his anal channel, further in than any tongue had ever gone before.

Panting, Herb yelled out, “God damn it Stone, the investigators were right, this slut has had her tongue up a lot of asses. Shit it feels like this slut has got it in up to my spleen.”

Slapping her head again, he yelled at her, “Oh damn, get it in all the way you fuckin’ whore, and ream me out good.”

As her tongue rimmed him for the next few minutes, he continued to fill the air with profanity, calling her every demeaning name he could think of, as her tongue continued to fork his anal passage to maximum depth.

Finally her hand felt a cum shot begin to pass up through the penis she was holding, and suddenly spunk shot into the air, then fell straight back down, splattering against her forehead, then running down into her eyes and, finally, into her mouth, where she was forced to swallow the lawyer’s nasty tasting spunk.

An hour later the prenup terms had been agreed to by the weakened legal advisor. He wasn’t happy with the terms Stone had forced on him, but at least he had a shriveled, well satisfied cock, and his seed was now floating in his enemies perfectly rounded belly.

When they were finished, Stone put his arm around his leopard skin dressed paramour, and said to his cousin, “Isn’t she something. What a fucking body. And what a dirty slut she is. I’m telling you again, you little bastard, she is god damned perfect.”

He looked at Herb and said, “Now cousin I want you to know that, in spite of how little you think of her, Suzanne is going to be around here for a long, long time, so you might as well get used to it.”

Putting his arm around his cousin’s shoulders, he said, “I also want you to know how much I appreciate your valuable advice and guidance on legal matters, for both me and the other family members.”

“And, to prove how much I appreciate it, if you behave yourself I might have Suzanne put out for you, from time to time.”

Stone then went into the bathroom. When the door closed, Herb grabbed her by the arm and sneered, “You whoring bitch, don’t think that this is over. I am still going to get your ass thrown out of here, for good, before your daughter has a chance to marry Brad.”

Stone returned and said, “Now get out of here and get that prenup drawn up, Herb. I am so turned on by watching her give you that rim job that I am going to get one for myself, right now.”


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great story i had a hard on all way through the story well done look forward to chapter 3.

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