The young sexy little teen began licking Johns sex driven monsterous rock hard cock......
Intro:John is a 17 year old quiet boy who lives in the countryside on his own. The reason for this is that a couple of weeks ago he won the lottery and alot of his so called freinds got jealous. Especially when he started to get greedy and started buying sport cars and other flashy things. But, he didn't care and why should he. He had his huge mansion, two magnificent ferraries and his very own lake.
But even with his fancy acceceries he still hadn't had sex, not even a real tongue to tongue kiss. None of the girls where he lived really cared about his fancy stuff and so he had to satisfy his urges by wanking of to pay per view porno's every night. He knew it was sad, but what else could he do, till now....

It was a cold october night as the lightening cracked and the hailstones pounded the windows. John had just orded a favourite movie of his 'Lesbo delight' as he walked upstairs to get changed into something a bit more comfortable. He changed into his small white boxers which brought out the true size and thickness of his large and excited cock. He also took his glasses of and put a white and blue tanktop on. As he was walking downstairs he saw a pink puff jacket and small white sports trainers on the floor in the long hallway.
'Who could that be?' he thought to himself completely confused at to who could have got through his high security door locks. As he walked into the main living room he saw dirty blonde hair hanging over the leather sofa.
'Sarah?' he asked even more confused.
She nearly jumped of the seat in shock switching of the tv. As she turned around, John realised it was his younger cousin Sarah a 13 year old cutie. John walked over to where she was sitting and sat down next to her. She had a small pink t-shirt bringing and long tight denim jeans which were totally soaked.
'Where did you come from?' John said laughing
'well, I was on my way back home from my freinds house when it started raining down with hailstones. I remembered you lived near so I thought I could stay here till that horrible weather stops. But I'll go home if your busy' she said innocently.
'No no of course you can stay, you must be freezing. I tell you what, do you know your way around the mansion?'
'Well kind of' the young teen said nervously.
'Ok I'll show you' John said as she stood up and invited Sarah upstairs.

'Now, this is the wash room' John said as he showed Sarah inside a huge room full of diffrent types of showers, baths and gacoozi's.
'Whats that?' the young teen asked pointing to a small door at the end of the washroom.
'Oh thats the steam room'
'wow this is brilliant' she said amazed
'yeah, enyway once you've are warm and freshened up go into my master bedroom which is down the corridor and pick out whatever you want to wear.'
'Oh thanks, thanks alot' Sarah said with a big smile as she started to undress.
John who felt bad for beeing slightly aroused by this hurried out of the room and back downstairs. He gave himself a good half an hour before Sarah would be ready and that would be more than anough time for him to get rid of his urges.

He lay back on his large customized six person sofa and slowly curressed his now fully aroused cock as he switched on the tv. He turned over to the channel xxxx and waited as the titles of the film began. About ten minutes into the film the action started, a tall sexy blonde layed on a large bed in a silk see through nighty. She then took of her sexy nighty and rolled over on her back. As she did so the camera focused on the door to the room as another lady, a hot mature brunette walked into the room completely naked. She crept over to the bed and lay down next to the sexy blonde. The blonde turned around in shock but the totally calm and relaxed brunette covered her mouth with one hand and with the other slowly curressed the outer layers of the nervous blondes perfectly trimmed pussy. John was frantically wanking his cock feeling the tingling of cum getting ready to unleash itself biting his lip wanking harder and harder, when, he heard Samantha's voice from behind him. He quickly pulled his boxers up and dared not to look back. Everything was silent for a moment till John asked
'yes Sam, whats up?'
'sorry if I... she hesitated 'sorry if I disturbed you, I just didn't know where your room was?'
John who had managed to control his cock sat up and turned around his jaw nearly dropping to the ground. She wasn't wearing anything just covering herself with her bare hands.
'I'll I'll show you, um right this... way' he said concentrating on her beautiful young body. She blushed slightly as she followed him up the stairs and into his master bedroom.
'Wow this is, this is big' she said nervously.
John showed her to his dresser 'here's my closet, go ahead and pick whatever you want'
'ok' she answered as her sexy little ass squeased passed Johns cock. The only thing that seperated his now swelling cock from her sweet little bumcheeks was the thin outer coat of his boxers. He caught a quick glimpse of her ass and then let her be closing the door behind him ashamed of what he had done. He wondered what she must of thought of him and what she would tell her mum and dad, his aunt and uncle.

After a couple of minutes the young sexy teen came out in one of his long white t-shirt covering up to her knees.
'Is this alright?' she asked
'Yeah I've got lots of them.' he answered smiling.
They stood silent for a moment till John broke the silence,
'so, do you want to watch tv or something?'
'Yeah sure' she answered with a cute smile and followed John downstairs to the main living room. As John walked into the living room ahead of Samantha he noticed that the porno was still playing. He quickly jumped on the couch and switched over the channel. Samantha followed and sat on the sofa frowning.
They sat and watched in silence as britney spears danced sexually on screen. Johns aroused cock began to slowly rise and before he knew it a big swelling bulge appeared in his boxers attracting Samantha's attention. She grinned and then let out a slight giggle. John embarrased, looked at her smiling
'hey,what are you laughing at?'
she carried on giggling and didn't answer. John bright red jumped on the helpless teen and began to tickle her at the waist. She slipped out of his grip and burst out laughing as she ran up the long winding stairs. John now totally aroused and with a huge boner ran after her. As he reached the top of the stairs he heard a giggle from one of the guest rooms. He ran inside and saw a large hunp in the covers of one of the beds. He then slowly walked over to the bed and crawled under the covers grabbing one of the young teens long sexy legs. She struggled giggling and managed to once again break free running down the long hallway. John quickly followed catching a quick glimpse as she ran into the master bedroom. He ran down the hallway and swung round the door to find Samantha once again hiding under the covers of the bed. But this time he wasn't gonna let her go. This time he ran and jumped on the supersize bed catching Samantha. Now knowing that he had finally cought the slippery teen he pulled open the covers. She didn't seem to care and something seemed you to take over him as grabbed the sheet and through it of the bed.Then, filled with excitement he pressed his hands on her small firm chest. She gazed into his light brown eyes and reached into him for a kiss.

He embrassed the kiss passionality as he removed his hands from her chest and down into her tight trimmed little pussy. She pulled out of the kiss and let out a few moans, then more confident she reached and grabbed his swolen cock with her tiny little hands.
'Do me, do me!' Samantha shouted
John didn't need to be asked twice and straight away pulled of his boxers unleashing his monsterous sex driven cock. She pulled of her t-shirt and lay back. John then pulled his tanktop of and placed his cock at the lips of the young teens tight pussy. He tickled the lips with his large helmet then pushed the large throbbing cock deep into her tight little pussy. She grabbed hold of the end of the bed moaning and screaming with pleasure as John ram held her sexy little tanned body and rammed her with all his might.
'Ahhhh John, oh fuck me, oh......' she contuously shouted as he rammed her tiny little body harder and harder.
As he felt the tingles in his aroused cock and the cum getting ready to explode the young teen rolled over on top of him. As he looked up he smiled at the site of her athlete like body and sexy dirty blonde hair hanging down on her shoulders. She then slowly but surely began to push againsts cock with great force. He felt the cum begin to rise up again as he grabbed her tiny little bum cheeks pushing her harder into him. And then all of a sudden Samantha let out a huge moan as Johns swelling dick shot flow after flow of warm sticky cum into her into her now juicy pussy. They both then lay back smiling Johns cock still high in the air wanting more. Samantha seeing this crawled over to the sex driven rock hard cock and started to lick its helmet slowly then placed her hole mouth over the beast lifting her mouth u and down picking up speed all the time. John lay back in full pleasure and placed his hands on the back of his head and relaxed. Samantha seemed relentless, at times covering nearly five inches of the cock with her tiny mouth.
'Oh fuck!' John let out as his sticky cum let itself loose in the young teens mouth.
'I did something for you. now can you do something for?' she said with an innocent grin as se lay back spreading her long sexy legs out.'
John smiled back and layed himself down so that his head was at the entry point of Samanth's juicy pussy. He first tickled the tender pussy lips with his tongue and then covered the hole pussy with his watering mouth. The warm sex juices soaked in his mouth as he continuously sucked and sucked making her moan over and over again in complete and utter pleasure. He carried on and on till after one great moan Samantha pushed his head hard into her pussy and then lay back letting out a smooth
John got up lay next to her and cuddled her as they fell into a deep and beautiful sleep.

The End...............

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2012-06-12 21:38:08
Can't even spell monstrous in the intro, and goes rapidly downhill from there. Proof that the education is a total failure.

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2010-09-15 11:03:32
you can play the lottery at 16 in the uk dumb fucking arsed yanks

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2010-09-04 03:31:28
you guys r so fuckin mran :D i fuvkin hate you guys lol pickin on a guy who wrote a great story what the fuckis wrong with yu guys n p.s my friend won the lotory at age 16 so yeaaa BITCHESSSSS!!


2010-04-09 04:28:37
I normaly don't give bad comments on stories but this one really takes the cake as far as bad grammar and spelling goes,but i guess everyone has thier own style.Other than that the story was perty good,still the name change was a bit weird....

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2008-11-13 01:11:55
i loved it,keep writing

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