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I was recently infected with HIV and wanted to share the wealth!
After I took those two POZ loads from that guy, it was about 8 or 9 days when I got the fuck flu, a telltale sign you’re infected with AIDS/HIV. I was relieved, I’d been chasing “The Bug” for years, most of it secretly, while married. I took more bareback cock in my asshole while we were married. Seems like you never get much cock when you’re single, but partner up and wham! Since we had such an open marriage anyway, each of us fucking whomever we chose, it didn’t seem overly relevant to mention to her I was trying to intentionally contract AIDS. Now that we were divorced, I turned my attention to bug chasing and voila! I end up getting this seriously huge cock pounding my fag hole and dumping a toxic load of cum deep inside me. Oh, by the way, I kept both loads of his infected cum inside me overnight; to make sure the infection took. I had to put a tampon in my asshole to keep it all from leaking out! I feel for the women who have to use those things!

I know no one understands why people like me exist. Why we intentionally want AIDS or HIV. Most hardcore barebackers will tell you it’s worth the risk. And the risk is also part of the turn on. Another part is the inevitability of contracting it thru unprotected sex, and the desire not to have protected sex.

Like for me – I just love anonymous sex with other men! Oh, but it has to, has to, HAS TO be bareback sex and they have to dump at least one load deep in my asshole. I love not knowing anything, not even a first name, about my lovers. I love nasty sex, being treated like a white trash faggot whore! I love being degraded during sex, I’m so, so submissive!! I love being forced to fuck anywhere, in public, in a car, park, wherever. I say I love to be gang banged, and I do, but I like it dirty, in an alley, behind a dumpster, on my knees getting them all black from the dirt, grease, cum and shit on the ground.

I love the feel of a bare cock in me, the twitching when the orgasm erupts and the hot molten cum sprays and splashes against my intestines, I love it when I can feel the cum shooting into my bowels, filling me up.

I’ve had hundreds of cocks in me, all bareback and all shooting loads deep inside me. I’ve probably been fucked 3 or 4 thousand times by men total, so many of them wanted to repeat and come back and fuck me again. Not too many one timers! That’s a shitload of cum to take up your fag hole!! (no pun intended, okay, maybe a little bit!)

When AIDS came along I was well into my bareback cock-riding career and certainly wasn’t going to give it up because of that! I remember so many guys fucking bareback when AIDS was linked to homos and the public outcry was to continue ostracizing gays from the get go, regardless of their “chasing” or not. So you can’t blame people like me for spreading AIDS whenever an able minded man or woman knows about it and knows if they don’t want the risk to use protection. I used to put condoms on my nightstand, for men or women since I do both, and that allowed the other person to decide if they wanted to use them or not, they were in plain sight right next to the lube I would ask them to hand me so they would see the condoms outright. 9 out of 10 chose NOT to use condoms. Women who I told I had sex with men even still rode my cock bareback cuz it just feels so damn good it’s worth the gamble.

So now I’m officially positive, I’ve jacked off so much hoping to circulate my toxic cum and brew up a good strain to shoot into unsuspecting or uncaring recipients!

At first I just let people suck me off, I would cum inside them with my viral load. Once I got used to cumming in people’s mouths or on their faces or wherever, it was time to find a hole to infect!

I wasn’t going to be biased, I was going to go about my daily routine and the first opportunity to fuck, either a guy or girl, I’d take it.

The chance came on a Tuesday night when I was at a local watering hole in town having a couple of beers. I made small talk with those around me and eventually a somewhat inebriated woman sat down at the bar next to me and we began to chat. I’m a fairly attractive guy for my age and before long she was commenting on my hair and eyes and how much she wanted to leave and kiss me.

We went out to her Jeep Cherokee and got in the back seat. The rear tinted windows kept anyone from seeing us too closely. We kissed and swapped spit and she began to suck my cock as I mentioned I’d had guys suck my cock before. I like to ease into my bisexuality so both know that I fuck the other. If they choose to have unprotected sex knowing I am having sex with men, how stupid are they??

After she slobbered on my cock for a while (it takes me forever to cum from a blow job) she asked me if I wanted to put it in her. I asked her if she was sure, but then said I was game if she was. She hiked her skirt up and slid her thong over and sat on my cock until she took it all the way in her pussy.

She grinded up and down on my cock as her pussy got sloppier and wetter while we fucked. Her pussy sloshed and farted a little as I grabbed her hips and pulled her up and down on my cock.

In a few minutes I could feel my balls tighten up and that warm feeling of an orgasm starting to build. The thought of infecting her cunt with AIDS by stealth, not telling her beforehand turned me on and I think that helped spur the huge load that was brewing deep in my balls.

I told her I was getting ready to cum soon and she just kept on riding my cock like I was speaking Chinese or something! I told her one last time before I shot my jizz in her cunt that I was cumming and she just slammed down on my cock balls deep and sat that way as I emptied my toxic load of cum deep in her pussy. If she was that concerned about her health she should have protected herself. She did ask me afterwards if I could get her pregnant – I had mentioned at the bar that I had a vasectomy, I wasn’t sure if she thought I was serious or joking. But again, she waited until after I came in her to even ask me that! Sorry if my pity party for people like that are cut short, but again, if you want to protect yourself that bad, if it’s so important to you, then protect yourself. Being drunk, on drugs or whatever is NO excuse for ignorance and saying it was because you were drunk you had sex and got AIDS, it’s still YOUR choice to do it, clouded judgment or not. If I fucked someone and I was drunk and forgot to tell them I had AIDS, can’t I just chalk it up to ignorance and shit like so many of you say about this woman who was intoxicated and had unprotected sex with me. The “it won’t happen to me” mentality has its consequences; especially if you’re having sex with me!

So she was my first hole I infected. That same night I took another POZ load from a guy I knew had AIDS/HIV after I fucked her. So now I have two strains of HIV/AIDS coursing through my DNA.

I just fucked my first fag hole and knocked it up! When he saw how big my cock is he begged me to fuck him. When I told him I only bareback, he looked at me like he was thinking about something and then just said, “What the fuck!” and took my load of infected cum.

I’m usually the bottom, getting fucked, so I don’t often top or fuck holes. A guy contacted me from the internet and wants me to infect his hole, turns me on to think of another hole wanting to get pozzed! Can’t wait! Oh, I’m also looking for someone who has or just thinks they have a Haitian or African strain of AIDS, I’d love to take your loads and build a super strain! All for now…


Before anyone goes off, remember where you are, what site you're on. Don't go getting "holier than thou" on HERE, please!!

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2013-08-02 13:38:54
Hot fuckin stories! I love spreading my HIV/aids to unsuspecting holes its such a rush!

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2013-07-30 00:58:12
I have a mild case of ED yet when I read your post and though about my own bb experiences bong I was hard as a rock. Go figure !

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2013-02-26 17:10:44
Fags like you need to be tied to a pickup truck and dragged down a back road ah I love the south

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2012-02-12 00:12:43
NMEOVR Comrade kill yourself.

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2011-10-31 03:38:04
thats it, YOU just dont get it don't mean others dont get it. not sure i'd take a + load but its hot to read about it! hot storys.

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