Rosie gets her neighbour to pay her rent
Rosie watched as Claire put the phone down with a deep sigh. She turned round to face Rosie and softly shook her head. Rosie felt her heart drop.

"Any chance?" She asked.

"Nope, he said that if we don't pay this month on time he'll kick us out for sure." Claire said slowly, her face showing her disappointment. Rosie knew her face matched her friends. They had known each other since school, and had moved in together. The pair of them had lived in their flat together for over a year with no problem. Things changed a few months ago, with the down turn in the economy. First Claire had her hours cut at the hair salon she worked at. Then the sports shop Rosie worked at closed down. She had only just got another job at another shop. As a result they had scrambled to pay last months rent, and had been a week late. Unfortunately Rosie did not get paid for three weeks, and neither she or Claire had the money to cover this months rent.

"What are we going to do." Rosie asked in a dejected tone. "I love this flat."

"Me too, and if we get kicked out it'll make it harder to get into a new place."

"So, where are we going to get the rent." Claire shrugged.

"We might have to sell some stuff."

"That's how we paid for last month. I don't think we have anything else of real value to sell have me." Claire thought about it for a second.

"I've got my old ring, I know that's worth some money. With luck it might cover us for a couple of months." Rosie shook her head vigorously.

"No way, you can't. That's been in your family for years." She said a little more sharper than she meant to.

"Do you have any better idea." Reluctantly Rosie shook her head. "Me neither, so the ring it is. It'll have to wait until Tuesday when I'm next off. We're both working tomorrow and then I'm at my parents all Sunday. So Tuesday it is." Claire said with a sad tone. Rosie looked at the sad expression on her friends face. She decided then and there to do whatever it took to make sure her friend did not have to sell her ring. Unfortunately there was nothing she could do that day as she had to get to work, as did Claire. The pair of them headed off to work, which for a time took Rosie's mind of their problem. That only lasted until she was heading home, when all the worries returned. She reached the block of flats they lived in having not come up with any ideas.

“Good afternoon Rosie.” Rosie gritted her teeth as she saw Mr Williams stood by his door. He lived in one of the bottom floor flats, and he had made their lives hell for months. Not through complaining or arguing, no but by his sexual comments. He repeatedly came on to both of them. Even though he had to be around forty, and both girls were twenty three.

“Morning Mr Williams.” Rosie replied quickening her stride to get up the stairs quicker.

“You look like you've had a busy day today.”

“Yes, it's always busy on a Saturday.”

“And you've had to work hard then.” Rosie nodded as she started up the stairs. “That's good, I like a girl who works it hard. Especially if it gets her all sweaty.” Rosie fought to keep her face flat until she was out of sight. Refusing to give him the satisfaction of a reaction. Only when she got into the flat did she let her face show her disgust. As she walked into the living room Claire looked up. She worked closer to the flat so always got home earlier.

“What's up babe.” She said to Rosie.

“Mr Williams.” Rosie said, Claire wrinkled her face up in disgust as well.

“What did he say this time.”

“He asked if I was busy today, then said that he liked it when a girl works it hard and gets all sweaty.”

“God he gets worst, you'll never believe what he said to me to other day. He effectively offered to pay me.” Claire said, Rosie looked at her in shock.


“Yeah, he said something about how he reckoned I'd be worth every penny I got paid. And how he'd pay to have my hands all over him.”

“Christ, what a creep.” Rosie said, Claire nodded in agreement. The pair had complained once about him to the landlords. Unfortunately he never made any comments around anyone else, so they had no proof. He had stopped his comments for a couple of weeks. Then had just started up again. The two friends spent the next few minutes in mutual complaining about him. Which as always turned into mocking of him, which lightened Rosie's mood. All to soon however she was back to trying to figure out how to avoid Claire selling her family ring.

She decided to go on to the internet and see what came up. The first few pages were all for what were called payday loans. Rosie rejected them straight off, it would just leave them with no money the next month. As she moved down the pages she saw one with an interesting title. 'How I managed to afford my house' it was called. Rosie opened it and began to read. It was about a woman only a year older than Rosie. She was in the same sort of position, low on money and with lots of bills to pay. It soon became clear that this was a story about the woman's life as a prostitute. Not one that hung around on street corners. Rather as a high class prostitute dealing with business men and rich men like that. Acting more like a escort for them on nights out etc. Rosie nearly closed it down until she spotted how much the woman made. It was at that point she remembered what Mr Williams had said about paying for Claire. Suddenly a crazy idea began to grow in her mind. She scanned through the article and as she did the idea grew in her mind.

She quickly decided to put her plan into action. Making an excuse to Claire she headed out of their flat. Going downstairs before she could change her mind. She knocked on Mr Williams’s door. He opened it after a couple of seconds. His expression was one of surprise on seeing her.

“Rosie what a pleasure, how can I help you.” He said after a moment.

“May I come in, I have a proposition for you.” She said in a calm voice. She had decided to act all business like for this part of her act. He blinked a couple of times then nodded, moving aside to let her in. She walked into his living room and turned to face him. Her hands on her hips, standing in as businesslike a pose as she could manage. “Right now you have made it totally clear that you want to have sex with me.” She began, Mr Williams went bright red. Rosie fought not to smile at that.

“I..I.” He stammered.

“So I am here to offer you a deal. I will have sex with you if you want.” His eyes widened , and his expression turned into one of almost joy. “However, I am not doing this for free. You will have to pay me if you want to fuck me.” He looked shocked by her words.

“Pay you?” He said after a moment, Rosie nodded. “How much.”

“That depends on what you want me to do for you.” He considered that for a few seconds before answering.

“Well for a start I'd want you to give me a blow job.”

“That will be fifty pounds.” Rosie said, having already figured out a price range before she came downstairs.

“And you'll swallow.”

“That's an extra twenty five pounds, then what.”

“I'd want you to ride my cock, and do a good job of it. I want to see you enjoying it.”

“Two hundred and fifty pounds.” Rosie told him.

“And if I don't want to use a condom.”

“That's an extra fifty, and you had better be clean. If I catch anything off you I'll come down here and chop your cock off myself.”

“Oh I'm clean no worries about that. So for you to suck me off, then fuck me it will cost me three hundred and seventy pounds.” Rosie nodded, “I don't have that kind of money on me.”

“But you can get it.” He nodded, “When?”

“Um, give me a day and I’ll have it tomorrow.” He told her, man he was desperate.

“So we have a deal then.” He nodded quickly. “I will come round at say eleven tomorrow morning. Then I will suck you off and ride you, and you will pay me for it.” By Eleven she knew Claire would be at her mothers, the other side of the city.

“That sounds perfect to me.” He said in a voice suddenly deep with lust. “But I hope you will wear something suitable.” Rosie nodded, she already had an idea of what to wear. With the deal agreed Rosie headed upstairs, still not able to believe that she had gone through with her plan. Was she that desperate that she would sell herself. Then she remembered the look on Claire's face at the idea of selling her ring, yes she was that desperate.

The next morning arrived, seemingly quicker that normal. Claire said goodbye and headed out to her parents. Rosie gave her five minutes to make sure she was gone, then headed to get ready for Mr Williams. With just ten minutes to go she had finished. She gave herself one last check in the mirror. She had put on a set of black lace lingerie with matching black stockings. Over that she was wearing a short gray kilt skirt. Along with one of Claire's low cut white halter neck tops. Because Rosie had larger breasts than Claire it made the top even more revealing that it was on Claire. Which was what Rosie had wanted. Her auburn hair hung loose over her shoulder. She finished off the outfit with a pair of do me high heels. The clothing added to the appearance of her full figure. With her long legs and large breasts. She had never had problems getting guys, in fact it was often the opposite.

She grabbed a long coat on the way out. Not wanting anyone in the block to know what she was wearing as she entered Mr Williams's flat. Quickly she headed down to his flat. Mr Williams opened the door the instant she knocked. He looked disappointed when he saw the long coat she was wearing. Until she pulled it open, at that point his eyes widened in appreciation. Rosie walked into his living room and removed the coat. He followed her, stopping to look at her. His eyes suddenly heavy with lust.

“Do you have the money?” Rosie asked, he nodded as he headed over to a table. He opened a draw and pulled out a wad of money. Rosie took it off him and counted it first. Then smiled as it was all there. She put it in her coat and folded it over. Then turned to face him.

“So where is your bedroom.” She asked, he shook his head.

“I want you to do it here.” He told her, Rosie shrugged it was his money.

“Do you want me to undress first.” She asked, he nodded.

“But only down to your under ware. I want you to suck me off whilst wearing it.” That was no problem to Rosie. Strangely enough this whole situation was sending a thrill up her spine. It was dirty what she was doing, but it exciting as well. She was actually relishing the idea of fucking him for money. She slowly reached up to undo the halter neck, but did not pull it straight down. Instead she let it hang as she ran her hands slowly down her body, then back up. She slid her hands seductively up over her neck. Caught hold of the straps and slowly lowered them down. Mr Williams took a sharp breath in as she exposed her breasts in the thin lace bra. She slowly pushed the top down, letting it drop to the floor. Then she reached round to undo the zip on the back of the skirt. Hooking her fingers in the top and giving a slinky shuffle as she lowered it down. She saw Mr Williams lick his lips as he looked at her. His gaze flicking over her body. Staring at the thin bra, the small pair of panties and the sheer stockings.

Rosie gave him chance to take in her appearance, before she took the few steps it took to reach him. She softly rubbed herself against him, sliding her near naked body against his. Running the fingers of her hands along him as she did. She was surprised to find out how solid he felt. She had expected him to be more flabby. Instead his chest and stomach felt firm, hard. As if he kept himself in shape. Then she ran he fingers down to his cock, where she got another surprise. He felt thick, long, hard. Again she had expected him to be small, not a big as he felt. She quickly undid his trousers, releasing his cock. She wrapped her hand around it, running it along him. Yes he was as big as he had felt.

Slowly she lowered herself down in front of him. Until she was crouched with her face parallel to his cock. She looked at it, taking in the length and thickness. She was definitely going to enjoy riding it. First however, she had to suck him off. She had intended to give him a quick blow job, not really do anything extra as such. Now she had changed her mind, the situation was so turning her on. She lent forwards to lick her tongue up him, circling the head. Before sliding her lips gently over him. Sucking softly on him as she slowly lowered her mouth down him. He gave a soft moan as she took him in her mouth, which sent a thrill down her spine. She slide her lips back up him, before licking him again. Only then did she start to suck on him in earnest.

She slid her lips along him, sucking firmly on him. Taking her time, enjoying the sounds of pleasure he was making. After a short while she began to move slower, sucking harder on him as she did. Then she took as much as she could in her mouth. Pushing herself to take it to the edge of her endurance. Before moving back to sucking firmly on him. She used every bit of experience she had to give him a great blow job. From the moans of pleasure she guess it was working. As he wrapped his fingers in her hair she felt another thrill of pleasure from the situation.

Here she was sucking him off, and he was paying her to do it. The idea had seemed dirty before, now it was kinky rather than dirty. She could feel her body responding to the whole thing. Her pussy was warm, and wet. As she sucked on him she began to rub at herself through her panties. It was almost a subconscious act. Her fingers seemingly moving of their own volition, as soon as she did she felt how wet her pussy was becoming. She knew that fingering herself would just add to her wetness. But, she could not stop herself.

As her fingers began to increase her own pleasure she began to increase his. Moving faster on him, using her tongue to lick along his cock. Curling it around the head. Then again pushing to take as much of him in her mouth as she could. Sliding her mouth up and down him, as far as she dared. Then making herself go a little further, right to the edge of gagging on him. She began to move harder, sucking fast on him. Moving her lips along him in a movement she was certain would bring him to the edge of cumming. Her fingers rubbing hard at her pussy. Building her own pleasure at the same time.

“Fuck, god I’m cumming.” Mr Williams hissed sharply, just before she felt his cock throbbing in her mouth. A second later his cum pumped into her mouth. She gasped then swallowed hard. Taking his cum down her throat. It was not something she did that often, but he had paid her too. So she allowed him to cum down her throat, swallowing all of his cum with a willingness she normally did not feel. He grunted softly as he came, holding her head still until he had emptied himself in her. When he released her head Rosie held it for a couple of seconds longer, licking the last of his cum off his cock. She lent back on her heels and swallowed the last drops, looking up at him as she did. His expression was one of pleasure and satisfaction. It added to her strange excitement. She slowly rose to her feet in front of him.

“Was that worth the money then?” She asked him.

“Most definitely, I’m sure the rest will be equally as worth it. First I want you to strip fully for me.” Rosie nodded, stepping back to give him a full view. She slid her hands up her body, from her legs up over her hips until she was cupping her breasts. His gaze followed her hands as she slid them up her. She gently squeezed her breasts as he watched her. Then she moved her hands round to the bra clasp. Quickly releasing it then sliding her hand back under the bra lifting it away from her breasts. She lowered her arms down, allowing the bra to slide to the floor. His gaze followed it then flicked back up to her, now naked, breasts. She saw his nostrils flare as he took in a deep breath. She gave him a few seconds to take in her breasts. Before running her hands down to her thighs. Slowly undoing the clips on her stockings, to allow her to remove her panties. She hooked her fingers inside her panties, pushing them down slightly. As she did she turned away from him. As she pushed them down she bent over, giving him a view of her naked pussy. This time she heard his sharp intake of breath, and smiled to herself. She stood and turned to face him. Reaching down to begin removing the stockings.

“No.” He said quickly, with a tremor in his voice. He coughed before continuing to speak. “Keep them on.” She did as he asked, standing upright again. He gestured for her to turn around. She gave him a slow twirl. Feeling his gaze as it flicked over her body. When she looked back at him she could see that his cock was hard again. Slowly she walked back towards him. Reaching up she ran her fingers over his chest. She began to undo the buttons, slowly, taking her time on them. Teasing each button open with her fingers. Once his shirt was undone she ran her fingers under it. His chest felt rock hard, it was like running her fingers down a wall of muscle. She pushed his shirt off, revealing a chest any guy her age would have loved to have. She knew she had not kept her surprise show on her face.

“I like to keep in shape.” He told her in a soft whisper. Rosie did not answer, except to run her fingers over the firm, hard flesh of his chest and stomach. She did that for a few moments, before reaching down to remove his trousers. Now he stood as naked as she did, and she knew her expression matched his. He might be a sleaze, but he was a fit sleaze. He moved away from her, walking over to sit on the sofa. He beckoned her over with his finger. Rosie walked slowly, seductively, towards him. She was going to give him every pennies worth if she could. From the look in his eyes she guessed her was getting it. When she reached him she climbed onto the sofa, straddling his lap. He looked up at her, his eyes heavy with lust.

Rosie reach down to wrap her fingers around his cock. Holding it still she guided herself onto him. Feeling the heat coming from him through her fingers. She lowered herself down, slowly taking him into her body. Feeling herself stretching around him, he felt so hard inside her. The gasp she gave as she took him in her did not need to be faked at all. God she was seriously going to enjoy this. She sank down until she had taken him fully inside her. He took in a long, shaky breath as she sat on him. It was gratifying to know she was not the only one effected by this. With a deliberately slow movement she pushed back up him, then lowered herself down again. Her breath in as she did was a shuddering gasp. He felt so big, hard in her. Stretching her fully around him. Her body was already responding after only two movements. What she was going to be like after she had ridden him for a while she did not know.

She began to move up and down, slowly at first. Sliding her body along him, feeling herself taking him inside. She was so wet, so turned on from just the situation. Now she was actually riding him it was only going to get worst. Her soft gasps as she rode him were all genuine, her body was reacting to the feel of him inside her. Her pussy was hot, the heat spreading out into her stomach in waves. As she gradually increased the speed of her movements those waves grew stronger. The heat grew hotter within her stomach. She felt his hands resting against her thighs. His fingers rubbing over the sheer material of her stockings. Something told her he like stockings. Then he ran his hands up to her breasts. Cupping them, squeezing them firmly with his fingers. Rosie hissed as he pawed at her breasts. Her nipples suddenly feeling so sensitive under his fingers.

She began to move faster, riding him fully now. Sliding her pussy along him rapidly. Moving up until he was just inside her. Then dropping down until he was fully buried within her. She gasped hard, the heat between her legs spreading out through her body. He was grunting softly under her, soft noises of pleasure that came from deep in his throat. As the feel of his hard cock opening her pussy increased with her speed so did her gasps, turning into moans of pleasure.

“Oh god Mr Williams, you feel so good.” She moaned to him as she rode him. He grunted in reply, still pawing at her firm breasts. The heat was now a raging inferno within her. The flames rising up her body. She knew that if those flames reached her head she was totally loose control. Yet, she wanted them to get there. Beneath her she felt him begin to push up into her. Timing his thrusts to match her downward movement. Of course this only added to the sensations flashing through her. Now he was thrusting up into her, burying himself even further inside her. Her insides felt like they had turned to molten metal. She clung to the back of the sofa, moaning loudly, in a shrill voice.

“Oh god, oh god Mr Williams, of fuck I’m, I’m…” She cried out as she climbed to the edge of exploding.

“Yes Rosie, cum for me. Cum with my cock in your cunt.” He hissed to her, increasing his thrusts into her. Rosie broke, squealing sharply as she dived into her orgasm. Heat flashed to every part of her body. Only his hands wrapped around her back stopped her from falling backwards. He thrust up into her hard, fast. Rosie clawed at the back of the sofa, squealing as she rode her orgasm. It felt as if her body had shattered, only the feel him inside her held her together. When she came down she felt how hard he was thrusting into her. She sensed that he was building to the same kind of release she had just had. She began to ride him hard, slamming herself down on him. He groaned, burying his face into her breasts. His mouth kissing them all over. Licking wildly at her nipples. He was grunting hard, his thrusts wild up into her. Rosie matched them with her own thrusts down. Slamming herself down onto him. Gasping deeply with each thrust downwards. Her body hypersensitive after her orgasm.

“Unn,unn fuck.” He grunted loudly as she felt his thrust becoming totally uncontrolled.

“Yes, cum Mr Williams, cum.” She gasped to him, squeezing her thighs around him as she spoke.

“OHMYFUCK.” He cried out as his body went stiff under her. She dropped herself right down on him. Just as he began to cum. Rosie gave a soft hiss as she felt him cumming inside her. It was one of the pleasures of sex that she could not get enough of. The feel of a guy emptying himself into her. Unfortunately it was one she had not had much chance to feel lately. So, she milked it for all she could. Squeezing her pussy tight around him, rippling her muscles to try and milk every last drop from him. Under her she felt him bucking upwards as he rode his orgasm. His fingers digging into her buttocks, he face buried between her breasts. He grunted repeatedly until he totally emptied himself inside her. Then sank back into the sofa with a long gasp. Rosie sat on him, breathing hard as she slowly came down from her own sexual peak.

After a minute she felt him shifting under her. With gingerly movements she climbed off him. Not easy with shaking legs. She moved away from him, leaning on the end of the sofa to remain standing. He glanced over at her, with a very satisfied look in his eyes.

“Before you ask, yes that was worth the money I paid you.” He told her breathlessly.

“Good, I’m glad.” Was all she could manage in reply. It took her a few minutes before she was able to walk over to her clothing. She slowly dressed, still shaky from her orgasm. As she pulled on the skirt she felt Mr Williams run his hand over her buttocks. She started slightly, having not heard him walk over to her.

“You know I think I’d pay double if you’d let me fuck your ass.” He said in a way that was half a statement and half a question. She stood up and looked him right in the eyes.

“I’m sorry but that will never happen. I don’t let anyone do my ass.” She told him point blank, he shrugged. Removing his hand he stepped back, allowing her to finish dressing. Rosie picked up her money and headed for the door.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it Mr Williams.” She told him before she walked out and headed up to the flat. Inside she collapsed onto the sofa, still breathing hard. Her body was buzzing from her orgasm. Her head was spinning from just how much she had enjoyed it. There had been a danger to it which had excited her wildly. Even if he had not turned out to be so good at sex she reckoned she would have cum. Just from how turned on she had been through out the whole experience.

It took her an hour to fully recover, change and wait for Claire to get home. As she heard her friend opening the flat door she suddenly realise she had no excuse for having the money. She desperately tried to come up with a plausible one, but came up with nothing. As Claire entered the room she instantly spotted the pile of money on the table in front of Rosie.

“Where did you get that lot from?” Claire asked her, Rosie took a breath. Then decided to tell the truth.

“Mr Williams.” Claire looked surprised.

“Why would her give you…” She suddenly stopped, her eyes going wide. “You got him to pay you to sleep with him didn’t you.” Rosie nodded slowly. “I don’t believe it.”

“I couldn’t let you sell your Nan’s ring. And I remembered how he had said he’d pay you. So I kind of offered myself to him, for a price.”

“Fuck me.” Claire said still in shock, then she closed her eyes slightly. “So was he as sleazy as he seems.”

“No, he was fine. He kept to the bargain, didn’t try to do anything more. And it was kinda good, hell more than kinda. It was exciting and kinky. I wouldn’t want to do it all the time. But as a one off like it was good.” Claire narrowed her eyes.

“How good?”

“Good enough to make me cum.”

“Really, Christ is must have been good then.”

“Yeah the only thing that put a dampener on was when he asked to do my ass. He even offered to pay double for it.”

“And you said no of course.”

“You know my feelings about that.” Claire smiled and nodded.

“I don’t get you, you’ll do loads of stuff. Hell you’ve fucked two guys at once, and had a threesome before now.”

“Don’t knock it till you try it, and I wasn’t the first one to sleep with a woman missy.” Claire shrugged, showing how much she cared about that.

“Then there’s that torture device you have in you closet.”

“A bondage stool is not a torture device. It is a perfectly natural sexual tool.” Rosie said to her, Claire grimaced.

“Fucking thing scares me every time I go in your wardrobe.” She said with a shudder, Rosie laughed softly. “But you’ve done all those things yet you won’t let a guy fuck your ass.”

“That’s you’re kink my dear not mine.” Claire smiled, then stopped her face screwed up in thought.

“How much did you get off him then.” Rosie told her, “and he’d pay double for doing your ass.”

“Yes, but I’ll warn you he doesn’t like using condoms.”

“Do you trust him to be clean.”

“I warned him that if I caught something I chop it off for him, so I think he is.” Claire laughed at that.

“Well we’re both on the pill.” She smiled to Rosie. “How do you fancy not only having next months rent paid, but also a proper girls night out. Just the two of us, on Mr Williams.” Rosie laughed as she realised where Claire was heading.

“I wouldn’t mind at all, but I remember the last girls night out ended differently.” Claire glared at her.

“I don’t think you were complaining. In fact if I remember right you were saying something like ’yes, yes Claire baby make me cum baby’. Or did I mishear you.” Rosie blushed and shook her head. She suddenly had a thought and looked up at Claire, from the sharp look on her friends mind she guessed she had the same thought.

“I wonder just how much he’d pay…” Claire said.

“For the both of us.” Rosie finished, and the two of them began to plan how to get Mr Williams to pay their rent for the next several months.

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