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If you want to picture Anna's tits look up halia hill
My name is Joey, im 14 years old. My sister Anna is 17, but before i go any further i want to tell you a
little about us i am 5,2 i have brown hair and i have a 6 inch penis, my sister anna has brown hair
as well she is 5,5 and very beautiful she has perfect C cup breast that looked too big for her small
frame. She was very well in shape and had no fat on her.

When i was 7 years old i walked in on my sister bathing i scared her senseless, i said i was so
sorry but she was so embarrassed. At the time she had only A cup breast but they were still very
beautiful at only 10. I always had a crush on her i know it's wrong but i cant help it she is so sexy
its weird. But until what happened that night it was only a crush.

One night me and my sister were home alone while are parents were out on the town. Anna
was watching me even at my age. She asked me if i wanted pizza for dinner, i said sure and
ran upstairs to watch T.V, I was flipping Through the channels when i saw a program called
top 10 sexy bodies, i couldn't help myself i flipped to it, undid my pants and started jerking off
I didn't hear Anna coming up the stairs to check on me when suddenly she opened the door
in shock to find me whacking off to hot babes. She yelled what the hell Joey? i covered up
shaking in fear, Get out i yelled but Anna didn't she stared at the bulge in my blanket.... ok
here is the deal i wont tell mom if you let me suck on your cock, i was in shock i couldn't
believe she said that i shook my head in approval she came closer taking the blanket off
me out came my cock. Wow she said as she stroked it in amazement, nice cock bro she
said putting it in her mouth she sucked and licked for a good 10 minutes before i said hey
Anna can i ask you something? Sure bro what is it, can i see your boobs she smiled and
undid her shirt she threw it to the ground revealing her amazing tits. Wow Anna i love them
you wanna feel them she said in a seductive voice, yea sure i said,she came closer as i
took them in my hands as i sucked on them happily. After about 5 minutes she pushed me
on the bed and took off her as she jumped on me she stroked my cock for a while before
she put it in the entrance to her pussy i was sweating as i panted. When it went inside i moaned
and pushed it further in her. We did this for 1 hour until i cummed all over her beautiful tits as
we layed there cuddling i hear wanna do it agian?


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2011-12-29 19:35:36
WDF Kinda shit is dis dats yhur fucking sister mother fucker

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2011-12-26 15:50:15
How was your sisters pussy?

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2011-11-12 21:54:58
wtf shes your sister.

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2011-10-17 19:18:28

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2011-10-17 18:48:52
Grammer and spell check please prior to posting

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