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my brother returns
im sorry i havent been writting but ive had a lot to deal with at late.

so a few day after me and harvey moved into are new apartment we went shopping for some new furniture because my parents dont exactly have the same taste as me so we are in the mall and we see harveys dad harvey lets go of my hand and said i need to talk to him babe i looked at harvey and said "go ahead but baby remember dont exspect to much from him i dont want you getting hurt again" so harvey walked over to his dad and they started talking but every so often harveys dad looked over at me and gave me a dirty look i tired to raise above it but i got so feed up of it i walked over and said "what your problem with me now" he looked at me and said "fuck off" to me i said "who are you to talk to me like that your a dirty little drunk" so he punched me and i fell to the floor and the mall cops took us to a room and we waited for the police

when the police arrived i was read my right and so was harveys dad when we got to the police station i asked for my phone call so i could call my mom. when my mom got there she came into my interview with me and i told my side of the story and was released without charge and went home to harvey and went to sleep

the next morning harvey and i was woke up my the apartment phone so i got out of bed and answered it i said "hello" the man on ther other end said that my brother was being released from prision and needs a bail adress i said "why havent you tried my mom" the man said he has tried but never got an answer i told him to try again because im only 19 and put the phone down. i walked back into my bedroom and harvey asked who i was on the phone too i said "to the la prision warrden" harvey paid more attention and said "why would you be talking to a warrden babe" "because my brother is getting released in a few days" harvey got out of bed and said "you have a brother" "yes i do he is called francis" "why was he in prision? babe" "why do you care harvey he isnt your brother" "no your write he isnt he is however my brother in law" "my brother is inprision for possession of class A drugs" "thats not so bad babe" "yes it is my brother disgrased my family sorry i mean are family and now he wants to be welcomed back with opened arms well he can fuck off, as far as im concerned i dont have a brother" "woo babe dont have a go at me i only asked" harvey started walking away from me and i said "dont walk away from me babe i wont let my brother get between me and my hustband" harvey walked back into are bedroom and said "babe go see your brother maybe he has changed" "i doult it" "baby please go and see your brother when he gets out and i will come with you, now im going for a shower u come in with me" "sure" so me and harvey took a shower and continued with are day anyway a few days later my brother was released and i was the only one avalible to go pick him up so me and harvey drove up there in his car because mine is only a two seater when he walked out of the enterance i felt sick even looking at him harvey beep his horn to let him know we was here when he got in the car he said "oright brov" harvey looked at me as if to say answer him i said "im fine thank you" as harvey drove to my parents house my brother and harvey started talking francis said he liked harvey and we make a good set of boyfriends i turned around and said "he is my hustband" showing him my wedding band my brother said "damn when did that happen?" i said "a few weeks ago" i pulled out my fags and harvey said "dont smoke in my car babe" i said "fine pull over for a second" so harvey did and i got out the car and walked off smoking harvey drove up next to me and said "get back in babe" i said "nope you dont want me smoking in your car that fine i will see you at home" my brother spook at said "listen to your hustband and i turned around and said "i dont need a fucking druggy to tell me what to do" harvey drove off after saying we would talk about this later i got to the apartment and let my self in my cell started ringing and it was my mom so i answered it she said "get over here now!!" so i drove over in my car and my mom told me to say sorry to my brother i said "no i wont i stand by every word i said to me he isnt my brother" my mom said to me "im so disappointed in you leonardo" "and why is that mom" "because you gave harvey another chance when he use to be a jerk to you, you gave kyle another chance to be your friend when he cheated on you, you gave britney another chance when she got pregrent and gave the child way and most of all harvey gave you another chance when u kissed kyle" "okay you made your point but in any of them situation was there drugs invovled?" "no there wasnt but your brother has served his time he has taken his punishment" "your right mom i know you are but he left me all alone when i was only 14 years old and i needed a older brother so dont exspect me to just forgive and forget because its not going to happen"

to be continued


2011-10-20 18:20:00
rich boys love 37 now out


2011-10-20 16:45:52
im sorry you dont know my brother the way i do the things he has done that i will exsplain in the next section of mine and harvey story


2011-10-20 16:42:32
im sorry you dont know my brother the way i do the things he has done that i will exsplain in the next section of mine and harvey story


2011-10-19 22:13:09
i've missed your stories harvey and leo, nice to see you back, my one bit of advice is to you leonardo.... i've been in family situations where i'm pissed off and dont wish to waste my time on a bad person, but here's the thing .. at mom's funeral i vocally evicerated my uncle that had despised me openly for 29 + years for having the audacity of talking to me, your brother did drugs, he didn't hate and despise you, he wasn't there when you needed him, because he was self destructing, he's done jail and paid for that, thats the point of jail. sounds like he loved you, but had to step through his own madness, so long as he is clean and trying , the least respect you can show him is to try and do the same, sorry mini rant over, love hearing about you guys, don't like bad stuff upsetting you


2011-10-18 13:08:18
im sorry the shit? is that a bad thing?

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