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Two teens fall in love and have a weekend of sex
The best weekend ever


Well my weekend started and it sterted with a regular saturday witch consisted of listing to music, going on facebook, and reading.


Gettn' up

   "GOOD MORNING!!!" the radio announcer called as I willed myself awake, "Welcome to another glorious day in south-west Florida!!!"
   "Ugh... Shut up!" I groaned as I turned the station to ninety-nine X.
   Some song started to play that I haven't herd before, "that's a good song" I thought to myself "I'm gonna tag it," 
   So I grabbed my iPod touch and got to Shazam and tagged the song twice, just incase.
   "Ho-boy" I emphasized as my body complained about several needs at the same time. 
   I rush to the bathroom and sighed as a emptied my blatter into the toilet-bole. I then went to settle my stomach in the kitchen.
   "Good morning Tayler," My mom called as I staggered out of the bathroom "Did you sleep well?"
   "yah... I had a weird dream last night," I answered honestly "I don't want to talk about it though," 
   "ok," she replied 
   I checked the time, "8:15" the clock read but it was about a half hour slow, so more like "8:45"
   I made eggs and ate them, scrambled if u where wondering... They were good... Well after I ate I went to my room and read for about two hours. I checked my watch and it said "10:50" 
   "Hhh," I sighed
   "What to do, what to do" I thought to my self "O I know!" i said as I whent to retrieve my moms phone.


Hear we go

   "Hay mum can I use your phone?" I asked her as she was sitting on the couch with my baby sister
   "Shur I guess, here," she replied as she handed me her phone "I want it back in an hour, no more," 
   "Ok, thanks" I replied as I rushed off to my room
   I checked facebook to see if anyone was online to chat... like five people whom I didn't know to well, so I updated my states "Sssssoooooo bored, nothing to do, save me, plz, anyone!!!" I posted it hoping to get someone to chat me.
   Ten minutes passed and nobody chatted me, so I decided to text Dillan, my best friend, to see if I could hang at his place for a while... Nope he's going to his girlfriends house. Then i checked James he never dose anything... Busy!!! The beach?!? 
   I sighed as I tried the last person I ever thought would ever want me over, Ashly, the friend who I wanted to make morethan. "Hay u up to anything???" I texted not expecting a reply
   One... Two... Three... Fore minutes passed then I get a reply "No chillin at home y?"
   "Ok here we go, you opened the door Tayler, now walk through," I said to my self "I was looking for something to do and I wanted to know if I could hang out at your place???" I texted
   Nine... Ten... Eleven seconds passed and "sher that'l be cool, u know were I live, right?"
   "YESSS" I yelled aloud "Yeah, I remember from when I dropped you off a cupel weeks ago" I replied feeling ecstatic 
   "Can't w8, see you when you get here!" Ashly replied right away
   "FUCK YEAH!!!!!!" I almost yelled at the top of my lungs, I sprinted out of my room and said to my mom "I need the car! Now!... Pleas," 
   "give me my phone and u can have the keys," she sighed because she knew she probably knows she wouldn't have the car tell tomorrow
   "Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" I yelled as I ran out the door keys in hand

Having fun

   I got to Ashly's house as fast as I could, I checked my watch "11:17" about twenty minutes "Good timing," I think to myself 
   I nocked on the door and Ashly's mom answered "Hello Tayler, come in," she welcomed me in "Ashly's room is up the steps, right hallway, second door to the left," she informed me
   "Thank you," I said as I walked up the steps not trying to look like I was rushing
   I walked down the hall and my heart started doing summersaults in my throat. I nocked on the door before I opened it "Hello? Ashly?" 
   "Hay, sup?" she responded from her bed. God, she looked beautiful as always, her blond hair in a ponytail, in a pink A top, jean short shorts, and pink socks with lace around the top. 
   "WOW! You look beautiful" I said as I tried to contain my drooling, but end up doing about as good a job as her shirt was at containing her breasts, not a vary good one
   "Just because you say that every day doesn't mean I'll go out with you, I just want to be friends," she said matter-of-factly
   "Hum, well what do you want to do?" I asked completely noticing her erect nipples
   "well I got gears three, could we play that?" she said 
   And we did for about an hour and a half, then her mom came in and said that she would be leaving withe Caitlin (Ashly's sister) and David (Ashly's mom's boyfriend) to go out for the night and that they wouldn't be home tell later tomorrow, and that I had to leave at 8:00, but that didn't end up  happening. 
   "So what do you want to do now?" I asked Ashly fifteen or twenty minutes after everyone left
   "We could go in the pool?" she said 
   "Sounds fun, let's do it!" I replied not meaning those last words the way they turn out.


Fun in the pool

   Because I didn't bring my trunks I used a pare of David's. I got in first, I floated around on an inner-tube they had for a wile, than did laps, it wasn't until about fifteen minutes later that Ashly came out in an itty-bitty two-peas, like two small triangles just barely covering her nipples connected by string and a thin G-string that was camle-toeing, my boner shot up like the shuttle blasting off, you could probably see it frome space, all eight inches clearly visible in the thin trunks I was given. Ashly decided to dive in right in front of me, and surface just about an inch in front of me, she came up and whispered "wow" as if she had just seen a midget jump ten stories."I didn't know I could do that to you..." she said with a sideways smile
   "Well I tell you every day," I said matter-of-factly
   "Am I the only one that dose that to you?" she asked as if she was honestly curious
   "yes, you are," I said honestly 
   The next thing she did was so unexpected I jumped, she grabbed my shoulders, pulled her self up (do to the hight difference, me being 6'3" and her being 5'8") then leaned forward and kissed me, hard, after I got over the shock I started kissing her back, we made-out for I don't know or care how long, but it felt like forever- that good kind of forever like when you drink from the coldest water fountain in the building or like the first bite of the best stake ever- but when we parted I asked "Dose that mean were going-out now?"
   She responded by kissing my cheek and saying "what do you think?"
   "That would be a yes," I say trying not to sound too excited
   She smiled then we made-out for another eternity, and when we parted again I said "Why don't we take this inside?"
   She noded and rushed inside, leaving me standing in the what I thought as the fore foot section of the pool in a daze, I shook my head and hurried inside. Looking forward to something I never dreamed would happen.


There's a first for everything

   I ran up to the bathroom and meat Ashly as she is toweling off, I picked her up than started kissing her neck, she shuttered a sigh, I stopped and asked "Not that I'm complaining, but why wouldn't you go out with me earlier?"
   "Well, I don't know really, at first you just came off as creepy, but than I found out that you where really sincere, and I think that I just needed to get over myself, I was acutely thinking about saying yes the next time you asked before you texted me earlier, and I-" I interrupted her by placing my finger on her lips and said "All that matters to me, is that I have you now,"
   "O my god, you are the nicest guy i have or will ever go out with," she said and before I could respond she kissed me deeply, not being shy with her tung
   "Honestly, I never thought this would happen, you and me, I mean," I said in-between breaths
   "Than why didn't you give-up and try to go out withe someone elts?" she asked after we parted
   "Because I believe you should never give up on something you love," I replied meaning every word of what I said
   "That is the corniest thing I have ever heard," she said withe a smile "Yet it's also the sweetest,"
   "Meat me in my room, but give me a second, I have to put something on, I think you'll like it," she said after we finished frenching
   "Ok I'll dry off," I replied pecking her on the cheek
   After I dried off I whent down stairs to get something to drink, I looked in the fridge and found some fruit punch Kool-Aid, I pored a glass and put the pitcher back in the fridge, drank my drink and headed up stairs


Now the fun starts

   I was walking up the stairs and turned down the hallway and hade Daja-Vu, my heart started doing summersaults in my thought, I got to the door and nocked as I said "You ready yet?" 
   "Come in!" she called with out knowing she would be saying that more in the near future
   I slowly open the door and what I find is amazing  I find ashly newd laying on her bed facing the door, my bonner almost shot off my body it went up so fast, "Well? What do you think?" she asked 
   "O... Umm... Yeah... Er, I'm sorry I guess I'm speechless," I said while wiping droll from my lip
   She responded by smiling and moving her index finger in a motion that signaled she wanted me to come closer, so I did, One... Two... Three... Fore... Five steps and I was right in front of her, she started to undo my belt then pulled it free of my baggy jeans, the jeans fell by them selves, being fore inches to big, I lost some weight over the last few months and haven't gone cloths shopping yet, my boxers where baggy around the legs and the wast fit good, she slowly pulled them down over my throbbing cock, "I didn't know you were so well prepared!" she said almost in amazement as she stared at all my eight inches of glory
   "Well I am proportionally larger than most guys," I say because it's true, me being 6'3" I'm the tallest person I know
   Ashly starts to say something than stopped and started to give me a blow job, this isn't my first bj so I knew what to expect, warm wet softness with a maneuvering tung, she stopped when I told her I was about to jizz, she said "No, were saving that for later," 
   "Ok, now let me pleas you," I said as I laid down next to her on the bed
   We started to make out and one of my hands found her vagina while the other locked on to her breast, this also wasn't the first time I fingered a girl and I was pretty experienced at it, it's basically "Insert finger(s) and dig up"
   She sighed and pushed my head down to her vag, this was a first, it was like... Well I can't explain it any other way but eating a vagina, it was wet and tasted delicious, I started by liking from the bottom to the top of the slit, I then focused on the lips, sucking on them going back and forth from one to the other, then after what felt like a few minuets I focused on the ten and two positions on the clitoris, and I soon found my self gulping pussy juice as she climaxed, "WOW! That. Was. The. Best," she said as I came up for a breath "I want you in side me," she whispered in my ear
   "Do you have a rubber?" I asked stunned at what she was asking 
   "No, I don't want you to use a condom, I want to feel it all," she said blushing a little
   "Ok..." I said stunned, then asked "Missionary position?"
   "No, it seems to occwerd to me but I've never done it so," she said 
   "Yeah, I feel the same way... O I know, come here!" I said as I pulled her close, I kissed her as I picked her up and carried her as I navigated out of the room, down the stairs, through the living room, and into the dining room, I set her down on the table and felt her back down to her ass, broke the kiss and pulled her hips close to mine "Be gentle," Ashly said looking up at me one hand on one of her perfect tits
   "I will," I promised as I went to penetrate, than stopped and asked "Are you a vergen?" 
   She looked a way and blushed then said "yes, but I still want you in me!" like I wasn't because of that
   I pulled away and ran for the bathroom and yelled "Be right back, start without me!"
   I got to the bathroom and looked in the closet "Damn, I'll check the master bathroom," 
   So I got to the master bath and found it! A red towel! I sprinted down stairs, and showed it to Ashly, "Smart, that's a good idea,"
   I put the towel under Ashly's ass and draped some onto the floor, I gave her a quick kiss than went for it



   I pulled her hips to mine to line up the entrance again, I rubbed the tip of my penis along her slit a few times, then found the hole and pushed my head in, I didn't have to lube it up because her juices were doing a pretty good job at that already, I put more of my cock in to this two sizes too small hole, and she let out a groan of pain and exticy at the same time, I then rammed all eight inches of my manliness in to her cunt in one push, she screamed in pain as I ripped through her hamen, I didn't move, "Are you ok?" I asked
   "Yah, I'm ok now, you can move," she responded after the pain subsided giving way to euphoria
   I started to push and pull, in and out of her pussy, absorbing the warmth and softness of the perfect vagina I whas fucking, suddenly the warmth dubbed and the plushness tripled as I realized I was seconds away from ejaculation, "I'm cumming!!!" I warned
   "I sawer to god, Tayler, if you pull out I'll never forgive you!" she yelled and I could tell she was close to cumming too 
   So I kept plowing away, ... Five... Six... Seven and BOOM I blew my load into Ashly's spasming pussy, as she screamed in exticy, after her breathing regulated she sat up, rapped her arms around my neck and whispered in my ear "I love you, so much,"
   I whispered in her ear "I love you too, more than you can imagine," and it was the truth
   I looked outside, it was dark, I checked my watch it read "8:12" I then asked Ashly "So, can I spend the night here?"
   "I wouldn't let you leave if you wanted to," she replied laughing a little
   "So that's a yes, right?" I asked knowing the answer
   "What do you think?" Ashly asked rhetorically "Im going to shower, get all the blood off" she then said as she hopped of the table and walked towards the stairs
   "I'll join you," I say as I rush up behind her an sweep her off her feat, and kiss her passionately and walk up the stairs, then she broke the kiss and said "No, I want to shower by myself, you can wash off in the master bath, ok? Weight for me on my bed,"
   "Ok," I said and we swapped spit one more time and I headed for the master bath


Good night

I washed up, through on my boxers and tolled Ashly there has been a change of plains and that she should meat me down stairs in the dining room for dinner, I found a bottle of spaghetti sauces and some angle hare posta, so I whipped up some spaghetti, Ashly came down in her underwear and said "O' my god, spaghetti is my favorite, how did you know?"
   "I don't know, I just cooked what you had, if your mom says anything, I'll buy her more," i said as I pulled out her char, she sat and I went to get the plates from the counter, I gave her her food and sat down with my own and ate reluctantly, because spaghetti is my least favorite food, when we where done I put the plats and silverware in the sink checked my watch "9:52" so I said "It's getting late, we should ‘go to bed’"
   "Ok but only if we fuck first," she said looking irritated 
   "Ha, that's why I put emphasis on the 'go to bed' part," I said as if to a baby as I gently poker her nose 
   She kissed me than said "fuck you," with a smile
   And I replied "Don't worry, I will," and I kissed her, 
   She took my hand and led me to her room, she pulled me onto her bed and hugged me tight as we kissed, I held her back then I slid my right leg under her left, and my left in-between her legs, i pulled her right leg up over my hip and angled to penetrate, we made love for I don't know how long tell we climaxed. We fell asleep like that, in each others embrace, and my ever hard cock buried deep inside of her


Good morning 

   I woke up still entangled withe Ashly, and cock still rock hard, I checked my watch "6:02" it read "Wow that's early!" I thought to myself
   With my cock still buried inside Ashly I began to thrust, it wasn't long that she woke up to my humping, she smiled and said "Well good morning to you too," she then kissed me deeply, we went tell we climaxed again, then she said "let's have breakfast, what do you want?" 
   "Well we have pie and sausage right here," I said as I pulled out of her vag
   "Ha ha, no I ment like real food," she said as she left the room, after she left I thought about the day before, but was interrupted by my bodes morningly needs, I used the restroom and washed my face, than headed down stairs to meat Ashly, I found her cooking some fried eggs and Canadian bacon, "Looks good," I said as I walked up behind her and kissed her neck
   "Not now, after we eat, promise" she said as she almost broke the yoke of one of the eggs
   "Ok, I'll hold you to that," I said that and whent to sit down at the table and waited for the delicious food that was being prepared by the most beautiful women on earth
   After we ate, we went skinny dipping in the hot tub section of her pool, like a little "o" connected to the edge of the pool with a water fall, I sat down on the bench that lined most of the tub and she sat on me cowgirl style, we kissed then I sucked on her perfect nipples for awhile, then I moved to allow her to ride my throbbing cock (let me tell you having sex under water can be eather the best or the worst experience ever, depends on who you are) she started to bounce up and down on cock for close to a half hour, and during that time I came three times and, she got two, after we got out I checked the time "10:12" so I grabbed her hand and led her to her sisters room and said "I wanna fuck on breea's bed, and I want to record it,"
   "Sounds kinky, you pervert," she said with a devilish smile on her face, then laid down on her sisters bed and I grabbed my iPod to record it POV style


Good by... For now

   I get on the bed and tell Ashly to get on top of me to do a move I call the Excited Horse (it's were the girl gets on top on her knees like cowgirl style and gets on half way and the guy fuckes up into the girl the rest of the way) she got on top and did as I instructed and only got on a few inches then I thrusted my manhood in and out of Ashly's warm, wet pussy, after about ten minutes we switched positions to doggy style, then she sucked me off the rest, after we finished and put breea's bed back in order I checked my watch "12:37" 
   "I should get going, my mom will be worried sick," I say as I get dressed
   "Ok, but promise first," she replied
   "What do you mean?" I asked
   "I want you to promise that you will never, ever hurt me," she said almost in tears
   "Ashly, I would NEVER, not in a million years even think about hurting you, ever," I said looking her in the eyes and meaning every single word of what I said
   We hugged and made out before I left, said good by, waved, and I drove off into the distance, bound for home


There will be a sequel, leave creative suggestions in the comment section and try to keep them realistic plz, and thanks for reading :)

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don't bother with a sequal until you learn how to spell

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2011-12-12 02:09:09
No offence but, work on your spelling, and the grammars of it. Ill do 7/10 on this one. I think you can do better than that, can you?

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Seemed like a very good story but work on the spelling.

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Fuck fuck fuckity fuck how did this get 100% I would of givin it an 89 I thout Tyler ~(notice how I spelled it correctly) was a girl so when she started makin out with him I was like woh no one said any ting about this being a lesbo story then the blow jobs I was like holy fuck penis shit then I figured it out lol you prick

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