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Piggy spends the day penned and tormented
The text came early in the morning…. In one hour come to the shop, wear a dress.

I quickly made myself ready, putting on a little steel blue dress with a deep and wide v neck and dark rose panties. As usual I couldn’t make my nipples behave and I knew when I started walking they would be stimulated by the soft rubbing material and so I put on a bra…of course, this made the flesh of my smallish tits push up into a pretty cleavage in the little dress. I wasn’t sure if it was too much, but there was no time to change, so I braided my hair into two braids and slipped into a pair of sandals. A bit of mascara and gloss and I took a deep breath and headed out the door.

It doesn’t take long to get to his shop and my heart picked up the pace as I saw him standing in the shadows of the windows waiting for me. I quickly slipped inside as he opened the door and then locked it behind me. He ushered me back to the counter and out of the windows and kissed me deeply, then lowered his head and rubbed his face against the swell of my breasts.

“Pretty piggy, I have a surprise for you.”

His low voice skittered across my skin and I shivered at the edge of cruelty I heard and felt in it. He stood up, pushed me back a bit and looked at me then grinned briefly. He demanded my dress then ran his hands over my ribs and hips and asked for the bra. I handed it to him and he put the dress, bra and my purse in a drawer. Standing there in my panties, I was embarrassed, confused and a little afraid. His abrupt laugh told me it showed on my face. He pulled a rope from his pocket and tied it around each wrist, leaving a small space between them. He put one hand around my throat and squeezed, pinching at one nipple pulling and twisting until I was on tiptoe and wanted to scream….if only I could breathe…. He let go and pushed slightly, causing me to stumble back. Grabbing the space between my wrists he pulled, leading me around the counter he bent slightly slid a panel aside and pointed.

I glanced down into the dark hole it had created and he bent further pulling me with him. Off balance already, I landed on the carpet on my knees, face to face with the compartment. I glanced back at him and his eyes were cold shards of an arctic sky.

“Go on,” he said, and I awkwardly backed into the space and settled on my knees and ankles.

He knelt in front of me and reached in having me lean onto my hands and placed a blindfold over my eyes. I whimpered and squirmed in his hands as he guided me back. It was pitch black and … close… and I gasped, barely containing the squeal of surprise and then glittering pain at the unexpected clamping of one nipple and then the other, stinging cold metal clamp, pinching cruelly, and His voice, low and even telling me to be very quiet, and then I heard the panel slide into place.

I don’t know how long, a few seconds…minutes…but for a bit I was frozen in a strange paralyzing shock. I could hear my own heartbeat and the blood rushing through my veins and I started to get dizzy….then realized that I was holding my breath. I let it out slowly, and took a few calming breathes. Suddenly I could hear faint music in the background and that soothed me. My mind wandered as I knelt there, and I started wondering how long it had been, then I told myself to be calm, the more you try to track time the more aware of how slow it is you are, so I tried to catch what was on the radio, but really couldn’t. I heard a phone ring and it startled me, but I didn’t make a sound, and I smiled slightly at myself. His voice was muffled and unintelligible, but the timbre of it still entered me and I sighed. I shifted a bit and then held my breath, hoping I hadn’t made a sound and tried to center myself and meditate, but all I could think of was the box like space I was in, practically naked, my nipples burning, hands tied and my panties were heavy with thick moisture, sticking to me uncomfortably.

My head jerked when I heard the panel move and then he reached in and grasped my chin pulling me up and forward. As I raised up onto my knees and leaned forward I felt the hot knob of his cock against my lips. Like an infant I opened my mouth and moved my head gently to and fro trying to grasp him between my lips. Suddenly he thrust and buried himself in my throat, quick and hard he fucked at my face and the awkward position made it impossible to swallow. I gurgled and moaned as I felt warm spit spilling down my chin and neck and my nipples raged as the clamps swung and bit into them. Then he was gone and the panel slid back. I panted as quietly as I could and leaned back into my original position. I reached up with my bound hands and wiped at the spit on my skin, trembling in building need.

Again I sat quietly for what seemed like a very long time, my panties were scrunched up between my lips and I longed to tug at them, but there wasn’t much room and I was terrified of making any noise. Now and then I would hear a faint jingle and low voices and every time I heard him talking to someone a new wave of lust and wonder went through me. Just as I was starting to drift in my mind the panel slid aside again and I gasped as my nipples stretched up as he tugged on the clamps and pulled my titties tight and high. Then I felt his hand push between my legs and his fingers felt at my pussy, the panties pushing further inside as he pinched at my slick lips and then nothing but the whisper of the panel moving back into place. The frustration and dark solitude were stirring, and I sat in a mist.

My legs were starting to ache from my position when the panel slid again, and his warm hand reached in and found my hands, pulling me, and I moved forward crawling out of my pen. He helped me, and then pulled me to my feet and silently led me…walking blindly behind him…and his silence was as disorienting as the darkness. A few seconds later he pulled the blindfold off and pushed me into the bathroom, telling me I had three minutes and then shut the door. I was confused with the sudden brightness but tried to hurry. When I washed my tied hands I glanced at myself in the mirror and flushed. The clamps on my nipples were connected to each other with a metal rod and I could see the white tips of my nipples held in the shiny teeth. I turned and opened the door and he put the blindfold back on and led me through the shop. When we stopped he pressed a bottle of water into my hands and I drank and held it out for him to take.

Suddenly he yanked me, turning me in his arms so my back was pressed against his chest. He grasped my throat with one hand and began to rub at my clit with the other. I squirmed and mewled and he whispered obscenities in my ear as he pressed and rubbed and squeezed until I was thrashing and squirting. He wiped his fingers on my stomach, knocking against the wicked clamps in the process and then shoved me to my knees. I used my hands to feel for the opening and then crawled inside, soaked and near tears and then shuddered as I heard him whisper “filthy pig” before the panel slid shut. I sat there in a burning haze of anger and lust and listened as he went about his day. I wished that I had tried to look at his watch while I could see and wondered again how long I had been in the pen. And then…I wished that I had a marker to blindly write on the floor and walls, words, phrases going through my head, visions spilled in the dark. Pig Pen in bold angry letters on the face of the panel. I squirmed in my mess, the panties now cold and uncomfortable in their wetness as I passed the time picturing the graffiti I would splay across the confining walls of my space.

Again the panel opened and I was pulled up to take him in my mouth and he pulled at the clamps as she thrust into me and I screamed around him as the left clamp pulled brutally off the tip of my nipple. He laughed and pushed me back. I rolled my shoulders and shivered at the burning of my nipple and his harsh “don’t touch” had me whimpering as the panel slid shut. So I went inside the mist again, breathing slowly and deeply, feeling every breath push into the one free nipple, which tingled and screamed at the return of blood flow. I listened as he worked, sitting still and quiet and then jumped and swallowed a scream as he kicked the panel at my back, and I swear I heard him mutter “bitch” and then the far off jingle that signaled someone coming in. He was standing behind the counter and I heard him speaking with someone, for again what seemed a long time to me.

I became aware suddenly of the silence, and I lifted my head, listening and gasped and jerked at the jarring sound of something pounding on the panel. Then sat in a pregnant silence…waiting. When the panel finally started to move I straightened my back and lifted my head, defiant and smug. Truthfully I have no idea if he even registered the look I was trying to give him without eyes, he reached in and grasped the side of my head and one braid pulling me roughly from my space. I couldn’t stop the squeal that emerged and he shoved me to the floor putting his foot on my back pressing firmly and I cried out again as the clamp was raked off by the carpet. “Shut up. Shut the fuck up.” My arms were twisted awkwardly under me and my legs were still wedged into the pen. I tried desperately to keep my noises controlled and nodded. He reached down and pulled one arm yanking on me as I wiggled out and up to my feet.

He lead me in a quick step in a silence that I felt. It was a slap, a backhand really…shocking and unnecessary. We stopped and he lifted my hands above my head and as I always do, I touched him, his fingers and wrists, as he affixed me to something. I stood trying to imagine where I was in the building and put one foot out a little trying to gauge what may be in front of me, a wall, a shelf… nothing.. His favorite name of filth assaulted me at the very same time a terrible bad, flesh eating sting sank into my back. His Rope, grass rope, twisted and taped into a biting demon at one end, frayed and knotted at the other. He was using the biting end, the bitch fuck hurt me end and he was digging into my mind with the wretched fingers of his words. He hit me again with the deep fire demon Rope, my back, my ass and my stomach, thighs and across both tits and the my ribs and back again. I couldn’t… I was twisting and begging and I must have been near screaming when he stopped. I stood heaving and then shuddered and dripped molten honey at the sound of his knife. He was speaking too….speaking… stupid bitch…loud…I couldn’t track the words.

The cold blade at one hip and then the other made me shake my head in denial as my panties were pulled up tight into me and then away. He spoke to me of my loud mouth and bit into the back of my shoulder as he crudely reached around me and stuffed them between my lips. He stepped away from me and I shook my head, hating the wet panties in my mouth, the blindfold, imagining what I looked like and I screamed inside. And then I screamed outside, muffled by the panties and quickly swallowed. Again the Rope tasted my flesh, again, all the way around my body and then it stopped….and began again…the other end, frayed, knotted…a hot grass fire blowing across my skin like sparks from the sun. His words were like a hand around my throat, giving and taking breath as the desert sting of the Rope ate me. The universe burst and I floated, melting into the fire in a shard of glittering light.

The next thing I was aware of were his hands at my wrists, his lips against my lolling head. He pulled the panties from my mouth and wiped at my ravaged face, then led me stunned, drunk and stumbling to my pen, and I wanted in there so badly, that fleeting thought pulled at me as he helped me to guide me as I backed into the close place. Before the panel closed he reached in and pulled me forward, pushing into my mouth. I moaned and sucked at him and trembled in my own sparkling orgasm as he filled my mouth with his hot cream. Then he was gone and I heard the panel close. I folded over onto myself, moaning softly at the sensation of my blooming wounds. I felt held and safe in my little pen and I raised myself, resting against my heels quietly as I heard the faint jingle that told me we were not alone.

After a while I noticed that there was silence, I squirmed slightly in anticipation … … suddenly…the silence was so deep that I opened my mouth in sheer denial, but I knew… I knew. I wanted to scream, but I took a deep breath and calmed my burst of childish fear with a slow burning anger. I was alone…tied up, on my knees, blindfolded and beaten, in a cupboard in an empty building…. It was infuriating, and humbling, and then, and then it was beautiful and I sank into myself bending to lay my cheek against my clasped hands, finally understanding how fully His I am. The silence was so pure and my submission, in that moment, so complete that I think I slept…sort of… the sliding panel startled me, and I raised my head. I could smell him as it opened and was thankful for the blindfold that drank and hid my tears.

His bark of happy laughter told me that nothing of my feelings at that moment were hidden, and when his hand cupped my face I turned instinctively into it, kissing his palm softly and sniffling. Gently he led me from my space and helped me to my feet. He untied my wrists and then pulled me against his chest. As I wrapped my arms around him and lay against his heart, he pulled the blindfold from me. He picked me up and held me against him like a child whispering of his pride. I nestled and nuzzled and whimpered into his neck and shoulder. He kissed me and then set me back on my feet and handed me my clothes. I put my bra in my purse and dropped the dress over my head, slipped into the flip flops and stood looking at him in a daze. We talked for a few minutes and he hugged me again making sure I was okay to walk home, then he handed me a bag and I smiled, I could smell the cheeseburger and he kissed me one last time and sent me home.

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I do consider all of the ideas you have preetnesd on your post. They're really convincing and will definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are very short for newbies. May you please prolong them a little from next time? Thank you for the post.

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Beautiful. I've been following this series from the day you posted your first story. I love these so much


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