Lets just call me Floww im 19 year old and this is what recently happened to me
My name is Floww and I just moved to philadelphia from montreal. I am a 6ft and have a 7 and a half I'n dick.
I an half latino half black. This all happened a couple ofdays go . I had just started my senior year in american high school and it was totally different then my old high school in canada. Teacher were different girls different everything was and I hated it .
Being the new kid did not help especially because I was from canada . I hadn't has any type of sex in already a month, it wa horrible. October came and I already made a couple of friends and also found myself to be attracted to one of my new friends girlfriend . Her name was melisa, a beautiful mulatto girl. She was fully equipped with one of the best body I had ever witness . She had slim body with a D cup and also had a(forgive me for my language) a fucken huge ass, perfectly round and all. Lust was taking over me everytime I had a glimpse of t that sexy body and beautiful face.

A week passed and I found myself being invited to this house party. My first ever in philly. I wa very excited to finally have the opportunity to meet some new people and have some fun. The week passed by quickly and it was already friday the day of the party. So I ran home quickly to prepare myself mentally for the occasion . It was an hour before the party and I was already ready.but I waited two hours after the party starred to not be the first one there. After a quick wall I arrived to the party which was very loud. Iu entered the house and was greeted nicely. I walk around a little top check if I knew anybody. Unfortunately nobody I knew was present. Later on after taking a couple of drinks and dancing with a couple of girls i spotted this incredibly god looking girl and to my suprise it was my buddys girlfriend melisa.

I did not fair to speak to her even tho I was a little tipsy. After at least 30 min s of me seeing her she came right next to whet I was at and w started talking and laughing. After we were done chatting we started to dance together and e eventually embed up kissing . she had her tongue down my throat and mmine down hers. We kept on kissing and feeling each others warm bodies filed with sexual lust .

My mind was going crazy. I wanted he r so badly and my dick was already so hard. I speed stop the kissn dtold her we couldn't do this and reminded her she had a boyfriend. I also told her I did not want her to think I was talking advantage of her because she was drunk. " first of all I am not drunk and I don't care about charles. H he does not show me love and never pleasure me the way I need to be. And don't worry what happens tonight stayes between me and you." When she revel all that to me I just wanted to fuck her so badly and please her the way she needed to be.

After we shared more siliva she whispered in my ears. " bring me home , im drunk.." Knowing perfectly she wasn't I still accepted her request. We arrived at her house and I kissed saying I had a great night. But when I about to leave she grabbed me and staged me into her her house (i did not resist lool). She quickly brought me to her room and told me to wait a minute. After the minute passed she came back completely naked and asked me how I found her." I'mma keep it real your the most beautiful girl I have seen since iv moved to phily."

She blushed and lated me down on her bed and undress me quickly. She seemed suprise to see my fully errect penius. She did not lose anytime to start sucking on it. This was probably the most incredible bliwjob I ever had. She suckdd and sucked until my shole 8in fiilled her throat . She kept it there. For at keast 30 sec before needeing to breath. She looiked at me and smiled and starred deep throating my dick again but this time I got up and took controle I started face fucking her like the cheating slut she was. She was gagging and drooling fountaines of siliva. I was reaching climax point but decided to stop. I turned her arround and aimed my dick to her pussy and spared it in with full force. She let a little.scream of pain and pleasure out and ,told me to fuck her good but start slowly becsuse she was not use to that size of I started slowly for a couple of second them stated ramming her. she was screaming and moaning and her pussy was drowning my dick with her juice it was incredible after a good 15 minds of me giving her he r body have up and she came. She was extremely satisfied but I was not. So I slapped her fat ass and and started to fuck her again but thius time I was finger fucking her ass. And she did not seem to pay it no mind . She was enjoting me fucking both her gole ass she was about to climax again. I stopped and staired at her wet ass, removed by finger amd started to insert my dick in it. She yelled and ask me to stop but it wad too late ger ass was filed. Iu fucked hdr ass very hard and fast. She loved it and came in a few min. I too was about ro come. So I rwmoved my duck from her ass and came in her mouth. Tbc

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Wow. Your pathetic writing skills do not say much for the Canadian educational system. I hope for Canada's same you are just a DUMBASS!

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u need somw english lessons as well as spelling LMAO

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Your spellings are killing man.

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dont write ever again please.

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The last line just kills the whole story

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