What makes the average woman come.
One thing that I have learned is that females perform better cunnilingus then males. That's why there are so many lesbians out there. If guys were as good as girls at giving women head, it wouldn't matter if a guy had a two inch penis or a twelve inch penis. Hell, women have NO penis and they get more women then men do in many cases.
So now that this is out of the way, let's figure out why women are so much better then men in the cunnilingus department. Is it because they are the "gentler" sex? Not every woman wants it performed gently. So I don't believe that is the answer. The answer is that women know women's bodies. They know what they like and they know what feels good. Men don't have a clue unless they are told. So that is the purpose of this article.
Firstly, as for me, I happen to NOT like a man (or woman) to just dive in roughly and start lapping away. As the song says "Take the long way home". How about letting your lips go everywhere BUT the honeypot? Dance your lips and tongue up and down the inner thighs, mmmmmmmmm, the stomach, mmmmmmmmm. Well, you can be creative, but I am sure you get the idea.
Secondly, when you finally do allow you tongue to taste the honeypot, treat it like the petals of a rose that you don't want to crush (again I am talking about MY personal preference). Lick the outter petals ever so gently. And when your tongue does finally enter the inner folds of the labia lick it as if you were licking a rose petal and were afraid to crush it. Lick the urinary opening and just below that the vaginal opening. You can gently stick your tongue into the vaginal opening but gently at first. When the juices are flowing you will know it is time to go to phase two.
Phase two: Okay, now there is a good stream of juices flowing from her and her breathing is picking up. Now you can pull back the hood of the clitoris and say hello to the "man in the rowboat" known to all as the clitoris. Your friend and mine. If it is erect then she is excited and you may not have to be as gentle as before (that is a personal choice, I happen to like a guy or girl to start out gently licking and GENTLY sucking on my clitoris).
Phase three: This is ONLY for those with well manicured nails or no nails at all. Insert a finger into the vagina. I happen to like the index AND middle finger of the right hand. I like them inserted with the nails facing down so that after you have inserted the fingers you can curl them and rub the "G spot". Now if you are sucking or licking on that clitoris and you are rubbing the G spot with those two fingers you will definitely get a reaction if you are doing it right.
Phase four: This is an advanced technique and again I emphasis PLEASE only use well manicured hands for this....NO LONG NAILS. Insert one VERY lubricated index finger into the anus. V E R Y S L O W L Y. There should be enough juices down there by now to lubricate everything ...that and your saliva which is probably flowing pretty well by now, too. There is also a maneuver I like to call the "Bowling Ball" technique. You use the thumb in the vagina and an index finger in the anus (right hand works for me). You move the two in and out together or back and forth and ohhhhhhhhhh.
Another alternative to phase four is to use a small (or large for the more experienced in the back door department) vibrator for the anus while you use the two fingers to massage the G spot and your lips and tongue to stimulate the clitoris. There are also double headed vibrators for those that wish to free up their hands altogether. There are even double headed vibrators whose primary head (used for the vagina usually) is curved for the intense purpose of stimulating the G spot.
Phase five: Pocket Rocket. This little baby is a dream. It is about 3 inches long and an inch in diameter. It is made specifically to rub on the clitoris. It is not designed to be inserted in the vagina although I am sure you could do that and hope it doesn't get lost up there. But the true purpose is to rub it over the clitoris. Then if you add your tongue...mmmmmm. Another trick is to have a larger know the kind...that uses like 6 or 8 D batteries. Anyway, if that is up the vagina and you are sucking on the clitoris it just so happens that your chin will probably (if you maneuveur it right) just make contact with the vibrator. The effect of this is that the tongue that you have working on your partner will now have a vibrating effect. Need I say more?
Well, there are more tricks but if you follow the above, I guarantee will have one happy partner. If you don't please email me because you are doing something wrong.
Good luck

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2011-06-27 22:19:40
Walking in the presence of giants here. Cool thinking all aounrd!

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2010-05-18 06:12:06
Man-thing likes this ! an wet pussy is the best thing ever


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I love to give stimulation with my tounge my partner loves it. She says that I need to will my tounge to science. Keep writing tru stories like this,

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