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I arrived at sister-in law Paula's house at about 1:30 in the afternoon on a balmy summer's afternoon.

I parked my wagon on the front drive, walked through the tropical green front garden to the side security gate where I punched in the memorized pin number and entered into the well tended garden. I saw Jordan, Paula's husband, using up some of his free time cleaning up around the pool ready for when the kids arrived home from school in a couple of hours. "Hi Jordan" I said "Are you OK after your bout with pneumonia in hospital."

"Yes thanks Rob, good to see you again, Paula is upstairs if you want to go in to say hi and have drink with her, while I finish up a few jobs down here." I would like to do more than say hi and have a drink with her, I thought, as I opened the back door and began climbing the polished timber steps to the second floor study/computer room overlooking the pool. The study door was open as I silently entered.

Paula was sitting on a short stool in front of the computer, engrossed in whatever she was typing, with her back to me. I stood there for a minute and then Paula saw my reflection in the heavily tinted blue panoramic window in front of her. She looked around as she said, "Oh my god Rob you startled me, what are you doing here?"

"Just thought I would call in and see you both" I said, with a smile, Paula knowing full well that I had only called in to see (and feel) her and only her. "Don't stop working" I said "I will just stand here behind you and admire your gorgeous body and also watch Jordan down there doing his odd jobs in the pool area."

"Ok" said Paula. " Now Rob, behave yourself, don't get too horny, I just have a few paragraphs of this letter to finish and then I will get you a drink, or something, and we can sit down and relax."

"No worries" I said as I moved up closer behind her to ogle what I could see of her super-fit body that was mostly concealed under a short sleeved, almost off the shoulder, very loose, smock. I placed one hand on each of her shoulders and began a slow sensual massage, gently fondling each ear lobe at the same time. She squirmed her shoulders, indicating that she was enjoying the sensation, but she evidently wanted to continue with her work on the computer. I Looked down to the pool below and I saw Jordan looking up at the enormous 30 x 8 foot tinted picture window in front of Paula and I, which by virtue of its heavy tinting, hid us from his view. Knowing we were there behind the floor to ceiling window he waved, even though he could not see us, and we waved back, silly as it seems. I bent down and kissed Paula on the neck and kissed and tongued her ear lobes. She sighed, and said "Oh Rob, you shouldn't" but with little conviction, " anyway I must finish this."

I tugged at the thigh length, brightly coloured, aboriginal motif covered smock, attempting to remove it but she was sitting on part of the smock. Realizing my intentions Paula lifted her sassy ass off the stool and I slipped the smock over her head and dropped it on the carpeted floor. Paula shivered in anticipation, I think, and so as to avoid her disappointment I then fondled her perfect breasts and nipples under her bra. Sliding my hands further down, to her waist and her hips then back again. I unclipped the bra, slid it off her shoulders and massaged her, now unfettered delicious breasts; gently fingering each aroused perfect nipple as I continued erotically kissing and tonguing her neck and shoulders.

Paula shuddered then stopping her typing. She leaned back into me and said, "It has been quite a while since we last played around like this Rob." "I haven't had much scintillating sex since you were here last month Rob and you are making me horny and wet" said my darling Sister in Law. "What should we do about it, and with my ever loving husband in sight as well.

At this she unzipped my shorts and as they dropped to the floor she pushed my jocks down to let my burgeoning erection free itself and lie along her naked back. She gasped "Oh yes you are good and ready for me aren't you my darling" as she slid her hand, softly, softly over the ever lengthening shaft and delicately fingered the flared tip of my cock head.

I groaned "Oh yes, I like that."Paula then moved to one side, away from the stool and knelt in front of me to slide my jocks down my legs to expose my rock hard cock. I stepped out of my open sandals and my clothes and she grasped my cock head and slipped it between her lips and licked the first signs of my oozing pre cum. I moaned "That is niccce, but what about your letter."

" Fuck the letter," she said "It can wait, I have missed you and I want you to make love with me or maybe you can just plain fuck me till it hurts."

I said "But what about Jordan, he might come up for his drink." "As long as we can see him at the pool we are safe," she said, between sucking on my cock and caressing my shaft. She deep throated me and in an effort to stop myself cumming I lifted her under the arms to stand her in front of me. We kissed passionately, I could taste my cum on her tongue, I eased her briefs over her hips then knelt before her and pushed my face into her already moistening slot under her almost wet transparent briefs. I removed her briefs and she humped her uncovered soaked slot onto my ready extended tongue and I hungrily devoured her juice, licking her and probing for her clit. Having done this many times I expertly found her love button, knowing that I had found the spot when Paula moaned ecstatically "Yes, yes, yes, now fuck me" as she massaged her breasts and nipples in a sensual world of her own.

As she continued massaging her breasts and nipples I moved my tongue away from her slit. I inserted three fingers into her wetness as she started into the initial gyration of her hips which helped me enter into her sheath even further starting, the in and out movement and caressing her clit each time which I knew was one of her extreme erotic sensations. Knowing from experience what she now wanted I slipped my little finger into her juice also and she opened her legs slightly to let me circle her rosebud with my finger then slip it inside. She clinched her sphincter at this but then she sighed and then released her muscle to allow me to go deeper, "Oh yes she said now take me and fuck me with your hard cock." She moved to lay on the shag rug with the back of her head towards the picture window facing the pool. I grabbed a small pillow from the nearby divan and placed it under her shapely ass. I knelt between her legs, facing her, and she spread her legs further apart in anticipation. In this position I could keep my eyes on Jordan in his labours around the pool. But could I maintain my concentration while I was fucking his glorious wife? I could only try!

I reached over and gently pulled her left foot towards me to start softly massaging it. Paula did not know what I was about to do so she complained, "Fuck me, fuck me now, I want your cock in me now."

I said "Soon"! I then slid my finger luxuriously between each toe on that foot as she so enjoys, kissing and licking each one and tonguing between them separately, especially the big toe which I licked and lubricated with my spit much longer, this for my enjoyment as much as Paula's. I did the same to her right foot and by that time she was moaning in blissful ecstasy as she pulled her feet from my grasp to lay her knees flat and spread wide on the carpet in front of me in anticipation of me finally fucking her. I then moved forward a little to kiss and tongue the inside of her ankles and the inside of each of her exquisite shapely thighs. Paula's erotic moans suggested that she wanted my cock inside her immediately but I persisted. Moving up to her navel, which I also licked and tongued unmercifully, to her breasts. I gently ran my teeth over her nipples then kissed her face, her lips, her eyes and her ear lobes again. By now my cock head was sliding over her love slot and massaging her mound and clit. She slipped two fingers into her slot and then slid her juice-covered hand up and down over my cock, gently teasing the tip with two fingers while at the same time stroking, caressing my shaft. She then grabbed my shaft and entered my cock head just between her labia lips and she said" Make love to me Rob, make love to me, fuck me, don't stop fucking me, I want your cock deep inside me and I want us to explode together. I want my slot full of your cum." At this command Paula released my cock and again started to gyrate and hump her ass as she does so well.

Grabbing her ass cheeks I slowly forced her soaking slot onto my shaft then retreated for a moment, kissed her, then forced her body onto my cock again, each time mercilessly agitating her clit but also gently slipping a juice lubricated little finger into her expanding rosebud at each stroke for added effect as she so loves. I continued entering her juicy slot then withdrawing then re-entering slowly but surely increasing the momentum and depth of my shaft in her sheath at each stroke as she humped and bucked beneath me. At last my cock head and shaft was totally luxuriously immersed inside her up to my balls and we exploded into each other as she flooded her already slippery sheath and I ejaculated my cum load into her. Eventually we relaxed in each other with my cock and shaft seemingly embedded in her slippery slot forever.

We did not remain relaxed for long. A few minutes later the phone rang, Paula picked it up, and it was Jordan on his mobile phone, down in the pool area. Paula switched the speakerphone on as Jordan said, "Be up in fifteen minutes, have you got a drink ready for me."

Paula said "Of course, come on up, Rob and I have been enjoying what you might call a family re - union of sorts." At this we withdrew from each other, kissed, had a very quick shower together and made ourselves respectable in time for us to enjoy a drink with Jordan.

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2011-10-19 14:13:44
Rip off of another authors Sister in Law story on here now, his is much better.


2011-10-19 14:12:27
Ok story I have a sis in law that gets me hard every time i see her and I would love to have a sexual experience with her but im not sure how to start it...

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