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A couple finally commit to each other whilst on holiday in the Finnish snow.
Miles, come and look at this view it's so beautiful" you call " I can't believe you've managed to find a place like this"

From where I'm sitting, the view is indeed beautiful, but I know that what you're refering to is the deep, crisp and very very white snow that's surrounding us in our forest cabin. A cabin that's situated only three miles south of the arctic circle in deepest darkest Finland, and I mean deepest darkest, because at this particular time we're only experiencing four hours of daylight every twenty four hours.

As I walk up behind you I can't help but be entranced by your loveliness. So close to the freezing temperature outside but with a sheen of sweat on your body ,caused by the power of the roaring log fire in the hearth ,and the noticable stain of dried sperm on your thighs, the remains of our earlier love making session.

" It is beautiful babe, but you know it's only the second lovliest view around here" I whisper, wrapping my arms around you and squeezing you as near to me as I can manage. The heat of your body sending shocks through me.

"Oh, no you don't" you laugh, squirming from my grasp, "we said we were going to eat and that's exactly what we're going to do. After all, we need to keep our strength up, it's not like we have lots of other things to do around here"

Reluctantly, I conceed the point, joining you in the kitchen to help prepare the two enormous Reindeer steaks we have awaitng us. Even the simple things appear so different here, chopping and peeling vegetables, seasoning the meat, etc they all seem almost pleasant chores knowing you're not going to be disturbed. No television, mobile phones, emails, no knocks on the door and most importantly the total freedom to walk around naked 24/7.

Cooking over, we settle down infront of the raging fire to enjoy a leisurely meal. Feeding each other soft, beautifully pink slivers of deer washed down with lovely warm and spicy grog, topped off with a fabulous blackcurrant and vodka sorbet.

Relaxing with a warm brandy in hand I lean over and kiss you tenderly on your forehead, " you know I love you Mercy" I whisper "now more than ever, if we can survive each other 24/7 marooned out here like this just imagine how great it's going to be finally living together"

Your smile is dazzling, "you mean we can finally move in together, are you serious?"

"More than I've ever been" I whisper. Leaning toward you, taking your face in to my hands and kissing you again.

Pushing my weight on to you , I cause you to fall backwards on to the thick rug beside the fire, I lean over taking your already erect nipple in to my mouth, flicking with my tongue and scraping gently with my teeth, before swapping and following suit with the other. Yours breasts are magnificent , small but firm with fantastically hard long nipples. But, the most lovely part for me is the small scar you have, the remains of a biopsy test that confirmed the lump you had found was just a small harmless thing, it many seem nothing to many, but the serene, angelic look on your face when you were given the all clear will go with me to the grave as the one thing of absolute perfection I'll ever see in my life.

Working my way down your body I find my excitement becoming overpowering, I think the idea of finally committing to you is spurring me on to new heights and the thought of cumming inside you and fertilising your womb is pulsating around inside my brain. And other places!!

Lifting your legs, I gaze down at your swollen sex , your smell intoxicating. Bending forward I begin to kiss your pussy, extending my tongue to reach beneath you, my nose penerating your pussy as I probe your tight arse hole.

"Oh babe, that's good" you moan " holding me by my hair and grinding yourself in to my face, "so, so good. Just lick my clit a little babe and I'm going to cum, just a little"

Granting your wish I alternate between licking your clit and sucking the lips of your pussy in to my mouth and before long I feel your pussy pulsating and the first of a stream of your juices running in to my waiting mouth.

" You're a bad boy doing that to me" you laugh ,after taking a short time out, "and now I'm gonna show you what a bad girl I can be"

Kneeling before me you look up with a glint of pure naughtyness in your eyes before grasping my cock in both hands and kissing the head. " I love your big veiny cock and I'm going to show you how much" you manage to blurt out, before sucking me deeply in to your mouth. It's almost beyond deion the feeling of watching you sucking and spitting on my cock and pulling my balls in to your beautiful hot mouth. And it's more difficult than it's possible to describe to stop myself from thrusting in to your mouth and gagging you.

"Stop baby, please stop" I shout out.

You look at me startled, " what's wrong, did I hurt you"

" No, but I need to make love to you right now" I say "I simply can't wait any longer"

" Ok, but outside, I really really want it outside"

Wasting no time I pick all 7 stones of you up and brave the bitter conditions outside the cabin.

"Over there" you shout out, pointing to the small wood shed for the fire.

Resting you on top of the shed I know that this is going to need to be quick or we could both die of hypothermia.

"Give it to me now" you plead, lifting your knees and spreading your legs wide displaying you sex to me in all it's glory.

As I enter you, I'm again captivated by your beauty and mesmerised by the look of total longing ,as I thrust in to you again and again. I know i'm not going to be lasting long and I'm relieved to see the flush of your approaching orgasm spreading across your chest.

"Babe, I'm gonna cum" I cry out, sweat dripping from me even though it's minus 12 degrees.

"Me too, give me all that sperm. Don't waste a drop. Promise?"

"Oh Jesus, I promise" I yell out, before shooting my hot cum in to your waiting pussy, "I promise I won't waste it, I'm filling your womb and giving you our baby"

As I come down from my high I hear you gently sobbing.

You look up at me, "Miles" you say between sobs "thank you for our baby. I think I can feel my belly swelling already"


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2011-10-19 17:35:18
It's quiet lovely, very passionate

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2011-10-19 17:06:55
I'm sorry man writing is not your talent, but the idea is good.

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