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Ateenage boy lusting for cock,Finds a gay cruising ground
It’s a tree lined street that runs between the park and the university. Probably about half a mile long the punters call it the drag. I had read in a newspaper that the area was used by gay men for cruising rent boy’s. I had read the story about 5 times just the thought that there was this place that guys went looking for gay sex had me all excited. The story had concerned a teenage boy who had runaway from a care home and had been selling his body to men to buy drugs and food.

I knew where this street was although in the other side of the city from where I lived the park that ran along beside it had a number of football pitches and I had played there against teams from that side of the city. I had thought about the street many times since reading the story but I had never had the guts to go there. It was about 5 months after reading the story that I found myself in that side of the city. I had been at the 18th birthday party of one of my work mates that was being held in a pub about a mile away from the street. My money had not lasted as long as I had hoped it would and by 11pm I was down to my last £2.00 enough for the bus home.

I left the party intending to head home but a combination of alcohol ,curiosity and horniness brought the story of the street back into my head and I found myself walking towards the area the street was in. I was soon walking down the street it was a dark and cold November night. The street ran between two busy roads and was a busy thoroughfare for people heading in to town or the pubs and clubs of the west end also being close to the universities the route was used by loads of students going to and from their accommodation etc. I walked the length of the street from one end to the other and if I had not read that story I would have thought it was nothing more than an ordinary street. At the bottom of the road I crossed over and began walking up the other side about half way up the street I saw a guy probably around about my own age 17/18 years old that I had noticed walking up the opposite side of the street from me when I was on my way down. Now he was going in the direction that I had been when I first noticed him. He had caught my attention because I was looking at passing guys trying to get some indication that they could be gay and like me out looking for sex.

Almost as we passed on opposite sides of the road a car drew in beside the guy I could see he was talking to someone in the car through the passenger window I kept looking back as I walked on then I saw the young guy get in the car and it drove off. Something told me that the guy had found someone to have sex with. I was even more excited now. I then began to notice that some of the cars that passed me had passed only minutes before as I began to observe I noticed that some cars would drive to the end of the street turn around and come back down again. I noticed one of the cars a blue Ford passed me on the opposite side of the road the a few minutes later it passed me again and pulled in about 20 metres ahead of me I could see the passenger window was down and a man probably in his mid 30’s was in the drivers seat I glimpsed as I passed and it looked as if he was rubbing his crouch but of course I just kept walking my heart was now racing. Was the guy just parking his car maybe he was just scratching his balls I was scared to look back. I was almost at the end of the street when again the car pulled in just ahead of me.

Just before I reached it I crossed the road and began walking back down again by now not only was my heart racing but my cock was getting hard and on top of that I was desperate to get rid of some of the lager I had consumed that night. There was a gate that led into the park just about 10 feet ahead of me I decided I had better go in and have a piss behind one of the many trees. I had began pissing when I heard a noise I turned to look and it was the guy who had been in the blue ford. I was mid flow and as I had consumed 7 pints of lager that night there was no way I was going to be able to nip it. I was nervous, I was embarrassed and also semi hard. The guy came right up beside me.
“How much to blow you off” he asked
Nervously I replied “ £50 “
“Fuck Off I want to suck your cock not buy you. The other guys only charge £20” he said.
“Ok £20 then” I agreed
It was over in about 5 minutes he got on his knees and began sucking my cock while wanking himself at the same time. He came pretty fast then asked me to wank myself and shoot in his mouth even though it was dark I could see some of my spunk had missed the target it was on his nose face and chin as well as in his mouth. He brought some tissue from his pocket cleaned his face gave me my £20 note and left. I was standing there in disbelief I had got my cock sucked shot a load in a guys mouth and had been paid for the pleasure. I stood behind that tree for a good 10 minutes giving the guy time to be well on his way before I headed home satisfied and £20 richer I knew then I would be back.
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