This is my very first story so be gentle ;]
My New Neighbor

My name is Kayla and I’m 17 years old, a junior in high school. I have always been the good girl even though my stereotype begs to differ. Normally a blonde cheerleader is always given the label as bitchy, high maintenance, slut. But I wasn’t like that. Well at least that was true up until now. I’m still not bitchy, or high maintenance but I don’t think I can no longer refer to myself as not slutty.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s start from the beginning. I live in a normal suburban plat, where every house around is basically the exact same with few if any differences. I’m an only child and I live with my mom and dad. Both my mom and dad are super busy people with their jobs so as I got older I saw them much less. Being a cheerleader, I spend a lot of time at school and when I’m not at school I like to chill out at my house alone. I’m semi popular but I prefer the solitude of my empty house because I know I don’t have to deal with anybody there. Spending majority of my days lounging by my small pool kept me perfectly content all summer and during the school year reading in my room or practicing were my favorite activities.
As long as I can remember I’ve never had neighbors. The house to our left caught fire many years ago and the owner never repaired it so it was cleared into an empty lot. The house to our right seemed to always be for sale but nobody ever moved in. This gave me the liberty to spend as much time as I wanted outside without anyone to bother me. At the beginning of the school year that changed.

On the first day of school, I trudged out to the bus stop (I didn’t have my own car) at the expected 7:10 AM to catch the bus. As I stood there waiting trying to keep myself from nodding off I glanced over at the vacant house and noticed the For Sale sign in the front yard was gone. A car was now parked in the driveway. I was mildly surprised for a moment but thought nothing of it, since I was only half awake anyway. As the bus rounded the corner at the end of my street, I felt a presence besides myself at the bus stop. I glanced out of peripherals to see a tall boy stand a few yards away from me staring at the bus as it came our way. He was broad shoulder with tan skin and shaggy brown hair. He wore glasses and I could see the muscles in his arms through the long sleeved t-shirt he wore. He was cute but not familiar looking. I assumed he was from the new family that moved in next door.

When the bus stopped in front of us we both walked up to the door. He stopped at let me get on first giving me a small smile. I smiled back and climbed aboard. I went about halfway back and took a seat. Our stop was one of the first on the route so there were only a few on the bus before us. He took a seat across from me and smiled over again. I smiled back again before leaning my head against the window to doze on the way to school.

The first day wen t by with a breeze, then after was cheer practice. Practice went late because of us preparing for the soon upcoming Homecoming game, so I was ready to relax when I finally got home. A friend dropped me off and I went inside, ignoring the fact that my parents were nowhere to be found. Glancing over at the house that normally was dark at the time of night, it was now lit up and I could see a man and a women walking around the house, no doubt unpacking. I made my way inside my house and back to my room that was in the far right back corner of the house. When I walked into my room I dropped all my cheer gear on the floor and flipped on my stereo, blasting some music that I could dance to. I was sweaty as could be from practice and was ready for a shower. I started dancing back and forth across my room being silly as I worked off some stress from the day. As I peeled my tank top off, I spun around in front of my bed shaking my hips to the beat. This was something I did almost every night before I took a shower. As I went to start pushing my shorts down a light caught my eye from outside. In my room I have two large windows floor to ceiling across my wall facing the house next door. I never had curtains because their never seem to be a reason to need them. I looked across the side yard into the house next door, in the room that was across to mine was the boy sitting at his computer with his lights on. He was gazing at his computer intently so I shrugged my shoulders and continued dancing stripping down to my underwear for the shower.

At this point I should probably tell you what I look like. As I already said, my hair is blonde and I keep it long where it hits the middle of my back. I also have chocolate brown eyes and a pretty cute face. I’m about 5’4 with a slightly curvy frame. I have small perky B cup boobs and round apple butt with somewhat wide hips. I have long legs that make up most of my height and I’m constantly in shape from my sport.
As I dance around my room in my underwear I get the feeling somebody is watching me. I then spin around like a goof and glance over at the neighbor’s house. Sure enough the boy is staring at me as I dance. I quickly feel a rush of excitement before I rush into my bathroom to start my shower.

The next day at the bus stop as I wait for the bus to arrive I feel his presence join me again. The thoughts of him watching me in my underwear sent a rush of excitement through my body making me giddy and I then wanted to know for sure if he really did see me. Looking over at him, I caught his eye. A red blush tinged his cheeks immediately as I smiled at him verifying that he in fact did see me the night before. The giddiness that was overwhelming me previously intensified. The thought of him watching me carried me throughout the rest of the day, I continued to think and fantasize about how I would have felt if I hadn’t realized he was watching until after I had all my clothes off. Maybe I’ll try that tonight, I mused to myself.

When I finally arrived home that day, I rushed inside my empty house and back towards my room. The giddiness had yet to wear off and it was making me even more excited than earlier. Before I went into my room, I checked through another window to see if the boy was there in his room. Luckily, his lights were on and I could see him lying on his bed reading a book. I grinned to myself as I strolled into my room tossing my cheer bag in the corner. I turned on some music and started to dance a little. This music was different from the night before though, it was slower and had a sultrier vibe to it. This made my dancing less bouncy and more sway-ey, making me feel sexy. I glanced over at the boys room but he wasn’t looking. A small sting of disappointment went through me knowing there weren’t many ways I could get his attention without tipping him off.

Then an idea hit me making me smile. I first went and cracked one of my windows an inch or so making it not visible that it was open but still doing the job. Then I blared the music, loud. I had to get his attention this time, the music was on full blast and there was no way he didn’t hear it. So I started to sway again in the middle of my room my back to him keeping my slow movements to the beat. I spun slowly around running my hands over my thighs and stomach keeping my eyes anywhere but the window but out of my peripherals he was now sitting up on his bed staring. I couldn’t help the giddy feeling that shot through me again, stonger this time and accompanied by something I wasn’t expecting. A sudden horniness went through me ending straight in my pussy. I could feel myself starting to get wet as I pulled my hands across my stomach lifting my shirt over my breasts and off my body. I started to grind my hips to the beat tossing my hair slowly feeling so sexy as he watched me. Turning away from him, I started to push my shorts down and continued to grind my hips to the beat. As I pushed them down I bent at the waist and continued to sway giving him a great view of my ass. I was now down to my underwear just like the night before. I continued to move my body to the music trying to decide if I wanted to keep teasing him or not.
I turned around again moving my hips and glanced again at my audience. Now sitting on the edge of his bed, the boy was staring straight at me. I continued to move trying to get a closer look without giving myself away, when I realized he has his hand down his shorts. The excitement surged through me and I felt my underwear go from damp to soaked. I had to continue my show; there was no question about it. I turned around again giving him my back as I pulled my sports bra over my head. Rotating around to the music, I gave him a perfect view from every angle as I rubbed my breasts sensuously giving my now hard nipples the attention they desired. I was so turned on by this it was crazy. Running my hands over my body, I hooked my thumbs in my panties and pulled them down leaving me stark naked in the middle of my room grinding to the music.

The boy was visibly jacking off now and it was turning me on so much, I wanted more. I wanted to watch him cum, I wanted him to cum because of me. I then moved towards my window directly across from his, keeping my eyes mostly shut hoping to keep him from figuring it out that I was on to him. I placed on hand on the glass of my window and spread my legs as the other hand started to massage my breast. I let my fingers trail down my stomach and finally to my waiting dripping wet pussy. Teasing my slit I rubbed my fingers across my pussy lips feeling my juices that coated my cunt and the insides of my thighs heavily. I moaned and continued to rub myself before finally inserting two fingers, stroking myself to the beat of the music. I glanced at the boy who now had his shorts around his ankles and was pumping his impressive cock as he stared at me. I was thrilled. I started to thrust my fingers faster working myself towards an orgasm that was no doubt going to be amazing. I felt my orgasm coming fast and started to work my clit in between thrusts. My legs started shaking as I felt the pressure build up inside my belly. As I reached the peak, I opened my eyes and locked my gaze with his. The shocked look on his face and the falter in his pumps sent me over the edge. I started to moan loudly, my gaze never faltering as my body violently shook as the waves of my orgasm crashed over me one after another. The boy continued to pump his cock, even faster than before keeping his eyes locked on mine in a shocked and lustful expression. The orgasm was so powerful it lasted for almost a full minute and i was having a hard time keeping vertical as the final waves of pleasure fell over me. As my body started to calm, the boys body stiffened and he started to spray jets of cum all over his chest. I watched in wonder as he came all over himself.

When he had finally finished we stared at each other for a moment before I leaned in and kissed the glass of my window. I pulled back, winked at him and then turned and walked to my shower knowing full well that the awkward pause at the bus stop just got a whole lot more interesting and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen.
To be continued…

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