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After fucking Tom, Wendy feels remorse
This is the sequel to “Our new baby sitter's mum (1), (2), (3) (4) & (5)” It is almost certainly better if you read them first.

On Sunday morning I was naked when I opened the door to Helen and Wendy.

“I was hoping that it was you two. I'd hate to open the door naked and find that it was a Jehovah's witness or whatever.”

We all giggled. They came in and dropped the pieces of cloth that they had wrapped around their naked bodies for the walk across the road from their place to ours. Wendy went outside to play with Phillipa and Mary. Helen joined John and me in the kitchen. We were anxious to hear about the previous night with Veronica and Tom

Helen described the previous night in detail. It was highly erotic and gave all three of us great pleasure.

When she had finished Helen said. “John! I want you to talk to Wendy. She's embarrassed that she has fucked someone else. She feels that she was disloyal to you. I've tried to convince her that it was only sex but she's still embarrassed.”

“Of course. In conventional theory the one who should be loyal to me is my wife, yet I love watching her fucking someone else while I'm eating another woman's cunt. I'll try to explain to Wendy that we're not conventional.”

I went to where Wendy was playing with Phillipa and Mary.

“Wendy, John wants a word with you. I'll stay and play with the girls.”

“Oh! Dear! Is he upset?”

“Not at all. I'm guessing that he'll start by giving you a big hug and a kiss. You can do no wrong in his eyes.”

While I played with my daughters I wondered how soon we could let them into the secrets of our sex play with Helen and especially Wendy. Wendy was very special to them because of the attention that she paid to them whether she was babysitting or just visiting. I did not want to damage that bond between them, and yet I did not think that we could indefinitely hide from them the fact that we were all growing closer than just neighbours. Maybe they did not need to know too much detail, just that we were close?

John told me later about what he and Wendy said to each other:-

“Wendy, Helen's just told me about last night. I think that it's very exciting that you have another lover. I'm particularly glad that it's someone from our Friday-night group because that means that it's OK for us to continue fucking – provided that that is what you want of course.”

“Of course I want to keep fucking you. Mum said that if I was going to fuck someone else, then I could only keep fucking you if I fucked someone from your Friday-night group. That's why she asked Veronica, and Veronica invited us for last night. You're not disappointed with me?”

“Disappointed? I'm delighted for you. Listen, you know that I also fuck your mum, Naomi, and all the women that belong to our Friday-night group. How could I possibly object to your fucking someone else?”

“I don't know. I was just worried is all.”

“Well don't be worried. As well as fucking you I love you and Helen too. Having you as neighbours and frequent visitors has certainly made our life more fun, but you have to realise that the woman that I love the most is my wife, Naomi. Someday, I hope, you'll fall in love with someone closer to your own age and then you'll want to fuck him. If that means that I can no longer fuck you then so be it. I will still love you and I hope that you will love me too, just not as much as you will love your boyfriend. Your friendship is more important to me than fucking you.”

Then a big smile appeared on Wendy's face, she wrapped her arms around him and pressed her naked body against his and kissed him full on the lips.

“Oh! Thank you John! It would be awful if you stopped loving me. I love you and Naomi and the girls. I'm so glad that we all still love each other.”

“Listen, not only is it alright for you to fuck Tom, but I think that I might be able to talk Jerry into fucking you too. Would you like that? Naomi and Helen tell me that his is the biggest cock in the Friday-night group.”

“You would do that?”

“For you? Yes, of course. I'm not entirely sure that I can convince Jerry. We've already gone over the reasons why he would be nervous about fucking someone so young, so I'll be relying on your promise not to tell anyone outside our group. OK?”

“Yes. Of course. We've already been over this.”

“I'm sorry. I know we've been over this. It's just that Jerry will be as nervous as I was at first. I need your reassurance before I talk to him.”

“OK. You've got it. Please talk to him.”

As John finished telling me all this he looked me in the eye and asked, “So what do you think? How should we approach Jerry to ask him to fuck Wendy?”

“I think that we should invite Helen and Wendy and Jerry and Sue for a nude poolside barbecue. I think that it will help if they see how close we are to both Helen and Wendy, and how mature Wendy is, even if she is only 13. Of course we'll have to go through all the business about contraception and keeping it secret that we went through before you fucked her. At least having Helen there will show that she is in favour of Jerry fucking her daughter.”

A couple of nights later Helen and I were in the kitchen preparing salads and things, Wendy was looking after our girls and John was outside preparing the barbecue. We were all naked as was usual lately. When the doorbell rang I went to welcome Jerry and Sue.

The dinner went very well. Sue commented on how good Wendy was with our girls. I commented that life had got a whole lot better since Helen and Wendy had come to live across the road from us, and how much we enjoyed their company, not just because Wendy was so good with our girls. I was pleased to see that Wendy was able to contribute to our conversation like an adult. I felt that her self confidence had been boosted since John and Tom had fucked her.

At the end of the meal I bit the bullet.

“Jerry, Wendy would like you to fuck her, and because she is so special to us, we would like that too.”

From there the conversation followed a familiar .

“She's very beautiful, but I don't want to go to gaol.”

“John's fucked her a few times, and Tom fucked her a couple of nights ago. They don't want to go to gaol either, but Wendy was able to convince them that she will never tell anyone outside our group, and they trust her.”

“If John and Tom are already fucking her why me as well?”

“Because her mother has been boasting about how many men are fucking her, and Wendy's jealous.”

“What if I make her pregnant?”

“Do you think that John and Tom didn't think of that? Helen and I took her to see Veronica and Veronica put her on a long-term birth-control implant. That shouldn't be a risk.”

“Please, Jerry, mummy has told me how wonderful your big dick feels inside her. I want to feel that too. Sue, I hope that you are not offended by my wanting to fuck your husband?”

“That's OK, Wendy, his big dick really does feel great inside me. I think that you'll really enjoy it in you.”

“So you're OK with Jerry fucking me?”

“Sure. Naomi has answered all the worries that we might have had. As far as I'm concerned Jerry can be your next lover, but it's really up to him of course.”

I think that Sue's reply to Wendy clinched the deal. We all turned to Jerry waiting for his response.

“Come here young woman, I want you sitting on my lap while I play with those beautiful young tits, and you can stroke my dick to get it stiff.”

At once Wendy obeyed and proceeded to stroke Jerry's cock in front of the rest of us.

“If you really want to be fucked you had better stop now, before I cum in your hand instead of your cunt.”

Wendy stood up a bit and moved forward so that Jerry's dick was between her labia, then she lowered herself down his erection.

“Shit! You're big! Fuck me.”

And he did. In a few minutes of Wendy bouncing up and down and Jerry lifting up to meet her down strokes, Wendy was obviously about to cum.

Then Jerry held himself deep inside her, there was a strained look on his face. He was obviously pumping his baby juice into her. I felt a regret that he could not make her pregnant, then realised how ridiculous that was; a 13-year old who is pregnant in our modern society has a very difficult life. Still ... someday ... maybe?

Wendy slumped against Jerry's upper body and just lay there. Her head was turned sideways and I could see a little smile on her face which spelled contentment. I, too, was happy for our young friend.

When it was over, Helen commented, “Until very recently I had never watched two or more people fucking. Now, besides all the couplings that I have watched at the Friday-night parties, I have watched everyone of Wendy's fucks, so I think that I can say that that was Wendy's biggest orgasm ever.”

“Oh! Yes mum! It certainly was. Even bigger than when John fucks me, which is pretty big.”

After that John offered more drinks and we sat around talking and enjoying each other's company. Wendy stayed slumped against Jerry, even after his cock slipped out of her. Eventually a little snore revealed that she had fallen asleep in Jerry's arms.

I helped Jerry carry her to our spare bed and put her to bed. Jerry and Sue went home and John and I took Helen to bed with us. I ate Helen's pussy while John fucked me from behind, then we all went to sleep together.

To be continued in “Our new baby sitter's mum (7)”

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I am there from the 17th to the 21st. Can we flnaily rendezvous? I believe you to be either a very good or a very bad kisser. Want to prove me wrong either way?

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2011-12-30 01:42:03
Still progressing nicely. Glad to see that Wendy's mom is pregnant. I hope that it is John's baby. It would be neat if John got Wendy pregnant too and then get his wife pregnant with their third baby and then get Veronica pregnant too, once again by John.

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waiting eagerly for the next one .............!!!

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So excited I found this atrlice as it made things much quicker!

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